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A Two Year Prank War (Bro)  PV   Closed 

A Two Year Prank War (Bro)
PV Ava Silver, Lucy Howell, Levi Kuria & Adam Harringtom
Includes Rhea's 3rd year twin cousins (NPCs, Cleo and Camille Bishop)

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The idea to prank Ava Silver by stealing her prized possession, a necklace, had been a spur of the moment decision. It had come to Rhea in a dream, where she saw herself sneaking into the Slytherin Common Room and taking it. However, she knew that she couldn't sneak in herself. She had to work with others to be able to think of how to complete her task. She would need help with doing that, but she had the entire--okay, just the beginning... okay maybe just the idea--plan planned out.

The Gryffindor enlisted her most trusted comrades (by that, she'd just found a bunch of her friends who wanted to help her with this. Okay, maybe she'd forced them to do it) Lucy Howell and Adam Harringtom, and told them her grand idea - to steal the necklace. That's it. That's literally all she had for the plan.

Actually, no. She was smart enough to enlist her cousins, Camille and Cleo, who were both Slytherins. They were supposed to distract Ava while the plan was being come up with. Besides, they were third years, so Rhea hoped that because of this Ava would be intimidated by them and listen to them, therefore giving Rhea more time to come up with the plan.

As well as the two Gryffindors and the Ravenclaw, the help of a singular Hufflepuff had been enlisted as well. It was completely random, and the only reason the boy was told to join them was because they wanted a Hufflepuff to have someone from each house to be inclusive. She'd coerced him into joining by threatening him with hurting someone he was close with. Of course, she didn't know who the person was, but the boy didn't have to know that. He'd ended up joining forces with them, seeing as he knew Ava.

Now, they were all huddled in a secluded area of the corridors, where they'd met each other after class. They couldn't risk meeting anywhere else, and this part of the corridors was a place rarely anyone visited. Rhea had found it the first time she'd met Eris, when she was lot and had bumped into her. "Okay, so we have my cousins distracting Ava and making sure she doesn't find us. I think she's still in the Slytherin Common Room, or something. So uh... does anyone have any good ideas on how to steal it? All I know is she keeps the necklace on a nightstand in her dorm room. So, we need a Slytherin to steal the necklace."

Taking a look at the three around her, she raised an eyebrow. "Okay, maybe I should've thought this out some more..."

Rhea rubbed her temples and sighed. How were they supposed to get the necklace from the dorm room?
It's probably like... pretty bad but I was distracted BY SEBASTIAN CAZAREZ MISPRONOUNCING RHEA. And also I'm not too sure if this is the right plan so if it's not Ava please tell me :weary:

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A Two Year Prank War (Bro)  PV   Closed 

Lucy had been invited in a little game of mischief of course her being herself she wouldn't let down the opportunity to prank somebody so she gladly accepted. She had no idea who they were pranking or what the plan was actually going to be, She quickly followed behind Rhea as they met up with another student, Adam Harringtom a Ravenclaw.

She listened quietly as Rhea explained the plan, It wasn't the best she has ever heard but it was enough to give the girl the idea of what they were about to do.
She gave a look of concern towards the girl but it soon turned into a sly smile, ''Stealing it will be quite hard but trying not to get caught by a professor is going to be a bit harder'' Remembering how she had almost got caught trying to sneak into the guy's dorms sent chills down her spine quickly shaking it off she looked towards their little crew. ''Before we do anything, If one of us gets caught and gets detention they are allowed to drag all the others in with them'' She smiled brightly, Quickly putting up her hair in a messy little bun so it doesn't get in her eyes while running she nodded at the girl telling her she was ready for what was about to happen.

''Do we have a plan what we are going to do with the necklace?'' She asked kind of confused, ''Are we just gonna hide it or?'' She tilted her head to side trying to think of something. Rhea on the other hand didn't really plan out everything before hand and non of them really knew what was going to happen to them.
Get detention? Pulling out grass in the yard? Having to write a 700 word essay about a grain of sand? The girl let out a sigh and rested her back on the wall close to her. ''Please tell me at least one of you has an actual plan?''

Hhh Sebastian called Lucy ''Lucky'' thanks seabass :weary:

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