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"Draw me?"  Closed 

The sun is setting across the hills of Scotland, giving Hogwarts an orange glow that covers the walls of the castle. Being mid september, the air has a chill to it. Atalie is seen walking slowly down the corridors, nearing the courtyard by the fountain. Other students are walking around and some siting by the fountain benches. Though, there wasn't a lot of students hanging around, as some were leaving class for the day and heading to the great hall for dinner. Thinking, she might have some time to sketch a little before going to eat.

Suddenly she hugs her school robes closer to her, shudders from the wind breezing past her. The 11 year old buttons her robe up and stops for moment, she stares at the wide open sky as the colors continue to change. Soft orange merging with purple and blue, its so different away from home and wonders if she can see more stars here. She pulls out a small leather book from her bag, she carries this book everywhere. Along with the book she takes out an inking pen, leaning towards one of the stone openings to the courtyard, she scans the area until sees a student at the other side of the courtyard. 

Atalie starts to draw the profile of the student, taking every detail from this person. Intensely, she tries to get the posture but anatomy is hard for her; atalie manages to get a soft lining of the way that person was sitting. When drawing, she loses her alertness .... not realizing the person is staring right at her. 


"Draw me?"  Closed 

Olympia is watching the sky, surveying the beautiful colors. The oranges changing to dark greys and finally black, with specks of silver. Or rather, the stars. It hasn't quite gotten to that dark gray stage yet, so she takes the time to really enjoy the blood red and orange shades painting the sky.

Olympia fixes her jacket around her shoulders. Right now, she should be inside doing homework. Instead, she'd decided to come outside and watch the sunset. She was still wearing her sleep clothes, whch wasn't very smart of her. The weather was cold, not to mention the lake adding the extra breeze.

Wondering if there was anyone else out here with her, Olympia looked around her. She could see another girl, donning the robes of Ravenclaw. It appeared as if she was drawing something... It took a second for Olympia to realize this girl was drawing her! She smiled at the girl, unsure if she would be able to see through the dim lighting. Or maybe she just wasn't paying attention. Either way, she seemed to be friendly. Olympia loved to draw, so maybe they could talk a little bit. She made sure not to move, though, so that this girl could successfully finish her drawing. But she kept staring, watching as the pencil danced across the paper.

"Draw me?"  Closed 

Hearing the sharp and loud clicking of shoe shuttle past Lilly-ann hiding spot, she decides it might be the best time to move in case someone thinks shes is spying or overhearing their conversation. 
Getting up from the patch of a lightly cold patch of floor that is hidden from view by fountain benches. 
Getting up, she grabs mindlessly around for her special object and not finding it. She has a miny heart attack. There she sees it just beyond the fountain where two girls in school robes about Lilly age are standing but  Lilly is too far away to make out what house therein. Lilly slowly realises that she must have dropped getting away from those horrid girls in the courtyard that were teasing her about her drawings. 
As Lilly draws closer where her drawing book lays mare feet away from one of the girls. The girl closets to it spot the old looking book on the floor. 
Lilly just stands a few feet away wishing the girl not to open her book but that doesn't happen.
Gathering her courage she approaches the girl but by then the girls already looking through it.
Lilly steps directly facing the girl who's now staring a picture, looking at it. lilly realises its a picture of the other girl who is just finished drawing something.
Lilly-Anne begins to feel a red blush rise to her cheeks but she gathers up the courge to.... say something.  
Lilly startles the girl by saying, I believe that book you are holding is mine?

Lilly-anne Dean