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Bumping into Each Other  PV Mia A.   Closed 

Iris was exploring the castle, getting used to her surroundings. She wanted to learn where all of her classes were before they actually started. Iris was a girl who liked to be prepared. She wanted to make good grades in her classes so she could make her parents proud. She couldn't do that if she was late to her classes on the first day. Truthfully, she wanted to make good grades not just for her parents, but for her professors, too. Even when she was at a Muggle school, she tried to make sure her teachers liked her. She had never been very good at making friends her age.

There were several people in the corridors; she supposed they also wanted to find their classes. She walked past one of the classrooms, trying to read the label. Muggle Studies.

I don't think I have Muggle Studies this year. She was a bit disappointed; she knew she could do well in that class. She had plenty of experience with Muggles and their world.

While her head was turned, she bumped into another student. Stumbling to the side, she turned around to face her. "I'm so sorry," Iris stuttered. "Are you okay?"

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Bumping into Each Other  PV Mia A.   Closed 

Mia flinched, jarred by the girl's shoulder. Her books spilled all over the corridor, and Mia sank to her knees, gathering them up in her arms.

"I'm so sorry, are you okay?"

The girl stuttered and Mia turned to face her, calm. She finished gathering her books and pulled herself to her full height, which, admittedly, wasn't that tall. She made a show of sizing up the other girl, taking in her dark hair and green eyes. The yellow on her robes shined brightly and Mia brushed her hair aside with her hand.

"Yes. Now. "

Mia didn't snear, but parted her lips in such a way that communicated her distaste for the situation. She took a deep breath. Calm down Mia. They mean no harm. She grimaced and then smiled wryly, trying to say, look, I'm sorry for acting cold.

"It was just as much my fault as it was yours."

Mia stuck out her one open hand to the girl.

"Mia Alexander. Slytherin. First year. I'm sorry that this was how we had to meet."

Mia knew the girl would know her last name if she was muggle-born, or wizard-born. the Alexander name was prominent in both realms. Still, Mia had to hear hers. If she was important, then perhaps she would make a new contact. If not-well-Mia was always open to making new friends.

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Bumping into Each Other  PV Mia A.   Closed 

"Yes. Now," the Slytherin girl said coldly. Iris ducked her head and flinched back a bit. Great, she thought. I just got here and I'm already making enemies. But after she flinched away, the girl seemed to reconsider her attitude. She smiled, then continued, "It was just as much my fault as it was yours." She extended her hand. "Mia Alexander." Iris zoned out for a minute. This girl was from the Alexander family.

Iris' parents had told her about the Alexander family before. Her parents had tried to prepare her for attending wizard school by giving her little lessons on wizard history and politics. She remembered that the family was very wealthy and influential. But what she remembered most was that the family had supported Voldemort, although many people seemed unbothered by this fact. Iris was not one of those people. She sincerely hoped that Mia was not like her family, and she reminded herself not to be too quick to judge. People choose their own path in life. She knew that she should get to know Mia before deciding how she felt about her. After all, if Mia had judged Iris on first impressions, this conversation would probably be going a lot worse.

"I'm sorry that this was how we had to meet," Mia concluded. Iris blinked a few times, focusing on her surroundings again. "Oh, um, yeah. Sorry, again. It was completely my fault." She shook her hand. "I'm Iris Evans. It's nice to meet you." I really hope I can be friends with her, Iris thought. I'm in desperate need of those.

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Bumping into Each Other  PV Mia A.   Closed 

"Oh, um, yeah. Sorry, again. It was completely my fault. I'm Iris Evans. It's nice to meet you."

Mia smiled. The girl seemed to be harmless, and she'd never heard of the last name Evans. Except for Harry Potter's mother, but the girl didn't look anything like what she was supposed to look like, so Mia ruled that connection out, rather prematurely.

"Iris Evans, a pleasure to meet you too."

Mia looked around the deserted corridor, taking in the stone hallway and the suits of armor. She realized that she was utterly lost. This was the second floor, or was it the third? She had a free period, and wanted to go to the commons, but how could she get there? She decided to ask the girl for help. Hopefully she would know where the commons were, even if she was a Hufflepuff.

"Umm.. do you know where the Slytherin commons are? Could you lead me there? I have a free period, and I'm not sure how to get anywhere around here..."

Mia sighed. She hated the feeling of being utterly lost, and asking for help? humiliating. She was supposed to have her life in order, but she was a mess sometimes.

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