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And You Are?  PV Dymphna Teague   Finished 

The blonde blanched at the mention of Dark Lords, feeling all of the color drain from her cheeks. Her grandparents Inn had been a safehouse during the Second Wizarding War and she had grown up listening to her family talk about the horrors of the war. They hadn’t spoke of anything too grim in front of her but being a curious girl, she had listened in when they thought that she was out of earshot, asleep in her bed.

Though none of them had faced down Voldemort himself, the Teague’s had battled various supporters of the Dark Arts and had lost their status as a respectable Pureblood family in the eyes of the more traditional bloodlines. Their roles within the Order - mainly ones of protection and donating old money to a good cause - had become public knowledge within the Wizarding community.

Then the moment passed and the Slytherin claimed to be joking. Dymphna didn’t know him well enough to know his sense of humor. “Oh, thank Merlin.” Hand on her chest, she could still feel her heart beating a mile a minute. “An Auror would be a much more respectable position.” Around the same amount of danger perhaps but way less... evil. “Is it more about overthrowing your father or are you actually interested?”

While Dymphna found her family history interesting, it felt more like a story than real life. She still didn’t quite understand the important roles that her family played throughout history but she knew they weren’t as good as they seemed to be in the last century. With the 12th century castle turned over to the Malahide historical society, she didn’t grow up with a big head thinking that she should be given positions of power or titles without earning them.

There wasn’t anything that she could think of when Sebastian basically told her that she was worth more than she thought. “Perhaps,” the Ravenclaw agreed but left it at that. She was hard on herself but it wasn’t like her to be so pessimistic either. She would blame it on the recent events that lead her friends to be more distant, for her to be more withdrawn and focused on her studies.

“Professor Lear,” she started with a sigh. “He’s strange.” That was an understatement. Outside of classes, she had only interacted with him the once, helping him find a mysterious creature called Greg. Such a basic name for a pink booger-eating creature. Ben, one of the Ravenclaw Prefects, had really taken the fall for her on that one.“Thanks! I’ll keep it between us though.” If it really was something serious, she didn’t want to cause panic throughout the school by revealing information that the Hogwarts Staff didn’t want students to know. Then again, what would Rita Skeeter do?

“Right, I don’t blame you. I’m not sure though, you might want to check with a professor.” Dymphna didn’t want him to go home to parents who may or may not actually love their son. “Think of all the books you’ll be able to read if you get to stay.” The whole library full, wow! “And you might have the common room all to yourself too.” There had to be others who didn’t go home for the summer but she hadn’t heard of anyone else staying. “Do let me know if you’re staying or not, I’ll write you.”

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And You Are?  PV Dymphna Teague   Finished 

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Sebastian considered Dymphna's question for a moment, concerning the position and want to become Head Auror. Perhaps it was simply a case of exceeding his father, or perhaps Sebastian simply wasn't aware of any other options at this point in time. It was certainly something to consider, and the boy suspected that some of the determination he had might turn out to be less than pure; after all, being subjected to a lifetime of control, manipulation and strict parenting had given Sebastian a clear disdain for his father and mother, both.

"Professor Lear, yes," Sebastian said in a low voice, recalling the name. "That's the one. Though I haven't met him personally, so I'll take your word that he's strange. I'm not surprised, he is a Hufflepuff."

When Dymphna mentioned she was sure about the break, Sebastian decided he would do exactly as suggested - he would ask a professor, and determine if he would be allowed to remain at Hogwarts. There were numerous things the boy wanted to do while here, and as explained, going home would simply be a waste of potential improvement time.

"Thank you, I'll do that," Sebastian smiled, as he looked down the corridor. Things seemed to have died down somewhat, with far less student traffic nearby. "If I can, I'll try to make as much use of the facilities here as possible. As you say, having the library to myself for the break would be a rare opportunity to read as much as possible."

Also, the thought of having the entire Common Room to himself made Sebastian happy.

"I'll let you know what the professors say, about the break," Sebastian said, as he stood straight and adjusted his bag on his shoulder. "Hopefully it's possible. But now that the way is less crowded, I need to move along. It was a pleasure running into you, Dymphna Teague, and I look forward to doing it again soon..."

With a nod, and a thin smile, Sebastian began to walk away. He looked back at the girl, silver-blue eyes observing. It seemed the boy had found one individual he actually liked in Hogwarts.

"Oh, and don't forget to write me, I'll hold you to that. And I will do the same."

This thread is now finished, and Sebastian and Dymphna are leaving.

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