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Interacting with @Duna Nixis & @Remy Alto

In response to Piérre’s question, Brielle smirked and winked. Piérre grinned again. Hopefully that meant that she was on board with the ties. He would have to talk to her later about that subject. Slytherin tie down, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff to go. Piérre knew who he could probably count on for the Hufflepuff, so it was probably only going to be Ravenclaw that would be difficult to obtain.

The boy that had been to the side of the room tentatively drew close to Piérre and the small, gathered posse.
"I've always found someone not biting me upon first meeting very nice,"
The boy smiled broadly and Piérre grinned back. He liked this boy already. He got the humor.

”Fair observation. Nice to meet you. My name is Piérre. Piérre Marchonné. I really like your glasses. Looks nice on you. I can’t wear them, they make my eyes look way too big, even though they’re kinda big on their own already...” Piérre extended a hand to shake. Whether or not the boy decided to take it, Piérre plopped down on the pillows, ready for the film to begin. Something like Hocus Pocus. Piérre hadn’t seen the move before, but he was sure that he was going to enjoy it nonetheless.

By now, Gem had wandered off without answering Piérre, and Piérre could tell that he had not gone for the original ruse. He would have to catch the Ravenclaw boy after the movie or something, for the lights had been turned down and everyone was beginning to quiet.

Maggie had mentioned someone by the name of Carson, and it sounded like he was a Hufflepuff. Maybe he could go talk to him as well...

Piérre’s gaze had landed upon the door. Hiding behind it was a gentle face with twinkling eyes and a small pixie cut. In her hair was a pink barrette.


”DUNA! HEY_ HEY DUNA!” Piérre shouted at the Hufflepuff. He hadn’t seen her much since the incident on the Hogwarts Express, and he wanted to know how she was doing and if she was settling into Hogwarts well. ”DUNA! COME SIT OVER HERE! MOVIE’S ABOUT TO START!” Piérre waved at the shy Hufflepuff, comedically encouraging her to come into the room and enjoy the movie with him.
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[Interacting with @Piérre Marchonné ]

Duna looked around confused as the lights began to dim down and everyone began to sit on the floor. It was then that duna noticed the projector. Oh! Everyone's watching a movie! Duna realized. I wonder what it is.

Suddenly duna heard her name being shouted across the room. "DUNA! HEY_ HEY DUNA!"She flinched in shock and looked around the room for the source of the voice, along with a few other startled students. Her eyes quickly landed on Pièrre who was comically waving his hand in the air to get her attention.

Duna smiled at Pièrre and waved back. Of course it would be Pièrre. Duna should have recognized his voice.


Duna's shoulders bobbed up and down as she silently laughed. She began picking her way across the room to where Pièrre was sitting with a group of other kids.

Duna waved hello to all of them before finding an open spot on the floor next to Pièrre. Duna did the common sign for 'Thank You' before pulling out her notepad. Duna grabbed the pencil from behind her hear and flipped to an empty page.

'What are we watching?' She wrote quickly. Duna turned to show the notebook to Pierre.
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Interacting w/ @Gem Stuart
"Only once or twice?!" She whisper-shouted, in a tone that made it sound like she was sarcastically offended. "It's one of my favorite Halloween movies! Besides the Nightmare before Christmas, that one is a sure topper. I've seen this one about a million times.. She gushed, possibly over-exaggerating how good the film was. To be honest Brielle was a nerd for movies, as dumb as that sounded. She knew Slytherins aren't big on stuff like that, but it was apart of who she was.

She cocked her head at the point of sexism throughout muggle movies. Although it was true and made sense, she had never thought about it that way before. Sure, more villians or 'bad guys' were usually females, but that doesn't mean its.. well yeah he was right. You barely saw any movie with an evil character as a wizard. Apart from maybe Lucien Howel Adventures through Magic. Which was a movie about a boy who finds out he has magical powers in a family who doesn't believe such nonsense, with an evil wizard by the name of Slade.

'Yeah.. That's true. Though maybe its like that for a reason. I mean witches are cooler than wizards. She remarked, rolling her eyes sarcastically. It was meant to be a joke about girls are better than guys. Brielle then blew a strand of hair away from her face and fixed her emerald green eyes on the projection screen.
@Piérre Marchonné And yes, Brielle is down with the ties thing. (☞ ` ∀゚)👌
Idk if its like.. against site rules to foreshadow or make up a movie regarding wizards, so if it is I'll remove it if someone tells mi (-’๏_๏’-)

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Interacting with @Carson Miller and @Maggie Parker. Open to interactions!
Charlotte hummed as she put on her pyjamas, comletely unable to stop smiling as she imagined the kind of evening that was about to happen. The sun was already pretty low and the candles lit up the empty dormitory as she watched her reflection in the big mirror by her bed. She had hesitated longly about the outfit she were to wear, but as soon as she had opened her trunk, her cream pyjamas were begging to be worn. There she was, in her cream satin shorts, her half tucked-in shorts and her frilled socks. She had let her hair down but kept a scrunchie on her wrist in case she wanted her hair out of her face. The brownies she had prepared earlier were on a pretty golden and white tray, stacked up on top of each other as the delicious smell filled up the room around her.

She knew she wouldn't know many people, but Carson would surely be there already. One last glance at her reflexion, a dash of lip gloss and she was out the door, holding her tray in front of her as she watched her every step to make sure she woudn't trip. Grinning, she got out her wand, put the tray on a shelf beside her and casted one of her favourite spells.

'Wingardium Leviosa'

Now that it was floating only a few centemeters in front of her, she made her way towards the classroom, well aware she was going to be inevitably late. If she hadn't known where to go, simply following the loud chatter and laughter would guide her there. Charlotte already imagined the welcoming warmth, the numerous fairy lights, a multitude of pillows patiently waiting for someone to jump onto, the small friendly crowd and the delicious pile of snacks certainly awaiting for them. Holding her wand steadily, she arranged her hair around her face and entered the classroom, scanning it to figure out where her boyfriend was. Surely, surely Carson is already there... Just as she spotted Maggie, her beloved cousin amidst numerous unknown faces.

She hastidly walked towards her, not looking at any of the people surrounding her.

'Okay, so erm, I made brownies, its actually for both of us -Carson and I- we thought that would be a good idea. Maggie this is just fabulous, your litte parties are always better and better! Just a little anxious about having to introduce myself to all these new students...'
she said as she smiled warmly at her.

Standong on her tip-toes, she looked around and finally spotted Carson, who happened to be not to far away from them. Her smile widening, she ran towards him and grabbed his arm, putting her head on his shoulder.

'I brought the brownies we made earlier to Maggie. What do you think of my brand new pyjamas?'
she said as she spinned to show it off.

'Whoah, so many new faces... I'm getting slightly overwhelmed by the idea of talking to so many people....

'I'm a little cold, wait for me a minute? I'm just going to run to my dormitory to grab a cardigan...'
she said as she rubbed her hands against her bare arms, wondering why she hadn't thought about bringing one sooner.

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Interacting with @Lark Flaer

James was running late again. The tangled labyrinth of halls would forever be his greatest enemy. He’d chucked on a pair of jeans and his favourite Star Wars hoody and ventured out of the Ravenclaw Commonroom with nearly half an hour to spare, but it was to no avail, the movie was already about to begin when he got there. He had wanted to get there early, he’d learned from his mum that turning up early to a party was easier when you’re nervous about meeting new people. Sure, it wasn’t very cool, but it was less overwhelming to ingratiate yourself with a small crowd of early-comers than an entire party already underway.

But now he was late and the room was almost completely filled with people. James scanned around to see if there was anyone he knew, he spotted Gem and began to head toward him, until he spotted Lark alone at the side of the room.

He shuffled through the crowd of people and placed himself on the floor next to his friend.

“Hocus Pocus, isn’t that like a super offensive stereotype or something?” He laughed and nudged Lark playfully.

Then the thought suddenly dawned on him...

“Wait! This is it, isn’t it!? Your first movie! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m here to witness this moment... I feel like a proud Dad watching his kid take her first steps.”

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@Charlotte Cadunt
Carson’s face lit up when he glanced down to see Charlotte’s head on his shoulder. He still couldn’t believe how comfortable they’d become with eachother— it still felt like a dream.

Carson laughed as she twirled around in front of him, a bright smile on his face as he looked at his beautiful girlfriend. Well, they hadn’t really talked about it yet, but yeah— Charlotte and Carson were a couple. It was kind of automatic, after they found out they liked eachother.

“Here,” Carson offered, shrugging off his sweatshirt, “I hope you like the Bears, Char.”

He gazed at her in his sweatshirt, a goofy smile on his face as he stared. It was huge on her, the sleeves falling a few inches past her hands and the hem hitting her thighs. She looked adorable, and Carson felt his cheeks heat up a little bit as he coughed and forced himself to look away.

“I think it’s starting.” Carson commented, swinging an arm around Charlotte’s shoulder and pulling her into his side. “Wanna go find a spot? I’m gonna get some food, what do you want?”

He snuck a glance at the table piled up with snacks of every kind, his stomach growling a little as he did so. He’d missed Muggle snacks in the few days he’d been here— Pumpkin Pasties could never come close to the magical-ness of a pack of Gushers.

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@Brielle Gray

Gem felt himself snicker, nodding his head a bit at her remark.

"Yeh, they're joost jealous ov all the power you lasses have." He knew it was all because of the Salem Witch Trials in the muggle world, another sexist moment in history-- but he wasn't going to get into that, it was a playful little movie night, not a social justice debate room.

It was dark, but Gem raised his eyebrows a bit when he heard a familiar voice creep up towards the back, his head instinctually cocking around to see who it was-- James? James and Lark, well he'd be damned. He wanted to say hi, he really did, but he felt like... they'd maybe need some alone time? He hated to intrude, pushing aside the fact they were his very closest friends here. It made him feel a bit bad when he turned around, guilty and sad. He didn't know why he did it, but he did, and he regretted it. He really did.

"Man, this film's a bit wonky, don't you think? I like it, but," He huffed a breathy chuckle out his nose, shaking his head at his lap. "Wot do ya think tha' Piérre wanted those ties for? I know damn well he inn't usin' em' for an art project, he's got that twinkle in his eye... you know wot I mean?" He turned to look at Brielle again, his expression similar to that of an amused one, but not quite. "I would fink maybe a prank, but... it'd have to be pretty niche."

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Smile fading, Lark felt a little awkward as the boy who introduced himself as Dan, seemed blown away by her lack of movie watching. A pink flush rose on her cheeks as she cleared her throat and tried to laugh it off as he gave an apology. It wasn't really needed, of course it sounded crazy.. she was only just now realizing how out of touch her parents had made her with the outside world. What's more is another had overheard her comment and came skipping over. Lark stared in awe at the girl's purple hued eyes. They were stunning! Trying not to gawk she pulled herself back to reality and scratched the back of her neck.

"Oh, heh.. yeah. My parents were fairly strict about stuff like that." She gave a lopsided grin. The girl seemed rather friendly, actually everyone here appeared to be. "We don't have a.. er television or anything at home." She bowed her head a bit and laughed out a thank you to Sonatine, Ruthie and even Maggie, their words a welcome reassurance. Fascinated, Lark watched as the tips of Maggie's hair changed color. Lark was about to ask her a question when someone burst in, a boy throwing wizarding tricks in the air. Lark winced at the noise. She silently hoped there wouldn't be anything like fireworks going off in the small space... judging by the decorations they wouldn't be too fire friendly... Watching others come in, she caught sight of Gem making his way into the party.

"Yeah, Sonatine and Ruthie are right! This really is great of you Maggie." Lark chimed in.

More smiling and nodding... greeting. Lark's cheeks were starting to hurt with all the cheerful looks. In fact all the socializing was starting to make her head spin. She definitely wasn't used to this. Taking a deep breath, Lark listened to the others joking around her. Her attention drifted in and out from one conversation to another, especially towards the louder boy who had rushed in earlier. Golden eyes scanning the rest of the room she noticed a small spot in the back of the room with a comfy amount of larger pillows. Slipping away from the group as everyone chatted away, Lark figured she should find a spot now with the amount of people they may fill up quickly once Maggie started the movie. Just as she was about to make her way towards her spot, a familiar voice rang out to her.

"Elz!" A large smile split the girl's face. "Yeah!" She hadn't the slightest clue what Pinterest was...? Grabbing a handful of snacks, leaving some of her own for others to split, Lark waved at Elz with her free hand. "C'mon let's go grab a spot. I saw a nice one over in the back corner kinda area." She nodded over towards the spot. "Want to grab some drink stuff and meet me over there?" Lark scurried in between others and tossed herself down into the nest of pillows and blankets. Again, the loud boy was yelling once more... Truly Lark hoped that wouldn't keep happening through the movie. If this was going to be her first experience she wanted to make sure she wasn't completely distracted from it.

“Hocus Pocus, isn’t that like a super offensive stereotype or something?”

Yelping, Lark tossed up a couple of snacks from their package as James scared the wits out of her. She had been so caught up watching everyone else and getting settled. Her heart racing, bits of crumbs all over her sweater and lap, Lark swished them aside and into a napkin trying to keep the area clean.

"My goodness..." Lark laughed. "Ye really scared me." She hadn't realized James had gotten an invite but something felt warm in the pit of her belly and swelled into her chest as he sat next to her. It felt good to just get to hang out around her friend once more.

“Wait! This is it, isn’t it!? Your first movie! Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I’m here to witness this moment... I feel like a proud Dad watching his kid take her first steps.”

Letting out another laugh, the silver haired girl nodded and sat back against the large plush pillow behind her. "Sure is!" She was glad James had been here. After their first conversation about movies at the sorting ceremony she always thought he would be part of this experience. Offering a couple cookies to James, Lark nudged him back with her elbow. "Ya ya. Papa James."

Tossing a smaller pillow between the two of them she leaned back on it and against James' side. "We'll see if you're right about all these movie things." Nibbling on the edge of the cookie she waited for Elz to join them. Seeing she was making her way towards them, the lights getting dimmer for the movie as images popped onto the large white screen, Lark leaned her head closer to James and smiled up at him. "I'm glad you're here." Stretching her legs out in front of her, she readied herself for the movie.

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Interacting with @@Lark Flaer @Elzabeth Gillan

“Oh Lark Flaer, you’ll find over the next year that I’m right most of the time. Though I’ve got to say this has got nothing on Speilburg.”

He grabbed a biscuit from her and took a bite.

“I’m glad you’re here” she told him. James felt a sense of warmth at that. He was glad too. There was something about this girl that he’d never felt before. He wanted to experience her life, share it with her, build her up. He wanted share pieces of himself with her. He wanted her to change him.

“I’m glad you’re here too. I was pretty freaked when I Maggie invited me... like she seems super nice but my first experience with her was that time I met her in the Library with Savannah, so like I was pretty sour about her until she came to check if I was ok.”

He saw Elz approach them and he greeted he with a wave.

“Hey! It’s my favourite Mutt! Pull up a pillow! You ever seen this movie? When I got my letter Dad literally asked if the principal was going to be Bette Midler in a wig. Honestly I was slightly disappointed when I got here and saw Lear standing in the Great Hall instead” James giggled.

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@James McMurtrie @Lark Flaer
Elzabeth giggled at James words. "I used to watch this all the time before Halloween, I actually dressed up as Sarah one time." She let her mind wander to that Halloween, a smile growing on her face. The amount of candy she got that year seemed to be more than usual.

Elzabeth took a seat, leaning over to steal a snack from the two. "I thought I looked like her when I was little, too bad I can't sing like her." Elzabeth joked, knowing full well her voice sounded like a dying cat when she tried to sing.

"What about you James? Did you ever dress up?" Trick or treating was one of her favorite things to do when she was younger, her feet would hurt for days after but having mounds of candy was worth it in the end.

The first-ever costume she ever wore was a cookie monster costume when she was less than a year old, and she hasn't stopped since. Now she mostly dressed up after some movie characters, no one here really knew how much of a geek she was when it came to stuff like that and a part of her wanted to keep it that way.

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Interacting with @Duna Nixis
Piérre could almost see the surprise in Duna’s eyes as she glanced back and forth across the room looking for the person who had just yelled at her. Finally her eyes flicked to him and they widened. Surely by now, Duna knew of Piérre’s silliness. It should have come as no surprise to her at this point.

She entered the room, her shoulders bobbing up and down with her version of laughter. Piérre smiled. He was glad that Duna decided to come. He knew how difficult it was to socialize. He was grateful that he was able to teach another kid to avoid his mistakes.

Duna quickly crossed the room, picking her way past the people already sitting down. She waved at each of them as she passed, and soon, she stood over Piérre.

She made a movement, putting her hand to her mouth before pointing it towards him. Piérre recognized it as ASL Thank you, one of the few words Duna had been able to teach him so far.

”No problem.” Piérre said, waving a hand nonchalantly. ”Why don’t you sit down? Stay a while and meet some people!” He patted the ground next to him to invite Duna to sit beside him.

Duna pulled the pencil from behind her ear, scribbling something in her notebook before flipping it around to show Piérre.

’What are we watching?’

’Hocus Pocus’ Piérre responded automatically. ”Never seen it before, so I’m excited to watch it today. It’s almost like when I had movie night with my old adoptive muggle parents! We loved watching Halloween movies, like ‘Nightmare Before Christmas’, ‘Dark Shadows’, ‘The Corpse Bride’... My personal fave was ‘Coraline’. Have you seen it?” Piérre asked Duna, grabbing a pillow, putting it in his lap, and then putting his chin in his hands as he looked up at Duna curiously.

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Interacting w/ @Gem Stuart
Brielle giggled at the reply of her little joke. She turned her head slightly when he did, curious as to who he had been looking at. Lark? James? Had he wanted to talk with her. He had earlier seemed to long to interact, but came to Brielle anyway. She then frowned, a guilty feeling left inside of her. She hadn't forced him to sit with her.. had it seemed that way? Had she been to desperate and pushy?

Brielle followed his sad eyes, meeting them for a short moment. As she begun to open her mouth, he had asked her a question. It seemed like a question just to break silence though. Either way, she forced back her frown and appeared with a more cheerful one. Maybe too cheerful, like she was obviously faking it. "Heh, yeah I guess it is a bit weird. With Sarah and all practically falling head over heels for all the guys in the movie."

Then there was the question about the ties. She figured she wouldn't tell him, telling by the fact he didn't look that enthused about a prank. Though lying wouldn't be all that great either. So instead, she just shrugged and looked at him blankly. "Ah, I have no idea. Probably for a prank, yeah.

She then smiled and motioned towards Lark and James, signalling he should go talk with them if he really would like to. It made her sad that he would leave her, but she figured she would go sit with Piérre and learn about him a bit more. After all, they both we're trouble makers.

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@Brielle Gray

Gem always seemed to have a flare for noticing facial expressions, and Brielle's grin was very clearly fake. Maybe she'd noticed he was looking at his friends, thought that his silence was one that dripped with longing and sadness-- it wasn't, just... saudade, maybe? He looked concerned, now, with the way he furrowed his eyebrows at the gesture towards his friends.

"Naw, they're busy. I wanna stay here, you're quite good company." He nudged her lightly, "you all right? You've gotten a bit short. Yer replies, I mean." He felt himself smiling, more so sympathetic-- he didn't like to give anyone the impression he liked to play therapist, but that was often the category he fell into. Though, he did want to hear her speak about it, he was curious about the way she thought. Her boundaries, what she thought was funny, what music she listened to-- it mattered, he already considered her a friend at this point.

"Besides, we've got some time ta talk about Pierre's prank. I've always liked to watch people who... make them up, so to speak. I'm... not vereh good at executin' them, but I can tell you sorta have a knack for em'." He wiggled his eyebrows, knocking his head against her shoulder like a needy puppy. "Should we ask 'im? He's doin' somefin' right now, but I'm sure he wouldn't mind us stickin' our noses in a bit." He was hoping she'd sort of come out of the shell she'd crawled into, he liked her company, the very last thing he wanted was for her to shut down because she had the idea that he didn't like her all of a sudden. Girls scared him. They really did.

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@Elzabeth Gillan, @James McMurtrie, @Duna Nixis, @Charlotte Cadunt, @Carson Miller, @Dan Palmer, @Euphrasia Millie, & @Sylvie Maple
A few more people trickled in, the well of new students obviously drying up. Maggie recognized three of the four new faces, James McMurtie, Elzabeth Gillian, and Charlotte Cadunt were are familiar to her. One girl, who Maggie didn’t recognize, walked in, and she thought she heard Piérre call her Duna. Deciding that, as host, she should probably go introduce herself, she strolled over to the group of younger students by Lark.

“Hey guys!” she waved, smiling happily at them. “Glad you could make it— especially so we can talk in more, well, friendly setting.” she winked, referencing the time the three had first met. “The movie’s starting— y’all should find seats.”

With that, Maggie gave a small wave, walking over towards her group of closer friends. She quickly greeted Charlotte, assuring that she’d find a seat near her when she gathered a group to sit down.

“Guys,” Maggie greeted, tapping Dan on the shoulder. Out of the group now assembled, she was probably closest with Dan, Sylvie, Carson, Charlotte, and Millie, and she wanted to sit with them. She obviously wouldn’t be opposed to sitting with anyone else, and they were more than welcome.

“Let’s sit— the movie’s starting.” She nodded towards the screen, walking over to a clear patch of blankets and plopping down. Patting the pillows next to her, she gestured for her friends to sit.

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@Maggie Parker @Carson Miller @James McMurtrie
Charlotte took the sweater Carson was offering her with much enthusiasm, more than happy not to have to head back to her common room at this time of the night. Simply the thought of wandering through the empty corridors made her shiver. The sweater was indeed, rather big on Charlotte but the warmth provided by it compensated the fact she had to roll up the sleeves for her fingers to peek through. She smiled at Carson, knowing how ridicule this must look on her and hugged him rapidly before he would leave to get them snacks.

'Oh, take whatever you want, it'll be perfect'

The atmosphere rapidly changed as all the students were starting to get ready to watch the movie Maggie had picked. Never, never had Charlotte watched a movie, and she hadn't completely grasped the idea of the television just yet.

“Let’s sit— the movie’s starting.”
Maggie told the small group near her as she walked towards the mountain of blankets and pillows she had assembled prior to the party.

She hoped to be seated in between Maggie and Carson, who were the people she knew the most, and who she felt the closest. Glancing around the room, she recognised a few familiar faces, especially a first year wearing an amazing sweater, probably yet another Muggle movie reference. She waved at James, hoping he would see her, a wide smile on her face as she walked backwards, following Maggie.
He had intrigued her quite a bit, and she found him simply adorable. She mouthed 'Hi James!' as she stood on her tippy-toes before sitting down by her cousin.

For a second, she realised she had absolutely no idea what they were about to watch, but it wouldn't be of much help to know the title as well.

'Hey Maggie, what are we watching exactly? Is it famous? How does a movie work exactly, by the way?'

She smiled at Carson and tapped the blanket next to her to ask him to sit beside her.

'Do you know this movie? Is it good?'