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Exploring  Closed 

Kiara walked down the corridors humming along to her favourite muggle song. She couldn't help the smile on her face as she wandered through the castle. Hogwarts was such an amazing place to her, she couldn't help but be happy. The food here was amazing and the other first years so far were friendly and willing to help out a half-blood who wasn't used to being around magic. Kiara had just finished writing a letter to her mom telling her about how the train ride was and that she was sorted into her new house: Hufflepuff.

Kiara stopped at a hallway that had two different halls going down the side. She didn't know which way to take seeing as she was already lost. So she did what any other lost person would do and try to make a logical guess. She let out a deep sigh and she went to the right. Down that hall, she saw so many pictures of many important witches and wizards she couldn't help but stare in awe. She giggled and ran down the hall. "I'm a witch! I'm a witch!" She couldn't help but yell out as she skipped in the halls. She didn't care if anyone heard her. She was excited.


Exploring  Closed 

Deciding to take the opportunity before her lessons started Cassie had begun exploring the many confusing corridors of her new school.
She’d never before seen such a maze of staircases and corridors and portraits and doors. It messed with Cassies head and she thought there was no better remedy than to wander round exploring with just her thoughts to keep her company.

She passed by a couple of wooden doors. They all had various names on but in a language Cassie found herself unable to recognise. Part of being at a wizard school was to learn new things, she supposed. She couldn’t wait to find out all about the different magical cultures and different spells. There was a whole world of magical creatures and ancient tunes and history’s to learn and she was all to eager to get started. 
As she thought about what her first lesson might be like, Cassie admired a nearby work of art that was hung on the wall.

A gorgeous forest scene with birds flying through and a stag hidden away in the shrubbery that was watching Cassie back with nervous but curious eyes.

The peacefulness of the castle was something Cassie was certain she could get used to.
Just as the thought crossed her mind she heard noise from up ahead.

I’m a witch! I’m a witch!”

Cassie couldn’t help the befuddled look of amusement creep into her face as she was met by a girl, a first year by the looks of it, Hufflepuff. She was skipping down the corridor with joy, her feet slapping the floor and her long hair flowing behind her.

Me too! Me too!” Cassie laughed, watching as the girl moved within her direction. 

Cassandra M. Tipperton

Exploring  Closed 

  Howie was hopelessly lost. The past few days had been a rush of nerves and excitement. He had been through the Sorting Ceremony, moved into his dorm, and met his fellow Hufflepuffs in the common room. Things had now settled down a bit, and he decided to head out and explore this vast castle that he now called home. 
  Howie was trying to get used to the freedom that Hogwarts offered. During his muggle schooling, he had a strict set of rules. At his previous school, he had to sign in everyday, was ushered from class to class by a teacher, needed permission to use the bathrooms, the halls guarded at all times. He would never have been allowed to freely roam and explore like he could now.
  He had went down to the Great Hall for breakfast, And considering that he hadn’t started classes yet, he decided to spend the day exploring. He had loads of fun playing in the stairwells, amazed at how they moved and swiveled at their own free will, but now found himself lost in a set of corridors. It would have stressed him out, but there was so much to see. Getting lost in a day dream, he walked the corridor, watching and laughing at all the enchanted paintings. Soon after, he heard the voices of a couple witches. One calling out, “I’m a witch, Im a witch!” The other replying, “Me too! Me too!” He decided to join in on the fun. Rounding the corner he ran towards the girls, “And I’m a wizard!” He shouted as he pulled out his wand and pretended to cast spells at the walls.

Stamina: 10 Agility: 7 Stength: 8 Control: 10