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 Detention  Window Cleaning

Arceus had just finished cleaning another window and sighed, how much longer was he going to have to stay here, or did time just stretch in these long corridors making a few hours seem like days on end, whatever the case he just knew he was ready to leave. He heard a loud clang which made him jump out of surprise, then heard Serena call out, telling them to stay put before he saw her turning a corner to check where the racket came from, he looked around and saw the boy from earlier wasn't there so he put two and two together and realised where the sound had come from.

Unless it's a ghost he thought since he had rarely seen a few flying around the big castle. While wondering what the cause of the sound could have been, Serena returned only to sit back down and continue with what she was doing. Sighing again he continued rubbing away a small spider web on the glass. He then heard Serena's voice giving them the all clear to leave so he jumped up, cleaned him dirty cloth for the next unlucky student to use and while he was about to leave he heard Serena call him back, he looked at her and she explained to him the situation about Ava,

"Yeah, of course, no problem!" he quickly said it before smiling at his fellow Prefect and going to Ava who was standing around, he started walking away, making sure she was following, "Thanks for not leaving us with a teacher, It was written all over your face, I could see how boring you thought it was". He gave her another small smile before going to the dungeons with Ava and then running to his Dorm, as he got in he saw a cauldron cake he kept there for a while, grabbing it he ran back towards her, "Here I should give this to you quickly I wouldn't want to get in trouble for being
caught out after hours."
He gave it to her and before she could respond quickly went back to his dorm, and fell asleep the second his head touched the pillow.

Have a nice day and peace out..
~ Yours Truly Arceus Powers

 Detention  Window Cleaning

Ava smiled to herself, seeing other students enter the corridors. She was expecting that she will have to do the whole corridor before getting to bed, but with more people, there was a higher chance she will get out faster since she was the one that was here first.

"Ava, you can stop now. You can leave the cleaning materials there. Please return to your dorm immediately. Don't wander around, unless you plan to come back here." her overseer and the Hufflepuff prefect said when the first person walked it. "I plan on coming back here later. A good experience, ten out of ten, one hundred percent would do again." Ava replied. She wasn't that sarcastic, detention didn't feel that bad. She didn't really want to go to bed yet. She liked it here. She sat down on the ground, looking at the others work, smiling to herself. 

"Arceus, please escort Ava - who appears to be keen to stay here - down to the dungeons before going back." the girl rolled her eyes, getting up. "I think that out of all of us here, I know the best how to get to my dorm." She smiled, looking at Serena before coming up to her and hugging her. 

The Slytherin walked away, smiling to herself, thinking about her stuffed animals, waiting for her in her bed.


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 Detention  Window Cleaning


And just like that, they had done their time and were free to go.

Dorian only half-listened as the Prefect Serena dismissed everyone else, and rose to his feet when the last name was called, ready to make a quick departure as well. But before he could take three steps he was stopped in his tracks by the voice of the Prefect inquiring heavily as to why he was there. Thwarted, Dorian reclined himself against the wall again in a seated position, considering his response. Naturally, rather than answer her question directly, he picked at the nickname she had chosen to give him, one part amused and one part slighted, but then he remembered that it was his own fault.

Pink looked good on him, if he did say so himself.

"Pyjama boy, huh? That's new." He remained seated, eyeing Serena from toe to head and trying to figure out just what he thought of her. Was she the type that would bust him for doing something bad, or could she be manipulated to play along? She had authority, that much was clear, and she seemed to know how to use it. But she didn't seem the type to lord it over someone just because she could. He smiled that boyish smile that made him approachable. "My name is Anatole Evans. I'm a Gryffindor." What were you doing Dorian!? He had invoked the name of the timid boy from his House for reasons even the narrator remained uncertain of, but the boy's smile only grew wider and more friendly as it seemed to meet his eyes.

Sorry, Anatole.

Dorian was anything but stupid, despite what he wanted the rest of the world to believe. He had observed something very important as he had watched Serena interact with the other three. Their names. She had known them by name, and they were all obviously there to serve detention. Yet here she was asking him to identify himself, which led him to believe one of two things. Either the question was being asked out of simple rhetoric, or she truly had no idea who he was and why he was there. He elected to believe the latter for now. If it proved the wrong answer then he could always relent and 'confess the truth'. "I was sent here for detention by a professor because of my anger issues." He stood up just as she suggested, but he did not end it there. He leaned closer to her, whispering all his knowledge into her left ear.

"I lit a girl's hair on fire for asking too many questions."

Mischief glinted in his Persian blue eyes as he pulled back, the same sweet smiled painted on his face as he watched Serena carefully and held back the laughter threatening to burst forth. How would she take it? Would the poor girl be physically shaken at what he had just said and the implications towards her? Would she get mad and either take him down physically or with her obvious authority? Or would the jokester in her see the light of day and take this for what it was? A joke. Even if she decided to make his life miserable after this, she would unknowingly be marking Anatole as her target, and Dorian was okay with this. He always believed the boy needed something to really shake up his comfortable life a little and rock his world. Maybe Serena would be that instrument to see his wish come true?

A boy could hope.


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 Detention  Window Cleaning

Serena simply nodded as the Ravenclaw claimed she planned not to return here. If her words were truthful then it looked like the Groundskeeper succeeded in his detention plan. Bore the students so much they'll never want to get in trouble again. She did not know if she believed it but she did not need to. Eri's punishment for today was over. If she did something wrong, she would end up back in detention - assuming she got caught. The morale of the story here? Don't get caught, kids.

After she left, Arceus quickly followed suit. He thanked her and claimed that her boredom was over a face, causing Serena to mentally cringe a little. Oof. She better at least pretend to be interested next time. But hopefully the next time would not be so dull. Who wanted to watch people clean windows? Was this a punishment for her too? Geesh. Oddly enough, he gave her a cauldron cake - which Serena just took and blinked at. That was certainly... odd, for the lack of a better word. Ava's exit was the most unusual though. The girl claimed to enjoy it - which Serena did not believe for even a second - and then proceeded to hug her- oh okay, they were hugging now. Well that's a bit weird...

Serena just stood there, unsure of what was going on. It was a weird evening. The three had left and the only one now remaining was the boy that perked her interest the most. In a weird way, he made the other three look normal. He was the bizarre one amongst the group. Looking down at him - not in a mean way but rather, literally just looking at him sitting on the floor - she playfully rolled her eyes and smirked a little at his words. Her facial expression was actually a bit more playful than mean, "I mean, you can't really claim you don't deserve it," She replied to his reaction of his new nickname. It was hardly unique. Obvious, if anything. He most certainly deserved it. 

"Anatole Evans?" She repeated, quirking an eyebrow. The boy claimed to be an Anatole Evans of the House of the brave. That was not a name that she had been informed of, in her attendees list. Perhaps the Groundskeeper had accidentally forgotten to mention the boy would be joining them. Serena doubted he cleaned windows for fun. As far as pranks go, that would be a rather boring one to commit. The Gryffindor boy continued to talk, answering her questions. Well, most of them. He claimed to be sent here by a professor, rather than by Darren. Apparently due to his anger issues.

Anatole stood up, towering over her slightly His next words shocked her a little. She flinched ever so slightly, her head snapping a little towards him. He probably would not even have noticed. It was very slight. But there was a reason for it. The boy whispered it into her ear, towering over her as he was a few inches taller. She felt her breathe caught in her throat for a moment. Did he know? She honestly couldn't tell if he knew what happened in the Camp Out and was simply trying to scare her, if he actually did that or if the boy was taking a guess in the dark. She watched him blankly for a few moments. Staring into his eyes as though she was trying to suss him out, before rolling her eyes. "A Gryffindor with anger issues? Why am I not surprised?" Serena questioned, laughing softly and shaking her head. Their male Prefect was a boy that she knew very well, far too well. He was definitely a troublemaker and anger issues was a pretty great word for it. Over the months she had know Siege, he had done a lot of things that any normal - or calm person - would not have done. If he was the best their house had to offer, in terms of the Professor's choice for Prefect, then she was definitely worried what the other delinquent boys in that house must have been like.

As Serena spoke, her hands had started to do something that the Gryffindor probably did not expect her to do. She took her braided hair in her hands, removed the hand tie - which she put on her wrist - and started to slowly undo the braids. She spoke for a bit whilst she did it before just laughing but the action took a good few minutes.  The Hufflepuff undid her hair, before running a hand through it and flicking all of it over her left shoulder so it was closest to that ear he whispered into. Her formerly very longer and now slightly shorter than usual hair draped over her shoulder. Taking the tips of her hair into her hands, she looked straight into Anatole's face. The tips she was holding in her hand were most definitely burnt. There was no hiding it, though braiding it seemed to help make it harder to spot. The school did not exactly have a hairdresser and she did not care enough to try and convince a Professor to give her a potion or spell to fix it. It was just hair, it would grow and she was sure that her mother would get it cut for her once she returned home. "If you're after burnt hair... Been there, done that and got the hair to prove it." She replied to him, a small smirk on her face.

Did she want to have her hair burnt again? No, not really. But hair was the least of her concern that night of the camp out and it would still be the least of her concern today. "So tell me about this girl whose hair you set on fire." Serena continued. Did she believe him? No. It was far too much of a coincidence to be a real situation. Burnt hair, a girl, questioning... Far too much of a coincidence to be anything more than a joke - and a threat. But heck, she had nothing else to do this evening except studying. She may as well play along with his game. 

Whoever this boy was, he was either a troublemaker like some other Gryffindors she knew or he was a delinquent child that just threatened an innocent girl. Perhaps courage went hand in hand with being mischievous. It sort of made sense. You needed a little a courage to carry out a prank, for example. Perhaps the "House of the Brave" was actually just a mask for the "House of the troublemakers". Merlin knew what the famous trio got up to in their school years or those Weasleys that made that joke shop. They must have been pranksters too. All famous Gryffindors, no

"So and Mister Evans, would you like to explain what you were doing with the armour back there? Don't think I didn't notice you skip over that particular question," Serena enquired after a moment's pause, still wondering what he was actually here for and why she heard a loud clanking noise of metal in his direction. When she had gotten there, he was busy cleaning and looking innocent. Far too innocent. It was suspicious. She had thought he knocked it over whilst cleaning but he acted like nothing had happened... But she was certain she heard metal and that seemed to be the most logical explanation. 

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 Detention  Window Cleaning


Hook, line, and sinker.

She had believed him! If it wasn't for the fact that she seemed only mildly unconvinced by his address by another name, then by the giddy fluttering in his chest as his blood pumped in earnest at the deception. Anatole, the smol little thing that he is, would grow ten feet tall and squash him like a bug if he ever found out that Dorian was invoking his name in collusion with such mischief. One thing was certain as of now, and it was that he had ruined Anatole's nonexistent macho image by appearing before the girl wearing such a flamboyant getup. 'I sure hope you don't have a crush on this girl.' A silent thought to Anatole. If he liked her and wanted any hope of approaching her, Dorian was singlehandedly sowing the seeds of destruction.

And all he could think of is how fun this would be.

His words seemed to have the desired effect, for she stood there visibly shaking like a leaf under stress, and Dorian wondered but slightly if maybe he had gone a bit too far. Then her eye roll and following words perished the thought as she challenged him. Good! She had spunk. Dorian liked spunk. Cockily, Dorian shrugged with a smirk, looking at the high ceiling above with his fingers intertwined behind his head as a makeshift pillow. "Yeah. I guess that stupid Hat wasn't completely wrong after all. Gryffindor is full of little idiots like me to...pick... o-" Somewhere during his little speech his eyes had flicked back to her and he caught sight of her movements halfway through. "What're you doing?" His eyes widened as she held the hair in hand for him to see. Invasively close inspection showed him what she clearly wanted him to see, and what did Dorian Gray do?

He whistled.

It was a fleeting sound that sounded partway between amusement and interest. There was no ounce of sympathy to be had, mainly because he did not believe the situation warranted any sentimentality on his part. Clearly, she had come to terms, else she wouldn't be standing there showing him her source of 'shame'. Without thinking, Dorian quickly reached his right hand upward and snatched at her hair none too gently, though not nearly enough to cause discomfort. He was eyeing the obviously burnt edges, trailing his thumb across them and appraising the contrast in texture in comparison with the rest of her hair. It was such that when she asked him to tell her about the girl whose hair he had burned, it took him a minute to process the question as a million questions of his own warred inside his mind for the chance to be the first one asked.

She had just become far more interesting than he could have anticipated.

"Huh? Oh yeah! The girl... Who cares!? She's got nothing on you! You're actual burnt princess or something. A girl doesn't get such horrible split ends from a joke fire. You must have really been on fire!" He sounded far too excited while saying that, but he didn't reminisce on ways that he could have said that with more tact. Instead, he released her hair and got lost in thought for a moment, an idea suddenly striking. You could see it in the glint in his eyes. He had just come up with something that he wasn't about to share. Yet at least. Again she had to call him from his thoughts, and again he responded "huh? Oh yeah!" He was hopeless. A lost cause. "You won't believe me when I tell you, but you asked for it." Dorian leaned in a little closer, still crowding her personal space. It almost seemed as if he was about to share some juicy gossip that not even the walls and their ears could be privy to.

Oh, here we go.

"So there I was, minding my own business when out of nowhere this giant suit of armour came literally out of nowhere and started to attack! It was twice my size and had some serious magic powers. It transported us to this place in the middle of nowhere where it challenged me to a duel, but not your typical wizards' duel. It wanted to Muggle duel me to the death. Naturally, I couldn't refuse." Dorian took a step back from her and started to flex in his pink pyjamas, grinning cockily. "It soon learned what a big mistake it made. I beat it into scrap metal and then I was back here again. One doesn't simply challenge Dorian Gray to a fight!" Oof! The jig was up. He had just given up his true identity and had she been paying attention to his fancy then she would have caught the Freudian slip. Dorian, bless his soul, caught the mistake as well. What does he do? The poor thing...

"I mean... I'm Anatole Evans..."


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 Detention  Window Cleaning

The delinquent child made a very valid point. Gryffindor was definitely full of 'little idiots' like him. She knew far too many troublemaker boys in the reckless house. This boy was not the first and she had no doubt that he would not be the last. Every time she met a Gryffindor boy, it appeared there was a high chance of them being the reckless idiotic type that she had started to get used to. That's not to say she liked it, she was just tolerant of it. That was all. She expected no better at this point.

What surprised her about this boy, however, was his reactions. She certainly did not expect him to whistle as she showed him her burnt hair. That was perhaps not the reaction she thought he would have. To make matters worse, the Gryffindor took her hair and grabbed it in his hands. It was not painful but the shock of it had her flinch slightly, inhaling sharply under her breathe. It was barely audible but the quiet corridors meant everything sounded louder than it actually was. He appeared to examine her hair for a moment. He did not appear to want to answer her questions about this so called girl that he had attacked. His threat seemed to have fallen onto deaf ears. It was almost as though he forgot his own threat and suddenly took an interest in her. 

Serena blinked at him as he claimed she was like an 'actual burnt princess or something'. Although she was probably the least 'princess' like person in the school, that was not the issue with this sentence. It was the fact that he was far too excited about this. Was it really all that exciting to find someone who had been burnt in a fire? That seemed like a very odd thing to be excited about... She simply blinked at him for a moment. Uh well yeah, she had sort of really been on fire... But that was obvious. "Yeah, well, I heard the horrible split ends look was on trend. Thought I'd give it a go, you know?" She replied sarcastically. Gee, thank you for boosting her self-esteem. If she did not feel terrible enough about herself, he highlighted the fact that her hair looked 'horrible', which just made her incredibly confident about herself, of course... Ah these Gryffindors. They were really growing to be a pain. 

A part of her had to question why she even tolerated such behaviour from them. Hell, some of them were actually her friends. That was weird. This boy who claimed to be Anatole Evans seemed to be getting lost in his thoughts a little too much. When he snapped out of her, upon hearing her voice ask about the armoured suit, he leaned in closer. Serena immediately flinched a little, moving away a bit.  She hesitantly stayed in the corridor, even though a part of her wanted to turn and flee from the scene right now. She had enough of strange boys getting randomly close to her. It made her feel a bit uncomfortable and rather awkward. Was it a Gryffindor house trait that 'personal space' was not a concept or was it just coincidental that it was Gryffindors in question?

Apparently he had some sort of secret to tell her. Was it really that big of a deal if someone heard? She would much rather someone overheard his words than to walk in to see them randomly standing so close to each other. Normally, Serena would not be bothered by personal space. In the recent weeks, however, a particular boy had gotten far too close. Since then, she appeared to have put emotional barriers up of some sort. It made her feel awkward, even though there was nothing to feel awkward about. This boy was definitely not thinking about the same thing the other one was. The only things they had in common was their house and their troublesome behaviour. 

The story 'Anatole' told was perhaps even more ridiculous than Serena's awkwardness right now. It was not until he also took a step back that she could sigh a breathe of relief. The boy attempted to show off his... manly side? Whilst still wearing his beautiful polka dot pink pyjamas, he attempted to tense his arms to show his strength. Was she meant to be impressed? He certainly had more muscle than her but it was not saying much. She was pretty sure several of her friends would be stronger than him. But... in a weird way, some of her closest friends were a bit too strong. They were definitely built to be future Qudditich beaters, after all. 

Apparently this boy in front of her beat up the metal suits that challenged him... Challenge that Dorian Gr- wait no, Anatole Evans, to a fight. Of course not. Anatole Evans would never lose to such a thing. Pressing her lips together for a few moments. She waited for him to finish his story before she quirked an eyebrow, "The giant suit of armour decided it wanted to beat you up? And you're claiming that you actually won?" She asked him, in a slow tone of voice that clearly showed she was not buying this story at all. The armoured suits that lined the corridors of Hogwarts wanted to attack a random first year - and that too, by challenging him to a muggle fight, rather than a magical one. Alrighty then. "... Did you, by any chance, fall asleep? Because this certainly sounds more like a dream to me." Serena continued. She had absolutely no idea he had actually fallen asleep earlier. This, however, would only have happened in a dream so that seemed to be the only explanation. It would also explain the outfit he was sporting right now.

Serena sighed softly, "Mister Evans, although you should be heading back to your dorm... it sounds like you need to sleep less. You've been dreaming far too much, it seems," She concluded after hearing this story and seeing his outfit, "Especially, if you think that you could actually beat the armour.Serena played along with his story for a brief moment. Her money would be on the armour beating him, in a muggle duel. He looked stronger than her, no doubt but he was not strong enough to beat the suit of armour. Heck, she was sure that the giant suits in the corridor would tower over him and probably be heavier than him, even though they were likely to be hollow. 
She wanted to send him back to his dorm room but she was not sure he needed any more sleep. Perhaps she ought to send him to the Groundskeeper to spend all night serving out a detention for being incredibly delusional. Though, in truth, it was a struggle for her to keep her laughter in.

In truth, she wanted to laugh the minute he started flexing, coming up with ridiculous stories and well, claiming to be a Gryffindor he was not. Serena tried really hard not to laugh. Unfortunately, she could not help but laugh softly and shake her head at his ridiculous behaviour. If anything, it was actually rather amusing. Compared to the dreadfully boring hours she had just spent watching people clean windows, this was by far more entertaining. Although he was strange, he was at least kind of amusing.

"I'll let the Groundskeeper know that one Anatole Evans turned up for detention, shall I? Though... You know... it's quite coincidental that there's two people with the same name in your house, is it not?" Serena started, "Funny how the other Anatole is far less... troublesome, shall we say?" Then she paused and looked up and down at him, "Dresses better and has nicer hair." She concluded.

The lie was never one Serena brought to begin with. Unfortunately for him, the jig was up a long time ago. She would have believed he was Anatole Evans from the start, had she not already meant the real Anatole Evans several times. Hell, she had thrown a snowball in his face once, sat next to him in a Quidditch match and almost scared the living daylights out of him in the library once. Serena knew of an Anatole Evans in Gryffindor. But he was not this boy. He was a far more innocent and sweet boy than this one. The one that she finally had a name for: Dorian Gray.

Gray. The Pureblood family name? Or simply a coincidence? Whilst she did not recognise his full name, she did recognise the surname. There were very few pureblood families in the Wizarding world. Her mother had insisted on her memorising each and every single one of them. Of course, Serena forgot most of them and paid very little attention but after countless hours of reciting them, she was bound to recall a few here and there. 'Gray' was definitely one of the easier ones to remember. Though, don't ask her what the first name of anyone in the Gray family actually was. She did not remember that much information about them. She might be able to hazard a guess if she had options or a hint but from memory, she could not. Serena really did not want to sit there and learn the names. She simply did not care, even though her mother had forced her to do it.

It goes without saying that if Serena told Darren that 'Anatole Evans' showed up for detention then it would appear as though 'Dorian Gray' skived off. Oh dear. Looks like the boy was going to be sent to another, probably more horrible one, until he completed it.

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 Detention  Window Cleaning


She doesn't believe him!?

If he had spoken any more of the truth then it was a reasonable fear that the suits of armour still lining the wall might come to life too and try to silence him. "Of course I won. The big chunk of rust didn't stand a chance." Dorian, aka Faux Anatole, would not relent. He was beside himself in his attempt to convince Serena of the fact that all he said was true, but the Prefect didn't seem to be about to pick up anything that he was putting down. This was made all the more evident when she accused him of devising such whimsy from sleep. She was supposed to be on his side! "I only fell asleep once, for a minute, tops. But that was before the thing tried to kill me." He was the victim, and here she was making him more of a victim by calling him a liar.

Isn't she supposed to be on his side?

Less sleep was definitely something he did not need. He was a growing boy, and he quite enjoyed his sleep, thank you very much. If he had managed to curl up behind a suit of armour and sleep comfortably, imagine what would have happened if he had been in his bed? He had instead taken the time to come and serve this detention with diligence and dignity. diligent and dignified as one could be clad to the teeth in pink pyjamas and sporting the name of an innocent goody two shoes. "But I did beat it. You should be thanking me for protecting you guys from the evil armour instead of calling me a liar." Dorian Gray. Just how far are you willing to take this flight of fantasy? Let us hope that she eventually buys this tale of whimsy so that you can get out of this unscathed, but even if she does so, Dorian; shame.

Dorian was watching her closely as he gave her the time to mull over his spirited defense. And then she surprised him by laughing. Softly, of course, but laughing nonetheless. If his ego was a factor of his persona then he might have keeled over and died right there on the spot from the sheer shock of being laughed at. But as it was, Dorian was made of tougher stuff than to take something so small without a grain of salt. Then she started speaking once again, letting him know exactly what she thought of the situation once and for all. He stiffened as she spoke as if she knew the real Anatole Evans, and the more she said the more convinced he became that he had royally screwed up and made a fool of himself. Had been making a fool of himself this entire time. And as if to add salt to the already peppered wound, she dared to say Anatole had nicer hair! "Hey!" he exclaimed while pulling off the pink cap with the bunny ears to drag his hand through his hair. "Anatole's hair does not look nearly as cool as mine." But besides all that.


The jig was up, and Dorian was now seen weighing his options as they had a staredown in the middle of the abandoned corridor. It was getting later and later, and all his options had been exhausted. Then it hit him moments long after she had said it. His eyes widened, as clearly his mind was still addled from sleep, or a lack thereof. "Wait! Wait wait wait wait whoa whoa hey hey whoa! What are you saying?" Dorian's eyes were wide as saucers as he dragged the bunny hat back over his head without any self conscious consideration to be had in relation to his image. "I did my time toots. If you're gonna tell the old fart the name of who all did the crime and did the time then it might as well be Dorian Gray." There it was. He had given her his name now officially, completely overlooking the fact that he had slipped up before and given it away then. But in all, Dorian didn't think he needed to overstay his welcome, lest she decide that he deserved worse for dragging Anatole's good name through the mud.

If Dorian had his way, 'good' would no longer be synonymous with 'Anatole'.

For now, he needed an escape, and there was only thing that he could think of that might work given the circumstances. He had led with it, and even though she had not believed him it was a place to start. Dorian was looking past her, a little over her head with his eyes wide as saucers. In a conspiratorial tone of voice, he whisper-shouted. "Uhh... Serena? Don't take this the wrong way, but... RIP. There's another suit of armour standing right behind you!" If all went as planned, she would take the hint as he stared with frightened eyes and ominous words, turn to see what he was on about, and once she did so he would exeunt with the speed of a roadrunner fleeing from a coyote. He had met her, and hers was a face he would not soon forget. He was especially interested in what had happened to cause the burn damage to her hair. Naturally, he would spend precious time and effort to ask around the school. Goodbye for now Serena Towers.


Exeunts unless directly stopped

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 Detention  Window Cleaning

The boy continued to try and convince her that he was capable of beating up armour that was at least twice his size. It was kind of amusing. In truth, a part of her wanted to see such a fight. Because it would probably be more amusing than anything else. She was half tempted to play along but she was not sure she could even say 'of course', with a straight face to his words. Serena blinked as he openly admitted to falling asleep. She did not actually think he did. He attended detention and then... fell asleep? For a moment, the Prefect pondered. Surely, that was another offence that deserved a detention... 

She would have pointed that out to him but there was another truth of the matter: this boy had still done more work on the windows than the rest of the group combined. A part of her wondered if he used the cleaning spell that they had been taught but, she also did not really care enough to question it. It was getting late. She wanted to sleep. He got bonus points for the pure effort of attempting to convince her otherwise. He was still talking about this armour that had apparently attacked him. The same suits of armour that Serena had never seen move, no matter how many times she had walked down this corridor to patrol it. 

He was, at the very least, passionate about his story and was sticking to it. "Uh huh... Well then... Thank you, kind Sir, for protecting us all from these evil suits of armour that hate students. You're very brave, worthy of Gryffindor, clearly." She replied with a firm nod. Because what else would she say to that? Her tone of voice was laced heavily with sarcasm, of course, but they both knew this story was definitely not believable. It sounded insane. Even for Hogwarts, where the staircases moved, it sounded crazy. Serena would have understood if he had claimed that the armour had moved. But apparently it had transported him and then challenged him to a duel. What made the entire unbelievable was that when she checked, the armour was still upright and intact whilst the Gryffindor was dutifully cleaning the windows. If something had happened, surely he would have made a noise or told her earlier, of his own accord. The fact that he looked so innocent earlier made his story even more unbelievable now.

Serena watched the boy in front of her as he suddenly pulled off his night cap and combed his hand through his hair. Apparently that had gotten to him. She could not help but smirk a little. Did she actually think the real Anatole's hair was nicer? No. If only because she could not actually remember what his hair even looked like. Serena was never one to pay attention to appearances - unless they made a statement, like the state of Dorian's current clothing did. But based on the way he was flexing, she felt like throwing in a compliment towards the other Anatole would provoke some sort of reaction from him. One that would hopefully get him to give up with this game of his. Luckily, something worked.

The boy admitted to being Dorian Gray. Serena was not sure if he was even meant to be in this detention as she had not received any messages from the Groundskeeper regarding that name but she would take it. If it was untrue, she could probably track him down. It was clear that he knew the real Anatole, anyway. He was either a fellow Gryffindor or someone who personally knew Anatole. Though, he did not sound like a friend. What sort of friend would attempt to ruin their friend's reputation? Either way, it made it a little easier to find him again if 'Dorian Gray' was a lie too. 

Before she had a chance to reply, he claimed that there was something behind her. Another suit of armour. Did she believe him? Hell no. But a part of her really wanted to look over her shoulder now that he had said it. She knew there was nothing there but... there was a tiny part of her that just wanted to confirm this. She tried to ignore that picking feeling to look behind her, knowing full well it was just a prank to distract her. But Serena could not. She glanced over her shoulder. The Hufflepuff Camp Out had shown her some terrifying things. Shadows had come alive. Perhaps there was a chance the the suits of armour did too. 

The Hufflepuff look over her shoulder to see nothing behind her. Although she expected it, it still gave her a sense of relief to confirm it. And although she did not see it, she heard his footsteps suddenly dash down the corridor. Serena looked back to see the Gryffindor running down the corridor as though he was fleeing from the scene of a crime.

Watching him run down the corridor, Serena could not help but burst into laughter. She had been trying so hard not to laugh the whole time. It was a struggle. The girl laughed so hard, watching the boy in pink pyjamas leave that she had to clutch her stomach and lean against the wall to prevent herself from falling over.

Well... that certainly made her evening more entertaining. She must have laughed for a good five minutes to herself in the empty corridor before she went to pick up the cleaning materials that had been left there. She put everything away, before grabbing her own textbook and shoving it into her bag. Grabbing her things, Serena followed suit and left the corridor with a single thought lingering on her mind. Who exactly was Dorian Gray


Serena Towers
OLD --> Sta: 3, Agil: 8, Str: 2, Ctrl: 4, AP; 4, Acc: 9
NEW --> Strength: 2 | Agility: 15 | Control: 10 | Stamina: 8