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The Dark Witch Society  Private Group   Closed 


Location: The Highlands of Scotland, Hogwarts Castle.
Time:  9:12 PM
Date: September 9th.

Those who had stumbled across the mysterious witch in the courtyard of the leaky cauldron had the following message whispered into their ears: “Once you reach Hogwarts, come to the unlocked classroom on the second floor. The first meeting will occur when the moon is in the phase of the waxing crescent. Arrive 10 minutes after sunset. Tell no one.”

Most of the interested students did as they were told, and only the best suited for membership arrived early. The classroom itself was dimly lit with black candles. It was clear that the room was rarely used, a thick layer of dust covering most surfaces. At the rear of the classroom was a large window that had been raised high enough to let a cool breeze trickle in every now and again. The moon, while visible from the window, wasn’t at its strongest--barely visible in its waxing crescent stage. Yet they welcomed her to look in on their first meeting of the year. In a silver bowl, resting on a desk near the window was a bundle of sage.

The herb was burned at one end, its thick, heady aroma hung heavily in the air as if its cleansing smoke had been purposely dragged through the room. When the wind blew some of the sweet-smelling smoke was teased through the window and out into the night air. White Lace cloth was draped over every odd surface and while it didn’t make the classroom feel more welcoming, it did add to the complete peculiarity of it all.

Some witches chattered among themselves, nervous with excitement. Others were too paranoid to converse, more focused on the clock. The minutes seemed to slowly drag by, not moving fast enough for the young ladies (and some gentlemen) that sat in near-complete darkness.

It wasn’t until 9:22 PM, exactly 10 minutes after sunset, that three young witches walked into the classroom.

With Tatiana Crane and Marla Quinlan at her side, it was safe to say that Savannah felt invincible. Her dear friends gave her strength and It showed in her walk, back straight, chin tilted upwards with a slight smile on her lips that promised nothing but trouble. To Savannah’s right stood Tatiana. The blue-eyed girl wore an ornate white lace shirt, the bottom tucked neatly into a black skirt. Around her neck hung a glitter moon-stone necklace, that seemed to eagerly catch the candlelight.

To Savannah’s left, stood Marla. The flaming haired Gryffindor wore a black witch’s hat with a low brim, her eyes were hidden from view and rivers of red cascading in rivulets down her shoulders and back. The dress she wore was predominantly black, with thick white collars around the neckline and wrists.  The three young ladies were eager to make a notable first impression on their fellow club members. After all, you only got one chance to make a first impression.


Savannah stood at the front of the dimly lit classroom with a pensive expression on her sharp features, dark brows furrowed some and her black-painted lips had been pursed into a thin line. She appraised the young wizards and witches that stood before her, eyes glittering like axinite gems with evidence of her own exhaustion creasing beneath. “I’ll admit,” she began in a gentle tone, projecting her voice from the front of the classroom to the back, “I spent days agonizing over what exactly I would say to you all.”

Savannah didn’t pace rather she stood stiffly. Back straight, shoulder’s square and her chin high. She had nothing to be ashamed of; not her dress—the finest thing she owned, even though the white lace fabric was in tatters and had aged more into an off-beat yellow. Wild, purposeful threads of fabric tickled her upper arms, the dress itself halting somewhere just above the knee, thinner rivulets of white fabric hung lower. “Then I realized, that the best answer is always the simplest one.” Her dress was no more worn then the black leather Doc Martens she wore on her feet. The girl had no holder for her wand, so she kept it gripped in her nimble hand. It was her lifeline, the pulse that connected her to this wondrous world.

“The truth is, that this—The Dark Witch Society, is simply the tip of the iceberg.” Savannah’s expression didn’t break, having settled into a more relaxed but colder expression. The 11-year-old kept herself protected behind emotional walls and she wasn’t going to tear them down unless she thought she was absolutely safe to do so. “I believe that dark magic is no different from light magic, simply another extreme on the broad spectrum we have been gifted.” Savannah gestured dismissively with one, black clawed hand.“This club will serve as a place of intellectual stimulation, where we all can learn more about the area of magic that has been hidden away from us out of fear and prejudice.”  A pink tongue darted out, dampening the inner pink side of her bottom lip. “Where young witches and wizards can find camaraderie in their fellow students.”

Savannah looked back, at the Latin phrase scratched into the chalkboard with white chalk.

Condemnant quo non intellegunt.

“They will condemn, what they do not understand.” Savannah turned her gaze back to the students that had gathered before her. “And you ought to commit that phrase to memory. Because as a member of this society, you will be condemned and likely hated by those too ignorant to ever understand you.” Her jaw flexed in mild irritation. Sometimes, magical people could be so disappointing. “I am offering a place of solace. Kindred souls that will understand you—even if you disagree, so that you never feel alone.” Her voice didn’t waver. That was the truth and she would stand by her words.

“But, that’s not all I’m here to do at Hogwarts.” A sly smile split her face, her black lipstick contrasting sharply with her white teeth.

“I firmly believe that there are Witches among us—yes, witches and only witches,” she cast an apologetic glance at her dark-haired friend in the front row “That would be capable of instigating change on a far larger scale. Not just within Hogwarts.” Dale Kurt had quickly burrowed his way into her heart, his very presence worked wonders to soothe her ire whenever it bubbled over. There was a certain innocence about the taller boy that made him easy to trust and subtle cunning that made her curious about the inner workings of his young mind.

“I’m a simple witch, with simple goals. Politically, I am going to revolutionize Wizarding infrastructure and government. We possess the basics of a barely functioning government," She had the urge to pull up a map and compare and contrast the wizarding world with other, more functional societies, but they were pressed for time. "--But where are the social services? Who in our government is speaking for us? Who there is protecting kids like us, who don’t have the luxury of two loving magical parents? Who in our government—gives a damn about any of us? The Wizengamot is comprised of Wealthy and Powerful Lords from the oldest magical families.” A fire had been ignited behind her eyes and as her passion grew, her volume increased. “They don’t understand what it’s like to be magical in a world full of muggles that hate you, simply because you’re different. They are indifferent to the sufferings of everyday witches and wizards and that—” Savannah wet her lips,

“--That will end with me.” She hissed through gritted teeth, enraged by the very thought of how their society operated. “These wealthy families amass hordes of dark magical books and objects, then in the very same breath they limit OUR education to only light magic—these people are systematically crippling new generations of witches and wizards! They want us WEAK.” Savannah slammed her fist down onto the wooden surface of a desk. Her accent had thickened at this point, her tongue untamed.

“Our government implements the International Statute of Secrecy in 1692 to protect us from muggles and then they abandon magical children to their muggle families, doomed to spend the most important years of their lives in ignorance and fear.” She stepped closer, eyes alight and brows knitted with a mixture of anger and concern. "People, it is 2019. It has been 327 YEARS since our government has done anything else to protect us from muggles!" Savannah desperately hoped that she wasn't alone in her disbelief. Their government was blatantly inadequate and she couldn't be the only one that cared. Could she?

“For Witches and Wizards to ever be able to adequately deal with a potential muggle threat, we need to be proficient in both dark and light magic." Savannah remained leaning over the desk, eyes boring into the faces of every witch and wizard present. "Not just me, or the faces in this room but everyone. When the day comes that some kid snaps a picture of their muggle-born friend performing accidental magic, and that day will come, we need to be prepared to deal with the violent backlash that may follow. Our society cannot handle another war, not with the state that we are in.” Savannah shook her head sadly, lips twisting. “That’s why I will ask those who are worthy, to join me on this mission to save the Wizarding world, from itself.” She finished in a quieter tone, cheeks flushed and heart racing in her chest.

“Any witch who believes she is worthy to take on such a cause, will have to endure four trials that will test her intelligence, bravery, cunning and above all—” she eyed a witch in Hufflepuff robes “--her loyalty.” Savannah cast a suspicious glance back at the classroom door. “If you’re interested in joining me, you will need to send me an owl tonight. And then, and only then, will you receive further instructions from me.”  Savannah took a steadying breath, her truth now finally out in the open.

The blonde-haired girl stood up straight and ran a calming hand through her own wavy hair. She glanced at the watch on her wrist, head snapping up sharply as she shared a look between her two friends. Quickly the trio dispersed. From behind a dusty desk, they grabbed their school robes and pulled them over top of their dresses. Together, the three girls lit the rest of the hanging candles in the room--standing on the desks and using multiple long candles to share fire with the unlit ones. Savannah Jumped down from a desk and skirted about the perimeter of the room, snatching up the white lace cloths and ornate objects that had previously decorated the room. Tatiana and Marla yanked open the unused storeroom door and Savannah placed the items inside, a grin on her face all the while. Quickly and easily, the ambience of the room changed. The heavy atmosphere lightened, and a peal of excited laughter left Savannah’s lips. The three girls finally collapsed into chairs, just moments before Professor MacTavish pulled open the classroom door.

"Good evening Professor MacTavish," called a sweet voice. If you hadn't been watching her, you wouldn't have known that the innocent-sounding voice had belonged to Savannah Rose herself. They were going to revolutionize the world and one day, there would be no more secrets.

But for now, what the Professors didn't know couldn't hurt them.

If you are receiving this letter, it is because you have demonstrated an interest in joining The Order of the Rose, a sect of the Dark Witch Society that will dedicate themselves to the revolution of the Wizarding World. The trials revolve around collecting vital potion ingredients. They may be completed in groups; however, every individual must collect their own ingredients. Failure to collect your own ingredients will result in being disqualified.

Ingredients List:

Collect (1) Night-Blooming Cereus Flower, from the tallest tree on Hogwarts Grounds. The Night-blooming cereus is in season from July to October.

Collect (1) human bone that is at least 3 inches thick. I suggest you take the bone from someone who doesn’t need it anymore. The knight bus will aid in your travels to a Graveyard that will suit your purposes.

Sneak into the den of a Mother fox and steal one handful of nesting material. Careful, if caught, the mother fox will show no mercy.

Lastly, travel to the Chelsea Physic Garden in London and collect 4 leaves from the Orange Persian Buttercup. But be careful, not every rose, is a rose, is a rose.

Ladies, you have until the 23rd to complete these tasks. I hope you all succeed in your endeavours.

- Savannah Rose

OOC: Hello interested witches!  These ingredients are what you will need to collect for a very important potion. Please assume that your character notified Savannah of their interest via owl after this event, and your character received the aforementioned ingredients list. The ingredients are not based on HP lore, they are real-world items.

For every ingredient, please show how your character is embodying one of the traits taken from the four Hogwarts houses. To make things a little easier, I purposely geared certain ingredients towards certain traits, but you are welcome to mix it up! So long as those four ingredients are collected.

If it’s unclear, your character will have to rob a grave (or some other method) to collect human bone for a potion. This ethical issue will be a symbol of loyalty.

Also, you may form groups if you would like to roleplay the collection processes out with other people. But please remember, just because you’re in a group, does not mean your individual character does not have to collect their own ingredients. You can work together, but please do your own heavy lifting.

Lastly, I expect that there will be multiple threads depicting these collections due to the varying settings, but you are welcome to use one thread and write the location change in on your post. Please use [DWS TRIALS] as a bracket in your header, so I know what’s what.

Have fun and Enjoy!!

**Where I got my information on the Statute of Secrecy. HP wiki.

******I have @Marla Quinlan & @Tatiana Crane 's permission to use them in my post**********
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First impressions are everything, everyone who was anyone had heard the phrase before, and Tatiana was not about to mess this one up. She looked at her reflection in the mirror of the girls' bathroom, fastening the top button of her shirt before tucking it in. She wore a delicate white lace shirt with sleeves that gathered around her wrist before flaring out, tucked into a simple black skirt that fell just passed her knees- both pieces she'd found at a used vintage clothing shop she frequented with her mother. The rest of her ensemble was completed by a pair of black ankle boots and a moonstone pendant on a long metal chain hanging around her neck. She brushed her hair out of her face, tucking it behind her ear as she took a step backwards for a final look.

It was a bit classier than her usual attire, but something about seeing herself dressed up like this made her feel good, more confident. While they hadn't exactly coordinated outfits for tonight's affair, the black and white color scheme was suggested. Though maybe not intentionally symbolic, it did feel fitting, as part of their purpose was to discuss and educate on the matters of both dark and light magic. Taking in a deep breath, she closed her eyes briefly before slowly exhaling. Tonight was the night, and she was ready. Grabbing her wand from where it was sitting on the counter, she tucked it into one of her deep side pockets, a feature that had ultimately convinced her to buy this otherwise rather plain skirt in the first place. Without a second look back at her reflection, she exited her dormitory and set off to meet up with the others.
• • • • • •
The three girls walked in sync as they made their way down the long second floor corridor, Tatiana on Savannah's right side, and Marla on her left. She hadn't known either girl for very long, but felt closer to them than she did most other students she'd befriended in the last year. Marla, a fiery young Gryffindor with hair to match, and Sav, of the same house, with an equally fierce temperament and strikingly good looks. Both were strong minded individuals with conviction, traits Tatiana respected and hoped to emulate. She stood upright with her chin high, walking in line with them made her feel powerful. A sly grin formed on her lips as she thought about the meeting to come and the opportunities the club was hoping to provide for them, and students like them- like minded individuals looking for community and a greater sense of purpose.

The air was heavy with the thick scent of burning sage, the aroma wafting out of the room and down the hall, growing stronger as they approached. Decorations had been set ahead of time, as to greet and immerse the newcomers with an ambiance while they waited to see what was in store for them. The sun having just set, they made their arrival as promised, just on time. The room looked perfect, dimly lit with candles and covered in lace. Feminine. Dark. Mysterious. The latin phrase written on the board read, 'Condemnant quo non intellegunt', or 'they will condemn, what they do not understand'. A fitting description of the injuries they'd gotten about the society and it's ideals prior to holding this introductory meeting. As Sav took her place at the front of the room, eager eyes watching them closely, Tatiana took her place at her side, holding her hands together in front of her.

Tatiana smiled wide as Savannah explained why they'd gathered, and what their intentions for the group were. Between looking out at the faces to gauge their interest and reactions, she admired the girl out of the corner of her eye as she spoke. Her ideas were immense and ambitious, and the politics were sound. Tatiana was always inclined to help people, and upon learning of Savannah's ideas and hopes for the future, knew that this path would take her down a road where she'd be able to do just that, but on an even larger scale than she'd ever imagined. As her speech wrapped up, their time running short, Savannah finished her introduction and turned to the two girls at her side, giving them an understood look. The moment for dark and mysterious has passed, and it was time to put on their friendly faces before their guest arrived.

The three girls silently rushed around the room, using the long already burning candles to light the remaining unlit ones. As they did, the room brightened and the shadowy atmosphere lifted, creating a more inviting environment. Savannah walked around the room in long strides, collecting the objects that had been decorating the space, before quickly storing them in the closet. Taking their seats in the vacant chairs, the room was transformed just in time for their appointed supervisor to walk in. "Evening, Professor MacTavish," Tatiana smiled warmly, greeting the Herbology professor as he strode through the door. It's not that he wasn't trustworthy, in fact, he was one of Tatiana's favorite professors- teaching one of her favorite subjects probably helped. But, some things were better left unmentioned. And besides, better to ask forgiveness than for permission.

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“Once you reach Hogwarts, come to the unlocked classroom on the second floor. The first meeting will occur when the moon is in the phase of the waxing crescent. Arrive 10 minutes after sunset. Tell no one.”

The night before departing to Hogwarts, a million things rushed through Calanthe’s head. The pounding of her heart did not allow her any sleep and she laid awake into the morning. She was able to think about a lot during that time, but the cloaked figure was at the vanguard of her wild imagination. Firm in her resolve to attend this meeting for potential dark witches, Calanthe snuck into the family’s computer room at 3AM, deftly avoiding the yellow glow of the lit kitchen. Logging onto the internet, she typed waxing crescent september 2019.
Arriving at the abandoned classroom just before sunset on the cool Monday night, Calanthe wondered if she had better things to do. She did have those exciting lecture notes on imps to read through and –

Shut up.

Stepping across the threshold into the classroom while silently chastising herself, it took a moment for Calanthe the register the forceful wave of sage infiltrating her senses. The minty scent was dense, reminding her of the basement at home where her father burned different herbs to set the mood for a new campaign. A few short breaths was all she needed to take a liking to the scent, purposefully breathing in deeply to let the aroma entice her tongue.

What a mistake that was. Her inhalation irritated a surface of dust nearby and the undetectable bundles made their way into her throat. Breaking into labored coughs, Calanthe turned away from those milling about the classroom to catch herself and wipe away the tears making their way down her cheeks. Embarrassed by the ordeal and failing to meet the eyes of the other students once she faced them, the girl was thankful for the interruption in the thoughts about her father. She was here to get away from her parents, was she not?

As the sun finally set, Calanthe slinked towards a dark corner of the room once more students filed in, taking advantage of the cover that the dim surroundings provided her. The classroom was surely creepy, matching the vibe of the Leaky Cauldron’s courtyard at night. The raising volume of chatter offset an unsettled feeling within the girl’s stomach. She did not join in to the conversations, particularly because she knew no one in the room and as much as she wanted to make friends, she decided to hold back, a bit more than usual, in this unknown setting.

After shifting on her feet uncomfortably for the next few minutes, Calanthe’s eyes were drawn to the front of the room as three witches walked in. They were uncanny and obviously in charge. Their lacy clothes matched the adornments in the room and added to the eerie atmosphere, making her feel under-dressed in her dark sweater and jeans. Upon closer inspection, the clothing reminded Calanthe of her old wardrobe filled with sophisticated dresses and lacy patterns. Though the girls at the anterior looked nothing like she did with their commanding presence, beguiling the gathered students.

The girl in the middle – Calanthe did not know her name but her hazy memory did recall her from their first night in the Gryffindor common room – started slowly, explaining the reason for establishing the club. One word kept the excitement from building in Calanthe.


In other words, the thing she came to Hogwarts with a mind of avoiding.

But how bad could it be? Camaraderie with kids who want to learn dark magic does not sound terrible.

Lost in her thoughts, Calanthe was quickly pulled back into the moment as Savannah was difficult to ignore. She exuded an impressive aura that made her words stick to Calanthe’s ears like glue. The half-blood was not from this world. She knew nothing about the wizarding government or wizarding families other than the Yangs. And yet, Savannah’s compelling speaking ability caused her to listen intently, getting angered on behalf of the brown-skinned witch.

It’s not that Calanthe could not relate – her own problems with her family rung true to Savannah’s rigmarole about kids without loving magical parents – but she could not deny that Savannah’s issues with the government were alien to her.

She would have lost interest if it was not for Savannah’s impression. Her anger towards the wizarding government was simply infectious. The words escaping her lips painted a picture of wizards being held down and restricted  and their only method of escape was revolution. Her words wrapped around Calanthe's head, effectively enchanting her. She could only see Savannah in that moment; the rest of the room had melted away. The witch at the back of the classroom was not even able to register how hard she was gritting her teeth, fingers opening and closing rapidly. Oh, her parents would hate this.

Feeling the same sort of racing intensity as her encounter at the courtyard, Calanthe’s disappointment at the end of the speech was palpable. When the girls dispersed, lighting candles around the classroom, Calanthe could not take her eyes of Savannah. She eased out of the way so Savannah could reach a lace decoration, gaze locked on the taller witch. Calanthe probably looked like a starstruck freak at that moment, but she didn’t care. It took the door to the classroom opening as the Herbology professor walked in for Calanthe to painstakingly tear her eyes away.

It was not the last time she looked towards the witch that night; Calanthe stole glances for the entire evening, praying – begging – for her to return the gesture.
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Sylvie had her arms around herself as she looked around the classroom. She recognized many of the people there. Some were acquaintance, some were friends. She hadn't really made any enemies during the last school year, contrasting with the dozens of girls at her old school who most likely wanted her dead. It seemed like making an effort to be nice to everyone she met no matter what was working.

She smiled as she stood in the crowd of witches and wizards, awkwardly looking around the classroom, which looked like it'd been abandoned for some time. She looked to the front of the classroom where three girls stood. One of them she recognized as Tatiana, one of the girls in her friend group. It looked like she was helping run the group. In the middle was a girl Sylvie didn't recognize. She wore a white lace dress which looked a bit worn out. It was obvious she was the leader of the group. She had a strong presence in the room. The middle girl started to speak. 
“I’ll admit, I spent days agonizing over what exactly I would say to you all.”
The girl in the middle stood still as she addressed the room. She didn't seem nervous at all. That was something Sylvie found admirable. The girl continued talking and started on a rant about taking down the statue of secrecy. Sylvie payed close attention to what the girl was saying and when she mentioned muggle borns and muggles, she twitched, thinking of what could've happen with her and her friends. At the end, the girl told them to send her an owl if they were interested in joining the secret group that she's mentioned during the speech. 

This group was for only girls, and Sylvie just so happened to be a girl. Not just any girl, a curious girl. Sylvie was also a girl who hated being left out of things, especially things her friends were a part of, which led her to the decision of trying to join the secret group, which was most likely a cult. She planned to write the letter later that night. "Hopefully I don't have to do anything too extreme to get in. I mean, we won't be stabbing people, right?!?" She thought, an involuntary shiver going down her spine. 
"Good evening Professor MacTavish,"
Sure enough, the herbology professor was there. The middle girl's tone had completely changed. From the looks of things, the professor wasn't supposed to know what the girl in the middle was discussing with the group behind his back. 
OOC: I'm not sure if the members were told what Savannah's name was. If they were I'll edit this post.

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“Once you reach Hogwarts, come to the unlocked classroom on the second floor. The first meeting will occur when the moon is in the phase of the waxing crescent. Arrive 10 minutes after sunset. Tell no one.”
The strange witch's words had been hanging in her mind ever since that night, and she'd been eager to see what exactly all of this was about. However, if her thoughts were correct, she was about to open herself into a world of more options, more power and ability; and that was more then enough to bring the Slytherin to the door of the second floor classroom, albeit earlier then instructed, but there was no shame in punctuality.

Upon entering the dark and dusty room, the girl's pale eyes took in all she could; from the scent of burning sage, to the lace draped over every possible surface, and even to the moon that shone into the darkness like a Cheshire smile. The girl committed each detail to memory.

She found herself at the front of the room as other potentials trickled in as per instruction, watching with intent when the three girls made their entrance. Savannah Rose, a first year she'd seen sorted into Gryffindor during that year's sorting ceremony, then came the Ravenclaw Tatiana she knew from classes, and the lioness herself that had ripped her cousin a new one, Marla Quinlan. Somehow her presence here didn't surprise Illowy a bit.

Pale, icy eyes watched carefully, taking in every angle she could of Savannah's speech; finding herself somewhere in the middle of agreeing and disagreeing with what she had to say. When it came to the SOS, she understood its purpose. It protected their world, preserved their ways. After all, what purpose did they have with Muggle things? If one wished to join the fray of the Muggle world, the SOS didn't prevent it. Just as well, if the entire Muggle society knew of the wizarding world, it would disolve into anarchy, surely. Creatures that desperately craved control and containment could never grasp the idea of what true magic was. They simply lacked the capacity. Hence the statutes purpose entirely.

However, in the same breath, she could get on board with reforming the view on what had been labeled "dark magic"; as well as opening up their education to more dark forces, not with the intention of using them for darkness, but to understand how to best counter it. After all, how to do defeat that which you don't understand?

It was a hurdle to understand where she stood exactly in this array of points and passion. She was torn, but her attention was certainly captured. The need to know more, to expand her own potential and purposefulness was piqued; and the plan to send an owl after this meeting was solidifying in her mind as the three girls dispersed.

The room came to life as the candles around the room were lit, and the girls found their seats as the Professor sponsoring this odd little club took center attention.

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Santario had waiting rather impatiently all day for the time to go to the meeting tonight as her interest had been peaked immensely. She was dressed in just her normal school robes allowing her raven black hair to cascade down her back and her black chucks on her feet. It was twenty minutes before the meeting was scheduled to start but she believed that being on time was being late, so she set off for the classroom. She could smell the sage before she even got to the room as it was something, she recognized the smell of. It was a pure herb and often used for cleansing especially the cleansing of negative energy. “Interesting” She murmured to herself as she approached the door and opened it.

Lace everywhere it appeared someone had the flair for dramatics it wasn’t something that impressed her in anyway shape or form. If you felt the need to be dramatic to prove a point than were you strong enough to carry it through? That was what she was here to find out as so far, this whole thing had been dramatic from the start. She had noticed that a couple of other people were already here, and she enjoyed knowing that she was not the only one. She would find herself a wall to lean against and watch everyone else her piercing eyes observing the small bits of chit-chat that started to form as more people arrived.

She noted that it was exactly the time necessary as the three witches entered the room one, she had seen before during summer camp the other two she did not recognize. This was another dramatic gesture she had seen adults do it all the time. It kept people around them on edge and forced you to pay attention to them more because it made you want to. You had the illusion of free will in that option unless of course you already knew the trick.

She noted how straight and perfect the girl who seemed no older than herself poised herself to be. As the girl continued to talk, she noted on a point that Santario fully agreed with. Dark magic was not different than light magic. San believed that it was all in the intent of the user as to whether or not the deed was inherently good or bad a tickling jinx could still be used as an distraction for more nefarious deeds if the user so intended it to be.

Then the girl slammed her fist down seemingly in a fit of rage over the topic her accent thickening was she possibly losing some control on the reins of her emotions. She was further intrigued by this girl by the end of her speech calming herself down and moving about with the other two to light candles. She followed the girl with her eyes observing her every move and mannerism and very much noted how fake she could be when that sweet voice filtered passed her lips to greet the Herbology professor that walked in.

Santario decidedly would send the girl an owl by the end of the night she wanted to know more. Although she had a distaste for the girls theatrical performance she would be a liar if she said she didn’t want to seek out more of what the girls vision was.

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It's almost 9:22 PM, Blake already had a warm bath, done her works plus some extra reading in the library before going to this meeting. A sly smile on her face, Blake walks to the classroom, her black monk strap boots silently sweeping on the cold stone floor like an autumn breeze, silently crossed before anyone realized that there was someone, something passing by. Wand tucked nicely by the waist belt of her gile, she stepped into the room right at 9:22 and stood with her hip leaning on a desk. Quickly observe the classroom full of black candles and weird decorate white laces. Blake already knows to hide her eyes with the school robe's hood since those vibrant violet eyes are the most recognizable feature on her face.

Blakesly never thought twice about her decisions to join this Dark witch society. There are many reasons why she has that idea. First, this club, or whatever it is, is not dangerous from her point of view. Blakesly had been very cautious of it until the woman in black cloak told her about the first meeting location. Hogwarts, where she's now, and she knows that there's nothing to be fear of as long as it's in Hogwarts, this school's security is much better since the last magical war happened here. And if anything bad happened, she  could always manages an escape plan, playing the victim and tell the teacher to keep her image clean if anything bad happened. Clearly, she has no loyalty whatsoever, which is the most important trait the host stated that she needs. But, well, as she said before, only if this club proves it worthy of her loyalty.

But talk about dangerous, Blake has no hesitant now when she saw the host, a first year. She knows that she shouldn't judge anyone because of their appearances, because Blake herself is an example of that, a heartless monster in the flesh and skin of a human child. But she can feel that this girl, open-minded and enthusiastic for her purpose, the kind of leader that would bring fire to their followers, uses words and passionate to make others willingly follow her. Typical Gryffindor, Blake thought. It's not like she has the incivility to tell, she herself a Gryffindor too, but just because she convinced the hat not to throw her in Slytherin, and she has the feeling that the hat only agreed because Blake has the fearlessness that Gryffindor possesses.

"Condemnant quo non intellegunt"

Blake already knows what that was, since she laid her eyes on the small piece of paper. Her Latin is pretty impressive for kids this age, but just to be sure, Blake checked the dictionary again, a smile drew on her lips when the host explained this, a perfect quote for an open-minded Ravenclaw with part Slytherin in their nature.

She has to state that she isn't very interested in the leader's purpose, she's not afraid of muggle, but the girl has a point, Blake would give that. But unless all these muggle thingy has some bad effect on her and her loved one, like Rudolfa. Which it might be, Blake can't be too sure about that so she goes with the safe option, supports this girl and her purpose so that she can enjoy the benefits of this 'club' in the future. And even if this club won't benefit her of its purpose, then it just might as well be a great source to study dark arts from.

Her smile brightens in the dimly lit room as she lit up a black candle, the glowing firelight shining her ghostly violet eyes. Blake know what these game of mystery about this club is. A way to pursuit others? A little theatrical game they're playing? The feeling of being in control? Or just genuinely to make this world a better place? Blake doesn't care as long as she could milk something out of this girl's club.

The teacher, Herbological teacher came into the room when the girls had finished cleaning all the suspicious deco things, the leader to Blake's surprise, calmly smile and talked to him like nothing was wrong five seconds ago. Ah, a cunning folk, Blake thought as her interest in this society sparked.

Before the teacher or any of the members could recognize her existence, Blake disappeared from the class as she knew that she had heard enough. Tonight, she will send an owl to this interesting girl, Savannah Rose.

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@Calanthe Choi @Marla Quinlan @Illowy Magnard @Sylvie Maple
From her seat, the blonde-haired witch looked around, a coy smile playing at her lips. Excitement had bubbled up in her belly and the adrenaline-fueled emotion didn’t seem to be going anywhere, no time soon. When Marla sat down next to her, Savannah leaned over to mutter something into her ear—probably to tease her about her rocky relationship with the Herbology Professor, when she caught wind of the bitter scent of alcohol. Savannah hesitated, brows knitted some before she used one slender finger to lift the brim of Marla’s hat and looked into her eyes. Dark brown, nearly black eyes bored into a pair of too-large brown ones, the size of Marla’s eyes suggesting an innocence that she knew the girl did not possess.

Savannah was tempted to grab her by her pale little chin and turn her face to the light for easier examination, but she didn’t want to irritate the girl so early into their night. Besides, fussing over her too much was do no good in MacTavish’s presence.

“Embarrass me tonight,” she began in a hushed warning tone, her words heat-less and stained with nagging concern, face close enough to hers that she could smell the fire-whiskey on the red head’s breath. “--and I’ll steal that precious bottle of yours and hide it somewhere on the Grounds.” She removed her finger from the brim of her hat, the nail ghosting over the side of her face to tuck a stray strand of red hair behind her ear. She wasn’t sure if Marla was okay and just in the mood to be reckless, or if there was something bigger going on with the girl. Savannah decided that she would get to the bottom of it one way or another. Her dear friend was far too young to ruin her liver so early on.

She looked away from the other girl, her gaze travelling along the side of Tatiana’s face, before catching the eyes of Calanthe Choi. She knew the girl’s name from the membership list they had stored at the Leaky Cauldron. In fact, she knew many of their names and between the three heads of the wicked trio—, they had managed to assign faces to those names. Savannah spared a glance back at Marla, before getting up and moving further into the crowd. She wanted to socialize, interact and chat and perhaps gauge who’d send her a letter later that evening.

The bleach blonde settled into a chair between Calanthe Choi and Illowy Magnard. Behind them sat a little blonde-haired girl with sun-kissed skin—Sylvie Maple. She was another one with an innocent face. Savanah eyed the Slytherin patch on her robes and was reminded of how deceiving looks could be. The 11-year-old was silently aware of how Calanthe’s eyes had yet to move away from her face, the girl’s gaze—while intense, wasn’t piercing. Savannah could only wonder about what she was thinking.

“It’s ah’ pleasure, ladies.” Savannah greeted softly, turning her chair around so that she faced into the little group of witches. “Does anyone have any questions?” She arched a thick brow, one leg crossing neatly over the other, twirling the walnut wood wand between her fingers. “Or at the very least,” she amended “an opinion?” Savannah hoped so. It would do her no good to lead a flock of sheep. She valued the loyalty of one’s heart & soul as well as the freedom of one’s mind.

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Illowy turned her attention towards the young ringleader as she saw before herself, Sylvie and another first year Illowy was less then familiar with. The snake lifted her chin a bit, analyzing the first year, still trying to figure what exactly the girl's long term angle was; after all, no one made propositions concerning essentially over throwing society as they knew it without a deeper motive.

The snake was someone who had an unwavering gaze; matched with her pale, icy eyes, it almost felt as though she was looking through you more then at you. Perhaps she was in a way. The Slytherin girl liked to think she was fairly good at reading people and weeding out the bad from the good.

As Savannah asked if anyone had and questions or comments, the brunette was less then afraid then open her mouth, "Correct me if I'm wrong." she began, keeping her voice low and frank, catching the drift that they're lovely sponsor was not to know of this groups true intentions, "but are you don't truly believe that Muggles and Wizards can live in harmony, do you? Muggles have a need for control and stability, and revealing magic to them will throw them into a complete panic." she pointed out.

"Granted, there are some who are open minded, like those who knowingly marry into a wizarding family and have children... but those who are closed minded, who are afraid, they are a danger to themselves and to us and would potentially spark a war between the two sides." if Savannah had a suggestion as to how to realistically prevent such a thing, Illowy would be genuinely surprised. What was the point in trying to 'fix' that which didn't seem to broken.

I was told I was dangerous. When I asked why, they said, "Because you don't need anyone." That's when I smiled.
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@Tatiana Crane
Dale had been looking forward to arriving at the first meeting, the robed girl had told him to go to the unlocked classroom on the second floor, it wasn't that hard to find from the smell. The scent of a herb that Dale couldn't quite place was thick in the air. As he walked into the classroom the first thing he noticed was the amount of lace that had decorated the room, Savannah and her two friends had done an amazing job setting the atmosphere. He himself had dressed up for the meeting, he was in a pair of blue jeans with a black belt and a black button-down shirt tucked into the jeans, his tie was a deep red color. As he looked around he could not find any good seats near the back, in fact, the only seat that seemed available were near the very front, he sighed and made his way to the seat and sat down. He put his right leg over his left leg as waited for the meeting to begin.

As he saw Savannah, Tatiana, and the other girl was a person who Dale did not like very much, after all, she did try to beat him up once, but he would let bigons be bigons. He straightened his back as Savannah started to talk she explained what the point of this society was to learn and discuss Dark Magic free of bias. She also explained there was a deeper part of the society, but only for the brightest witches and only witches, Savannah gave him a bit of an apologetic glance, but he wasn't that upset, he was only there to learn and really also spend some time with his friends, so he was fine with it. After that that Savannah went into a fiery speech that only she could pull off. He looked at the chalkboard behind the trio, Condemnant quo non intellegunt, he engraved that phrase into his brain. As she finished up her speech and extended an invitation to the witches who were interested. The trio got up and started to clean up right before professor Mac Tavish walked in, he assumed they were keeping some secrets from the professor. As he got up he recognized some familiar faces, one of them was Santario, she was the last person Dale expected to see here, but he assumed she was here for the same reason as him, to learn. He decided that he wanted to socialize and meet some of the people. He also had some questions for Savannah and Tatiana, so he decided to go get those out of the way first. He made his way over to where Tatiana was sitting and took a seat next to her and "Hello Tatiana." He said with a kind smile, he hadn't really been able to talk to her since there first meeting in the forest, "Are you going to be sending an owl to Savannah later?"
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Professor MacTavish valued his endeavors, as they were always simple and cautious. He was easy to like (or so he thought), but not as easy to do business with. When a young Gryffindor by the name of Savannah Rose greeted him, he would not have otherwise thought much of it. This appeared to be a club meeting, and he had a feeling that he knew more than he should by the time he had stepped through the door. However, he did nod, smiling at her. What more could he do?

This isn't to say that he was a pushover. By all means, he had control over his own actions. His thoughts and ideals were his own, but these did include the premise that no student shall ever be robbed of their ability to learn. They had a sort of free will, and he did not believe that many secrets of the universe should be kept from them. Those who sought a special sort of knowledge were determined, and they would be the ones making a difference in the world one day. He could only smile and appreciate them and their ambition. Secretly, he wished that he would have had that sort of drive and power when he was their age. The enthusiasm amongst these students was radiating, and he enjoyed every bit of it.

While Boniface did not feel bothered by whatever it was that was happening, he did note that some warry eyes were darting his way. Students seemed to fear the elephant in the room, which he understood. But Boniface was not here to punish these poor children; to drag them to their common rooms and demand that they think about what they've done. More than anything, he wished to serve as a guide. Someone that could be easily found, and just as easily spoken to. He wanted for students to like him. To trust him. It was a simple request, but he knew that he would have to put in the required effort. He needed to be on their level.

So after he had stepped in the door, he decided it was time to make himself trusted. "Hello, Miss Rose." He said, smiling. He still wasn't quite sure what was going on. A study group, perhaps? He had his guesses, as noted before, but this was very vague.

To clarify, Boniface didn't know that any of this was happening. Perhaps he was just in the right place at the right time. Just like the children, he wanted to fit in and be loved. Now, he wasn't exactly seeking this out. This opportunity fell into his lap. Whatever he had heard- well, he didn't know what he had heard. It was true that the sound could carry through the doors, so their position was easily given away, long before his foot stepped across the barrier. But he still wasn't sure what this was.

As a muggle-born, Boniface never did experience the same sort of enrichment of knowledge and a power complex that those of magical heritage did. While the same sort of energy coursed through his veins, he was a black sheep to the community. Even to those accepting of him. Whatever it was that those with a magical family had in common, he didn't share it. He would only have to work twice as hard to get just as far; to prove that he was worthy. Maybe that wasn't as applicable this day in age when the world was far more accepting of those that didn't have the same gifts as they did, but he couldn't help but feel that the statement still applied and as true. He didn't mind as much, however. Whatever shenanigans that the nightcrawlers and dungeon dwellers of the pureblooded families got up to were none of his business. Boniface had many of things to occupy himself with. Whatever went on, it happened right under his nose, and he didn't have the energy to be upset about it.

But his curiosity was certainly piqued. Now, he was in a unique position. One of authority. One that was given with age. So he couldn't help but feel the need to ask his student. Any decent professor, one that wanted to keep their job, would. "Am I allowed to ask what the cloak and dagger complex is about, or is this confidential? Ye seem busy, so I won't keep ye waiting. Just curious." A curious eyebrow raised, and his brown orbs scanned those in the room as he tried to piece together what it was that all these students had in common.

Boniface didn't really like for secrets to be kept from him, even if his front claimed that he could care less. He was in on something that maybe he wasn't supposed to be in on. But he at least felt the need to know. Otherwise, it would eat at him for days, maybe even weeks. Trying to egg Savannah on, he spoke again. "Ye know, if ye need any help with club stuff, I'm always available. I'm not sure if I could be of much assistance, but I would happily help ye organize. Just... If ye need an adult figure, an' all." It was the least he could do. All the poor professor wanted was to be liked. Trusted. Enjoyable. His mission was to make all of his students happy and comfortable, in any way that he could. Perhaps this was how?

Sighing, he tried to consider what all was happening.

That was when Miss Tatiana Crane, and exceptional herbology student, one who he found so bright and enjoyable, one who he suspected would go far, spoke up. "Evening, Miss Crane." Boniface beamed at her, happy to see a familiar face. Her stunt with the slugs- well, that would be unforgettable. What a lovely student this was!

He didn't want to hold up the meeting for... For whatever this was, so he would leave if he was deemed an unwelcome visitor.

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Sylvie sat down looking to the front of the classroom where the professor stood. Tatiana and the other two girls sat down. The middle girl who Sylvie had confirmed was the leader had sat in the chair front of her. Next to her was Illowy and another girl first year girl Sylvie didn't recognize. The other first year girl seemed to keep looking over at the leader girl. Were they friends? It didn't seem like it. The leader girl didn't really seem to acknowledge her presence. 
“Does anyone have any questions? Or at the very least, an opinion?”
Sylvie wanted to make a good impression on this girl.  After all, she was the one in charge. Illowy had asked a question about if the girl really thought that muggles would take the news of the wizarding world well. After Illowy had finished, Sylvie said, "I agree with what you said about Muggle borns accidently showing their powers to their friends when they discover them," Sylvie smiled warmly as her green eyes locked with the leader girl's brown. "I believe my sister was there when I discovered my powers for the first time. Luckily she is part of my family and I trust her, also she was too young to really think to much about it." She casually put a piece of her blonde hair behind her ear. "I agree with you that something bad could possibly happen if a muggle-born shows their powers in front of their friends, but I also have to agree with Illowy that unfortunatly there will always be some muggles that will be scared of magic and decide the best way to deal with it is to try and supress or destroy us." Sylvie had lived in the muggle world for most of her life and knew that humans in general were far from perfect. "Hopefully I made a good impression." She thought. "Also, I don't think I've introduced myself before. I'm Sylvie Maple," She held out her hand to the girl, with a tiny giggle and a cute smile.* 
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The Dark Witch Society had drawn a lot of attention since it's recent arrival on campus, though not all of it good. But when Tatiana saw the number of students who had shown up with genuine interest, she was truly impressed. Their cause was something she invested great personal belief in and hoped others would feel the same, but was concerned their message would become muddled or misconstrued- as new, innovative ideas often did. She turned around in her chair, her arm hanging over the back, as she angled herself to better view all the eager faces in the room. A few she recognized, but many she did not. The cast was a diverse one, they had members from all sorts of backgrounds, different blood statuses, and several members from each of the four houses. It made her glad to see they'd drawn the interest of at least a few boys, one of which was a Slytherin named Dale who she'd found out over the summer shared her enthusiasm for herb gathering.

Just as she'd noticed him, he made his way over to her side of the room. "Hi Dale," she smiled back at him, shifting herself to face him and a few students sitting behind her. Savannah was already taking questions and she figured now was as good a time as any to try and socialize a bit with the new members. After taking a seat next to her, Dale inquired about whether she was interested in joining the mysterious inner sect of witches that had been mentioned. "Well Dale," she grinned. "I've actually already joined. I'll be helping to organize the initiation events." She wore a smug look on her face, maybe a bit more prideful of a demeanor than she usually exuded, but being a founding member of something so new and unique made her feel proud.

Overhearing his question, she took a moment to turn back to Boniface. "Thank you for your help, Professor. We'll surely let you know if we need anything and we really appreciate you offering your services," she smiled. Okay, maybe she was laying it on a little thick, and sucking up was one of her less... charming qualities, at least among her classmates. "And nothing to be worried about, just a bit of an aesthetic choice," she giggled, her eyes squinting into small crescents.

She wasn't exactly telling the truth, but a little white lie never hurt anyone. And besides, it's not like they had any sort of evil intentions, just a desire to learn information that was more commonly kept a secret from students, especially ones their age. Now Tatiana wasn't typically one for breaking the rules, but she was also a strong advocate for the freedom to access knowledge, of all kinds. Her parents had instilled in her the importance of questioning everything, and that if she wanted to be a proponent of something, she needed to have all the information. Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and to remove all doubt, they'd told her. She didn't like being wrong, so she'd taken up the habit of only discussing in length things she knew in great depths, and to get all sides of a story before picking a side. How was she to ever form her own opinions on 'dark' magics if the only informations she was ever provided were heavily censored? No, that would just not do. She believed everyone deserved a choice- hopefully an educated one- and by joining this society she hoped that she could help others come to their own conclusions about what was good and bad within the wizarding world.

Speaking to no one in particular, she asked, "What are you all hoping to get out of this community? And, are there any sorts of information you'd like to see us cover?"

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River sat peacefully, watching the flames of a white candle burn gently in the dim-lit dorms of the Ravenclaw common room. There were no one in the room except River herself. It was quiet, peaceful, just how she liked it. She was waiting for the time to pass, as her mind wandered into thinking of the event of the evening.

The strange encounter with the cloaked figure earlier had truly sparked an interest, of which River could not turn down. After all, perhaps she’d find people there who were like her? People who had interests equal to her own.

The Red-headed Ravenclaw had finished all homework early that day, eager to get to the time mentioned in the letter she’d recieved.

When the time neared, River got up, carefully pinced the small flame out, and began her walk to the classroom where she’d be meeting the others.

As River entered the doors she’d rarely been through before, she was met with a sight unlike she’d imagined. Things were so mysterious, the whole room left a very peculiar feeling. And the air, it was scented with something quite familiar to River, sage, she thought, as her lungs filled with the air filling the room.

There were already quite a few people who’d arrived. Some, she had met before, others, were strangers. Of course, River had seen most of them around, just never gotten introduced.
The young girl walked further in the room, She could see the dust encasing any uncovered surfaces, and particles floating through the air.

In not long, three girls entered the room, all of them looking stunning, and just as peculiar as the room itself.
River watched the girls intently, as they begun talking. She caught every word, and felt more and more relieved that she decided to walk up to the shadow-figure in the dark back of The Leaky Cauldron. This was soemthing she’d been searching for, perhaps even without knowing it.
A careful smile slowly spread across River’s small lips, as her eyes watched the girls darkly.
These people were like her, she’d found someone with beliefs similar to her own. She wanted, no, needed, to be a part of this.

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Becoming older and wiser was something Marla had always enjoyed. She would sit down and look up from her book for once at her ceiling with the grandest diamond chandelier, and just wonder where she would be for a year. Because it gave her hope. Something that truly didn't come often for her. Daydreaming was an alternative source of happiness than a mess of paper and ink. What if at that exact month, day, even minute, a year from now, she could have run away, and be running blissfully in a field. Or soaring through the air, jumping on the clouds with nothing heavy in her heart except for all the love she had for her life, peering at the sky's divine etchings of constellations from only a few feet away.

Did she think that she would be slightly drunk at a lowkey cult meeting about dark magic wearing some scratchy lace in front of around twenty people? Hell no. But at least she was sure of two things. One, that it was definitely better than where she was a year ago, constant screaming matches with her family and being blatantly ignored. And two, the brown-eyed girl that stood to her right. Somehow looking so, so matured and humble, being smug all the same. Savannah Rose, with her slicked back blonde hair and quite frankly, charming antics, was a true wonder for Marla. When they had first met, she was even convinced that the fellow Gryffindor was going to be her nemesis. But they had formed an unbreakable bond after gushing about their eerily similar childhoods, and she couldn't help but sympathize with the girl. And god, was she relieved that she did. Savannah was not only someone witty, intelligent, and overall amazing that she could hang out with, but she was one of Marla's best friends.

So watching her speak ever so confidently, after her first impression of the girl was just completely breaking down in front of each other, was impressive. They'd seen each other at highs, and lows. Right now was definitely a high for Ms. Rose, but, well, a low for the short, fiery redhead that stood beside her other confidant, Tatiana Crane. A girl she barely knew, but even then, Marla had a gut feeling that she was just a good person. Someone that she could trust. Whoever was Savannah's friend was hers, and this was no exception. And while being around two people that she felt almost concerningly comfortable around, she couldn't shake this uneasy feeling brewing in her stomach. Or maybe that was just the alcohol. It wouldn't hurt to take another swig, right? To hell with it, because the booze was going down the hatch tonight. Way, way down.

Now, what most people would ask in a situation like this, where the hell did a twelve-year-old purchase whiskey? Well, it's funny that you ask. She had found it. What are the odds, huh? She had been wandering the curious little pike that she was, making her way to the glorious library. Filled with knowledge and adventures that were all at her fingertips, ready to be eagerly scanned by her energetic golden eyes. However, that plan was scratched when she spotted something shiny in the cushion of a fluffy, worn armchair near the back of the library. Now, while Marla was not a materialistic person, she couldn't help but investigate. What did something so glimmery and glamorous have to do to end up in the far corner of the library? Either way, she had a feeling that it was going to be good. In the most deserted part of the giant maze of books, this particular location was lost in a mound of exhausted students who were doing last-minute studying for whatever types of exams and quizzes they had. Pulling out the shiny object, Marla observed it was a bottle. On the front, it obviously said, firewhiskey. She unscrewed the cap, taking a small whiff and immediately regretted it, recoiling and extending her arm to relieve herself of the dizzying stench. The most unsettling part was that this horrid stench gave her an unsettling feeling of familiarity, but why? Scrunching up her nose, not exactly eager to find out, she had stuffed the small bottle in her robes and looked both ways to make sure nobody had noticed, rushing out of the library as hastily as she could.

But as she took another hefty swig, she was reminded of a lackluster, sleepless night that had made her realize this smell? Was from her mother. Although she was ever so young when her mother left, one thing she remembered was being pulled on the ear by her, and the beautiful blonde woman with heavy bags under her eyes scowling, yelling scorching scolds at Marla with the hot smell of alcohol filling her breath and mind with angering, delusional thoughts. Something like this would make her vomit, or get hostile on the spot, for she had almost no memory of her mother, ever. And all of a sudden, this hit her like a meteor colliding into Earth. But she was temporarily numbed. The last thing she wanted to deal with was the irrational, constant pain of a missing mother figure on Savannah's biggest day.

She tapped her fingers on the flask lightly, closing her eyes and listening to the soothing sounds of the metal, holding back the urge to slip into a haze of irrelevant thoughts as she drove herself to stare at Savannah as she wrapped up her speech. Everything was frankly a blur after that until hot breath touched her ear, it was Savannah. Her eyes widened as she side-eyed the girl, was it that obvious that she was, well, drinking? The same scowl that filled her mother with so much hatred was imitated on Marla's face, who looked like a clone of the woman beside her fiery red hair. "Ahm not go–gonna do shite, yeah?" She claimed with a feeble whisper, her words unstable as she shook her finger in Sav's face.

She would have said more, probably would go on a whole novel's worth of a rant about how she wouldn't ruin this for her. But even tipsy Miss Quinlan knew that she couldn't possibly do that. Sav would hate her. Well, actually, that's a lie. The reason why she didn't go on an intelligible speech right then and there was because her most favorite professor ever just walked in! Oh boy, was it nice to make the Honorable Sergeant Bonerface's acquaintance! Truly an honor. Thankfully before he had made himself comfortable, the trio hid all of the incriminating decorations in a mysterious door just in time. "Boner– Boniface!" She began uneasily, slipping the flask in her robes before sitting up straight with an innocent smile on her face, "Good evening, good sir. How are you on this fine evening?" She asked, only a smidge sarcastically before turning around to scan the room, her eyes in a daze as she tried to search for anyone she knew. A scowl formed on her face as she spotted Illowy Magnard. Ugh, that girl was so stupid. Could she ever get a break from people she loathed around here? Marla gave her a cutting stare, narrowing her eyes threateningly in the Slytherin's direction. Oh, and spectacular, the only other person who was familiar was Dale Kurt. The rumor spreading slimeball. Mutated cooties?! That was the dumbest thing she's ever heard in her life. She rolled her eyes before retreating to the far corner of the room, pulling her knees to her chest and letting a sigh escape her lips. What was she to do, being surrounded by a bunch of goddamned pricks?

Well, the only thing she could think of without bothering anyone else was to wallow in her sadness and mommy issues, and just take a few more sips of the whiskey. It wouldn't hurt to just have a little more, right? She wouldn't go overboard...

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