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The Spark of an Adventure - Part 2  Closed 

James, Auri and Jenna made their way back to the castle and then went their separate ways that were earlier planned. James left the girls before reaching the Common Room. They knew what they needed to do. And James knew what he needed to do.
James was making his way through the many corridors of the castle, careful to not run too fast because of wandering prefects and other staff members, and he made his way to the library.
As he made his way through the castle, James couldn't help but feel a little more in danger. The corridors didn't seem too inviting, which was a little strange. Being among others who would most likely not approve and get them in trouble made him more uneasy than he had been originally when they were planning what they would do outside on the grounds. He was probably just being paranoid.
James eventually found himself at the library, and he stepped inside. He dropped his bag at one table and looked around for the librarian. If he remembered correctly, the librarian was an old man named "something Quarren".
James looked around for him, but couldn't find him. He figured he must be somewhere having his dinner or something. That made James wonder if he was really allowed to be in the library right at that moment.
Pushing those thoughts aside. James began searching through the shelves.
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