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Fateful Encounter  Closed 

The afternoon sun was warm and the weather calm as always with the occasional breeze that makes you remember the castle was atop a hill. Normally he would be on a rush to get to the Study Room but today was one of those odd days when you get no homework so he was just walking around calmly. On days like this he would make sure to get his stuff to his dormitory or simply lay them around on the Common Room, but as his crimson red eyes looked around and noticed all the people rushing through the Corridors probably anxious to do their homework or maybe even study, most of his housemates studied everyday, he decided to take it slowly instead and wander around for a while before getting to his house, after all, with all these people rushing it was bound to see a crash or two from those who ran without noticing or even caring for the others.

Kaiser sighed, at this rate he could probably just give his stuff to any fellow Ravenclaw and wander around the castle aimlessly for a while, he had grown used to it, what stared as exploration and recognition had become a staple in his day and though he rarely lost in the castle these days, he would just walk around the castle and explore just for fun.
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