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Wandering Feet  PV Dale Rivala   Closed 

It was a pretty nice day so far, a little chilly, but Fiona was sure it would warm up by the afternoon. She gazed out the window, leaning slightly on the stone ledge. The sun was just starting to break through the clouds and the bright morning rays danced off the lake, creating breathtaking sparkles. Despite only being on the second floor, the window she was at still provided a wonderful vantage point overlooking the grounds. 'Maybe after lunch I'll go outside and try to find a nice tree to hang out in' Fiona thought, as she felt a slight pang in her heart. She dearly missed the forest and lake at her family's cottage, and the beautiful nature at Hogwarts only too well reminded her of her old home.

Fiona sighed as she sat down on the window sill. So far her Hogwarts experience was not how she envisioned it, especially after her family talked it up so much. It was still the first week, and classes hadn't even started yet, but she still hadn't written her parents. Fiona let out a small exasperated groan as she began to lightly knock her head against the wall 'How could I possibly tell them that I got sorted into Slytherin!?  . . . And to top it all off that I haven't even made any friends!'
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Wandering Feet  PV Dale Rivala   Closed 

Dale shivered slightly as he felt a chill in the air, but the small boy couldn't help but grin as he wandered through the corridors. Motion in the corner of his eye caught his attention, and he turned quickly to see he was passing one of the many moving portraits that hung on Hogwarts' walls. He stopped and watched this one with fascination as he had with almost every single one he had come across in his explorations. Too bad this one doesn't have any people in it, he thought to himself as he watched a unicorn trotting through an open field. Maybe unicorns can talk?

"Hello?" he called out to the painted creature, only to be disappointed as it turns to look at him and then gallops away. Dale shook his head in dismay, and turned his attention away from the painting only to see another Slytherin sitting by the window.

Oh no... I hope she didn't see that!

Dale had been trying to hide his muggle born status from the other students, especially the Slytherins after he heard unsettling rumors about how that particular house viewed his kind. Which made it all the more bewildering to him that he had been sorted into said house.


Dale smiled sheepishly at the girl, trying to play off his attempt at conversation with a painted unicorn as a greeting towards her.

"I'm, um, my name's Rivala. Dale Rivala." He paused, trying to think of more to say. "You're a first year too, right?"

Wandering Feet  PV Dale Rivala   Closed 



Fiona pulled herself away from her thoughts, as she looked down the hall slightly puzzled'I swear I just heard someone . . . or did I just hit my head too hard'

"I'm, um, my name's Rivala. Dale Rivala." The voice came from the other end from where she was looking. Fiona turned and saw familiar boy standing by a painting. "You're a first year too, right?"

"oh! . . . yeah, hi!" Fiona hastily stood up and smiled while straightening her robes. She remembered seeing him at the sorting ceremony, and around the common room. The past few days seemed like such a blur, despite not really doing anything. "I'm sorry I didn't hear you at first, I was kind of lost in my own little world" She nervously chuckled "oh, by the way, my name's Fiona .... Collins.

She stood awkwardly for a minute, not sure what to say. Growing up in the middle of nowhere, did not present many opportunities for her to meet people and learn how to properly socialize. 'Come on Fi . . . put forth that extra effort ... make conversation' Fiona gave herself a little pep talk to force her feet down the hall towards Dale.

She gave him another smile as she quickly glanced around for anything to talk about. Her eyes landed on the portrait nearby "oh, were you looking at this painting? The meadow is beautiful, I do love art so much . . . seems a bit empty though, I wonder what was in here." Fiona rubbed the back of her head, hoping he wouldn't find her completely boring.

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"I'm sorry I didn't hear you at first, I was kind of lost in my own little world"
Dale breathed a sigh of relief. The girl hadn't even noticed him. He probably could have walked away and she never would have known he was here. The realization slowly dawned on him that, thanks to his attempt at covering his ignorance, he had now opened the door for a conversation. Thoughts of escape briefly ran through Dale's brain. He didn't feel ready to talk to anyone else. Not yet, it was too soon. And another Slytherin? This was the exact situation he had been trying to avoid.

Dale attempted to push these negatives thoughts from his head. The only thing scarier than trying to make friends right now would be what the other kids would say about him if he just awkwardly left. Besides, she seemed nice enough. Maybe making friends wouldn't be so hard after all. What did she say her name was again?

"It's nice to meet you, Fiona," he said, standing their uncertainly but with newfound determination.

Dale looked back at the painting as Fiona mentioned it. "Oh, yes it's very nice. There was a, um, a unicorn in it just a few moments ago." He shrugged. "Dunno what happened to it." Almost the truth. Lying, even partially, wasn't a good start, but what would he tell her? He tried to talk to it?

"So, um... Excited for classes to start? I can't wait myself. I've been trying to figure out where all the classrooms are. This castle is like a maze sometimes, it's so big!"

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At the mention of a unicorn in the painting, Fiona excitedly peered a little more closely. She let out a quiet sigh of disappointment as the animal had not returned. Fiona made a mental note to check the portrait next time she was in this corridor. She was about to mention how much she loves unicorns, but decided against it, as she didn't want her first impression to be 'foolishly girly'. She decided on just commenting "oh, well they are rather skittish ... but I'm sure it won't be long before it wanders back"

As Dale asked about classes and the castle, Fiona returned her full attention to him. "Yeah, I'm excited for classes ... if not a bit nervous as well" she chuckled "It definitely is like a maze! I haven't even gone to the main staircases, since they move you know, I didn't want to get lost."

Fiona was starting to relax a bit, this boy seemed rather friendly. 'It would be nice to have a buddy while walking around the castle' She thought, and before she could think more on it, the words were out of her mouth "Do you want to look for the classrooms with me?"

She immediately started feeling a bit embarrassed "I mean ... don't feel like you have to ... if you're busy or something, that's okay" Fiona mumbled as she glanced down at her feet.

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Dale stepped to the side to let Fiona in to view the painting, hoping the unicorn came back to prove his story. When the field stayed empty, Dale simply shrugged. "Maybe- Oh, maybe it went to a different painting! I have seen that happen a few times," he said excitedly, momentarily forgetting that this was probably a phenomenon most wizards and witches were used to.

Dale was not expecting Fiona to ask him to investigate the school with her, and his eyes widened in surprise at Fiona's request. Making friends had always been a bit challenging for him in the past, and he was certain he had initially come off like a gibbering fool. But then why did she want him to go with her?

Fiona's mumbling brought him back to reality as he realized she was probably just as nervous as he was about meeting new people. "No- No, I'm not busy at all," he said reassuringly. "Yes, I'd, um, I'd like to look for the classrooms with you."

His turn to feel embarrassed, Dale averted his eyes and pretended to be watching for any signs of the unicorn in the still empty painting. "The only one I can really remember is, um, is Potions, since it's so close to our common room."

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Fiona looked up, extremely relieved that he was sticking around. So far the other students she had tried to chat with had been rather unresponsive. At first she feared it had something to do with her, but over the past few days of just observing she realized most of her fellow housemates were just antisocial. She couldn't help but remember the number one complaint about Slytherins from her family, according to them most Slytherins were just snobby rich kids. Fiona could definitely tell which kids came from aristocratic families, they had a tendency to carry themselves differently and a more calculating gaze as though ranking each person they saw.

Dale though was sweet, Fiona was glad she found the courage to talk and invite him to accompany her. She smiled at him as she spoke "yeah, Potions class is by our common room, which is really nice. It's such a hassle trying to tote your cauldron and supplies all the ways from the towers. . . That's what my parents always complained about, and now that I see just how huge the castle is, I can just imagine the struggle".

Fiona thought for a moment, about the best route to take for exploring the castle, before saying "How about we explore this floor first and work our way down, that way we should be near the Great Hall in time for lunch. We'll probably be one of the first ones there and grab the best seats!" She adjusted her glasses before adding "And then after lunch we can take the main staircases to the upper floors"

Fiona nervously clasped her hands behind her back hoping Dale was okay with this plan. She hoped she wasn't imposing too much, saying they should continue together after lunch.

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Dale grinned as Fiona laid out her plans for exploration, suddenly feeling much more comfortable. He had been so worried after hearing all sorts of vicious rumors on the train about Slytherin and how they viewed the rest of the world, especially families like his, he had been deeply afraid he'd have a very lonely existence in his house for the next seven years. But Fiona was not like that at all, from what he could tell. Granted, she didn't know he was muggle born, but Dale had a feeling she wouldn't care about that.

In retrospect, Dale realized he should have known not to worry so much as soon as he had been sorted into Slytherin. After all, didn't that mean there was a place for someone like him? The Sorting Hat was never wrong, that's what everyone was always saying. He began to rock back and forth on feet, eager to get to exploring with his new friend.

"That sounds like a good plan to me!" he said excitedly, suddenly noticing how hungry he was when Fiona mentioned lunch. "And maybe when we make our way back up here, the unicorn will have come back," he added cheerfully.

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Fiona beamed at Dale's excitement, for the first time since arriving at the school, she finally felt at ease. 'If there are people like Dale and me in Slytherin, it can't be that bad of a house right? . . . maybe I will fit in' She thought happily to herself as she began to lead the way down the corridor.

At the mention of seeing the unicorn later, Fiona happily nodded and said "That would be great to see him! I . . ." She paused for a second, debating about opening up so soon 'stop worrying so much, you're going to be hanging out with him all day, he's going to notice sooner or later that you're more than a bit girly' Fiona gave a nervous chuckle before continuing ". . . I actually really love unicorns. I'm really looking forwards to Care of Magical Creatures class. I wonder if we'll get to see the unicorns that live in the forbidden forest."

She then glanced at Dale quickly before proudly adding "I've actually seen a wild unicorn before. It was by my old home, we had a forest by us with a small lake hidden in an opening. I was playing hide and seek with my cousins. I was hiding up in my favorite tree when I saw the unicorn across the lake, it came right up to the water's edge. It was the most beautiful creature I had ever seen" Fiona dreamily gazed off for a moment, lost in the fond memory.

She looked back over at Dale as she finished "Once it left, I ran to find my cousins and told them about it, we searched the forest for the rest of the day but couldn't find it ... so of course they didn't believe me"

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"That's amazing!" Dale exclaimed as Fiona finished her story. "Oh not that- Not that your cousins didn't believe you, of course. But that you got to see an actual unicorn."

He was also amazed by the fact that unicorns were not only real, but that there were apparently unicorns living in the Forbidden Forest out on the Grounds! Dale had excitedly flipped through the contents of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them on the train ride, but he hadn't finished it. The section on unicorns must have been near the end. There were too many other books, too many other aspects of the magical wold to familiarize himself with.

As they passed another window looking out on to the Grounds, Dale glanced outside and wondered what other fantastical creatures lived in and around Hogwarts. He had already seen ghosts floating throughout the halls and had heard there was a poltergeist as well, though the boy hadn't seen it yet. He looked up and briefly searched the skies for a moment, wondering if he would see a dragon circling ahead.

"Did you see a lot of magical creatures back home?" he asked her, hoping to hear more stories. "It sounds like it was a wonderful place to live."

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"Did you see a lot of magical creatures back home?" he asked her. "It sounds like it was a wonderful place to live."
Fiona's smile dropped slightly "It really was a wonderful place to live . . . I wish my family hadn't decided to move" She confessed. As she looked over at Dale and saw how excited he was, Fiona mentally slapped herself 'don't start being a downer! he's actually enjoying his time with you!

She nervously cleared her throat before addressing his question "um . . . kind of, but nothing too exciting. Mostly just the everyday fairies and gnomes. . . Sometimes my mom or uncle would take me with on their patrols for work, but never anywhere too dangerous. She glanced back at Dale for a moment before quickly apologizing "Oh! I never mentioned what my family does career wise, I'm so sorry!"

She took a moment to collect her thoughts before explaining "Both my parents and uncle are magizoologist, those who study magical creatures. We actually lived in one of Scotlands largest national parks, Cairngorms, well my Uncle still does. Anyways, we were able to live in a national park because they work for the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. Dad mostly just did research and wrote reports at home, but mom and uncle were always out in the park, keeping track of the magical wildlife. They had to map out the locations and temperament of all magical creatures in the park, occasionally setting up muggle repellent spells around certain areas to keep muggles from getting harmed. . . mostly around Roran trees, fairies can get quite nasty. . . anyways, just a few years ago my mom recently got her specialist certification for marine magical wildlife. So that's why we moved to St Ives, England . . . it's right on the coast."

Fiona took a deep breath and apologized once again "I'm sorry, that was a bit long, I tend to ramble on some times."

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Every day fairies and gnomes? Of course there are every day fairies and gnomes.

Dale was quickly coming to the realization that he wasn't going to be able to keep up in conversations like this if he didn't come clean about his heritage, or at least confide in someone that could help him with basic knowledge that he should have. He looked down at the floor and saw that his worrying was causing his hands to fidget, and he quickly shoved them into his pockets.

Dale nodded along as Fiona told him what her parents did and talked about Cairngorms. He had heard of Cairngorms, but had never actually been to Scotland himself. His own parents were always to busy to travel. Regardless, he was certain he never heard of any fairies being spotted in the national park. He guessed that meant Fiona's family did a good job of keeping the magical creatures kept away from the muggle world.

"No, it wasn't too long," Dale assured her as she finished her story. "It all sounds really brilliant! I'm sorry you had to move." He kicked himself, remembering the face she made when he inadvertently caused her to think of the move.

Change the subject!

"My family lives on the coast too," he offered. "But further up north. We're from Liverpool." He shook his head before continuing. "They didn't do anything as interesting as yours did, though. My parents are, um-" He paused. "They're just lawyers." He ran a hand through his messy hair, embarrassed by how boring his parents' jobs were compared to Fiona's.

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Dale really was too kind, not minding her long explanations. She perked up a bit as he mentioned also living on the coast. Fiona wondered if he shared any of her same fears of the ocean, as she was about to ask him about that she noticed his discomfort. She watched him quizzically as he added that his parents were . . . lawyers?

Fiona pondered for a moment, she wasn't familiar with that term. All her parents ever talked about was work related stuff, her Uncle sometimes complained about other departments at the Ministry of Magic. Her cousins had talked about a couple different careers paths, but never mentioned anything that sounded like 'Lawyers' 'Come on Fi, think! you must have heard it somewhere ...' She began to panic a little, growing up so secluded prevented her from learning about a variety of jobs 'I have no idea what a lawyer is ... he's going to think I'm an idiot, that I live under a rock or something'

Fiona flushed with embarrassment, quickly looking away as she quietly confessed "um . . . I'm, I'm really sorry, but ... what exactly is a ... lawyer?"

Still looking away, she nervously began to play with a strand of her hair, praying he wouldn't be offended.

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A wave of panic suddenly rushed through Dale's mind. Did lawyers really not exist in the magical world? What about courtrooms? What happened when someone broke the law? No, no, this was silly. They must have lawyers here. They probably just call them something different. But how was he supposed to guess what word to use?

As he felt his face begin to flush, Dale tried to force the red out of his cheeks with sheer willpower. "Um, you know. Lawyers, they-" He realized he's never had to explain what a lawyer was before. "When someone is accused of doing something bad, um, illegal? They help defend them in case they didn't actually do it. In a courtroom."

Dale looked down, unable to face Fiona and see her reaction. It wasn't even a lie, after all that was what lawyers did. But for some reason it felt like he was lying, which made Dale feel inexplicably ashamed. He felt Fiona was a friend, even if they had just met, and he never lied to his friends.

"They're both really good at it too," he said halfheartedly. "But, um- They're both always really busy, I've never left England because of it. Well, until now of course."

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"oh! they work in the court!" Fiona grinned, trying to hide her lingering embarrassment "That's actually pretty cool, they must be rather fearless to stand up to the Wizengamot. I remember, when I was younger, my dad had to be on the jury one time. I have no idea what the trial was about, but I just remember him saying how cold hearted the chief warlock was."

Fiona noticed that Dale seemed a bit down. She knew that ministry jobs required a lot of time commitment, her parents were always busy too, but at least because of the field they were in a majority of their work was done at home. Even when they were busy though, she at least had her younger brother to play with, and her cousins lived close by.

Fiona felt bad, because of her stupid question, he was now remembering something sad. She paused by a window and faced her new friend. "You know ... I understand having parents that are too busy to take you places ... but we have our whole life ahead of us. We're only eleven, once you graduate you can go and do whatever you want!" Fiona assured him. She continued to give him a warm smile as she confided "I had never been out of Scotland until our move to St. Ives . . . and honestly, as much as I miss our cottage and dislike the ocean . . . I kind of appreciate that tourist town."

Fiona turned to look out the window, up at the clouds passing by as she continued "I saw so many different types of people, both wizards and muggles passing through. I would hear their stories about their travels or about their homes ... and it really filled me with a desire to see the world."

She chuckled as she joked "I think your parents will appreciate you 'defending your case' to go on a family vacation".

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