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"You cut yourself?" she demanded, her eyes widening in alarm. She stared at Kaegan dumbfoundedly as he recited the news of how he'd chosen to return back to the forest, doing anything and everything to retrieve a curious creature once he'd set his eyes on it. Clary groaned, not sure what to do with this strange kid, but she knew leading him to bleed out was probably not the best course of action she could select. On top of that, there was now a creature of some unknown identity running around the halls, apparently attracted to human blood, that Kaegan waited for to come and attack him. Great. Just wonderful.

She shook her head in near disbelief as Kaegan continued to ramble on about the rain. She had to admit, she did agree that it was the perfect weather for contemplation, but whereas most people saw a sadness in the rain, Clary saw a little bit of happiness. So many people decided to shut themselves inside when drops of water fell down from the sky above, but she always viewed it as the perfect opportunity to dance around outside, not caring what others thought. The world was emptier in the rain, but at the same time, it felt more real, and the water reminded her to stay awake and look around her.

Sighing, Clary grabbed Kaegan's arm, practically prepared to drag him across the hallway. "Okay, now it's your turn to go to the infirmary. I'm not having you stand here in a puddle of your own blood and pretend nothing is wrong!"

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Evening...  Closed 

He chuckled at Marissa. Her hand motions were surprisingly accurate, and a little laughable. "Believe Marissa thinks so too. What isn't there to like about snow?" This time, he hoped his laugh didn't come off as incredibly rude like the last one.

Anatole's eyes were wider than a canyon at the mysterious Ravenclaw. First by the fact that he was bloody, and second that Kae cut himself. Well, also a third. For a creature?

Now, Anatole's thought were confirmed. This guy was very...very...peculiar. Maybe not the good kind, however.

"Sometimes, I wish that Claryssa was wrong. However, in this case, she's correct. You need some attention, and by attention, I mean medical." Not thinking, Anatole accosted Kae and grabbed his other arm, about to help out Claryssa for once. He looked at Marissa, hoping she wasn't anxious at the thought of her so-called stalker being taken away.

Then, for a second, Anatole questioned himself. Wait...if Kae cut himself, then..."Quick question, Kae. Considering you cut yourself for this...'creature' of yours, does that mean it feast on blood?" He gulped, his face almost as red as before. Anatole's arms remained wrapped around Kae's arm that Claryssa wasn't touching.

He just hoped that his answer wasn't "Yes, yes it does feed on human blood."

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Evening...  Closed 

"I'm honestly fine, I know what I'm doing here."
Kaegen's soft voice gave away no hint of pain, or of anything else for that matter. Any emotion was more or less buried beneath the surprising weight of his soft faraway tone.
"Sort of, it just likes playing in blood. Playing in blood and beating people to death. It's pretty cute."
Kaegen looks off down the corridors, hoping to catch a glimpse of the escaped creature. Why on earth wasn't he coming to the blood? Was there anywhere else with more? Or maybe he just realized it was a trap, or was just plain lazy, not wanting to come out move much. Or, the worst option, he had found someone to beat to death. Kaegen did not want to have to explain that to the headmaster. Or any of the professors for that matter. It would be pretty awkward explaining how it got into the school. Come to think of it, what was he going to do if the little guy actually showed up?
He didn't have any of his nets or anything. Besides that one small one. Yeah, he could probably knock it out with his slingshot then use the net. He might even be forced to release it back into the forbidden forest.


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Clary's blood turned ice-cold, realizing what Kaegan had gotten himself into. "Okay, firstly, you went back into the Forbidden Forest after practically knocking me out running from whatever the heck that creature was, and you lured it into the castle yourself? Secondly, it tries to kill people? That's not good! Someone needs to tell a Professor before something bad happens, Kaegan; do you not see the flaw in your plan? Thirdly, you cut yourself! You do realize that's not good, right? No matter if you're in pain or not or meant to do it, you're losing blood and you need to go to the Hospital Wing."

Clary finished her rant, out of breath and a bit in a panicky mood. She glanced over with wide, curious eyes in Anatole's direction, surprised he was actually choosing to assist her for once. She even allowed herself a faint smile at the mentioning of how he wished Clary was wrong; perhaps there was still a bit more than was right in this world, such as the frenemies, emphasis on enemies, relationship she and Anatole had developed during their lovely time knowing each other.

Taking a deep breath, Claryssa attempted to continue: "Okay, Kaegan... How much of a threat is this creature?"

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