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Twirling Down the Halls  PV Evianna W.   Closed 

Dorothy skipped down a corridor, ear plugs in ears.  On her small muggle device, an extended version of "Flight of the Bumblebee" played. Dorothy stopped her skipping and paused the music, glancing behind her.  She'd run down three flights of stairs, trying to get as far away from the girls lavatory as she could.  She'd had an unfortunate run-in with a very emotional Hufflepuff.  She shivered as the scene replayed in her head.  There was only one thing that would take her mind off the thought.  Dancing.

She quickly glanced down the hall.  She didn't see anyone coming, and the hall was long with a glossy floor.  It was perfect.  Dorothy grinned, un-plugged her earphones and pressed play on her device.  The song immediately played, loudly echoing in the corridor, and her feet sprang into action.  She executed a few quick, jerky steps.  Then the fun began.  Dorothy started pirouetting down the hall.  Quickly, she stepped and turned, keeping time with the music. Step-step, twirl! Step-step, twirl! Step-step, twirl! Step-step, twirl-twirl-twirl-twirl... Crash!

Dorothy smashed into another student and when spiraling out of control, comically in time with her music. The music cut off as she landed on her bum with a loud, "Oof!" She bounced up (Dorothy was a bouncy girl) and rubbed her bum while looking to see if the other girl was alright.  The girl was only a bit taller than her, but definitely less scrawny. She had red hair and tons of glorious, fabulous freckles! Dorothy stared in awe and jealousy at the freckles.  She suddenly blushed and shook her head. "Sorry! My name's Dorothy.  Are you alright?  I'm so, so sorry! I got a bit carried away.  I-I love your freckles.  They're adorable.  You're Adorable.  I'm Dorothy."  She blushed at how silly she sounded,  still dizzy from her fall.  She offered the girl her hand and smiled sweetly.
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Twirling Down the Halls  PV Evianna W.   Closed 

Evianna clutched her knapsack to her chest and walked down the corridor toward the staircase. She didn't have much time between classes. However, she wanted to get in a trip to the library over her lunch break. There was some interesting research she had to do for Potions, which was slowly becoming one of her favorite classes (along with Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts).

Caught up in her own thoughts, Evianna failed to notice the loud version of "Flight of the Bumblebee" and a blonde Hufflepuff twirling toward her. Gasping at the impact, she flailed her arms wildly in an attempt to keep her balance before falling backwards onto the ground. She looked up at the other girl, who appeared to be examining Evianna's facial features with an expression of rapture on her face. As soon as she saw Evianna looking back at her, a faint blush spread over her cheeks and she began to speak rapidly. "Sorry! My name's Dorothy. Are you alright? I'm so, so sorry! I got a bit carried away. I-I love your freckles. They're adorable. You're Adorable. I'm Dorothy," she said, extending a hand toward Evianna.

Evianna took her hand and allowed Dorothy to pull her up. "Thanks, I guess. My name's Evianna." She paused for a moment before returning her gaze to Dorothy. "Do you dance often?"