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Saturday Brings A New Friend  Pv Wes Hart   Closed 

Just a normal saturday for the Ravenclaw girl. Since there were no classes that day Eri was wearing a grey t-shirt, jeans, and black converse. She was on her way to transfiguration to turn in her homework. She could have turned in her home work later, but she had forgotten. It wasn't hard for her to forget. She was reading a very intresting book and forgot about the homework until she found it later and decided to turn it in.

The brunette wiped a stray strand of hair away from her emerald green eyes as she walked to the transfiguration classroom. It wasn't a very hard walk, but it was a long one. She didn't mind though. 

Eri didn't have any plans for that day except to go down to the lake and read. Which she did every Saturday. It was boring to do that every day, except if you were like Eri and enjoyed sitting still and reading a book for hours on end.

As Eri neared the classroom she heard footsteps that weren't hers. Maybe someone else was turning in their transfiguration homework too? She didn't doubt it, but she wasn't sure who it was so she kept walking.

{Dreams stay dreams until you make them reality.'}Eri Windstone. STR:10 AGI:7 CNT:5 STM:4

Saturday Brings A New Friend  Pv Wes Hart   Closed 

It was a Saturday, the day Wes usually tried to finish the homework he didn't get to on the Friday, and it was also the day that Wes turned in his homework that he had finished the Friday before. At this certain stop, Wes was handing in his Transfiguration homework for Professor Yornikoych-whatever. In his arms, were piles of papers and textbooks. Wesley was just wearing his muggle-brand sweatshirt - it was a white Adidas sweatshirt - and black jeans. He noticed, while on his way to the classroom, a girl in a grey T-shirt seemed to be travelling the same direction, turning every corner he was turning. Only... she was the only person in the halls - probably because Saturday is the 'chill out' day and people wanted to be talking or playing games, not turning their heaps and heaps of homework in. What heathens!

It seemed, slightly suspiciously, that the girl had heard his wide-lengthed footsteps, and that made Wes wonder what she might do. Would she spring around and aim her wand at him? Would she run off in fear? What would she do? Those were the things Wes was wondering, because he didn't find himself intimidating one small bit.

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Saturday Brings A New Friend  Pv Wes Hart   Closed 

Eri noticed the boy and kept walking. It was weird. She never really liked being in a corridor with nobody else except some stranger. She wasn't the best at making friends. Escpecially when nobody else was around. She just kept her eyes down and walked to the classroom. Maybe if she kept quiet and acted like she wasn't there he wouldn't notice her? Probably not, but still she tried that tactic anyways. If it failed it failed and she learned not to do it again. 

Eri combed her hand through her brown hair. It wasn't that strange people weren't in the corridors. They had probably either already turned in their homework or would turn their homework in later. Which some people did so they could hang out and play.

Eri neared the classroom. She could see it up ahead. If she could only blend in with the walls. Why did she have to be so awkward with socializing? She never socialized much at home so she didn't really have a knack for making friends or generally talking to people. Eri took a quick glance at Wes and noticed he had a lot of papers and text books in his hands. Maybe she could ask if he needed help? She was about to ask. "Would you like some help with your books and papers?" 

{Dreams stay dreams until you make them reality.'}Eri Windstone. STR:10 AGI:7 CNT:5 STM:4