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Interacting with @Dan Palmer
People started flooding in, many of which Marian had not even seen. Already she took mental note of those who were going to be troublemakers. The boy she had greeted replied very politely, which was a good sign. She had seen some of the students, but most of them were unfamiliar.

A boy rushed inand Marian could tell he was trouble. Nevertheless, she couldn't help but smile at his antics. He disgusted her at the same time. A show-off.

Everyone had brought a snack but her. Luckily, she had come second, so she could pretend that she had. She picked up the words "Cream puffs" from someone else's conversation, only to find out there were none. This made her look at the snack table, whose contents were piling high. Marian walked over to the food, her only close friend here. She stuck her hand into a red bag labeled "Doritos." She pulled out bright orange chips that somehow transfigured her hands orange.

"What kind of spell did you put on these, to make my hands turn orange?" Marian asked, walking over to Dan, the obviously Irish boy who had brought them. Marian picked up a chip and bit it. Her eyes widened at the deliciousness in such a small chip. "Merlin's beard, that is delicious!" She exclaimed.

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@Charlotte Cadunt & @Maggie Parker, @Sylvie Maple, @Sonatine Webbs, @Dan Palmer, @Marian Lynch, @Ruthie Greer, @Remy Alto, & @Oliver Lock
Carson thought it was easier to think of this as more of a hangout than a first date. Only, him and Charlotte had never really hung out before, and it was beginning to become clear that Carson didn’t actually know that much about Charlotte.

He wanted to know, though, so he supposed this was as good a time as ever. The two had agreed that they’d meet up at Maggie’s, even though they were in the same house and could’ve walked together. Carson had assumed that him and Charlotte would be getting there at different, times, though, so he actually suggested the idea.

Since Maggie and him were best friends, Carson wasn’t really worried about not knowing anyone there. After all, the two were partners in crime, and Carson knew basically all of Maggie’s friends, vice versa.

When he arrived, Carson wasn’t surprised, at all. It wasn’t unlike Maggie to go all out when throwing a party, and this was no exception. Nothing was completely over-the-top or fancy, but it had a cozy, homey feeling that made Carson literally feel like he could spend eternity there.

“‘Sup, Mags.” he greeted, his hands tucked in the pockets of his athletic shorts. They hit right above his knee and were navy-blue with a white nike swoosh on the side. He had on a short-sleeved t-shirt from the football camp he’d been in over the summer, with a Chicago Bears sweatshirt on.

“You’ve got a turnout, huh?” he commented, laughing slightly as he gazed at all the people in the room. “I’m Carson, by the way.” he greeted, grinning widely at the small crowd around Maggie. Two were first year girls, two he knew, Sylvie and Dan, and the other two were second years Carson had seen around the castle from time to time.

“Before you say anything, I did bring snacks. Well, Charlotte’s bringing them for both of us because we’re going as a couple. he finished his statement proudly, puffing his chest slightly and grinning. He thought it was the most impressive thing in the world to land a date with Charlotte Cadunt, and he intended to flaunt the fact as much as he could.

“Speaking of, where’s Oliver?” Carson smirked, teasing his lovesick friend. Maggie had fancied the boy since first year, and Carson was planning on teasing her until she made a move.

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@Brielle Gray & @Piérre Marchonné

Gem felt a lot more comfortable that Brielle hadn't said anything about his miserable word vomit, feeling relieved that the nervousness began to slowly slip away. He huffed, his eyes losing the wideness, his smile becoming a lot more obviously genuine and less like he'd just killed someone and hid the body and was now trying to engage in casual conversation. He really needed to stop thinking up niche emotions and facial expressions.

"Yeh, the back s' always a fun place ta sit, good if ya wanna make snide comments about a film wivout gettin' dirty looks," He winked, turning his head to get a good look at the boy that Brielle had previously been speaking to. His skin was fair, and he was... a bit intimidating, the way that his dark hair curled around his face, the sharp facial expression he had on-- not that that really knocked Gem off his balance, it just jarred him a bit.
"Aye, Gem Stuart. Pleasure." He held his hand out, offering a polite handshake as he usually did.

He didn't stick around for very long, though, as he had come for only one person in particular. He tipped around to go and seat himself beside the Slytherin, reaching around to grab a pillow and lay it on his lap-- a habit he'd picked up and never dropped on when he discovered reading was much more comfortable this way. He was all ears from that point, resting an elbow on the pillow, his cheek in his palm.

"Mmm, what did I do? Hmm... Well, I hate ta be the most Ravenclaw Ravenclaw ta ever roam the earth, but I mostly just read, wrote, and spent a good hour an' a half bein' scared about how this wos gonna go. I'm glad I came, though, really." He smiled at her again, a lot softer, sort of going back on his philosophy of Never Staring by Definitely Creepily Staring at how pretty her eyes were.

He felt lucky he caught himself before she did.

"Well, enough about me and my comically lame school life. Wot did'ja do? Not that there was very mooch ta do today, but... aye, you seem like you could make a borin' day fun. You certainly did for me." While he spoke, he looked around the room, taking in all the movement, the people-- oh hey, he even saw Lark. He'd have to talk to her again, it felt like a while since he had. They'd all been so busy, talking to other people, school... he felt his stomach drop a bit, but distracted himself by attending to Brielle again, his shoulders perked up and eyebrows raised- clearly, he was very ready to listen.

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@Dan Palmer, @Marian Lynch, @Sonatine Webbs, @Ruthie Greer, @Lark Flaer, @Euphrasia Millie, @Sylvie Maple, @Brielle Gray, @Gem Stuart, @Remy Alto, @Carson Miller, & @Oliver Lock
Maggie couldn’t stop grinning. She felt like the lovechild of the Cheshire Cat and the Joker but in a good way, if that made sense. The turnout to her party was amazing, with faces old and new flowing through the classroom door. It was hard to believe that the room had felt empty before, as it now was filled with pajama-wearing students, snacks, and lights.

"Hey Maggie. Love what ya did with the place. Should I put these with the rest?" Dan greeted, fully decked-out in his Irish Quidditch pajamas. Maggie, who was quite a fan of Quidditch herself, and thankfully for Dan, a fellow fan of the Irish team, smiled brightly at her first guest.

“Go for it. I should’ve guessed you’d show up in Irish Quidditch pajamas, Dan— you’re lucky I cheer for them too.” she winked, laughing a little as another guest walked in. This one was a new face, a very pretty girl with brown eyes and hair. Squinting, Maggie tried to remember who she looked like— aha! She looked like Eleven!

“Hello... Maggie?" the Eleven-lookalike half-greeted, half-asked, as she walked into the room. Maggie nodded, a smile painted onto her face as she looked to the new girl. "Hello, I'm Marian Lynch. And you are?

The question was obviously directed towards Dan, seeing as Marian already knew her name. Marian seemed like a really nice girl, her manners were good too. Maggie loved her outfit— especially her sweatshirt. Before she could comment on it, though, another two girls walked in.

One had beautiful purple hair, a color Maggie immediately promised to herself that she’d practice. The other had blonde hair and pretty grey-ish blue eyes, and they both seemed to be first years.

“Hi. I’m Sonatine.” the purple-haired girl greeted, the shyness in her tone creeping through and reminding her of Min-seo a little bit.

“Hey! I’m so glad you came, all of you. The Irish kid in the green is Dan Palmer, he’s on the Slytherin Quidditch team and he’s a second year. The girl with the pretty red sweatshirt is Marian, she’s new as well, and I’m Maggie.” Maggie said, introducing herself while Marian and Dan talked.

"Hiya, this is the start-of-the-school-year party, isn't it? I'm Ruthie," the other girl, Ruthie, greeted. Maggie nodded, her eyes immediately drifting down towards the tin in the girl’s hands. “I brought tablet.” she commented, almost as if she was reading Maggie’s mind.

“Hey! I’m glad you could come. I’m Maggie, this is Sonatine, Dan, and Marian.” she smiled, pointing to each person as she introduced them. “I think you and Sonatine are in the same year, right? What houses are you guys in?”

Just then, Lark walked in, and Maggie waved to her with a beaming smile. She commented about never having seen a movie before, causing Dan to voice every muggleborn child’s thoughts at that moment in his heavy Irish accent. Millie walked in, furthering Dan’s bewilderment in an incredulous tone.

“Well, no pressure or anything.” Maggie laughed, her hair turning orange at the ends as she joked around.

Piérre made the entrance of the century, followed by Sylvie, who Maggie greeted with a wave. She was actually very good friends with the blonde-haired Slytherin, and she liked her a lot.

"Sorry, I was going to bring cream puffs but.... they didn't come out too well." Maggie laughed along with Sylvie, even if she didn’t know what had actually happened. Enough had been implied that she was able to connect the dots.

A girl Maggie didn’t recognize entered, and she immediately began to talk to Piérre. Remy walked in, muttering a small “Hi”, and then another unfamiliar face made its way into the room. Finally, Carson bounded in, a spring in his step as he entered the room. Marian made a comment about Doritos that made Maggie laugh, but it was cut off by Carson. He introduced himself to the newcomers, greeted Maggie, and finally, spilt the beans.

“Before you say anything, I did bring snacks. Well, Charlotte’s bringing them for both of us because we’re going as a couple.” Maggie’s eyes flew wide in surprise, her hair turning white as her mouth gasped open.

Carson had been pining of Charlotte since he first saw her— which was basically like the beginning of first year. Maggie honestly didn’t think that he’d had it in him, but apparently he’d grown some and asked her out.

“No way!” Maggie squealed, tackling Carson in a huge hug. She stepped back, holding a hand over her heart like an old mother.

“I’m so proud! My wittle baby boy is all grown up!” Maggie pinched Carson’s cheeks, only to have him swat them away as she mocked him.

“Speaking of, where’s Oliver?” he asked, causing Maggie to immediately go red and hit him on the back of the head.

“Shut up, you whore.” she joked, laughing as she bickered with him. “I’ll be back— I have to go greet the new kids over there with Piérre.”

Maggie walked over to the small group of three, who were kind-of tucked away from all the people and conversation. One was a girl with dark hair and blue eyes, with a green scrunchie and barretts. Maggie didn’t want to say it outright— but she kind of looked like a VSCO girl. Maggie didn’t know if the girl knew what that was, but she wouldn’t want to risk it.

The other kid she didn’t recognize was a boy with deep-set brown eyes and fluffy brown hair. She hadn’t ever seen him before, so she was unsure as to wether he was a first or second year.

“Hey guys!” she greeted, smiling at the trio. “What’s up Piérre?” she added, giving the younger boy a small fist-bump.

“I’m Maggie— Im glad that you guys could make it. What year are you guys in?”
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Interacting with @Brielle Gray, @Maggie Parker, & @Gem Stuart

There was a pause as the Slytherin girl spoke, and then the boy responded after thinking for a beat.

"Yeh, the back s' always a fun place ta sit, good if ya wanna make snide comments about a film wivout gettin' dirty looks,"

The boy’s expression, once wide-eyed and borderline paranoid, slowly faded, and his face returned to neutrality, and then broke open in a pleasant smile, like someone ready to properly interact and socialize. Winking once, he looked over at Piérre. Piérre spotted something flicker behind the boy’s eyes and Piérre tipped his head in confusion. Had that been fear that had flitted for the briefest moment behind those eyes?

Piérre’s brow creased. He wasn’t that intimidating, was he? Foreign, yes, possessing a strong Italian jawline, yes, but intimidating?

Just as quickly as it had happened, though, the look immediately faded away, and the boy held out his hand in a handshake before Piérre could. Smiling, Piérre took the hand, shaking firmly as was custom in Italy to prove your confidence.
"Aye, Gem Stuart. Pleasure."
”Piérre Marchonné.” Piérre responded brightly. ”Charmed.”

The boy didn’t focus to Piérre for long, which Piérre was semi-thankful for, and instead Gem, that was his name, turned back to the Slytherin girl, walking around briskly before sitting down and grabbing a nearby pillow that was one of what seemed dozens scattered on the floor. Resting and elbow on it, he put his chin in his hand.
"Mmm, what did I do? Hmm... Well, I hate ta be the most Ravenclaw Ravenclaw ta ever roam the earth, but I mostly just read, wrote, and spent a good hour an' a half bein' scared about how this wos gonna go. I'm glad I came, though, really."
Gem looked back up at the Slytherin girl, smiling. Even though he was trying exceptionally hard, Piérre immediately our two and two together. It was too obvious, being a native Italian and all. Guy loves girl, girl doesn’t know, both parties find out though embarrassing and or awkward experience. A Romeo and Juliet, minus the unnecessary death and poison, of course.
"Well, enough about me and my comically lame school life. Wot did'ja do? Not that there was very mooch ta do today, but... aye, you seem like you could make a borin' day fun. You certainly did for me."
Piérre smiled, letting his ears pique unintentionally.

”Eh, nothing much...” He said, rubbing his nails on his shirt and inspecting them playfully. ”I had to sneak past my twin and the fat lady, and avoid the shrieking stairs, but nothing much. Hey, I brought carbonated pumpkin juice and animal roars if you guys wanna try some later!” Piérre couldn’t help but jump a little in excitement.

A sudden thought hit him. He had a new idea for a prank.

”Hey, um... You’re in Slytherin, right? And you...” Piérre waved a finger at Gem. ”I’ve seen you with other Ravenclaws! Hey, would you guys mind if I asked for a tie from each of you? It’s...” Piérre’s mind raced quickly, thinking of an excuse. ”For a project! An art project! I want to depict all four houses and use a part of the uniform for decoration! Is that okay?” Piérre smiled gently, as if trying to coax the two into being convinced.
”Hey guys!”
Piérre spun at the approaching voice in time to see Maggie pacing up to them.

”Maggie!” Piérre said brightly, waving at her. ”Awesome crowd! Wish I was half as popular as you. If I had a quarter...” Piérre paused. ”Nope... Galleon, sorry... Galleon for every person here, I would probably have at least three Firebolts already! Great turnout, eh?”

Maggie raised a fist and Piérre eagerly fistbumped, making sure of make an explosion sound as they connected.
”What’s up, Piérre?” Maggie turned to Gem and the Slytherin girl. “I’m Maggie— Im glad that you guys could make it. What year are you guys in?”
Piérre waved a hand. ”Aw, you already know what year I’m in. I was actually just telling these two about how I snuck past Romeo and the fat lady to get here. Ran into a couple of ghosts on my way too. May have had bloody baron in that mix. Good times... good times... So, what movie are we planning on watching? I personally suggest ‘Ferris Bueller’s Day Off’.”

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@Dan Palmer @Lark Flaer @Ruthie Greer @Maggie Parker

- "Dan. Nice to meetchya." Sonatine looked down at his pyjama bottoms, recognising them from the anime she watched a while back. "Wow, I love your pyjamas!"

- "Nice ta meet you guys, I'm Lark." "I've actually never seen a movie before... I'm pretty excited about tonight." Sonatine's eyes widened at the girl's statement. She couldn't imagine not watching her favourite animated movies. Most days she would go to her dorm and watch movies or the latest documentary for entertainment. "Hey, I'm Sonatine. Nice to meet you too. Hocus Pocus is a good movie, you'll probably like it," she grinned.

The room had seemed to fill up super quickly. Students from various years had brought a bunch of snacks that were now stacked onto the table. Sonatine noticed the multiple muggle snacks that she missed whilst being at Hogwarts, but was also excited to try something new or unfamiliar. She felt much less nervous than she had when coming into the classroom - everyone seemed so friendly.

- "I think you and Sonatine are in the same year, right? What houses are you guys in?” Sonatine greeted herself to the other girl, Ruthie, who was holding a tin of something homemade. "I think so. I'm a first year Hufflepuff," she said with a sense of pride. She turned back to Maggie. "By the way, this looks amazing, thanks for hosting such a cool event," she said shyly. She appreciated how much effort must have gone in to make this night go smoothly.

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@Brielle Gray @Piérre Marchonné & @Maggie Parker

While the question had initially been directed at Brielle, he heard Piérre's voice answer the question instead, startling him a bit. He seemed like he was having quite the day, not that he knew what to expect in the daily life of a Gryffindor. He was a Gryffindor, right? He certainly acted like one, with the confidence strong enough to smell on him-- or maybe that was just a new sort of perfume. He never knew, anymore.

"I'd love somma' that pumpkin juice," He mused, all of a sudden remembering the stuff he'd brought on his own. He pulled his little sash out, pulling a few pastries and candies out that he'd gotten from his cousin, making funny little jazz hands when he was finished. "This is about all I've got, now... didn't have much to pay 'er, and I didn't feel like bein' in debt with my cousin, so... hope it's alright."

It seemed sudden, how Piérre's face suddenly lit up-- he could only read that expression as pure and utter mischief. He wasn't shocked when he was asked for a favor, a shit-eating grin replacing Gem's once sweet smile. Their ties, huh? Wonder what he could use those for.

"For a project! An art project! I want to depict all four houses and use a part of the uniform for decoration! Is that okay?”

Gem's eyes darted around, and just as he opened his mouth up to respond, Maggie bumped into the conversation. Aw, shite, she was pretty too. He'd only ever seen her around in the hallways, he never had an actual reason to go up to her and have a proper conversation, but she seemed really sweet.

"Good ta meet ya! I'm Gem, first year." He jutted a hand out to shake, shooting her a quick, polite smile. "It's cozy in 'here, innit? Really nice, warm. I like Ferris Bueller's day off a lot, one of me favorites." He wasn't sure who he was aiming that statement at, since his gaze sort of fell between both Maggie and Piérre, but he'd figured it was him supporting Piérre's choice while also making it known he actually watched movies and didn't live under a rock. "But yeh, wot movie are we gonna watch? Heard somethin' about a Halloween classic maybe?"

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@Gem Stuart & @Piérre Marchonné
“You betcha,” Maggie laughed, winking at Gem in response to his question. She didn’t know how the word had gotten out— but yeah, they were going to watch Hocus Pocus. Maggie thought they’d all find it funny— seeing as they themselves were all witches and wizards.

“I think I’m actually going to go start it now— you keep Piérre out of trouble for me, will you?” Maggie asked jokingly, looking to Gem as she nodded to Piérre. “You have my full support when it comes to pranks outside my parties, though. You can count Carson and I in whenever it comes to those.” she motioned over to Carson, who seemed to still be swooning over the fact that he was going on a date with Charlotte Cadunt.

“Carson’s the Hufflepuff boy who looks like he just got drafted for the Hollyhead Harpies. He’s meeting up with the girl he’s fancied since first year for a date. He and Tatiana Crane are my best friends— though Tatiana’s a prefect, so don’t expect her to join in on any of your pranks, ‘Kay?” she laughed, giving the trio a mock-salute and striding over towards the projector.

“Hit it.” she said, and the movie popped up on the screen. She dimmed the lights, and th chatter in the room became hushed.

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The room filled up quickly. And so, Ruthie deduced that she was, in fact, in the right place. But of this crew, she didn't recognize a soul. So new she was still to the castle community. Thankfully, another girl came over to them and introduced herself as Lark. Squinting, Ruthie thought she looked familiar, like she may have seen her passing through the common room, but she let the thought pass for the moment as another boy seemed baffled Lark had never seen a film before. "Oh, you'll love it!" Ruthie piped, recalling the nights she and her sister would search the television channels for something worth watching. Once the fighting subsided, it usually turned up to be a pleasant event. Back in the room, not being able to place the girl was annoying her so she asked, "Have I seen you around the common room by chance?"

"Yes, what are we seeing?" she backup the boy who had inquired as she took her tin of tablet and placed it on the the table besides the Jaffa cakes. The table would soon be filling up and Ruthie was eager to see what the others would bring. So eager, that she reached and swiftly picked up one of those Jaffa cakes. How curious that so many muggle treats should appear here within these school walls.

Soon another boy appeared and joined the circle that was now forming around Maggie, the host. He introduced himself as Carson and admitted to not bringing snacks, or rather that he partner was carrying the load. A small smirk emerged on her face as she considered how women always seemed to be carrying the load. Her mother had made sure that wasn't the case in the Greer household, always advocating for equality between the parents where she could.

Looking around her, Ruthie was grasping for polite conversation, but couldn't quite find it for this first party of the year. So, she defaulted to courtesy. "Thanks for organizing this, Maggie," she said, "especially bringing in people you don't really know. It's nice to be able to start the year this way." Even though it was still early, she genuinely meant it and she knew the event would come together well. Merlin, it already was.

"Yeah, I think I might have seen you in class...Hufflepuff has Potions with us, right?" she responded while looking over at Sonatine, whom she also had trouble placing exactly but clearly they were in the same year so there had to be overlap. "Ravenclaw," she said, proudly declaring her house.

Then, Maggie went over to get the film going and Ruthie struggled to determine where in the room she should be. She was excited to see a new film, but she genuinely wanted to get to know people so for the moment she stay with the group. At least this way, she was near the food.
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Dan was relieved beyond belief. More boys came, and some people were even Slytherins. Finally, he wasn't the odd one out anymore.
But, one Slytherin boy caught his eye. One that launched crackers and mild explosives in the room. Dan's kind of person. This guy knew how parties go. He just hoped he wouldn't do that while they were watching the movie. To top it off...He was kinda cute-

Dan was confused yet again why he thought like that. At any rate, this was not the time or place to start studying his thoughts on that matter.
"Dan. Nice to meetchya. Wow, I love your pyjamas!
"Ah, thank ya. They're my favorites. My favorite shirt too!"
Then he heard one of the boys talking. Normally it wouldn't have made much difference, but this caught his ear.
Hey, would you guys mind if I asked for a tie from each of you? It’s... For a project! An art project! I want to depict all four houses and use a part of the uniform for decoration! Is that okay?”
What a crock o' shite.

If yer gonna try to pull somethin' like that, at least lie well.

Dan was interrupted in his thoughts by Marian approaching him.
"What kind of spell did you put on these, to make my hands turn orange?"
There, of course, was no spell on the chips. That was simply how Nacho Cheese Doritos worked. However, Dan was more than happy to go along with it.
"Heheheh. I placed a special set of charms on those chips. They will transfigure your fingers orange, and coat your fingertips entirely in cheese! And once you try them, you will crave more, and more. Soon, your entire fingers will be orange and covered in delicious cheese!

Maybe Dan went a bit far in his acting, but he didn't care. Ever since the faux Halloween party Maggie pulled, Dan was slightly hooked on things like this.
"Merlin's beard, that is delicious!"
"They are, aren't they? Those are some of the best snack crisps Muggles have ever made."
And damn did they do a good job. Dan himself had a bit of a... problem. Once he started eating Nacho Cheese Doritos, he always had trouble controlling himself. He'd once eaten an entire party size bag on his own in the span of three hours.

And then, Maggie turned out the lights, and the movie began. He had heard someone say that it was Hocus Pocus, which, to his mild shame, he had never seen. He'd wanted to for a while, but never got around to it. This was probably going to be good.

Dan went and grabbed 1-2 of everything, as many nacho cheese and cool ranch doritos as was safe, thankfully there were still more than enough of each, sat down, and started to watch.

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Elzabeth had seen the flier in the corridors and figured it wouldn't cause any harm to come. Dressed in her PJ's she walked into the classroom, immediately struck by how amazing and put together this already seemed.

There were already quite a few people here, most of them she didn't know until her eyes landed on a familiar head of hair. "Lark!" Elzabeth was slightly relieved, letting out a sigh.

She made her way from the door to where Lark was standing, admiring the decorations and obvious effort that was being put into the whole thing. "This is amazing, something you'd see from Pinterest." Elzabeth chuckled.

The whole set up was starting to remind Elzabeth of home, the times she would make a fort in the living room and watch TV until she passed out, her mother would always make her snacks which she now realizes she was lucky for. Most mothers would fuss at their kids to clean the mess up but Elzabeths mom just waited until she was done playing.

Sometimes Elzabeth wonders if it was because her mom felt bad for her since she never really had many people to invite over, or maybe her mom was just cool? There was no real telling until she could ask her herself.

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Duna wandered the halls, happy exploring the castle when she heard a commotion coming from one of the class rooms. Duna paused, should she enter? She didn't want to interrupt whoever or whatever was going on.

Duna went back and forth in her head and after a minute her curiosity got the best of her. Duna cracked the door open a little and peeked inside. There were a bunch of students in their pajamas with snacks. They were chatting with one another and there seemed to be a bit of a commotion in one corner. Duna couldn't see what exactly was going on, but it made her smile anyway.

Duna looked down at her comfy clothes. She was wearing an oversized pastel pink sweater, white leggings with little cat faces on the knees, fuzzy pink socks(Duna had a tendancy to not wear shoes), and a little pink butterfly clip on her hair. She seemed dressed for whatever was going on.

Duna opened the door and slipped in, quietly closing it behind her, as to not disturb any of the conversations going on. She smiled brightly as she moved along the wall away from the door, in case anyone else were to come in.

Much Love,

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Interacting w/ @Gem Stuart @Piérre Marchonné
Brielle giggled at the fact he remembered her from the howler incident. "It's Brielle, and I take it you're Piérre? She responded, matching his confident sort of posture. As she turned back to gem, she was about to open her mouth with a response to his question. Though she stopped when she heard the Gryffindor pop in before her.

"Carbonated Pumpkin juice, huh? Yeah, lets try it." She nodded, and smiled back at Piérre. The energetic boy then asked Gem for a tie. A ravenclaw tie out of everything. Why would he need a Ravenclaw tie? What project could possibly require that? It was more of a rhetorical question than a sincere one. Either way, Brielle had shrugged and winked at him, signaling she knew he was up to something.

She noticed the movie starting and ran to the back, throwing a blanket over herself. She motioned towards herself to Piérre and Gem. Of course, they didn't have to sit with her, but she hadn't really anyone to watch the movie with. She had invited Gem Stuart here, though he seemed to be looking another girl. Lark, she beleived her name was.

Brielle shrugged, focusing her eyes on the film. The room became quiet and the elf cranked the projector, the screen old-timey and faded. She liked it like this though, it made it feel more.. homey.

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@Brielle Gray

Gem had sort of spaced out from then, not quite addressing Piérre's question before he was speeding towards Brielle when he noticed she'd beckoned him over. He sat beside her, watching the projector flicker on and play the film. He was always chuffed about how vintage films looked, Hogwarts was really old school, maybe that was why he was more comfortable here than he'd originally thought he would be.

"We're going ta watch Hocus Pocus, I've seen it once 'er twice," He whispered, keeping his eyes trained on the screen. He glanced at her for a moment, offering her a blueberry muffin (the only one left, he had no idea what happened to the others) silently, holding it out in his palm. "It's sort ov funny ta see how muggles see... us. They never portray us, wizards, I mean, as bad guys, usually s' just the witches. Bit sexist." He sniffed, sipping some of the carbonated pumpkin juice he'd gotten from Piérre. It was pretty good, he didn't have any complaints.

He glanced at the elf working the projector, raising his eyebrows a little. He wanted to mention that in muggle theatres a human was working the projector, but he knew he should keep his mouth shut, no one wanted a blabber mouth when there was a movie going on. So he sat silently, quietly, completely still. This movie was goofier than he remembered, but it had a nice fall vibe to it... it was set on Halloween, wasn't it?

What really knocks me out is a book that, when you're all done reading it, you wish the author that wrote it was a terrific friend of yours and you could call him up on the phone whenever you felt like it. That doesn't happen much, though.

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Interactions; @Piérre Marchonné

He was alarmed when someone started describing his attire. It had taken him a moment to realize that someone was talking about him.

”Hey! Hey, brown hair, dark eyes, specs! Hey come over here! I don’t bite!"

He had darker hair and eyes along with specs. Oh dear! Someone had already taken notice of them. He really would have preferred for people to pretend that they weren't there. Remy spun around in his heels, left and right with the attempt to find the source of that voice. Someone was inviting him to a conversation, or so he would have liked to think. The voice was not familiar at all to him, so Remy could immediately close out all of the faces that he was already familiar with.

His eyes laid on a boy, looked to be younger than him, surrounded by first-years alike. He moved his glasses up his nose bridge, scrunching his nose lightly. Everyone around him seemed to have some kind of a posse surrounding them. He had grown painfully aware of Maggie Parker's popularity over these days. This place was filled with faces shining with joy!

Remy pointed at himself with his index finger, looking left and right to confirm that he was being talked to. Well, didn't look like there were other kids with the same combination as him, so he confidently walked over to this little group, smiling gently and observing them all. Now that he was in closer proximity...yup! He still could not make up any names! They were all completely, utterly foreign!

"I've always found someone not biting me upon first meeting very nice," the boy beamed as he decided to listen on to what they were talking about. They were all sitting on their blankets and pillows, talking about movies and Remy could have sworn that someone mentioned something about 'carbonated pumpkin juice'.

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