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Wanderous Wand  Finished 

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Wand in hand and eyes deadset on the Demiguise, Archer racked his brain on a method that could possibly acquire them that wand. Remembering his Defense Against the Dark Arts homework, he recalled that the Ministry of Magic classified the creature on the danger scale of XXXX. However, this was due to the fact that it is impossible to catch. So what are two 11-year-olds supposed to do?! The Hufflepuff thought in desperation. 

Before an answer could come, however, Sophie had stepped up and took Archer's wand for her own, "Hey!" The boy protested though he did not move to take his wand back. A good thing that he did not, as it turned out that, surprisingly, the Gryffindor was able to cast the Disarming Charm. And even more shockingly, the charm hit the supposedly omniscient Demiguise.

Archer's brown eyes followed the arc of the wand as it flew out of the creature's hand, fell on the floor in front of them, only to be picked up by a very eager. "Niicee..?" The question was clear on the Hufflepuff's voice. How did it get hit so easy?  

However, instead of an answer presenting itself, a...thing? appeared beside the Demiguise. At first, Archer saw a black smoke, almost unperceivable. In a span of a few seconds, in the face of the boy's growing horror, it turned into a burning body. The Gryffindor shouted beside him, and by instinct, he jumped forward and took his wand back from Sophie, as she had her own back. "Wha-What?! A Boggart? What's that?!" Desperately, he tried to remember if such a thing has ever been mentioned in the Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. Drawing blanks, he returned to one of the only spells he has learned, "Flipendo!" 

Blessedly, the red spark hits the apparition and knocks it back a little bit. However, it did not even come close to stopping the thing. Instead, the creature turned away from Sophie and towards Archer instead. The boy was preparing for another spell when the thing started transforming again. It grew in size and changed into a light grey color. A long snout formed and soon filled with giant, bloody, fangs. And finally, red, murderous eyes, the ones that often would haunt Archer's nightmares. 

The creature somehow leaped at him, now a giant, mangled, Great White Shark. Archer leaped back in terror as his soul threatened to leave his body, barely saving his life as bloody fangs grazed the air in front of him. The shock caused him to fall down, whereas he shuffled back a few feet, his eyes watery in fear. "Sh-SHARK!!! What's going on?!"

Wanderous Wand  Finished 

Sophie only heard Archer's loud cries next to her. Her face and expression was frozen in horror. She knew the incantation to repel a Boggart, but she didn't know the wand movements. It was one of those situations where you realized you should've listened to something you ignored.

Sophie raised her wand, it felt warm, and tender for her. Of course it did, it was her wand. She tossed Archer's wand back to him. If he caught it she didn't know. 

Something, a plan, a thought, came into Sophie's head. But, how was she to see it, when she was stuck, horror-struck. Closing her eyes, Sophie's plan replayed in her head.
All she had to do, was try and remember the spell movements. It wasn't easy, but she did. And it wasn't even those movements or incantation, it had to be something.. fun? How was she supposed to make someone dying fun? Sighing a bit Sophie called out, her eyes still firmly shut.

"A boggart is a non-being that takes shape of whatever a specific person is scared of! With multiple people, the boggart will have trouble trying to take shape! It's not necessarily the incantation or the wand movements that repel a boggart, its Laughter! When you try and cast the spell, you have to think of something funny, and that will make you laugh! That's what really repels a Boggart!"

Sophie raised her wand, the warmth, and power in it, was ready to be shown. Still keeping her eyes firmly shut, Sophie called out, "Riddikulus!" And thought of something that made something funny. But it only became worst. As when Sophie opened her eyes, the body, that was burning and decaying, had turned to something terrible. Her best friends' body was there. 

Sophie stared at it, tears slowly falling down her red cheeks. The body screamed, as the other Boggart rounded on Archer. Sophie slowly backed away. 

"The b-best chance we have, is to run away."

Goodbye lovelies!

Wanderous Wand  Finished 

Mind if I join?

Aurelia was walking along the corridors. It was quite late and all she wanted to do was to go to her dormitory located at the Gryffindor tower and throw herself on the bed. Her eyelids were so heavy that they threatened to shut and stay closed forever any second soon. Just then, while going down a flight of stairs, she heard soemthing crashing loudly. She jumped a little. Her head turned curiously to the direction. All she saw was an empty corridor. Aurelia wondered who might make such loud of a noise. She contemplated wteher to check it out, somebody might have fell and got injured. She heaved a huge sigh. She was good-hearted and knew what to do. She’d regret if she didn’t.

Then she heard yell from a distance. It frightened her and her hands leaped to her chest, pressing against where her heart was. She catiously tip-toed to check it out. She peered around the wall and a scream escaped from her lips when she saw a creature with slithering snakes tangled around its head. Medusa. There were two students, a girl and a boy, frantically trying to fend for themselves. One had tears rolling down her face. Aurelia’s palms flew to her face, covering her eyes with her fingers. She read in fairytales that Medusa was a creature that could turn beings into stone with just one glance into thier eyes.

Aurelia leaned against the wall and lowered herself to the ground.
Oh no, oh no, this can’t be happening... please, this can’t be happening.” She said, rocking herself back and forth as if the movement would comfort her.

Guys, cover your eyes,” She warned them. She wasn’t sure if the other two were turned into stone already. She had an arm that shield her eyes protectively, ensuring that there wasn’t any chance that she’d be turned to stone. The other hand reached in her pocket and pulled out the 28cm wand of hers. Now she had somthing useful to defend herself with. She didn’t know a lot of spells, she was no match for the powerful serpent headed woman. Suddenly, the wand was snatched forcefully from her grip. She screamed desperately, tears swelled in her eyes. Had Medusa taken it away from her?

I don’t want to die, I don’t want to die.” She mumbled profusely. Her body was curled up against the wall with her face buried between her two knees, she wished she would blend into the grey walls and dissapear now that she felt vulnerable without her wand. It was her only weapon and she let it be taken away from her so easily.

The expelliarmus spell you cast had accidentally summoned her wand to you too!

PS. Aurelia is not acting very Gryffindor-like now

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Wanderous Wand  Finished 

Sophie huffed annoyingly. 
"Riddikulus!" She squealed pointing her wand at the boggart. It changed to something very odd that Sophie couldn't identify. She began to laugh. Even if it was faked, and, perhaps it was, but it made the Boggart disappear. She sighed happily. At least the boggarts were gone. Who knew what else was in the corridor? Hopefully it wasn't anything terrible.

Sophie noticed something else gliding toward her. It was another wand. 28cm, Cherry Wood, and Phoenix feather, Sophie had identified. Her wand lore had been getting better every day. She had been owling poor Ollivander for a while now.

Sophie glanced up and saw a girl shaking. She had seen the girl once in the Owlery. What was her name again? Aurelia! She softly and quickly walked over to her fellow Gryffindor. Her name had been very fancy indeed. Sophie liked her name very much.

"Aurelia, calm down, the Boggart is gone. Oh, and here." Sophie handed the wand back to Aurelia gingerly. She had liked the feel of the wand, though it was cold, not warm like Sophie's wand normally was.

She glanced at her now two companions, Archer and Aurelia. Sophie then decided to explain a bit more in depth, seeing as this corridor could really appear, well, anywhere in fact. Or at least, that was the vibe it had been giving off.

"You see, we, Me and Archer, went looking for my wand that had went missing, of course, we ended up finding this corridor, given some help by a ghost. Of course, we found my wand in the end," She indicated her Chestnut wood and Unicorn hair wand. "But now were lost in a hidden corridor at night, and we have no way out, Oh! And we forgot the possibility of monsters! Just my luck, huh?

Sophie laughed at herself, she was always one to look up in a sad situation, she really was, just too cheerful.

Goodbye lovelies!

Wanderous Wand  Finished 

Aurelia was expecting the worst and was ready to be turned to stone any time soon but instead she felt a gentle tap on her shoulder.
Aurelia, calm down, the Boggart is gone. Oh, and here.
she had heard her name. She catiously removed her hands from her face slowly. Instead of a snake headed woman she expected to see, she saw a girl with emerald green eyes and blond hair. She placed a wand carefully on her palm. Aurelia was familiar with the wand, it was hers. She swiftly wiped of the few drops of tears.

How did you-” she said stoping speechless. Her mind was screaming with questions. Where was Medusa? Where what was happening? Why wasn’t she dead? Was she Hallucinating?

The girl who helped her looked familiar. Aurelia probably had seen her in the Gryffindor common room.

What about medusa, where did she go? What’s happening.” She asked frantically, trying to place the prices of puzzles together. She stood up slowly.

The girl then clarified by saying,
You see, we, Me and Archer, went looking for my wand that had went missing, of course, we ended up finding this corridor, given some help by a ghost. Of course, we found my wand in the end,
Now she understood. Medusa wasn’t there. It was a boggart. It must have escaped form the DADA room. She probably should warn a teacher before someone else is frighten to death.
But now were lost in a hidden corridor at night, and we have no way out, Oh! And we forgot the possibility of monsters! Just my luck, huh?
Oh uh, I can help you with that. I know the corridors very well. At least I know how to get to the Gryffindor common room, but I’m not sure about him,” She said pointing to the boy who’s name the blond haired girl said was Archer.

Which house is he from, I’m not sure how to get to any other house’s common room besides Gryffindor.” Aurelia explained.

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Wanderous Wand  Finished 

Sophie shrugged. "He's in Hufflepuff." She said, rounding a corner with her two companions. Her wand was held aloft, and a bright light was emitting from it, shining through the dark and damp corridor.

"Speaking of which, how did you get her Aurelia? Archer and I found it by accident, or at least, the ghost told us to come and look for it to get my wand back, but, from what I can tell, its either hidden from society, or its just a really unlucky corridor nobody uses."

Sophie shrugged, even if it was either one, Sophie still didn't know where they would end up. If it was all a joke, and they would never get anywhere, Sophie had no idea what they were to do. The corridor seemed endless, and if it had no end, and no way to get out, without facing the Boggarts or Demiguise, the three first years were in a lot of trouble. Physically, as the things in the corridor might hurt them, and Mentally, if they were found.

They would most likely get expelled, from being out of bed at night, and from being in a corridor that had things that might've killed them.

Sophie huffed, she was tired. "Might as well find a way out."

Goodbye lovelies!