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Anatole's words comforted Rosie, again, he reminded her of her mom, who would rock and whisper to her until she was no longer scared of nightmares that used to plague her mind as a child. She leaned onto Anatole and looked towards Eris, managing a soft smile through her tears, which continued to fall down her face. "It's okay, I guess we can't be happy all the time, right?" She shrugged, wiping her eyes. "People are ju-just... Meanies." Rosie sniffled, resting her head against Anatole. Rosie took in another shaky breath and stared at the ground, trying to calm down. "I'm sorry." She said, for probably the millionth time.

Rosie felt bad. She was sitting helpless in the middle of the corridors crying like a little baby, like a little princess waiting for help. Rosie wasn't one of those people. She never was. So why now? It seemed as if Rosie didn't understand the fact nobody could be perfectly fine all the time, even if she was saying it out loud to herself. She couldn't believe it. Thoughts swarmed her mind and she shut her eyes, covering her face. "No no no.." Rosie mumbled, shaking. She was no longer crying, and merely in disbelief.

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He kept his hand firmly on her head, hoping she would smile. If he kept it here long enough, maybe he could read her thoughts. That's what could have happened in his stories, so why couldn't it happen here? After all, this was a school of Wizardry.

Now that he thought about it, maybe it was slightly far fetched.

He laughed through his teeth, his eyes squinted at her. Anatole was smiling so wide it made his eyes curl up. "I understand. Not everyone may be perfect or ideal all the time, yes, yes..." The smile appeared back on her face. Good. It was working. Mind control? "As I said, people are jerks..." He grew tired of saying the same thing over, so he looked at her, whispering, "Mind telling me what happened sometime?"

Gah, that was stupid. He knew she would say no. Girls were sensitive and, ugh, what was the word...

Weak. Yes, they were weak.


Thankfully, she stopped crying. The girl across, who he had still never been introduced to, stopped with the weird looks. Now, she was just emotionless. It was as if she had never been fragile, never been weak like Rosie had just revealed to them. She was complete, controlled. Fascinating.

Rosie muttered denial under her breath, almost like it was laced into her. Denial, regret, emotion. Anatole's eyes were forced to drift back to her, comforting once more. It was growing tiring. "Please, no, it's fine." Please, no, it's fine.

You're fine.

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Rosie gripped her head, taking a few deep breaths. In, out. In, out. She squeezed her eyes shut. Dissapeardisappeardisappeardisappear-. Her head was pounding, the amount of crying she had let out had strained her mind. This is why her mom always told her to cry when she needed to. Anatole's words seemed to be muffled until Rosie snapped back to reality and opened her eyes, looking up at Anatole with big wide eyes. She took a few more breaths and relaxed, laying against him, "I'm sorry, Anatole. I don't know what's happening to me." She mumbled, staring at the wall across from the trio. "I just... I used to believe, if I closed my eyes, I would just disappear from what was happening." Rosie lowered her hands and rested them in her lap.

Finally, Rosie was silent and blank, like the crying had drained her. And it did. Her facial expression was relaxed and unreadable, and Rosie felt like she was going to pass out. Luckily, Anatole was there to hold her. She turned to the girl and made a mental note to thank her for sitting with her, offering her a tired, and grateful smile. Rosie took Anatole's hand from off her hand and held it between her own small hands. Cold. She observed that his hand was a bit chilly, but no matter.

It still comforted her to know that they were there with her, so Rosie kept holding Anatole's hand.

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This reply is hecka feelsy in my opinion, no idea what sort of crazy crap was going through my brain when writing this.

She was adorable, and she couldn’t change that. Just the way her hair hung made Anatole smile, and the way she clutched his hand, nervous and shaky, all delicate like girls are. All fragile, all broken. All weak.

She was tense when she was like this, and she couldn’t change that. Her head was red and throbbing, her tears almost disappeared by now. The deep breaths stabilized her, but not enough to prevent her from breaking. All weak.

She lied against him, her body warm against his. "I'm sorry, Anatole. I don't know what's happening to me.” Her words were breathless, and Anatole held her close.

”No, no,’s normal, trust me.” He clutched her hand back, his limb surrounded by her radiating heat. All he could hope is that it was normal for girls, even though none of this ever came to Anatole. He hadn’t cried since he was three.

"I just... I used to believe, if I closed my eyes, I would just disappear from what was happening."

That was it, she did seem to disappear. Well, the sadness at least. Her face grew blank and bland, silent with an unreadable expression. Anatole couldn’t bring himself to comment upon her musing.

Instead, he slipped his hand out of her grasp, hugging her, tight. Both arms around, hoping for her recovery. He pretended Eris wasn’t there, that it was just the two of them in their embrace. Of course it wasn’t love. It was just Anatole doing what the prince in him would do. He would care, he would help.

He would make sure she was no longer weak.

How I'd die to catch the freedom of falling...
The Lord of Advanced Summoning, Anatole Evans

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Rosie felt so comforted, she no longer felt alone in her own thoughts. She took a breath and slapped her own cheeks lightly, trying to snap out of her dazed expression. It wasn't often she got like that, completely spaced out like she had been for just a minute. She had snapped out of it when Anatole decided to hold her closer. Huh. He smelled like vanilla, that was nice. Instead of hugging all of him, Rosie wrapped her arms around his arm that was closest and buried her face into his robe. It was reassuring to have him there.

Rosie felt a little bad, though. The girl was still there, she was offering little comfort however she was still THERE, and she was barely acknowledging her. So Rosie poked her with her foot to remind her that she hadn't forgotten about her. Rosie still found it so heroic that she sat down with a random weeping child, Rosie expected to be alone, to be honest. But she was happy she didn't end up doing that. Rosie just wanted to get out of her funk so she didn't have to bother them anymore, mostly Anatole since he was doing the most work.

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He let himself cuddle up against her, still not caring about Eris or what she thought. She was warm, radiating heat and the joy like she used to. She was recovering, thank whatever god their was. She had built up whatever strength she had.

And yet something nagged at the back of his mind. What really happened?

It was the first time he'd really seen her break up like this. Yes, apparently those princesses in the documentaries weren't true. They had emotions that never showed. But...what could've happened that made her like this? She may have been right that it was a bully, but what sort? Anatole wanted to do what he could for least, what his mind was up for. Certainly, if she had been traumatized this much, she would remember who it was.

But that was a topic for another day. He couldn't bring it back upon her, or else the cycle would repeat. At least, that's one of the few things he had kept in mind from Sebas's class. History repeats itself.

He slid his arm out of her grasp as she whacked her cheeks. Anatole laughed at her, but in a nice way. He was too afraid to offend her once again. "Come on, you silly goose." Boy, he sounded like Patricia. He offered her a hand, wishing to assist the girl in getting up. Quite literally, he would help her get back on her feet.

After that, he would ask the question.

What really did happen...?

How I'd die to catch the freedom of falling...
The Lord of Advanced Summoning, Anatole Evans

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Rosie nodded slowly and wiped her eyes again, looking up to Anatole with her normal, bright smile. She had recovered, a little bit, but the situation still made her sad to think about. The thought of them pitying her like this made her even more upset, but she realized that: Anatole was her friend. Why wouldn't he want to help her, right? But to be fair, it was Rosie's business.

So as a promise to herself, she swore never to show Anatole she was sad on purpose again.

She grabbed his hand, it was a little shaky but Rosie pulled herself up, almost running into Anatole in the process. "Sorry-" She muttered, patting his chest as she backed up. Rosie's nose wrinkled a bit at the nickname. Silly goose? The name made her laugh, she moved some hair behind her ears and glanced at the girl, then Anatole again, silently asking him where they would go next. Rosie knew eventually she had to tell him what happened, but the last thing she wanted to do is rant about him.

Nobody made Rosie feel so small and insignificant like he did. To this day, Rosie still didn't know his name, she wasn't sure if she wanted to. But, she had heard his name around, since she figured she wasn't the only one who had unfortunately crossed paths with the boy.


Rosie mumbled his name under her breath, as if repeating it so she knew what it sounded like. She gritted her teeth a bit before turning her attention to Anatole. He was more important than her bitter thoughts, and she ended up smiling a bit when she fully focused on him.

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I'll try to end it this post with your approval, and then we can discuss what actually happened in another thread, assuming that Weak happened before Spinning.

He took her arm in his as they paraded down the Corridors. Anatole was willing to go above and beyond for his best friend/dance partner/squid-looker-atter buddy, especially after she was sad. Being sad was just...sad. There was no other way to put it. Being down in the dumps was the worst.

Not like Anatole knew what it felt like, though. He wasn't one to cry. He never was one to cry...well, except for a little when Patricia left. That night, he sobbed his eyes out, maybe even crying himself to sleep.

But he recovered easily, rebounding like a rubber ball. He was mentally stable and writing letters to her. That is, as long as he kept faith she would reply.

He stared off into the distance as their pace began to slow. Anatole was thinking for once, about what had happened, what would happen to her...

"Sorry," she had commented, a tinge of that sadness and regret in her voice.

"Hey, no, stop." Anatole gripped her by the shoulders, smiling at the girl. "Don't apologize. That's where I've screwed up. You're great are?" He was too honest, argh. "Trust me, I know from experience."

He kept his shoulder open in case she needed it. He kept his arms wide in case she needed a hug. He kept his feet active in case she ever needed a dance. He was there for her.

Anatole decided to hold off on his curiosity, placing it aside like an antique, to collect dust until it was brought up again. He needed her to be alright before he worried about himself. "Come on. You can tell me about what happened later."

He smiled, turning the corner with her. Maybe she smiled back. Maybe she had stabilized herself and hadn't fallen off that tripwire. Exactly what Anatole wanted. Rosie was no longer weak.

She was mighty.

Anatole leads Rosie out of the Corridors, thus ending the thread.

How I'd die to catch the freedom of falling...
The Lord of Advanced Summoning, Anatole Evans