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As Professor MacTavish entered the classroom, Calanthe noted the adjusted demeanor of the trio. Savannah, who had radiated burning ambition in the preceding minutes, now seemed like a perfect angel, her sickly-sweet voice greeting the professor. It was understandable that the girls had not informed Professor MacTavish of their true intentions with the club. Unsure of their cover story, Calanthe fell in line with everyone else, settling in a nearby seat as casually as possible. She would not be the one to rouse the professor's suspicions.

Her eyes remained still for a moment, watching the Professor’s entrance, before darting around the room to find Savannah. Spotting the witch’s blonde head, Calanthe refocused until she realized she was meeting Savannah’s gaze head on. Unable to hold her stare, Calanthe swiveled her head about the room as if she had been observing her surroundings and not gaping at the tall girl. Grabbing at her palms, she was not surprised to find them collecting sweat. Working too intently to clean them on her jeans, she almost jumped out of her own skin as she felt a body nestle into the seat next to her. She tried to take a look at this new person before snapping her head in the opposite direction. Shit.

Unable to turn towards Savannah, Calanthe instead focused on Professor MacTavish’s questions. Despite not being able to eek out a word to Savannah, she felt somber at the prospect of Savannah leaving the seat to talk to the professor. Thankfully, a lace-clad girl with beautiful, blue eyes kept the professor busy by answering his questions.

Concluding that not acknowledging Savannah would be even more weird, she turned back, offering a smile that was stiffer than she intended. Thankfully, Savannah was occupied with turning her chair around. With a gentle tone that undercut her formal sitting position, Savannah requested questions or opinions. Bearing neither, Calanthe remained silent as two other girls – both fair-skinned and freckled – responded to the ringleader’s inquiry. As a result of her forced anti-social nature, she did not know either of them.

Listening to their informed perspectives, Calanthe kept trying to sculpt a coherent thought in her mind. Feeling her old personality crawling out of its deep confines, she decided that she did not want to stay mute during this conversation. Savannah had chosen this empty seat above the others and Calanthe had to make some impression, at least. This was no time to be wallowing in self-pity like she had been for the past month. Waiting for the other two to finish their perspective, she slid closer to the three girls.

“I think – Oh! I’m Calanthe, by the way. Calanthe…,” her eyes grazed over Savannah’s face, making her stumble on her words, “ah…C-Choi.” Clearing her throat, she continued, trying not to look at the witch sitting next to her, “I don’t have much experience in the wizarding world. This is all very new to me. Everything you said up there,” she cast her eyes towards the front of the room instead of Savannah, “it’s the first time I’ve heard any of it. But I think I agree with what you said. About the dark magic bit…”. She stopped her dialogue and took her lips between her teeth. She was sure that this very passionate witch would not want to hear that Calanthe was interested in dark magic for the sole purpose of pissing off her parents. Choosing to drop the topic, she continued, “I mean, the bit about throwing muggle-born magical kids to the dogs. I’m in a situation like that…well, not just like that…but yeah. I see where you’re coming from and I agree with you. I think dark magic is important for us in this day and age.”

Pulling the last sentence out of her behind, she glanced at the girls. “I’ve never had an encounter where I used my magic in front of close-minded muggles, but as an avid user of technology, that kind of thing – capturing magic on camera, I mean – is a real issue. And muggles…yeah, most of them aren’t open-minded.”

Letting out a heavy breath after her words, Calanthe was relieved to have spoken more than a three-word sentence that wasn’t filled with utter hate. Gathering her hands that motioned in the air as she spoke, she looked down at them once more. Though not before peeking at Savannah in the corner of her eye.

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@Savannah Rose @Illowy Magnard @Sylvie Maple and @Calanthe Choi (and all those who are in the group speaking that I might have missed)
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Alexx still wasn't sure why she was attending, or what she was doing here. None of this made a whole lot of sense to her. Well, it was mostly simple. Alexx wanted to learn. There were things that students were capable of finding on their own accord; things that professors wouldn't so willingly spit out to them while in the classroom.

While Alexx was more in tune with her leadership skills than she was her follower skills, she would listen to the girl who appeared to be organizing this whole thing.

At first, Alexx didn't want to speak out. She'd just sit and listen. The professor in the room made it all the more uncomfortable, too. What could she say? What couldn't she say? Did she have to be extra careful about her words? How confidential was this meeting, anyway?

Alexx stood with her back to the wall, narrowed eyes studying anyone who spoke. What an odd bunch of kids who had gathered. Boy, would Ami and Reid think she was weird for joining this... Group. But she couldn't help but feel intrigued. It was true that Alexx was different from other kids her age. Different as in... She thought different.

Walking up to the girl running the place, she crossed her arms, keeping her distance. Alexx was still hesitant. But she would make her presence know to all those in the surrounding area. Swaggering over to the small grou that had already formed, she tilted her head, listening further. She nodded at points where she agreed. Finally, she spoke up.

"Especially kids. When they get their powers... They're so excited. They don't know any better. But who is to say that accidental slip won't expose us? Hurt those of us who do know better? Muggles are famous for retaliating against our kind. But the truth is, they simply don't stand a chance against any one of us. I speak merely from a Pureblood point of view, however. But it's up to us, anyway. The next generation. You're absolutely right; we have the ability to make a change."Alexx said this in sort of a nonchalant sort of manner. It was all too casual. All too natural. Part of her couldn't even fathom that she was actually saying any of this... Some of her closest friends were muggle-born! And to accuse them of such a careless attitude... What would they think?

What her friends didn't know won't hurt them.

None of them were here, anyway. They probably didn't even know what all was happening here tonight! It was safer to hide in the shadows for now... She couldn't imagine that any of them would easily accept these new found ideals.

Truth be told, Alexx didn't endeavor in politics much. She didn't really care. If she had to fight to keep her world concealed, so be it. If not, then why waste her time worrying over something that wouldn't even happen?

But then she thought about it. Why would there be societies, such as this one, if there wasn't a threat? If there wasn't any danger? Someone must know something or at least suspect something, otherwise, no one would be making a fuss over this. Deep down, Alexx knew that there had to at least be something that even she didn't know about. The brilliant but damaging thing about being sheltered in the magic world was that she couldn't always keep up with muggle affairs. All she could do now is work her way up the chain of command, if at all possible. Alexx wanted to know if something were happening. Alexx wanted to be ready.

Whatever the cost.

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The leader of this meeting asked people if they had any questions. Santario didn’t exactly have questions as of this time but she definitely wanted to get to know her better. However, the girl was mobbed by other students already and that was just something she decided not to get into the middle of just yet. It was then that her sharp sapphire eyes found Dale the only person here who she had actually known and her only friend. He would certainly be the entrance point into speaking to the people she wanted to speak with. Not that she didn’t adore her friend, but she had bigger game to hunt so to speak. She moved her head to the right until a sweetly sick popping noise occurred and repeated on the other side before pushing herself off of the wall and walking across the room.

Those Keen eyes of hers where glued on the leader listening to every word she said as Santario made her way across the room skirting passed the professor she had yet to meet and all of the other students. She would approach Dale and Tatianna from their non crowded side. “Hello, Dale I didn’t expect to find you here.” Her voice was quiet and soft as a feather drifting on a breeze, yet it held an intensity that made it seem like she could always be heard even through a noisy crowd. Her eyes fell to Tatianna a girl she had only ever seen once and although she had heard her name spoken, she could not remember it. She would extend her porcelain hand with slender fingers out to Tatianna in greeting. “Hello, I am Santario Martin.” She spoke with formality ringing with the air of someone who grew up constantly being told what was and was not proper.

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Dale was quite impressed with how fast Tatiana and Savannah's friendship progressed. They seemed like friends who knew each other for years, yet Dale knew they had only known each other for a few weeks. "T-That's quite impressive." He said to Tatiana while nodding his head. Dale realized that almost all of his friends were in this society, that thought made him happy, he would get to spend more time with him. He did not want to have a repeat of his first year, he had talked to very few people during his first year, mostly due to his extreme shyness and his own obsession with his studies. This year was would be different, he had joined a club, and he was much more prepared for his classes this year.

As Dale looked around the room he couldn't help but notice a certain red-haired girl, Marla Quinlan, his first encounter with her wasn't the best. She had confused Dale with someone else, this someone had apparently been spreading the rumor that she had "mutated cooties", He would never say something so... childish. He let it go, simply because he didn't want to get too much on the girl's bad side. But she seemed a bit... off, she seemed to walk strangely and talk funny. Dale narrowed his eyes, was she tired, maybe all the decorating and planning had taken a toll on her, that or she was... drunk. He sighed, what a dumb though, how would she even get a hold of alcohol, but he decided to ask Tatiana just in case. "Umm, is Marla... drunk? " he asked in a quiet voice, the last thing Dale wanted was for Marla to hear him, who knows what the mad girl would do to him if she thought he was insulting her.

When Dale finished asking his question he saw a familiar face approaching him, Santario, she was another person he considered a friend, and he was happy she was had joined the soceity. "Hello Santario, I didn't expect you to be here either." He said with a chuckle. "Do you plan to send Savannah an owl later?" He asked Santario.

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Ruby had arrived with time to spare – after all, she was never late – and had simply blended into the shadows since then. Her attire was definitely on the formal side, which wasn't unusual for someone of her family's blood status and wealth. Her clothes were spotless and as perfect as her posture from years of being taught to be that way. Personally, she felt a bit like just abandoning all the traditions and all her family's wishes, especially over something as trivial as clothes, but she still knew the importance of first impressions and to dress cleanly, properly, and impeccably – no matter how much part of her might prefer to be running around in a casual shirt and shorts, having fun and probably getting dirty along the way. Sadly, that would not be the case, and at least there was still a good part of her that thrived on formalities.

The Dark Witch Society had been something that had definitely intrigued the young Slytherin. An opportunity to learn was always appreciated by someone with such a deep thirst for knowledge. This could offer her proper access to information that she might not be able to have otherwise, so of course she was going to take part in it. It simply wouldn't do to be unbalanced in her studies of all sides of magic (and other subjects) by only focusing on the "light" side. Despite the whole stigma around dark magic, it was slightly misunderstood. Many "dark" spells could be used for good purposes – intent mattered. That wasn't to say that they should be dismissed as being harmless, though, there were certainly reasons why things were this way, but proper education free from much bias would be a nice step that could be taken. Ruby wanted to see all points of view and not have her power limited to just one side of magic, so the logical conclusion was to learn about what could be slightly nasty stuff too.

Her curiosity had certainly got the better of her and had landed her in this first meeting. When the three leaders entered the room, Ruby was absolutely shocked and couldn't stop staring – not because of the way they looked or were dressed, or because of the way they held themselves so confidently in a manner not unlike her own, but because one of them was Marla. There was initially confusion as she tried to squint past the large hat, but there was still no mistaking that face. The face of her best friend. What was she doing here? Why had Ruby not known? Her heart pounded as a sense of betrayal entered the mix of emotions. After all the time they had spent together near the end of the year, their day out to the Leaky Cauldron, the memories they had already made together and the bond they had created… all of that and more, for this? For Marla to walk beside this new girl probably with a sense that this was her place in the world?

It hurt. It hurt more than Ruby would ever admit, especially after the emotions she had already dealt with this summer. Marla, the few other rare friends she had made, and three of Ruby's cousins had been all that kept her going, allowing her to push through all the jealousy and hatred that had plagued her. Those same feelings that had already managed to become so familiar to her were present once more as she stared at the girl beside Marla, the one who was leading this. Some first year had stolen her best friend? Her fists clenched slightly, yet she managed to show no other sign of emotion. Internally, though, she was seething. She wasn't and would never be good enough for her parents and the majority of her family – she never had been, and she hadn't had parental love growing up. But that was one thing, and she had managed to cope with it. You can't miss what you've never had, right? This was different. This was a whole new level. The only friends she had had before coming to Hogwarts were her favorite cousins – she had pushed everyone else away or scared them, always being too "different" to the rest of them. She had gone most of her first year without making any friends, too.

Meeting Marla had been the best thing to ever happen to her. She had felt like the redhead was perfect for her. They had understood each other and had seemed to click very quickly, but clearly it was for nothing and the other girl didn't feel the same. How could she? Ruby's doubts had been right all along. She would never be good enough for anyone, no matter what she did or how hard she worked. She was tempted to walk out of the room right then and there, but the first year started speaking and Ruby stayed to listen. On the first day of school this year, she had taken a notebook to the sorting ceremony and had jotted down all the first years' names and houses, adding observations about their mannerisms and a quick sketch if she had time. This meant that she managed to remember that this one was called Savannah Rose and was a Gryffindor.

Savannah's speech was… interesting, both in terms of the content and the choice of words. Ruby took a moment to process it and commit it to memory – she would definitely write it down and properly analyze it after the meeting ended. Some parts definitely appealed to her, but Ruby was deeply familiar with the strategies that were being used. The basics were manipulation and the kind of cleverly charismatic promises that were made by revolutionaries needing followings and supporters – whether these "revolutionaries" were "good" or "bad", most of what they used were the same techniques. The speech made Ruby skeptical and cynical, and she thought that some of it was slightly ridiculous. Yet, despite that, there was definitely some truth to it, and Ruby couldn't help but feel somewhat attracted by the idea of it all. Past the jealousy and partial hate, there was a gleam of respect and perhaps even slight liking for this girl. Loyalty was a rare commodity, and not one she intended to give away easily. She would need to know more before she made a decision.

Ruby continued to observe from the edge of the room, blending in wherever she could, going mostly unnoticed. Calculating, analyzing, gathering information by studying the way people acted and who they talked to, what they said. Her blue eyes reminiscent of ice shards flicked around the room, taking in as much as she could and helping her to always stay alert. If nothing in particular caught her interest, she would leave the meeting and owl Savannah.
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@Illowy Magnard @Calanthe Choi @Sylvie Maple @Marla Quinlan

It wasn’t long before Savannah found herself inundated with conversation. The 11-year-old flourished under the attention, belly warming as she finally received the recognition she deserved. Sharpening her own theories and beliefs against the minds of other bright witches would do nothing but make her stronger. Savannah sucked down a calming breath, rolls her shoulders and relaxing some. "Correct me if I'm wrong.” Illowy began "but you don't truly believe that Muggles and Wizards can live in harmony, do you? Muggles have a need for control and stability and revealing magic to them will throw them into a complete panic." Savannah nodded along as the girl spoke, brown eyes focused on the details of her face. "Granted, there are some who are open minded, like those who knowingly marry into a wizarding family and have children... but those who are closed minded, who are afraid, they are a danger to themselves and to us and would potentially spark a war between the two sides."

“Not at all. Historically,” she found herself repeating similar words that she shared with a puny little Ravenclaw some weeks ago “—Muggles have only sought to only destroy foreign civilizations. Even now they treat their own kind like animals, leading and trapping certain populations with an iron bit and barbed fencing.” Savannah shook her head some, eyes tired despite the rush of excitement she had experienced not even a few hours earlier. “Our populations need to remain entirely separate, at least until the Wizarding world has strengthened itself to a formidable height. But even then, just knowing of our existence would send them into a rage-blind panic.” Savannah finished her sentence with a light sneer, lip curling in disgust at how human beings treated their own kind. She thought of the Mexican Immigrants in American-Muggle camps, suffering and dying. She thought of the abuses Syrian Muggle Immigrants had to endure in their own country. It made her heart sad and if that’s what muggles would to their own-kind, only Merlin knew what they would try to do to Witches and Wizards—a whole other species unto itself.

Savannah then turned her attention to the blonde-haired girl, shaking her hand firmly as it was offered. Her touch didn’t linger, palm with drawing as easily as she offered it. The blonde kindly shared her own experience with displaying magic in front of muggles. "Also, I don't think I've introduced myself before. I'm Sylvie Maple," the politeness was refreshing. Wizards and Witches, for all their pomp and circumstance, seemed to spend very little time on teaching their children basic manners. At least, that wasn’t what happened in Sylvie’s case. The girl was rather petite, a part of Savannah was certain that she’d be able to lift the girl and toss her out the window without much trouble. “Savannah Rose,” she offered back with a kind smile. The girl was easy to like, it seemed almost effortless on her part. Though she couldn’t help but turn her eyes away from the potential political sect members, and back towards Marla Quinlan. The girl had decided to open her big mouth, "Good evening, good sir. How are you on this fine evening?" The blonde wished she could just make Marla disappear. Or at the very least, sober up.

Savannah’s attention was captured once more, when the black-haired Asian girl who had been burning holes into the side of her face, decided to speak. “I think – Oh! I’m Calanthe, by the way. Calanthe…,” a bemused smile danced on her black lips, one eyebrow rising sharply in question.
“Oh no lassie’, don’t tell me you forgot.” Savannah muttered, her eyes kind. Calanthe looked away, before spluttering out the rest of her sentence.

“There we go. Savannah Rose,” she introduced herself again, offering her hand to shake. When the girl reacted too slowly to take the offered gesture, Savannah just snaked her hand into Calanthe’s own and gave it a firm squeeze. The girl seemed…wound up. Nervous. High-strung. Savannah couldn’t fathom why. It wasn’t like she had sacrificed someone in the front of the class, she had just given a little speech. The girl rambled on some, Sav’s ears perking up when Calanthe described her own muggle-born experience.

“I mean, the bit about throwing muggle-born magical kids to the dogs. I’m in a situation like that…well, not just like that…but yeah. I see where you’re coming from and I agree with you. I think dark magic is important for us in this day and age.”

Savannah nodded along, giving some affirmation that she had heard the girl speak. “You know, I haven’t exactly figured it out yet, but I would like to develop a magical tracking system for Muggle-Born Magical children.” She wet her lips. “I would like to study spell crafting. The creation of a spell, that can isolate magical children in the muggle populace, and make them easier to be found and relocated—far before their 11th birthday."

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