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A Newfound Rivalry  Pv Eris Fawley   Closed 

This is a pv between Eris and possibly two others that have been owled.


Justin stone was walking down the corridor. His greyish blue eyes observing everything he could see. Someone once told him that his eyes were his greatest weapon. If he fully glared at someone it would feel like they were being stabbed in the soul.

Along with his permitting light bluefish grey eyes, he had ebony colored hair that stood out from his fair skin. The boy was pale, but looked older than he was and a lot more serious since he never smiled without a good reason to.

As he was walking down the hall he wondered why everyone was parting to let him pass. He wasn't that intemidating was he. In reality he looked like he was planning how to murder someone. But no worries they would eventually stop, right?

Justin had gotten very lost in thought. As he was walking he lost all awareness of people around him.then BAM! He slammed right into a person. A short Gryffindor with fiery red hair. He didn't even acknowledge that he ran into her. Simply put he ignored her and walked on. He didn't mean to be rude he was just to deep in thought to care if she got ran into or not.
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Justin Stone

A Newfound Rivalry  Pv Eris Fawley   Closed 

Class had let out earlier than usual, with the typical threat of homework weighing over the youngster's heads like it always did, but the blissful promise of freedom from classes patronizing the dreaded homework. The imagination of one young child was running rampart, as the small first year took out of her class with a scowl on her face, but a wistful expression in her brown eyes. Eris had been the first out of her class, bursting out the door in her attempt to get away from the ravenclaw first years in the class. She was not in the mood for a fight with one of the supremely idiotic ravenclaws in her class, nor did she feel like punching any of them in the face again. As enjoyable as the notion seemed, it would have to wait for another day when the feared Defence Against the Dark Arts Professor wasn't watching Eris with her cunning eyes, searching for any sign of misbehavior.

Once out in the hallways, away from the prying eyes of any teacher, Eris smiled broadly, allowing the scowl to vanish off her face. The freedom of the empty halls was perfect for thinking, and sure enough, Eris found herself wondering about the upcoming ball as she marched. She turned the corridor, mind lost in thoughts of dresses when she became aware of the group of students parting to let a boy pass.

Eris raised an eyebrow, instantly doubting the children cowering against the walls. Why would they be stupid enough to part just to let one boy pass? There was more than enough room in the hallway for all of them to walk at once. Besides, why would a first year boy scare anybody? Eris had never seen seen the Gryffindor boy around before, preferring to stick close to her friends, and admitted fellow trouble makers--Dorian, Max, and the others of her friend group.

He was walking straight for her, and Eris looked up expectantly. She refused to move, grounding herself firmly to the stone floor of the Corridor. If this boy thought that everyone was going to move out of his way, he was sorely mistaken. That was a lousy display of intimation, and one that Eris could top without even trying.

To Eris's chagrin, and building rage, the boy did not stop. He barreled straight into her, ramming straight into her side with a painful noise of collision. Before even saying anything, much less an apology, the boy kept walking. With his departure, children kept walking as if nothing had happened. Eris, on the other hand, stayed where she was, rubbing at her side with a vengeful expression.

Turning towards the boy's retreating back, she called out into the crowded hallway, "Watch it, idiot!" The red head scowled at the retreating ebony haired boy, unable to stop herself as her face flushed red with anger. Who did this boy think he was to run into her and act like it was nothing? Did he have any idea who she was, or who her friends were? This was an injustice, and Eris wasn't going to let it slide.

i punched a wall and cried. BAM BAM BAM!
Eris Fawley:
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A Newfound Rivalry  Pv Eris Fawley   Closed 

Justin turned and glared at the red head. "I'm sorry I must have not seen you." He said dryly with a scowl. "I'm about frustrated about that." He points at the students cowering away from that. "I can't look that intimidating?" He said. His face red. He walked back over to the girl and glared at her crossing his arms. "If you didn't want to be run over you could have side stepped out of my way." He said if that was plain to see. Not understanding why she was complaining after he ran into her. He was thinking what was her deal.

The ebony haired boy sighed and turned to walk away again. Frowning he started thinking again. Why was everyone so scared of him. They should just move on. Leave him be and don't even look in his cold dead eyes. That's what people saw him as, but he didn't see himself as that.

Justin kept his gaze at the floor so he couldn't see anyone. If the girl wanted to deal with him. She would have to get up and do it herself and not let him leave. He scowled at the floor and kept on walking.

Justin Stone