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SALEM: The sequel  Finished 

 That day hadn't quite gone as Matilda had planned. She was supposed to sort through Professor Yornikavich.. Professor Yonkovoch? Something like that. She was going through his homework earlier and marking it, and somehow she had gotten distracted, and now she was wandering the halls of Hogwarts. Not many students were aware of who Matilda was, but she was more than alright with that. As long as they weren't in her classes, she didn't need to bother with them. That is, until she gets curious about something. 

 Matilda had never been one to support misconduct, even though she had plenty of it in her past herself. She had almost blown a fuse when she had seen a student, a prefect, hit another student. The girl who got hit seemed to be calm about the situation, despite her appearance. Well, really, she was bloody and crying, it was not a good mix. She should wash her face off in the Girls' Lavatory or something, but before the Divination professor gathered herself together well enough to say something about it, the girl ran off. 

 "Miss Eclan," The brunette woman phrased, narrowing her eyes slightly at the redheaded girl in fron of her, "Just what, exactly is going on?" 

 To say she was angry was more of an overstatement. She was disappointed in the Gryffindor prefect to represent such conduct in such a public place. Had she not been thinking? The heaviness of Matilda's French accent thickened when she was angry, and she wouldn't be surprised if she came off as kind of.. intimidating? That wasn't her goal, being a typical Papillonlisse girl herself, but if the time called for it, so be it. This was unacceptable in every aspect, and she wouldn't have any of it.

- 𝑀𝒶𝓉𝒾𝓁𝒹𝒶 𝐵𝒶𝓇𝓇𝑜𝓌𝓈, 𝒟𝒾𝓋𝒾𝓃𝒶𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 𝒫𝓇𝑜𝒻𝑒𝓈𝓈𝑜𝓇.

SALEM: The sequel  Finished 

Adam glared at the scarfed girl dragging him down the hallway. He was a bit tired of being ordered around by girls over a foot shorter than him. Especially this hostile Gryffindor -- he could tell she didn't like him much, and lucky for her, the feeling was mutual. Glaring at her as she pulled him along, he wondered why she cared so much about what was going on. Was she friends with Eris or Kaegen? He hadn't thought so. He supposed he didn't know all of their friends, but given that he had never even heard of this girl before, he didn't think it was likely.

"I can walk by myself, thanks," he snapped as he pulled away from her grasp. He kept up a steady pace forward, but not too quickly to get away from his "helper" in case she thought he was preparing to run away. "I'm completely fine, you know. You're wasting your time. What we really need to be doing is helping Er--" He stumbled a step, head burning, feeling for all the world like he might vomit. The sensation cleared in a minute, but it left Adam reeling and probably didn't help his case at all. "Okay, so that was really bad timing. Maybe I do need to get to the hospital wing. But I don't need an escort." Stopping, he turned and looked down at the new girl. Why did she wear that scarf around her face? Was she cold? Was she hideously disfigured? That's not important right now, Adam, he reminded himself, and crossed his arms, getting back to the matter at hand.

"Look, I'm not sure if you're friends with Eris or Kaegen or what, but I know you don't like me. Wouldn't you rather go help out someone you know, someone you like, than bring some random, rude Ravenclaw guy to the hospital? I know I would. This must be incredibly boring for you, not to mention humiliating. I can do this by myself. You don't care what happens to me. It's the perfect combination. So just let me take care of things my own way, and you go help out both of our friends, yeah?" Stalking away, Adam hoped she wasn't following. He was right, and he knew it, and she should know it. There was a clear right answer here.

Reaching the doors to the hospital wing, Adam didn't look back to check if the Gryffindor girl was behind him. He slipped inside, looking around the comfortable recovery room, and laughed internally when the nurses caught sight of him. He must have looked near-death; hands covered with Kaegen's blood, welts forming on his face, a bruised hand, and a missing robe. "I'm going to need some help..."

The writing order is dead (for the most part)! Long live chaos.

Also, this is probably the last thing I'll post here. Look for me in the continuation thread "Aftermath".

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SALEM: The sequel  Finished 

Eris felt a vindictive rush of pleasure after hitting the wicked ravenclaw girl in the face. It wasn't as dangerous as casting a spell that would almost kill somebody, but it was payback all the same. Eris stopped running, unable to keep up with Kaegen. She kept following the trail of blood, only to stop in front of Professor Barrows. Oh god. She was royally screwed. The pleasure of hitting a bully in the face faded, as Eris stared up at the professor and listened to the Professor's barely concealed rage.

Eris looked the professor in the eyes, straining her neck to look up. "That girl, Eri Windstone, cast diffindo on my friend Kaegen and he's bleeding out," She gestured at the trail of bloody footsteps and splatters of blood going in the opposite direction. Eris's eyes welled up with tears, as she no longer looked as fierce as she had when socking Eri in the face. "He's going to die Professor, and it's her fault!" She pointed again, at where Eri had stood seconds ago, before bursting into fresh tears.

She was going to get expelled, and Kaegen was going to die. And Adam was going to die too. The red-hot anger from seconds before fell away, and the little-red head could do nothing as an onslaught of tears fell from the 11 year old girl's eyes. The worse part was that she didn't feel bad for hitting Eri in the face. She was just worried about her friends being hurt, or losing her position as a prefect of the school. She hadn't even thought about the repercussions of hitting Eri, but this seemed drastic. Why had a professor found them? It wasn't fair that Eri was going to get away with hurting Kaegen, and that Eris was going to get expelled! Panicked, the red-head looked away from the professor, not wanting to see the woman's disappointment.

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SALEM: The sequel  Finished 

This is a reply that I would have posted earlier, right before Matilda's if I didn't have terrible technical issues. Therefore assume it's like a long thing encompassing what Anatole was doing during most of this.

Thunderous footsteps. Racing down the halls and through corridors Anatole had never explored. Blood running down on the people like it was an eerie bodysuit, the crimson hugging their every feature. Screaming, shouting, ripping people away.

Anatole just stood there, his eyes wide with a mix of fear and excitement. The spectacle was like nothing he had ever seen before so far at Hogwarts, students and gore combining into a strange mashup that he clearly didn't like. At the head of it all was a figure Anatole couldn't pick out at first. He was too shocked to think, too shocked to say a word at the moment. However, he let his small mind focus, trying to pick out, seeing if it was one of those guys. The type of guy to purposely make drama.

As he was thinking, another figure whizzed by, this one wearing a blue cloak. Anatole recognized the faces, but could not conjure up the names. They were two people he had negative connotations connected with them in his mind. Two of “those guys”. As he thought harder, the names hit him:

Adam and Kae.

Without considering the consequences, Anatole ran after them, sweat gracing his brow like glaze on top of a donut. He followed the figures on foot for a while, his lips sealed, unable to say a word due to the fear. If he said something, he might have had the same feeling of when Claryssa hit him with a snowball, but with a fist, or worse. God, this was stupid.

Then, he realized the man in the front, Kae, had lost his cloak. It was frightening, his face twisted in agony, anxiety, and rage. Anatole choked back a scream. He had never imagined such a sight at a quiet, secluded school for wizards. It seemed too out of hand...too out of the ordinary.

Idiotically, his mouth finally let loose, screaming one word he might just regret.


Either the boy didn't hear him or didn't care. Thankfully.

The two boys were ripped apart by a noble Gryffindor girl he tipped his imaginary hat at. She did the right thing, and he saluted her.

The crack of a whip sounded behind him, and Anatole flinched, falling to the ground, almost trembling. Maybe it was a professor, here to discipline all the disorderly students. Quite possibly, it could have been an actual whip sound, a belt trying to lash out at him for something he had never done, but as Anatole looked back, he saw a rage-fueled slap between two girls, one's face red and close to being as miserable as Kae's was. That was what he was afraid of.

As Anatole scrambled to his feet, he heard an accent he had never heard before, and a face he had never witnessed. Certainly, she was older than all of the students, a Professor perhaps. A brunette, angry woman. Here to bring justice and dignity upon this situation, or so he hoped.

With a gulp, Anatole looked ahead. He had lost Kae, and Adam, and everyone but the three females here.

Flabbergasted, Anatole ran away.

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SALEM: The sequel  Finished 

Farther down the corridors, at a fork, the blood simply stopped. No more clear trail to follow, no more signs leading to the terrified, injured ravenclaw boy.
There was blood spray in both directions, probably some kind of ruse Kaegen pulled to throw off his followers. There was no need, however. Most of them were off doing something else, Kaegen gone from their minds. He had stopped at the fork, taking the time to do a passable job at bandaging the wound as he ran. The wrapping fulfilled their purpose. They soaked up the blood, instead of letting it fall to the floor. Scraping as much of the blood as possible out of his boots, he flung it in both directions, to mislead the terrifying forms that he thought were right behind him. Putting the boots back on, he wiped them off, and flared the edges out to catch whatever blood managed to drip down. Then he vanished off into the vast labyrinth that was Hogwarts. He would find somewhere, and hide. Survive. He came to this accuses place to learn how to survive. If his life was in danger here, too, he would leave. He could leave. He would find a way to sneak out to the forest, he would live there until he either recovered or died.
If he recovered, he would find a ship, go to america, that land grandfather talked about. There was another magical school there, he could try again. But this time without friends, this time without his stupid plans. What was he even thinking? Why had he tried to defend his table? It wouldn't matter. None of this would matter.
Kaegen's thoughts gradually grew less coherent. His muscle memory more than anything keeping his breathing soft, his motions quiet. He hadn't left a trail behind him. Good.
His mind started to shut off, instinct and determination scraping what little strength he had left to try and make it to a hiding place. It probably didn't take very long, but it felt like hours. Eventually, he found a place, curled up in a ball, and fell asleep. His mind full of fear and worries for what the future held in store.

Kaegen has left the corridors. He is now somewhere. If anyone joins and tries to track him down, just owl me where you think he ran off and hid. If you're right I'll make a continuation thread. If not, then we'll see? :sweatingbullets:


SALEM: The sequel  Finished 

Just to be able to back out, Im just going to say Krez follows Adam into the Hospital to grab a nurse or two. You cant have 'em come on the scene whenever. Krez probably gets forced to stay in the hospital wing just to be safe. :frog: Sorry!

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SALEM: The sequel  Finished 

So it seems all the ends are tied up for this lovely thread, so I'm just going to assume it's finished. If you want to join any of the spin off threads, there's quite a few.

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