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A Meeting of Worlds  PV   Finished 

Anything she needed help with? Eevee absently scratched the spider bite scar on her hand. It was itchy and she doubted that Bunny had any cream on her for it. So instead she replied.

"I don't think so." She instead tucked her hand inside her pocket. "Would you believe me if I told you i've never been inside the Tower of London? I mean, I've seen it at a distance, but looking at the bell? Not even close." Eevee chuckled while she combed her hair back with her idle hand.

She wandered if Bunny enjoyed Charms because of it's practical usage or because it's one of the more magically diverse classes. It didn't seem to matter at any point. "I agree with your stance on Astronomy, not the biggest fan. But I think my favorite class has to be either Transfiguration or Potions. I can't wait to get into the practical stuff with that. Though Charms and Defense against the Dark arts sound fun I haven't had either of them yet. New school year and all. I think I'll be doing them soon. Flying was my last class and I'm not sure what i'm doing next." She tugged at her lip in thought before giving up with a shrug.

"Have you made any other friends yet at Hogwarts?" She liked to count herself as a friend, even if they just met.

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A Meeting of Worlds  PV   Finished 

"Friends? Well, I suppose I have a couple, perhaps. I met a Hufflepuff in the Library the other day. She seemed fairly nice, if not reserved. And then another girl came in the middle of our conversation as well. I have a dormmate who was the first person in my own house I ever spoke to. And then there's you. That's all really, and I'm totally clear on what makes a friend yet." 

Luna was twirling her wand in her hands, almost absent-mindedly.  She hadn't given much thought to who her friends were, or what actually made a friend, well, a friend. Her eyebrow twitched, a physiological response to either frustration or ignorance. In this case the former. Luna wasn't the biggest fan of loose ends. And realizing her own failure at follow-through had angered her. Almost completely at herself mind you. Suddenly another thought popped into her head. She was late for Herbology class! Luna knocked herself in the head with a fist, a physical reprimand for forgetting. 

"So sorry, I have to run. Quite literally. I'm late for Herbology, and that just won't do!" Luna blurted out, and she took off down the hall, stumbling over her robes as her boots continued to catch on its many folds. Anyone in halls would be able to hear her pseudo-curses echoing throughout walls. 

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