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Two Hundred Sentences  PV Detention   Finished 

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Shortly after the incident at the ballroom, she went to inform the Head of Slytherin about the fight between Erin and Kaegen. She honestly didn't really like to do this, already giving detention to a student and even worse it was someone she was a bit familiar with. However, Erin was still like a stranger to her. Griseldis decided, that her very first detention would take place in an empty classroom. She would be using one of the most classic methods of punishment she learned from her own grandfather, she had this kind of punishment before when she was a small child. It might seem harsh but at the sometimes it might also help them focus their mind.

She sent her owl Crystal to give Erin the letter yesterday about where and when her detention would take place. While waiting for the purple-haired Slytherin to come, she prepared a green quill pen, ink and a pile of blank papers on the desk for Erin. Griseldis also brought herself a book she borrowed from the library this morning so that she could read during Erin's detention. It was a book about Dark Magic and Creatures. She wanted to learn about the Death Witches Erin once mentioned that day in the ballroom and since then, she couldn't let her own mind to rest until she could learn something about these so-called Death witches. Suddenly, she heard a few raindrops hitting on the windows' glasses.

Griseldis turned around and walked towards the window to look at the grey sky, she couldn't help but let out a tired sigh. Then, she would hear someone open the classroom door.

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Two Hundred Sentences  PV Detention   Finished 

Detention was as common to Erin as breathing at this point. It was rare that an evening commenced without some time spent either scrubbing a tile floor, discussing her "feelings" with a pallid staff member that wanted to think themselves sensitive or sentimental as they attempted to "work with" a troubled youth. Erin was far from troubled, at least she did not see herself as "troubled." She was brash, blunt and beautiful -- you got it, she was a total B.

Classes were over for the day, Erin did what she always had to at this point, she checked her calendar. Where was she supposed to sit the next few hours? The owlry, the bathroom, an office, the library, the hospital wing? It was different every time and this time it was a classroom. She did not even remember getting the owl the other day, she received a number of owls including communications for matters such as detention. Rather than lug around a satchel of scrolls she simply jot down the time and place into a small calendar she kept on her person. If someone were to steal it and try to glean secrets from the scribbles on the paper they would be disappointed, there was no social dalliances planned... just detentions. She had already forgotten what this detention was for by the time she had gotten the letter but she was certain she probably earned it. Being labeled a deviant or a delinquent did not bother the teen in the least.

Her small calendar placed carefully in the leather bag she carried with her, that too of little importance. An onyx hued, buttery soft leather bag that had no embellishments on it. Compared the the glitter and the "bling" the others adorned their environment, body and articles with, her plain choices made her more of a stand out than anything. Inside the bad, still no secrets. A few books, indeed she carried textbooks as odd as that might sound to admit. She also carried an inkwell and a quill, nothing fancy just a simple black feather that was rather short compared to the peacock (in some cases literally) feathers some of the other students wrote with. Beyond that there was a small knife, not nearly as dangerous or as threatening as a wand but it was incredibly sharp. It was not there for defense of course, it was a lock-picking knife that she kept with her for the time and the day when the Hogwarts staff revealed their true nature and she needed to escape.

Indeed, Erin believed that her life was in danger. She believed that the lives of all of the students in Hogwarts were in danger. In fact, she believed that the true forces of evil in this school were the Prefects and the Professors - if they were not active participants that they were complicit in the activities of those half-giants. It took several reckless leaps in logic to come to the conclusion that Erin had, in fact if she was asked to trace her logic back she would have a difficult time doing so. It started with the disappearances of her friends, there were a lot of them. This was followed by the elevation of a few select first years to positions of authority that made no sense to her. She was referencing Head Boy Reid Kovacs and Head Girl Serena Towers, the disproportionate number of first year students that were made Prefect. Some more than once, such as Quinn Healy. In fact there was a lot of them, part-giants that was. She had tried to reach out to them before, Hugh Lowe and then Quinn. Lowe dismissed her entirely, the factual disappearances of so many students and her direct question regarding how he came to be a Prefect was only met with flowery answers that were nonsensical about being a "knight." Quinn Healy merely laughed like a madman and fled. 

There was something terribly wrong and Quinn and Hugh were very much a part of it she had concluded. And Kaegen knew something. He started to tell her and then he ran, not once but twice. She wondered if they had gotten to him, she was pretty certain that they had. He called them Deathwitches whatever that meant. It could be a type of witch, perhaps an organization. She did not know but she did not need to know, she just needed to survive it long enough to stop it.

Little did Erin know, Kaegen was both wrong and right. The boy was delusional, but there were hags on the ground. In fact, there were two covens of hags on the grounds and Erin had encountered one such coven. When those two covens eventually meet, it would meant their mutually assured destruction. Until then she was in service to once such coven, foolishly seeing them as harmless old women with were a bit strange. They would kill her eventually, Howard as well. 

Erin would reach the classroom, most of the classes were empty by this house. Erin brought her books to study, papers to write, the usual implements of a classroom detention if she had the opportunity to use them. She would open the door, pulling the door towards her. The metal knob cool in her hand. She would wait by the threshold, as if she was being cautious before she entered. Indeed, she was. She was assessing the room. Looking for alternative exits, one being the windows if she needed to break through one to escape. She was only on the second floor so she would survive the fall. Her other option was the doorway she was about to traverse. That was why she had the knife, in case it became locked. In case she needed to escape. 

Erin would enter the room after assessing what she could -- the room was empty, less the desks and chairs as well as the ginger prefect that had intruded upon her attempt to apprehend Kaegen. She had hunted the boy for days, it was unlikely she would have another opportunity like that in the near future. She internally sighed over the lost opportunity. Without a word she would pick a desk and a chair and take a seat. She did not pick a seat near the front of the room, nor would she pick something near the back. She chose the center of the room. It gave her the most space from every conceivable threat. She mentally measured the distance between herself and the door as well as the windows. she endeavored to be as equidistant as possible. She would then glance up towards the Prefect and then behind her to the wall. She was close, but the space was not quite even. Rather than pick a new seat she simply shifted her present desk to the place she wanted, making a loud scraping noise against the floor and the wood of the desk and chair groaned in protest.

Satisfied, somewhat she would unload her bag. Her knife inside the bag, hidden in the seams. Her wand, on her person not that she was much of a wizard in truth. Erin would open her book to a page on potions, she almost tolerated old man Price so she was making a remedial effort to do well in his class. He was probably as evil as the rest of them but he seemed like the sort of guy that really did not care enough to do anything good or bad or even notice for that matter. He still sucked, but he sucked a little rest than the rest. Also, she thought having bottles of magic was cool. 

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