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I Didn't Mean It!  PV Clary North   Closed 

"Okay, look. It's not like I wanted us to get kicked out! It just happened! I'm telling you, the librarian witch just does not like me!" Rosie complained, sitting against the wall in the corridors.

Yes, they indeed got kicked out. The librarian tracked down the two girls and lectured them on their running, mostly Rosie, because it wasn't her first time causing havoc in the library. The two had run down the corridors and eventually, Rosie got tired. (Shocker, I know!) They slid down against the walls of the hallway and Rosie sat defeated, and a little frustrated

"It's like that woman never has anything good in her life, there's just a permanent frown on her face! Lighten up, lady!" She sighed, rubbing her face. "At least we got our books, I guess."

Usually, Rosie never got annoyed with.. Anything. She was a perky little girl but right now she was upset. Of course, she knew the library wasn't a place to have fun but it's not like it was on purpose, mostly. Clary was lost! They're children! Marco polo was obviously the only way to track anyone down, the cranky ol' librarian just didn't understand the mindsets of 1st year witches!

Probably. Rosie was just stubborn.

I Didn't Mean It!  PV Clary North   Closed 

Clary wasn't in the best of moods herself at getting kicked out of the Library, but she wasn't about to be a downer when little Ms. Rays of Sunshine seemed upset for once herself. She offered a playful smile in Rosie's direction, sliding down next to her to face the quite eventful scenery of a wall built of grey stones. "Hey, in our defense, that librarian is the devil to everyone! I say we should celebrate lasting as long as we did, and did you see her face? It was priceless!" The blonde giggled, unable to suppress the slight emotion of glee she felt for getting away with such a rebellious act! Needless to say, she was mostly a sheltered child.

Clary's statement was quite true about the Librarian, though. That woman's life seemed to be dedicated to ratting out curious students that so much as ushered a whisper. She felt Rosie and her both deserved an award in the Library Hall of Fame for managing to run around yelling for so long before they were tracked down! When the woman had finally found them, her face contorted so much, she barely looked human; Clary preferred to describe that specific expression as that similar to a tomato.

Clary smiled at the positive conclusion to their adventurous tale. It was true, the girls had gotten their books, and now was a perfect time to open them up! With a slight wiggle of her eyebrows in Rosie's direction in an attempt to lighten the mood, she pulled the Dueling book out from her satchel bag and opened it up, resting it atop the two girl's legs. "Let us begin our dedicated research in the pursuit of knowledge."

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I Didn't Mean It!  PV Clary North   Closed 

Rosie turned her head over to Clary, a pout on her face. The pout slowly faded when she saw Clary's smile. She wasn't... Mad? And Rosie was? (Just a little bit.) She was almost shocked. Of course, Clary's smile was contagious, and Rosie broke back into her usual toothy grin, letting out a giggle. "True, she looked like a witch! Her yellow teeth flashed so brightly my eyes hurt and I had to run away," she waved her hand, giggling. "It was pretty funny though," she sighed happily, leaning back against the wall and grinning at her friend, who surprised her.

The lady was the literal RAT to the young girl. Rosie disliked very few people. And the librarian one of them. Wretched old ladies were ungrateful wrinkly messes who complain about every breath the- Rosie was fine. Old ladies were never very pleasent, except for her grandmother. She was a lovely lady.

Rosie laughed again at Clary's eyebrow wiggle. She was so nice to be around, Clary managed to bring her mood up so easily it was impressive. "Yep! Let's.. Hit the books, as they say." Rosie opened her book to Quidditch, where she saved her page. "I'm kinda scared for this."