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Assumptions  PV Serena, Siege, Reid   Finished 

PV to Serena, Siege and Reid

It had been 2 days since Delilah found out what Siege had done to Serena, at least what she thought he had done, she thought he kicked her, which wasn't true but whatever. She had been searching the castle high and low to find him the previous day, in between classes, after classes, during lunch and tea. Every chance she got she was searching, but she couldn't find him anywhere. Delilah was exhausted, she hasn't got much sleep because she was still so angry that she couldn't find him, he wasn't difficult to spot either, he was pretty tall and his long hair is quite distinguishable. That day she had big bags under her eyes and her skin was pale because she was so used to having a full night's sleep. She didn't feel overly tired though, she just felt determined, determined to find him and give him a piece of his own medicine, in the form of a foot.

Delilah was just walking down the corridor, looking frantically for the gryffindor who she had found out had become prefect since their first encounter, that didn't stop her though, he deserved every piece of what he was going to get. Or so she thought. The other students must have thought she looked crazy, one of the professors had already stopped her to ask if she was feeling alright. Delilah was a bit of a mess, but she had been angry for more than 24 hours now, and that was not a good look on the short Ravenclaw. She had only ever met Serena once, but he must have really hurt her for her to have been crying like that, it's not every day a prefect breaks down in a bathroom filled with blood splatters.

As Delilah was walking down the corridor she saw something out of the corner of her eye that looked familiar, like a certain gryffindor that she had spent the entire morning looking for. She spun her head around to look straight at him, it was him alright, and what a coincidence, there weren't many people around. The young girl stomped up to Siege with a look of pure rage on her face, he hadn't seemed to have noticed her yet and he was walking away. He had a nasty looking bump on his head but he didn't seem overly bothered by it. And who knows what kind of marks and scrapes were under his robes. The Ravenclaw quickly caught up to him and grabbed his lower arm, attempting to stop him, stop he did, but whether it was because of Delilahs "strength" or not was questionable.

"Hey! Eejit!" She shouted, looking up at him and letting go of his arm. "Why did you do that to Serena, huh?" The short girl sounded quite funny, her loud Scottish accent yelling at him, but she didn't usually talk like that, she was normally nice and kind, Delilah was not in the mood to be nice to him though. Her face was a mild shade of pink from how angry she was getting just looking at his stupid face, but the bags under her eyes were still very prominent, they kind of looked like somebody had punched her and given her 2 black eyes, but no.

Assumptions  PV Serena, Siege, Reid   Finished 

Siege was just doing nothing, what a prefect huh? But yeah absolutely nothing at that moment, he just seem to like to wander a lot most of the time. A small hand would grasp his arm, him abruptly stopping seeing as not many would even be wanna mess with the tall boy. But it wasn't someone random, no, it was someone he had met some Sundays ago, was it?...Delilah? Smarty? I and him think it's smarty, so why not?
"Hmn? Oh it's a smarty, what's up Del?" Siege would say before turning around, only to face the angry and pink face of the girl. "Well those look bad? Who punched you? Twice even, tell me their names and they'll get their asses kicked." Siege would confidently say, a bit in a joking manner before Delilah could've spoken.

"Hey! Eejit!" Delilah would aggressively say, although letting go of his arm. "Why did you do that to Serena, huh?" By this Siege was pretty confused, seeing as it wasn't him who did anything in his mind, but the girl in question herself.

-What did I do exactly? I remember telling her off, but that was because she said we were nothing...SHE was the one who threw me away like a broken bat, not me...Right?-

"What about her? As far as I know it wasn't me who did anything, but her." Said Siege indifferently, he wasn't the type to keep grudges or long time resentment, and if he did it'd be for something way worse than just thrown away. He didn't have the time, nor the energy to think about everyone that's wronged him, the list was too damn long. "I'll see you around Del, I guess." Siege would say before turning around and started walking almost hitting the corner as he walked.

He wasn't mad or anything of sorts, nor was he sad, he just didn't feel anything but boredom, and the pain in his heart suppressed bu his mentalities. Why? Why was he hurting like this? It wasn't him to care so much after one person, much less care about what someone thinks. Hell, he wasn't even sure as to why he's not the one mad, but people like Delilah, and presumably, Serena were. It was him, not them, that should be mad. He was the one thrown away, not Serena or Delilah, but him, he felt at some point really dumb that he thought he could trust someone, even someone as nice and cute as Serena, but no. She broke that, she said that they weren't even friends or anything for that matter.

Siege's mind wandered as he walked, not looking back at Delilah, not caring even if she was up to something. All he felt was a combination of laziness, pain, and boredom as he hit the corner, exposing the other corridor...-What the?...- 

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Assumptions  PV Serena, Siege, Reid   Finished 

"What about her? As far as I know it wasn't me who did anything, but her." Delilah looked at him confusedly, "What on earth are you on about?" She was getting quite annoyed, "So are you saying me finding Serena crying her eyes out was just a figment of my imagination!" She yelled as he started to walk away, she caught up with him and grabbed his arm again just as he hit the corner, completely ignoring her surroundings because frankly, she didn't care. She let go of his arm briefly as she turned and swing her leg around to kick him. "This is for kicking Serena you jerk!" 

Delilah had closed her eyes so when she felt her leg stop sooner than planned she was scared to open them, it had really hurt. She slowly opened one eye to peek at who she had kicked instead of the gryffindor. Upon seeing Reid her eyes opened wide, her face flushing scarlet. "Oh my god, Reid I'm so sorry, so so sorry, that was meant for him, not you, I didn't even know you were there." Delilah stepped forward, she had twisted her ankle kicking him, so when she stood on that foot she winced before moving backwards to put her weight back on her left foot. "Are you okay? I hope I didn't hurt you." She asked worriedly, looking down at his knee where she would have hit him, but he seemed okay, although she wasn't sure. 

Delilah put a hand in her hair, pushing her fringe backwards, "This could not have gone worse." She mumbled to herself, gripping her hair in stress, her face still bright red, she needed sleep, desperately, but she had classes later. But instead of explaining everything to Reid, she just stood there awkwardly trying to not put weight on her right foot.

Assumptions  PV Serena, Siege, Reid   Finished 

Loud, someone was being loud. Well one person was being loud and they seemed pretty upset from the sharp tone in her voice. He could let this go, let it be just another verbal argument between two parties and call it a day. But he reminded himself that he shouldn't really slack on such issues and thus took a strange the detour. It was hard to put a voice to a face at times, he was very much someone who was quite the visual.

The run down was he would tell them to stop, hopefully they would, tell them that class might be in session, and or other people were studying. But as he barely dodged a black-haired Gryffindor from around the corner, he took a foot to the knee. It had hooked him a little in the back of the leg and prompted him to buckle just slightly.

Yet it was enough for him to cave and the real damage was done when he had smashed his knee against the cobble. A half-cry yelp slipped past his lips, only startling him in the slightest. He wasn't heavy in size but his weight did make it worse on the way down along with his terrible balance at the time. Reid had taken a literal knee in front of Delilah, one that sent a tongue biting shock of pain from the bone and skin against the unforgiving cobble.

His jaw slammed shut in a steel tight grip as his hands came down to steady him. "O-oh ..." he seethed through gritted teeth. The boy quickly slipped into a sitting position, gripping his knee from what felt like hot iron to his skin. He looked up, scowling slightly as he recognize the face of Delilah as the main culprit. Only culprit it seems.

"Why ... Why are you kicking people Delilah?" He still wore a frown, although it was fading as he felt the pain dull ever so slightly. Reid looked behind him and reached over to use the wall as a grip to pull himself up. It was good that he had decent upper body strength, his legs were at a loss though. Then it came to question as he leaned himself against the wall with his good leg, his expression clearly looking for answers. "... Who were you trying to kick?"

sic parvis magna.
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Assumptions  PV Serena, Siege, Reid   Finished 

A quiet day was just what Serena needed. It had been a few days since her closest friend had ditched her, for the lack of a better word. The whole thing annoyed her as much as it upset her. She couldn’t actually tell if she was sad or angry anymore. Was she upset he treated her this way or angry at him for it? Perhaps both... perhaps neither. It could have been she was angry at herself for letting it get to her or upset because she felt so guilty for letting him go when he was hurt in the first place.

The soft sigh that escaped her lips was quickly drowned by the sounds of a very angry and loud voice.  Without a moment's hesitation, Serena ran down the staircase and turned the corner, heading down the corridor towards the sound. These corridors were the ones she patrolled often, as part of her prefect duties. She knew them well. Her eyes instantly widened and her feet came to a halt as she saw the face of the one boy she did not want to see. His height made him easier to spot than the very short girl beside him. She swallowed a little. In all honesty, dealing with him right now was not what she needed or wanted. 

Serena’s eyebrows furrowed as she saw the two students arguing. Well the girl was angry, at least and he seemed like his usual chill self. What she was angry about eluded Serena, it could have been anything. Her eyes suddenly widened as a feeling of dread overcame her. Siege... didn’t... try to... no no, he wouldn’t... well, he would. He did. Perhaps he tried to do that to her too.

Clenching her fists angrily, she marched over to the two - fully about to yell at Siege for doing something wrong. She recognised the girl from the other day. Delilah, if she remembered correctly through her tears. The little Ravenclaw was so nice, she highly doubted that she would attack someone without some sort of cause. Siege, however, would definitely get into trouble and deserve the hit.

Serena's eyes widened and her fist loosened as she heard her name ring through the corridor. Delilah was mad... because of her? The confusion that quickly followed was made worse when she heard the girl claim Siege had kicked her. What? He hadn't kicked her. He had kis- yeah, okay, let's stick to kick, shall we? It sounds better. Before she could correct Delilah and drag the girl away, she had swung her leg up and around to kick him.

"Wh-" She started, about to call out and stop them from fighting. However, her gaze fell onto another figure, dressed in robes with hints of yellow. Her eyes widened as she saw his face, recognising the Head Boy instantly. He had fallen to his knee in front of the Ravenclaw. That expression that crossed his face made her heart hurt. It instantly conveyed the pain he was feeling and it hurt her. Although she heard Delilah's apologies, they were sort of lost on her. Her mind wasn't processing information properly. 

Frozen to the spot, Serena stared at the trio. Her emotions were a mess. She had no idea what she was feeling. The look on his face though, watching him fall and hit the stone floor hurt her more than seeing Siege's face. "Reid!" She called out, rushing forward to crouch down in front of him, "Reid... are you okay?" She said softly, the guilt and worry surfacing in her face as her eyes began to water. Her hand instantly went onto his, placing it on his knee to try and help grip it with the other hand on his shoulder to help stabilise him, "Can you roll up your trouser so we can check if it's bleeding?" She asked, as though she was about to administrate first aid on him. 

Serena looked up at Delilah, as she said it could not have gone worse. Her expression showed her remorse. Serena bit her lip. This was her fault. She had made Delilah act this way... The Ravenclaw's intention had never been to kick the Hufflepuff Boy. She was not mad at Delilah at all, instead she felt so bad for dragging the girl into it. The Ravenclaw was aiming for Siege, for apparently kicking Serena... Now, unless he had kicked another girl with the same name in the past two days, she had misunderstood why Serena was upset. Either way, Delilah was hurting him because he had hurt her Luckily, Serena managed to catch enough of the conversation to hear her name and deduce that... At least Siege had not tried to kiss her too! 

"I- I'm so sorry," She continued, her voice breaking a little as she looked back at Reid, "This is my fault. I think... Delilah's mad... because of me. I'm so sorry, Reid," Her arms were shaking a little, as she tried to fight back the tears that were taking over her body. The guilt made everything worse. It intensified her worry for Reid and his knee, the pain she felt at seeing Delilah's expression afterwards, the irritation she felt knowing Siege was still there. It ate away at her. But she deserved it. This was her fault. 

She wasn't strong enough to be able to handle some guy being mean to her, she had broken down and cried to a random stranger without having the strength to explain things properly or convince her that she would be fine. In all honesty, Serena had never anticipated that the Ravenclaw would get annoyed at Siege for her...  Looking up at Delilah again, the dread in her body grew. The girl looked like she was in pain too. In fact... she looked pretty terrible. Like she had been beaten up... Had Siege hit her? There were bags under her eyes... A look of pain crossed her face. These two people were hurt... because of her. This was entirely her fault, wasn't it?

Looking at Siege, she shot him a bitter look. It was a mix of all of the sadness, guilt and anger she was feeling. Why did he have to kiss her? If he hadn't, none of this would have happened. She hated him right now. No, that wasn't true. She hated how he made her feel. Like she was completely and utterly useless. Like she deserved the feeling of constant pain, guilt and sadness that she had been feeling recently. It took every ounce of energy in her body to not burst into tears again, just by looking at him. She hated it. She wished she was stronger. She wished he didn't affect her this much...

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Assumptions  PV Serena, Siege, Reid   Finished 

Delilah was completely frozen in panic, Reid was on the floor, her kick had made his knee hit the wall. Her hands were shaking at her sides as Serena came in and helped him up, Delilah did nothing, her eyes flicked from Serena to Reid to Siege and then back to Reid, he had looked okay until his knee had buckled. Delilah limped towards him, he was only a step away from she still walked forwards, clenching her teeth when her weight shifted to her sore foot but her ankle didn't matter at that moment. Her face was completely covered in worry and she thought she might cry. "I...I'm so sorry, I didn't mean to.. Siege hurt Serena, I'm so stupid, oh my god are you okay?" She rambled, hating Reid's expression, that looked painful. She put her hand out to touch Reid's shoulder but brought it back, she had caused enough trouble, if she tried to help she would probably hurt him more.

Delilah was frozen completely still, looking at her shoes, mumbling strains of apologies, it was too late now. Her nose slightly stung at the end as a couple tears escaped her eyes, she wiped them away quickly before looking up at him again, another tear falling out as she just watched his face. She hadn't meant for any of this to happen, she reacted before her brain could think of the consequences. He looked angry at her, rightfully so, she just hated his expression when it was angry, it didn't suit him, she would pay anything to see his crooked smile at this moment in time. She just wanted to curl up and cry and that was exactly the thing she was begging her eyes not to do, but every so often a tear would slip out and eventually she just gave up trying to wipe them away. Serena tried to put the blame onto herself but Delilah spoke up, "No, Serena, It's my fault, I'm just so dumb, I shouldn't have even thought of it. I'm so sorry Reid." Her voice had cracked in the middle of it, how many times had she apologized now? Either way it still didn't reverse what she had done and it probably never will do. There was no way she was getting away with this, not that she ever planned on getting away with it. "Argh why do I have to be so stupid?" She said to herself. 

She was shaking a little, especially her hands. "Should Serena take you to the hospital wing?" She asked, completely excluding herself from the idea, she was scared of hurting him again, she felt like she had been stabbed in the heart when she had seen that he was who she had kicked. It wasn't the first-time she had acted strangely around him and she didn't know what was wrong with her but she did know that she didn't want to hurt him again, she didnt want anybody to hurt him. Just those thoughts caused more tears to come out as she stood there, just watching him, scared because she didn't want him to be hurt but it was her fault.

Assumptions  PV Serena, Siege, Reid   Finished 

"What the?" Wh-Wha-Whe-In-Th-World? Who was it? What was it? Where in the F*****g world did they come from? Where in the world did he come from? Why was he running? So many questions to answer, but Siege asked none of them. All that came to his mind was: -Serena?-. Why was she here? It had been some time...Well enough time for him to nurse his wounds, but he wasn't exactly ready to talk to her anytime. He can't help but feel a combination of disappointment, sadness, and a warm feeling inside he hasn't been able to name yet. And more importantly what was she doing with-

"Reid!" Serena would say quickly moving and crouched next to the now-fallen boy. "Reid... are you okay?" The girl would as with a worried tone, further irritating Siege. -Who's he? Did he...just take that kick?- The delinquent turned delinquent-prefect would think, his disbelief overpowering the feeling of jealousy that lingered within him when he saw the concern that Serena had for the boy. -Why'd he take that? I mean I would've probably taken it, but he came running down. Did he see it? Why'd he try to save me? I'll remember that name...Reid, yeah I'll remember it.- Siege would think, trying to turn to leave, only to catch a look of just plain expression of what he was feeling, bitterness. 

He was pretty mixed at this point. Was he glad that someone came to take that kick? Was he awkward that he saw Serena again? Was he jealous of the boy that fell for catching all of Serena's attention? All of the above? Whatever it was it didn't feel good, he didn't feel good, he wanted to get the crap out of there. It also didn't help that Serena was looking at him like that. Why? Why that look. It was as if he was the one that tossed her away, not the other way around. It was as if HE was the one who said that they were nothing, not the other f****** way. He got mad, it wasn't fair. It wasn't fair that they all ganged up on him save for the guy named Reid, bless him.

"Serena...Don't...Please, don't look at me like that. Like I did something... You know...It was all you." Words and how said it, would unexpectedly come up. He was mad, he was angry, not a shred of mercy was to be given to this girl, but in the end. He did. "Stop...please." Siege saw the buildup of tears on Serena's face, he somehow knew that he wouldn't be able to handle it himself if he saw her cry. It wasn't in him to see the girl he feels for cry in front of him. He wanted to be angry, he wanted to be mad, not feel for the poor cute girl in front of him. 

-I can't take this. Why? Just Why? Why the f*** am I feeling like this? Destroy her, destroy her! No F****** mercy Siege No Mercy, don't you dare anything else.-

"You were my friend..." That was the only thing that came out of Siege's mouth. It seemed as if his heart and mind were at war. Right and Left of his brains were at war. He wasn't right, IT wasn't right how he was feeling like this. He wished he was himself before the school. If he was still in Glasgow, he would have flipped her off and went home happy and satisfied. But now...He couldn't bring himself to do that to this girl. He just couldn't. He didn't have it him...Nor did he have to think of anything to truly hate her on. In his mind, she truly was perfect.

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Assumptions  PV Serena, Siege, Reid   Finished 

There was a lot going on, a lot more than what he imagined. When Serena came running up to them, it confused him with how distraught she entirely seemed. Delilah's mortified expression had him feeling a little bad for even trying to reprimand her, sure it wasn't allowed, but he didn't expect her to seem so ridden with guilt. Yes it was a kick, but why was she so concerned about the two of them about it? It was all a mistake so his flash of annoyance faded as concern twisted his features. "Huh ..." 

Whilst he watched the scene unfold, he had rolled up his trousers to reveal his knee, but he was more interested in the others. His knee had taken a bright red glow as if a hot iron was struck to it, a little roughened with the friction of the trouser against his skin. There was no blood but it was more of internal pain if anything, he'd walk it off. A soft huff came from the boy, confused with how annoyed the boy he passed seemed.

From pure deduction, he would have guessed that the kick he took was meant for the Gryffindor boy and he was just in the wrong place at the wrong time. His brows came together as he listened to the exchange of words, this was escalating somewhere he didn't want it to enter. The boy slowly began to stretch his leg again, ignoring the pain that was slowly becoming more of an annoyance. "Hey ... hold on." The boy hobbled forward ever so slightly, waving his arms ever so slightly to get their attention. 

"Guys, let's just relax okay? Let's just relax." What else was he supposed to say again? He really sucked at diffusing situations, if only he knew better. Slightly wincing, he firmly planted his foot on the cobblestone to try and reassure that he was fine.

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Assumptions  PV Serena, Siege, Reid   Finished 

Serena's eyes watered as she heard the Ravenclaw's words. She looked up at her. Delilah looked so broken. And Serena knew it was entirely her fault. She started this. It was her fault that the Ravenclaw was so upset and she hated that. Her tears started to flow down her face as she listened to the Ravenclaw blame herself. They fell onto the floor below her, or perhaps even onto Reid's leg as she head was over it examining it. Shaking her head furiously, she looked at Delilah firmly, "Please stop... This isn't your fault. I'm sorry for getting you into this situation." She apologised sincerely. If she had not broken down the other day, then Delilah would not have attacked Siege.

The Hufflepuff should never have told her who it was who hurt her. But she didn't anticipate this. She didn't think a random stranger would be so mad that they would get involved in the situation. Despite her words, Delilah did not seem to stop doubting herself. She hated it. Serena could see the pain she was in and it hurt her to see that.

Looking back at Reid's now exposed knee, she wiped her face with the back of her hand so she could try to see clearly - and stop crying. There was no blood, which was a relief. However, it looked pretty red already. He even seemed to be hobbling... The internal pain he was feeling was evident.

Serena blamed herself for this. For the physical pain her friend Reid was in and the emotional pain that Delilah was experiencing. This was entirely her fault. No wait, it was partly Siege's fault too. He had been the one to kiss her, after all. She had not asked or encouraged him to do that. He chose to. Serena shot him another glare.

It was at this point that his words hit her ears. "Like I did something... You know... It was all you." Her expression turned into one of disbelief within an instant. He was blaming her for this too. He was pleading innocence in this matter... Like he didn't do something?

"Wh-what?...It was... all me...?" She mumbled under her breathe, questioning the statement.

The thoughts and emotions went into overdrive. The inner turmoil surfacing. Reid's words of calmness never reached her ears. She couldn't hear anything anymore. Siege's words played over and over in her mind. Serena's fist clenched slightly, her teeth locking shut together. This was her fault...? He acted like she initiated the kiss or had thrown away their friendship. 

She hated him. No, she hated the way he made her feel. She felt guilty and hurt. A part of her felt disgusted in herself too. That she let someone treat her with this way. But more than that, she felt terrible because she let Siege hurt her, two of her friends got hurt. Because of her and her weakness, two people were currently suffering. If she was alone, she might have just turned around and let right about now. She would have ran away before he saw her cry. Before she showed her vulnerability to him.

However, one look at Delilah's expression and she couldn't move. Siege was partly responsible for that expression too. He was partly to blame for the way that the girl was currently feeling. Yet he took zero responsibility for the matter.

Yes, the inner turmoil started to surface. As it hit an apex, Serena's body reacted before her brain could even say 'stop'. She straightened her posture, swiveled on her toes and unclenched her fist. Within an instant, she was in front of the Gryffindor boy, her hand suddenly opening up to connect with the side of his face if he didn't stop it or dodge in time.

Her body had never moved so fast. It was running on pure instinct. To slap those words right out of his mouth. "It was my fault that you kissed me?!" She questioned him angrily, tears streaming down her face, "You did nothing?! You didn't yell at me when I was trying to help you? You didn't randomly kiss me?" Serena stared at him with a look of pure venom. Oh, if only looks could kill... Her heart was experiencing so many emotions right now from disbelief and shock to sadness and hurt. However, the one that had surfaced on her face was the pure hatred and anger she felt in this situation.

In her anger, words came out of her mouth before she could stop them. There was no thought or hesitation behind them. Just pure anger as she recklessly asked the questions that had plagued her mind. The tears continued to flood her face. She couldn't stop them. When she got angry, she cried too. It did not help. Staring at him, her voice started to break a little, "I thought... we were friends. But friends don't do that to each other..." She repeated the same words she had told him on the night that this happened. Serena couldn't understand why he thought it was okay. Why he had claimed it was unavoidable, whatever that meant. She sniffed a little, her sadness started to come through, "Just... stay the hell away from me and my friends." Serena continued, hating that their friends had gotten hurt in this mess. She hated him, she hated the way he hurt her, she hated the way the people she cared about were getting hurt around him too. Why did he have this effect on her? 

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Assumptions  PV Serena, Siege, Reid   Finished 

A lot happened within a very short amount of time and Delilah didn't know what to do. She looked over at Siege, he looked...upset. Siege? Upset? Those two words didn't sound right in the same sentence, she might have been wrong, she couldn't see very well considering she was still crying. She wiped her eyes with the back of her sleeve and looked at him again, sure that her eyes were decieving her. She looked down at Reid's knee when he pulled his trouser leg up, it wasn't bleeding, it wasn't swollen. Delilah immediately felt something lift from her chest to find that it was better than she had originally thought, but that would still hurt quite a bit. 

Her heart ached really badly because he was hurt, she didn't know what was wrong with her, she just blamed it on him being one of her first friends in Hogwarts, or in general to be fair, she didn't have any friends back home. When he stepped forward she stepped backwards, she was a bit scared to get too close, in case she hurt him again. Then Serena exploded, Delilah jumped backwards as she rushed past the Ravenclaw, hissing at the pain of her twisted ankle, "W..wait...he..what?" She said, looking at the Hufflepuff. he kissed her? I thought he kicked her... Learning this little detail of a difference of 2 letters immediately made her feel even stupider, although he still deserved a kick for that, but at least she wasn't physically hurt, but emotional pain could still sting like mother f*****. 

While Serena and Siege we're having their face off, the teary-eyed Ravenclaw looked to Reid, "I..I'm so sorry." She said to him for the millionth time. "For kicking you..and roping you into this. Is your knee okay?" Another year fell out and she wanted it to reverse it steps, she didn't want to be crying, it made her nose and eyes sting a little and she hated it, as well as her heart, that hurt the most of all. Especially when she suddenly felt much worse, Am I getting ill? Why do I feel so claustraphobic? She thought, everything she looked at made her feel worse. Made her chest tighten, like she couldn't breathe.

Suddenly the corridor started tilting, and she knew it was a magic school but that wasn't meant to be happening. Delilah stepped backwards until her back hit the wall, she could just hear static noise, nothing else, not what anybody was saying and not what people were doing. She tried to talk but her throat seemed to burn as soon as she opened her mouth. She closed her eyes for a moment to try and clear the pounding pain in her head but before she could open them again she was on the floor, completely unconscious.

Assumptions  PV Serena, Siege, Reid   Finished 

Kiss? What kiss? There was a kiss? Of course I'd know, but Siege might as well be lost in some swamp with no idea as to what to do or where to go...So...How does he find a way out? Who was he kidding? A kiss? He'd never even remember doing such thing? Surely he'd have remembered kissing those soft lips of hers, should he be guilty of... whatever she was talking about.

He had so many things to say, yet he could not formulate them. Things like "What." "What?" "Whaaa?"and "WHAT IN THE F****** WORLD IS GOING ON?". Very different, yet convey the same message of confusion he was feeling then. A kiss? Really? Was this some dumb prank played on him? God must be playing a trick on him...Yes that must be it. A trick, a prank perhaps? He never pegged Serena for the type to like pranks, much less make trouble, especially not to him! Maybe it's Delilah's trick? Is she the mastermind?...Oh wait yes, she must be the mastermind of all of this! There was no kiss! Hell he didn't even remember doing anything of the sort...

Although no matter he tried to wrap his head around the sweet voice that told him his poisoned dagger to the walls he's built up...The walls that came tumbling down as soon as he hears her, sees her...It wasn't helping how he utterly looked clueless and guilty at the same damn time. His fingers touched his lips, as if trying to recall the feeling of Serena's lips, although his face slowly turned into a shade of red, a crimson shade none have probably seen before. His eyes darted from place to place, anywhere that's not Serena, although the next time that he would hear her speak would snap him back to reality, although a bit too much, considering his heart was on a one way trip down to splash-town.

"Just... stay the hell away from me and my friends." He didn't know how to react with this one. Mad? Sad? Guilty? All emotions he never really paid attention to. He wasn't an emotional person, he rarely showed emotion, preferring to keep a mask on him at all times, a mask that helped him live to go to Hogwarts today.

"Yeah...My bad...Guess I'll go then." Siege would say, although this time, it wasn't a boring or indifferent tone. It was broken, as if his hopes of ever saving a friend was crushed by an insurmountable weight. He already lost her once...Me and him thought it impossible, but he was about to lose something valuable to him once more. "F***" A Slight whisper would come out of his breath as he moved towards Reid and Delilah...The least he could do was bring them up...After all...He was prefect now.

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His shoulders drooped as he glanced between the two, he felt defeated as he really didn't know what happened. It was hard to not admit, he was biased towards Serena's side and thus it was her words he leaned towards. Yet the guy looked pretty distraught himself and it made Reid question as to why. He was merely observing and he was afraid of how high the tension was escalating. At some point, he opened his mouth to say something before briefly being shut down with the way they began talking to one another. 

Even with the way Serena had spoken stung him, not that he was hurt by it. But if he was on the other end of the iron, surely he would feel the searing pain. The Head Boy's brows came together, concerned at the two of them as he watched it all play out like some mystery. A kiss, a misunderstanding, and now this confrontation to tie it all together. Reid wasn't a detective, but he was instilled with enough common sense to put two and two together. It wasn't the whole picture, but the fragments slowly came together and he really found himself out of his league. 

His attention was yanked from the scene that unfolded to Delilah as she apologized. Oh man, even she looked like she was about to keel over. "Delilah, don't worry about it. I'm not dead or anythi - oh    whoa, okay!" Reid dashed forward and despite being late, still posted himself by the fallen Ravenclaw. It hurt to make such a quick motion, to dash and kneel on his bad leg had pain shoot up to his pelvic. It was probably still raw. 

Yet he merely winced, seething slightly through his teeth as he gave Delilah a once over. Did he have to carry her? Perhaps she'd wake up soon. He heard the boy speak and looked over his shoulder. In the meantime, he was taking his cardigan off to fold it into a makeshift pillow. He was glancing between Serena and the Gryffindor, his brows still scrunched before looking back towards the girl. 

It was the worst time to pass out, but he couldn't blame her - maybe she was just tired. He didn't know. Either way, Reid tucked the cardigan under her head and made a quick check to make sure she wasn't bleeding or anything. He would take Delilah if it wasn't for the fact that he was still concerned about the other two behind him. What business did he have? He certainly didn't feel right by butting in whilst the other boy was there, but maybe he could ask Serena later. 

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Serena's full attention was on the Gryffindor boy standing in front of her. She could not even hear the words being spoken behind her at this point. The tears streamed down her face, despite her best efforts not to cry. But her mind was clouded by the anger she felt and her heart was broken by the sadness. Empathy was hard to muster up when your mind was overpowered by the hatred. It was hard to consider how other people felt in this moment in time. Her brain was so clouded that she couldn't see the pain on his face or hear the brokenness of his voice. All she knew was that she was in a lot of pain.

Right now, she took everything he did literally. He touched his lip as though he recalled the kiss. His face had a guilty expression it, perhaps mixed in with clueless. Guilty for kissing her and clueless as to why she was mad, perhaps? Serena was assuming, after all, today was just full of assumptions. Incorrect assumptions. She clenched her hands into tight fists. Siege was thinking about the kiss, and did not seem to care about her feelings. There was no apology. There was nothing.

In truth, she was not sure what she expected or wanted from him. She just wanted the pain in her chest from losing her friend and feeling so betrayed to stop. Serena was a Hufflepuff, after all. She valued loyalty above all else. Where was his? Where was his loyalty to their friendship? He seemed to have just cast it all aside like it did not matter.

She looked away, as she heard him say he will go now. Perhaps this was for the best. He could walk away for the second time and that would be the end of everything. Hopefully, they would not be back here tomorrow having the same argument again. Serena was not sure her fragile heart could handle the pain of confronting a friend again and again. It was bad enough doing it once, heart-wrenching enough to have to do it twice... a third may actually just destroy her soul at this point. Of course, it would not in reality but she felt like it would. Losing a friend was terrible. Especially when it was one that you trusted the most. 

Right now, of the three people in the corridor, she still cared about him the most. She barely knew Delilah, she had only met the girl once before for a brief period. Both times, she had just been crying her eyes out so far... Not the best first impression. Reid was a friend but they did not know each other that well. Siege, however, she had considered one of her closest - if not the closest - friends. Telling him to leave hurt her more than he could know. But Serena was simply repeating his own desires to him. He had been the one to tell her to stay away, after all.

She turned around to see Reid rushing forward and catching a falling Delilah. Her eyes widened as she quickly hastened forward. Reid had already placed something under her head to help keep her head up. Serena rushed closer, bending down near Delilah to check her breathing, "Sh- Delilah? Can you hear me?Serena started, wondering how they were going to managed that. She could feel the girl was still breathing, which was definitely a good sign. But her concern was trying to get the girl there. Reid was already injured, she didn't want to ask him to carry her and she was not entirely sure she could carry her by herself.

Serena freaked out internally, trying to figure out what to do as she was checking Delilah's breathing and attempting to wake her up by gently shaking her. She did not want to hurt her. So she was being gentle but she wasn't entirely sure how much it would help. "We need to get her to the hospital-" Serena was about to attempt to lift her but Siege was already beside her. The Hufflepuff pulled away quickly as she felt his body near hers - since they were all surrounding the Ravenclaw on the floor. She really did not want to touch him, even by accident anymore. The Gryffindor was already in the middle of picking her up before she could even say anything.

"Eh- oh-" She started. She hated this. If she was stronger, perhaps she could help the fellow girl. However, she knew there was no way she could carry her without help and Reid was already injured himself. Delilah was smaller than her but still probably far too heavy for her. Serena's arms were definitely not strong enough to carry someone. She had no choice in the matter. As much as she did not want to rely on the Gryffindor or spend any time with him, she had to, "T-thanks-" she said to Siege, looking away from him. She could not bear to see his face any longer. In fact, being around him was hard enough right now. Serena stared down at the floor, feeling like the useless trash she was. This girl had gotten into this mess to try and hurt Siege for hurting her and yet, Serena could not help her now that she needed it. 

Standing up, she looked over at Reid, "You too, let's go." She instructed, offering the boy her shoulder so that he could walk more easily. He took the help that she had offered. Luckily, she was only a few inches shorter than the Hufflepuff fellow so she was a good height for him to rest on. Right now, she just wanted to get the two of them into the hospital and have them checked. The sooner they got to the wing and she knew they were well, the sooner she could stop spending time with the Gryffindor former friend of hers... That was all she wanted right now. 

Serena tried to wipe the back of her hand on her face to stop the tears. But there was no point. She continued to cry, her tears falling down her face as she stared at the floor. She wanted to look at anything but Siege, who was in front of her at this point. With that, she attempted to help get them out of here and off to the hospital wing. Her tears flooding the floor below her, her vision hazy as she walked down the corridors in complete and utter silence, just wishing for it to be over.


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His mind seriously wasn't paying attention to anything right now...His only task at hand was to get Smarty over to the Hospital Wing. Now that was unexpected, her fainting? Just shows the chances of this girl surviving in the real world...Though he can't talk much, he was bound for either prison or criminal life if he didn't get this opportunity...Hopefully his past won't catch up to him anytime soon. His green eyes would gaze ahead of him, completely ignoring the Hufflepuff next to him, who had just said something. Either he just was that out of it or he really wanted to save Smarty...I have a feeling it was more the former. 

"Let's Get you up." Siege's voice would say, quite with no emotion, as if he just turned them off. He didn't sound hurt anymore, or even looked upset. He promised himself to never cry for someone, especially after what she just said...He wanted to feel the anger that he was, oh so used to. He wanted to go back to the times when he'd just randomly get into fights for irrelevant reasons...Now...Well, he's changed, even just stepping in the Cauldron and meeting her changed him... he definitely wasn't the same trouble-making kid anymore, and he didn't know how to feel about that.

Should he be sad? Happy? He didn't know, he didn't wanna feel the pain of feeling for someone...But he also relished in it, a change for once, like opening the window to let the air in. It was refreshing, a refreshing change. He looked down at the girl he was carrying, Ms. Smarty-pants who would have kicked him, if not for that other Hufflepuff kid. It was quite radical for him to be doing this, Siege? Carrying someone to help them? Getting aid for them? Not just leaving them to their own demise? What was he doing? What was going on? He didn't know, nor did he give too much thought about it, he just knew that he'd rather be in the lake or something rather than here.

As he kept looking downwards a speck would drop on Delilah's face, a clear speck...A tear? Tears? More and more specks started falling at a pretty slow rate, but falling nonetheless. He couldn't control them, his heart was burning as if it was in the middle of hell itself. It hurt and he didn't know how to deal with it, nor did he know how to control what his eyes were doing...He'd never cried for someone like this before, in fact he's never cried for anyone...His main thing was anger, he was angry at everything they said, they said he was angry at everyone...But that wasn't true...He was angry because he grew up not knowing what this felt like...How to feel for someone, how to love someone, and how to actually lose someone.

Everyone's lost a friend before and they'll just keep on making new ones...But not Siege. He was hard to approach in the first place and his reputation and attitude does not make it better. His carefree attitude as well as his ability to just absolutely obliterate someone with words were not exactly things that make his attempts at friendship easier, making him to give up at trying to make friendship whatsoever...He was no good at it, not cut out for it and definitely not nurtured and made for it...He thought he could change in this school, he thought he could make Ed proud, he thought he had changed...But apparently not and friendship with anyone...was quite the unreachable dream that he would have...He didn't wanna try anymore...After all... You make more enemies than friends anyways...

SIEGE leaves with Delilah

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