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Dale breathed a sigh of relief as his explanation held up, grateful he hadn't used any other muggle words to describe what they do as he heard Fiona reference the Wizengamot and a chief warlock. He wondered if the library had any books on magical law. That would be something to write home to his parents about.

Dale realized Fiona was trying to cheer him up, and didn't realize why she felt the need to do so until he realized she thought he was upset about his parents and not the sort of lie. He berated himself for making his new friend feel that was her responsibility. Nevertheless, he couldn't help but smile as she spoke, glad that he now had a friend in Slytherin who was kind and understanding.

He really did have his whole life ahead of him, just like Fiona said. In fact, coming to Hogwarts had practically given him a new lease on life, getting him away from his parents and their demands for perfection and giving him the opportunity to explore whole new paths in life that were suddenly available to him. Hands in his pockets, he turned back out to the window as Fiona did the same.

"You're right," he said, laughing at her joke. "Maybe I'll talk to them in the summer about it!" He grinned again as he turned back to her. "I'm, um- I'm glad we're friends, Fiona," he said, feeling more than a little ridiculous.

Feeling the need to change the subject away from families and parents, he remembered something Fiona mentioned offhand. "So you don't like the ocean? I've always really liked it, especially the animals. Oh!" His eyes lit up. "Did you know there's a giant squid in the Great Lake?I heard you can see it sometimes through the windows in the common room!"

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Fiona beamed "aww Dale, I'm really glad we're friends too!" She was so happy to finally have someone to talk and hang out with. Actually now that she thinks about it, Dale is the first actual friend that she's ever had "It's actually pretty nice having someone my own age around".'Before it was always just older cousins and a much younger brother she had to spend time with. A few months before coming to Hogwarts, she had finally started chatting with a few locals in her new town. It was all polite talk, nothing said to really bond over.
"So you don't like the ocean? I've always really liked it, especially the animals. Oh!" His eyes lit up. "Did you know there's a giant squid in the Great Lake?I heard you can see it sometimes through the windows in the common room!"
Fiona let out an amused sigh "well ... I mean, the ocean and the creatures are beautiful . . ." She contemplated for a moment "I guess it's mostly the smell . . . I don't really like smelling fish all the time. I'm use to . . . well the smells here at Hogwarts, Scotland. The air just smells clear, and the smallest scent of flowers and plants can easily be recognized.

She took a moment to enjoy an owl flying low over the treetops, as it headed towards the Owlery tower. Fiona then looked back at Dale as she admitted "Honestly, I went into the ocean once and nearly drowned. I know how to swim, at least in the lakes and rivers . . . but I went walking on the beach with my family one day. I started walking in the water, it was fun. Though before I realized it I was already waist deep. She knowingly raised her eyebrows at Dale, sure he could see where with was going "As I started to head back, a huge wave knocked me down. I stood back up, but before I could breathe another wave was already over me and the undertow pulled be farther out so I couldn't stand."

Fiona gave a nervous chuckled as she quickly added "I mean, my parents saw and started running for me as soon as the first wave knocked me down. I'm sure I was under for only a few seconds before my dad got me, but still ... it felt like a lifetime".

She then plastered on a huge smile as she tried to dispel the dark mood her story had set. Fiona then remembered Dale mentioning the Giant Squid. "Oh yeah! I've heard about the Giant Squid, supposedly he's rather gentle. . . Have you been able to see him from the common room?! I'll have to watch out for him next time I'm in there." She then asked "oh by the way, do you swim?"

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Dale grinned as Fiona confirmed that they were, in fact, friends, sparing him any embarrassment he thought might be coming his way. Dale was an only child and while he knew he had cousins around his age, they live further away and he only saw them when they came to visit. He had had very few friends at school, though the ones he did have he had been very close to. He found himself missing them badly, and while this wasn't the first time he felt this way, it was the first time he knew that leaving them wouldn't suddenly mean constant loneliness.

Fiona's story about her brush with death quickly wiped the smile from his face. "That's so scary," he said, shivering as felt another draft of cold air waft through the corridor. "I can't imagine what that must have been like. I'm glad your parents were there when it happened."

Dale realized he was relieved somewhat as Fiona steered the conversation away from drowning, just now noticing how uncomfortable the thought of sinking underwater had made him. "No, I haven't seen him yet," he admitted shaking his head. "I keep looking too, I hope it's not just a rumor the older kids like to spread. And yes, I do swim, though not very strongly," he added, looking downward at his feet.

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Fiona couldn't help but laugh "I'm sure it's not just a rumor . . . though his actual size might be exaggerated. We'll just have to be vigilant, and find out the truth!" Smiling, she started down the corridor again.

Even though Fiona was rather athletic, from always climbing trees, going on long hikes, and playing in the rivers and lakes, she reluctantly admitted "I'm not the strongest swimmer either . . . and with all the creatures in the Great Lake, I wouldn't be comfortable practicing out there" She paused by a door, quickly peeking inside "Just a closet" she muttered, before continuing "I've been told that some of the bathrooms here have massive baths! ... like, swimming pool size! It would be great to practice swimming in one of those."

She tried to remember exactly what her cousins told her about those baths, where they might be. 'Was it the seventh floor? By the Gryffindor common room? . . . no, that doesn't seem right. Though they did tease her about the entrance being hidden or something, similar to the house common rooms' Fiona sighed, she was hoping to impress Dale with all her knowledge about the school. She was lucky that her older cousins Lachlan and Lewis told her so many stories, but she began to wonder how many of those stories were actually true. 'I'm probably better off just mentioning the things mom and dad told me' She thought disappointingly.

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Dale hoped Fiona was right. All of a sudden he wanted to seek out the giant squid more than anything, but they still needed to finish the task in front of them: Finding their classrooms before classes started. Dale followed quickly behind as Fiona started moving along, keeping an eye out for any interesting rooms they passed.

"There are baths that large here?" Dale knew that had to be a prank. From what he understood, it was common practice even in muggle schools to trick the younger kids in thinking there was a large swimming pool somewhere on the property. Dale had almost been convinced that one existed on the rooftop of his own school. He had been caught trying to find a way up there to see for himself, and never managed to find proof one way or another. He was certain though that it had been a lie. Nonetheless, he still found himself wanting to believe the ones at Hogwarts did exist.

"That would be really incredible to see! And probably safer too," he agreed.

He sighed, disappointed, as the room Fiona opened turned out to be a closet. "Maybe there aren't any classes on this floor," he wondered. "It does seem pretty empty." Dale shrugged as he pressed on down the corridor. He tried the next door down, only for it to be locked. "I wonder what's back there."

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"Maybe there aren't any classes on this floor," he wondered. "It does seem pretty empty."
"It is very empty . . . but no . . .there is a class on this floor, I'm sure." Fiona thought hard for a moment, she had the answer right on the tip of her tongue 'what was it . . . something about St Ives actually made me interested in this class.' Suddenly her eyes lit up with the answer "OH! Muggle Studies!" Fiona exclaimed just as Dale discovered the locked door.

"Is the door stuck?" She asked, as she reached out to try. The handle did seem to be locked, but just for good measure, Fiona still still tried shaking it and pulling as strong as she could. "nope, definitely locked" She noted.

Fiona crossed her arms and frowned at the door. "you wouldn't happen to know the unlocking spell, would you? My parents were unfortunately rather strict about the whole 'no underage magic outside of school' rule . . . or maybe it's actually a law. . . but I know some parents still teach their kids"

Fiona pondered for a moment, she couldn't remember being told about anything on the second floor being off limits 'maybe this is the Muggle Studies classroom, I guess it would make sense to have it locked up when there's no class going on.'

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"No, it is actually a law," Dale said, excited to actually know something like this. Many thing about the magical world had been explained to Dale when his Hogwarts acceptance letter had been delivered to him in person, most of which the young boy had forgotten completely due to the unfamiliar nature of it all. But this one had stuck: It was illegal to perform any sort of magic outside of school. Dale had been very excited by the prospect of showing off what he learned when he returned home for the summer, but those ambitions were quickly squashed.

So there's a Muggle Studies class? Dale understood that the magical world hid itself away from the muggle world, but he had difficulty understanding why wizards and witches knew so little about muggles. After all, they didn't have the excuse of not knowing muggles existed, unlike himself with magic.

"Um- But still, no, I don't the spell," he added sheepishly. "If it is the classroom, I hope they're not all locked like that. It's going to make tracking them down a lot more difficult." He stared at the door for a moment.

"Or maybe it's a forbidden room!" he said excitedly. "I overheard someone talking on the train that Hogwarts has secret and sometimes forbidden rooms."

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Fiona frowned. . . 'of course Dale would know it's the law, especially with his parents working in the court, they were probably just as strict about no underage magic . . . oh well, guess we won't be able to get in there today.'

Listening to Dale as he went on about the room, she couldn't help but smile as he soon became excited about the prospect of discovering a secret or forbidden area of Hogwarts. "That would be pretty cool, but any forbidden room would probably be dangerous for us to explore without any spells. . . What if there's a Troll locked in there!" Fiona teased before continuing "well, if it ends up not being a classroom, we'll just have to come investigate again . . . when we're better prepared"

Fiona reluctantly left the mysterious door, as she ventured off down the Corridor. They were almost to the end, where there would be a staircase leading down. "I'm sure most of the classrooms won't be locked . . . The muggle studies room might just have some things they don't want stolen or something. I think the Potions room is usually locked too, for the same reason."

She looked over at her friend, as she asked "So what classes are you most excited for, and which ones are you dreading?"

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A troll! Dale's eyes widened with both excitement and fear before he realized Fiona was just kidding. Well, probably just kidding. Still, he lingered by the door for a moment, trying to listen for any loud, heavy noises that might be coming from the room before leaving it behind to follow her down the corridor.

As they walked, he wondered what a class that taught wizards and witches about muggles would have that needed to be secured away. Possibly electronics, though Dale recalled being told that electronics wouldn't work in an area with a high concentration of magic like Hogwarts. Maybe the professors know a way to make them work here.

Dale fussed with a stray lock of hair as he thought about the classes ahead of him. "I'm really excited for, um-" He searched his memory for the name. "Defense Against the Dark Arts!" Dale recalled chatting excitedly with the wizard who had delivered his letter, wanting to know all he could about the classes he would be taking his first year, and this one had excited him the most. "Learning about dangerous creatures and to handle them..." He grinned. "Well, it sounds very exciting, doesn't it?" And as for the one he was dreading...

"History of Magic," Dale said with little hesitation. "I'm sure it's important, but it just seems kind of... boring compared to everything else." He shrugged. "What about you?"

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"ugh, History of Magic is going to be soooooo boring" Fiona groaned "It's just going to be a bunch of useless dates and memorizing names of witches and wizards that didn't even discover anything too amazing. . . it would be better just to teach us about the exciting tales. "

She grinned over at Dale as she replied "Well I'm really looking forwards to Care of Magical Creatures, as I mentioned earlier . . . but not just because of the unicorns" Fiona chuckled before quietly adding "I really do like creatures . . . and having grown up with my parents working with them, I feel like I'd be really good at that class." She felt her face grow warm as she suddenly felt very self-conscious 'NO, why did I say that! He's going to think I'm full of myself . . . and what if I actually do really bad at the class, he'll think I'm such an idiot . . . '

She quickly looked away to hide her blush, taking a deep a breath to try and calm her nerves, she then mentioned "I also think Charms will be fun".

Fiona pondered for a moment while still hiding her face from Dale, he was really excited for Defense Against the Dark Arts 'I would never have guessed . . . '. She cautiously brought her hands up to feel her cheeks, the blood rush had subsided. Breathing a sigh of relief, she played off the hand motion as just wanting to fix her hair.

She looked over at her friend quizzically as she asked "So, Defense Against the Dark Arts . . . are you wanting to join the Dueling Club?"

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Fiona's description of History of Magic matched what the older wizard had told him about the class and what he had heard during the excited chatter on the train. Still, his face fell as he realized he'd been secretly hoping to be wrong about the class. I guess there has to be something boring, or it wouldn't be a school. Even if it is a magic one.

Dale couldn't help but grin as Fiona went on about Care of Magical Creatures. She did make it sound like an amazing class to take, and he found himself getting excited over it as well. But I don't remember seeing it on the class list... Is it one we have this year? He wanted to ask, but was afraid to let on more than he already had on how unaware he was about Hogwarts. Instead, he assured her, "I'm sure you'll be great at it!" oblivious to her sudden embarrassment. "I, um- I haven't been around creatures as much as you have, if it isn't obvious. You'll have to help me out in that class," he said, still smiling but more sheepishly now.

His eyes lit up when Fiona mentioned the Dueling Club. "Yes, I am! Are you?" The Dueling Club was one of the only clubs he had heard about that he fully understood, and it sounded amazing to him. Quidditch was still alien in his mind, and who knew what Gobstones were. But dueling was easy to understand.

"I mean, it seems like a lot of fun, right? To learn how different spells interact with each other and how to counteract them?" This was something Dale had thought a lot about since learning of the club, and he was unknowingly balanced on the balls of his feet in his excitement.

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Fiona glowed with pride at her friends encouragement, oh course she would gladly help him with Care of Magical Creatures . . . or any class really. She was always learning from her parents and cousins, and was so happy when her brother was born. She loved being able to teach him as he grew, and now that she might have a chance to teach some things to someone her own age . . . it made her feel very special.

Dale's excitement was infectious, a huge smile spread across her face as she watched her friend. Fiona chuckled "I don't know, I wasn't too interested in it until now." She rubbed the back of her neck as she admitted "Dueling always seemed a bit scary to me. . . but maybe if it was with you, it might not be so bad."

Even though she had never dueled before, Fiona was confident that she would be miserable at it. Her mind had a tendency to go blank when under pressure, and she feared that people would take advantage and bully her once finding out she was bad at dueling.

They were soon at the end of the Corridor, where they were met by an archway framing a staircase leading down. 'Speaking of Defense Against the Dark Arts and History of magic, I'm pretty sure they're down here on the first floor' Fiona mused to herself, as she took to the first step.

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