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Outsiders  PV Katrina Walker   Finished 

Private to @Katrina Walker

September 17th, 2019, 6:28 p.m.

Dinner was happening in the Great Hall, yet Bridget wasn't there. In fact, dinner had been going on for nearly thirty minutes without her.

Her satchel, stuffed to bursting with books, was slung over her left shoulder as she hurried down a deserted corridor. This wasn't out of the ordinary for her, at least not this year. Last year she had made every dinner, been on time for everything. But this year... this year she'd hardly even attended most dinners. There simply wasn't time between the increase and growing difficulty of her Hogwarts homework and keeping up with her Muggle education. With the math, French, and flute lessons she was teaching herself, she had a total of ten classes to juggle. Nearly every free moment was spent in a quiet corner of the library surrounded by huge piles of books.

And she wasn't just busy; no, she was also tired and stressed. She rarely got to bed before midnight anymore and usually picked at her food, not finding an appetite.

Was she happy to be back at Hogwarts? Bridget honestly didn't know. The school was amazing, but she felt like she would crack under the pressure. She didn't want to go home though—everyone treated her weirdly there, her brother going so far as to call her a freak.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the thud of footsteps behind her. Turning around, her hazel eyes spotted three students that were obviously older than her, as well as much bigger. In the center was a girl with long, straight blond hair, brown eyes, and a self-centered look about her. Bridget wasn't sure if she was a fourth or fifth year, but she was certainly tall and more experienced.

To the girl's left was a boy she knew to be a third year but looked about the size of some fifth years. He had curly black hair, a long nose, and robes that looked like they'd been bought yesterday. On the other side was another girl, this one younger but no one Bridget recognized from her year, with a mess of short, frizzy brown hair and green eyes so light they looked yellow. They all had the tell-tale green robes of Slytherins, but them being from the same House didn't give her any comfort. They were rather scary, and preferring they didn't see her, Bridget silently dove through the door of an unused classroom.

Just to be safe, Bridget crouched behind a desk in the second-to-front row, cautiously peering around the side at the door. The good news: she was hidden. The bad news: the trio had walked right into the room and were blocking the only exit. People didn't just waltz into unused classrooms, especially not with such a menacing, purposeful look...

"Come out, Collins. We've got you cornered," the brown-haired girl called. Bridget's stomach dropped and her heart skipped a beat. She whipped her head away from it's viewing point so they wouldn’t see her, her back against the desk. She didn't dare to breathe. How did they know her name? This wasn't good...

"Don't be a coward, Collins. But then again, that's all you filthy Mudbloods are. Cowards and a disgrace to our school, a shame to the name of Salazar Slytherin," came another voice, clearly from the blond-haired girl, as the voice was feminine but different from the first, more of a careless drawl.

Bridget's blood was boiling. She hated being called a coward. True, she wasn't courageous. She wasn't the type to do daring things, to take risks, but that didn't mean the comment passed over her head. Also, the girl had called her a Mudblood. She didn't know what it meant, but it wasn't hard to put the acidic way she said it and the fact it sounded like it meant 'dirty blood' together to know it was bad. She had no chance against three older students, but it would be worse if she didn’t do anything until they found her. She could hear their footsteps drawing closer to where she was hiding, so with a deep breath, Bridget stood up.

The girls laughed, while the boy, wand drawn, was muttering something and making a movement with the magical stick. He was casting a spell, and she knew it wouldn't be a pleasant one.

Before he could finish casting, Bridget whipped out her laurel wood wand, lightning fast, and with a precise downward motion towards the boy yelled "Steleus!" imagining all her anger and fear shooting out of the tip of her wand.

The boy collapsed into a fit of sneezes that lasted much longer than they were supposed to and looked particularly painful. She had perused the library and discovered that with enough willpower the Sneezing Hex could be very powerful, as it was right now.

She didn't have any time to register her success, though, because the older girl yelled "Stupefy!" Bridget dodged out of the way of a scarlet burst of light. The blast missed her by inches, instead slamming into a front row desk and toppling it over.

The brown-haired girl said "Diffindo!" a moment later, aiming for the strap of Bridget's bookbag. Luckily, she missed the strap. Nonetheless, the spell hit Bridget's left shoulder, neatly cutting through her robe and slashing her arm. Bridget let out a small scream of pain as what felt like fire shot up her arm. The cut was deep—not life-threatening but certainly enough to leave a noticeable scar.

Her shriek of pain caused the older snakes to laugh. The boy had recovered from his sneezing fit and didn't look too happy. This was cruel; they were bullying her, but how else was she to stand up for herself than to fight back?

"Flipendo!" Bridget said with the downward curve and upwards flick at the end. She had struggled with this spell last year, but luckily it worked, a flash of blue light racing towards to brown-haired girl. However, the spell never hit, as the girl not only blocked it with a call of "Expelliarmus!" but sent Bridget's wand spiraling out of her hand. Defenseless, Bridget tried to retrieve her wand, but the older girl and the boy simultaneously called "Incendio!" and "Petrificus Totalus!"

Bridget threw herself out of the way of the flames straight into the Full Body-Bind Curse. Frozen, she tumbled to the floor, face up. The trio walked over, careful to avoid touching her. The oldest Slytherin, with her blond hair and disdainful expression picked up Bridget’s wand, holding it away from her as though it was something disgusting. She then kneeled down, inches from Bridget’s face. Bridget’s stomach felt coated with ice—they could do anything to her as she was utterly defenseless. She couldn’t even close her eyes—no, all she could do was lie there and stare into the girl’s cold, callous brown eyes.

“Go home, Mudblood. You don’t belong here,” she whispered, stepping away and towards the exit. The boy lingered a moment, a cruel gleam in his eyes. “Mucus ad Nauseam,” he said. Instantly a headache flared, followed by a runny nose. A moment, later, the door clicked shut and Bridget was all alone in the disused classroom.

Although she wasn’t able to move, that didn’t stop her misery. She could still feel her runny nose, her throbbing head, the cut on her shoulder bleeding out and staining her robe. She could feel the cold stone floor under her. Most of all though, it didn’t stop her thoughts. Thoughts like the fact she didn’t belong anywhere. Apparently no one wanted her here and her family had been... strained from the uncrossable gap magic had created. She wished people would just go back to ignoring her instead of going out to their way to ruin her life.

The group of Slytherins had made their message very clear: Bridget didn’t belong. Their attack, entirely done with magic, drove home that they didn’t need Muggle means of fighting to hurt her. She had only landed one spell, but what had that done? Make a guy sneeze for a few minutes? She knew she shouldn’t believe them, but subconsciously she wondered if they were right, that she didn’t belong in the magical world. Maybe Matthew was correct in calling her a freak.

Staring up at the ceiling, tears forming in her eyes and trying to ignore the pain, Bridget wondered how long it would be until she unfroze, but more importantly, how long until she would belong.

Sorry that was really long... you do not have to write anywhere near that much.
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Outsiders  PV Katrina Walker   Finished 

Katrina strode down the hall from Dinner- she left really early only enough time to grab the food from platters and place it on a paper plate. She froze as a Slytherin girl raced past her Katrina didn’t recognize who it was as she passed the Gryffindor. The red-head turned to see where she was running from, when she saw three older Slytherins walk in the same direction. Katrina slipped behind an armor stand. Setting the plate beside her.

As they drew closer Katrina took note of their appearance. An overly confident blond haired girl lead the group. To her left was a boy Katrina recognized as a third year. He had thick black hair and brand new expensive looking robes. On the right was a girl who had frizzy brown hair and yellow looking eyes. The whole group portrayed power and a sense of evil.

The younger Slytherin that had raced past moments previously ducked into an unused classroom. The trio soon blocked the only exit. That doesn’t look good. Katrina inched to a spot where she could see the three- but the younger Slytherin hid well and Katrina couldn't see her.

One called out, “Come out Collins. we’ve got you cornered.

That really doesn’t sound good. If only I wasn’t so scared, I could help. But, I’m so bad at spells and charms. And these people sould like experienced bullies. At once, Katrina knew who the girl was, Bridget Collins. She was rude last time they met, maybe people can change..

Another person spoke, but all that Katrina heard clearly was the words, coward, Mudblood, disgrace, and Salazar Slytherin. The Gryffindor didn’t know what a Mudblood was, but it sounded like a swear word by the way the word was spit out. And Salazar Slytherin Katrina recognized from a history book she had read on the houses.

One of the boys began a spell but Bridget proclaimed, Stelius! before he finished and he fell to the floor in violent sneezes. Don't ever get on her bad side. It looks like she can take care of herself. Katrina began to slip from her hiding spot when another spell rang out she froze and returned to the spot.


Bridget let out a ragged scream and the Slytherins burst into laughter. The Gryffindor supposed Stupify missed but Diffendo hit her, that was plain cruel. Katrina began to think about any spell she could use again them. She wasn’t very good at Charms and couldn’t think of anything that would help.

Bridget yelled, “Flipendo” but the girl blocked it with Expeliarmus. Bridget’s wand flew to the corner of the room and Katrina heard a loud thump when it hit.

Petrificus Totalus

Katrina heard nothing and suspected the latter spell hit her. Insults flew from the room and Katrina heard a few spell she didn’t recognize when it was muffled. The three strode from the room unscathed as Katrina stayed as still as she could hoping they wouldn’t notice her.

Katrina waited until they were well out of sight before creeping toward the doorway. At first sight all she saw was Bridget’s satchel. Then her eyes found Bridget’s frozen body. A deep slash in her shoulder bleed heavily.

Katrina drew her wand and spoke, “Finite Incantatem

I hope that worked. I’m so sorry I didn’t stick up for you.” She may have been rude once but everyone can have a bad day, no one should ever be bullied like this.

Katrina rummaged through her satchel and drew her small first aid kit. “This will sting a bit. Sorry.” Katrina murmured.

She drew a cleaning wipe and pulled Bridget’s cloak down enough to see the wound. With gentle hands, Katrina cleaned around the wound. She then tore a long strip of fabric from her own cloak and wrapped it around her shoulder.

That should stop the bleeding, but you should probably visit the hospital wing soon.” Katrina kneeled on the floor with an expression of concern.

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Outsiders  PV Katrina Walker   Finished 

No sooner had Bridget thought those depressing thoughts before footsteps echoed across the stone floor of the classroom. Her immediate thought was the bullies had come up with another spell to torture her with. Even if she wasn't frozen, she wouldn't be able to do much other than dodge as her wand... Her wand was gone. The trio had taken it and there was no telling what they would do with it. Would they snap it? Bridget felt a lump form in her throat. No, they couldn't possibly be so cruel as to break her wand, could they? She didn't think she had enough magical savings to buy a new one anyways...

The person came into view, and all at once Bridget was both relieved, annoyed, and apprehensive. She was relieved because the trio hadn't come back but annoyed because of all the people who could have come, it just had to be Katrina Walker, a Gryffindor second year she'd gotten off to a rocky start with. That was admittedly Bridget's fault, as she'd been rather rude, but it was rather difficult to be in a good mood after completely blundering both Transfiguration and Defense Against the Dark Arts.

Even through both of her former emotions, Bridget was worried. What if Katrina was another Pureblood who hated Muggleborns? She was pretty sure that was the source of the bullying. Somehow the older Slytherins, whom she'd never talked to, had known about her parents, so certainly this girl who she'd talked to could figure it out. Besides, it was made glaringly obvious by the spilled contents of her satchel. Thankfully the satchel hadn't been ruined by Diffindo, but her shoulder wasn't too happy about that. Still, the satchel, stuffed to bursting with books, had spewed out some of the texts. Among The Dark Forces: A Guide to Self-Protection and Magical Theory were Muggle books, with titles like Pre-Algebra 2, A Crash Course in 7th Grade Science, Old World History, and French for Beginners. They were all for the Muggle education her parents were forcing her to take alongside her magical one, though luckily she'd be done with science and history once she finished those books.

She held her breath as Katrina drew her wand. Surely she had a terrible spell in mind--Slugulus Erecto, perhaps, or Incendio…

But Katrina did what Bridget hadn't expected--she cast Finite Incantatem. Suddenly she was able to move again and she scrambled into a sitting position so she was at least less vulnerable. Could Katrina just be unfreezing her to make it more embarrassing when she attacked her?

Yet again, Katrina did pretty much the opposite. She apologized for not sticking up for her and bent down to examine the gash bleedingly copiously out of her shoulder. Bridget couldn't blame her for not sticking up for her. She probably would have done the same thing... but no, she probably wouldn't have. Despite being a coward and a closed-off person, Bridget couldn't stand to see people being bullied. She probably would've hidden but at least done something to help. Honestly though, she was so paradoxical in such a scenario she wasn't entirely sure what she'd do.

The lion withdrew a first-aid kit and began bandaging her wound. Bridget felt a wave of embarrassment. Had Katrina seen the whole thing? If so, she would have seen how terribly Bridget had done, how she was so pathetic she couldn't even land more than one spell.

Finished with wrapping Bridget's arm, Katrina knelt down in front of her, the lion's face bearing an expression of concern. Bridget made a mental note of the girl's healing skills (certainly she was a half-blood or Muggleborn if she knew that kind of healing, which made Bridget less worried) but also a resolution to not go to the Hospital Wing. She didn't want anyone else seeing how much damage the trio had done. Her nose itched and she quickly covered a sneeze, an effect of the Curse of the Bogies. She amended her previous thought. She would go to the Hospital Wing for Pepperup Potion to get rid of the spell's effects. She could pretend it was a cold and keep her shoulder hidden.

"Thank you," Bridget muttered, her eyes on the floor. Why was this Gryffindor girl, whom she'd been so rude to, being so kind to her?

Bridget's conscience was going crazy. She hadn't apologized when they'd first met for her behavior because of her stubbornness. After a whole summer to think about it and a helpful discussion with her grandfather, Bridget felt she should apologize. It was the least she could do, and besides, she didn't need Katrina as an enemy considering the people she had to worry about now.

"I--I'm sorry," Bridget said, for the first time having her hazel eyes connect with Katrina's bright blue ones. Saying sorry was usually easy, but this time it was difficult to choke out the words. Maybe it was because this time the apology actually mattered. She didn't bother to explain what she was apologizing for, as she was sure Katrina knew and she thought she would start crying if she said much more.

"Can I... can I borrow your wand?" Bridget asked, simultaneously wiping her runny nose and drying her wet eyes so it wouldn't look like she'd been on the verge of tears. She needed to use Reparo to mend her robes if she didn't want to nurse to notice her wound.

All in all, this had by far been the worst day of her life. But if she could make things up with Katrina... well, then it might turn out a bit better.

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Outsiders  PV Katrina Walker   Finished 

Interacting with @Bridget Collins
Katrina made note of the frightened look in Bridget’s eye, teary eyes and her sniffles. She made no comment, she had-believe it or not- been in that situation before in muggle school, many times. The red head almost offered to pick up the books strewn about the room, but Katrina didn’t want to seem imposing. As she thought about it, she noticed them as muggle books and was glad she hadn’t asked after being bullied like this, she didn’t want Bridget to feel any more worried.

As soon as the lion undid her magical prison, Bridget sat up into a more defensive position. As she bandaged the snake’s wound the lion made note of her struggling face. Katrina wondered if she was why Bridget appeared scared and defensive.

You don’t need to thank me, but I appreciate it, nobody should be bullied like this, it’s just unfair.” Katrina shuddered as horrible memories from her past resurfaced.

Bridget next apologized and Katrina was taken aback. “You don’t need to apologize. You did nothing wrong.

The red-head decided to help out. She swiftly gathered her books- fast enough so Bridget couldn’t complain- and stuffed them in the snake’s satchel. Where is her wand?

The dark brown haired girl asked to borrow Katrina’s wand and she gave her wand to her ‘patient’. Although questions floated around her mind she released it without hesitation.

Katrina knew that she hated having people concerned for her and tried to keep her face neutral, “Did they take your wand? I can go take it back from them!” Katrina surprised herself with the last sentence, it kind of just tumbled out. But she sincerely meant it.

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Katrina kept glancing at the books strewn along the floor, which was making Bridget nervous. Even if she was just sneaking a quick peek, she could still notice the titles, and if she did have something against Muggleborns… things could get ugly again. Then again, if Katrina had in fact witnessed the whole thing, she would already know that. Finally, perhaps because the girl couldn't stand a mess or rather just out of kindness, the ginger swept up the tomes and slotted them, with some difficulty, into the satchel and handed the whole package over to Bridget. Setting the satchel by her side, Bridget tilted the bag so the book covers, although probably already seen, were hidden from view.

The lion relinquished her wand into Bridget's outstretched hand and Bridget instantly felt safer. She hadn't felt so grateful for the feel of an ornately carved wooden stick since she'd first received hers at Ollivanders. Now, she was the one with the power. True, it seemed by this point that Katrina was safe, but one couldn't be too sure.

"Reparo," Bridget muttered with a flick of the wand. The cut in her gray and white striped tee shirt (now dyed scarlet from the blood) and her robe (which thankfully hadn't soaked up much blood) resealed, severed threads rejoining. Now she would probably be able to request Pepperup Potion without the cut being noticed.

The wand felt foreign in her hands. It was longer than her own and didn't fit right in her hands, but was a similar light brown color. Casting the Mending Charm, a very simple spell, had been harder than it usually was, likely due to the fact that wands seemed to have some sentience and grew attached to their owners. Reluctantly, her job done, Bridget handed Katrina back her wand. Even holding it made her feel more magical, but yet again, here she was, wandless and defenseless.

"What's your wand made of?" she managed. It would be interesting to know, despite the fact it would probably bring the conversation back to her own wand.

“Did they take your wand? I can go take it back from them!” Katrina gushed suddenly, obviously coming to realize the absence of Bridget's wand. She was taken aback by this statement. Katrina seemed rather caring, but the snake hadn't thought of her as the sort to directly confront bullies. But Katrina was just a second year, and probably wouldn't be able to do anything against the trio of older students. The best case-scenario would probably be Katrina returning unscathed, either empty handed or with the broken halves of Bridget's wand, neither of which would be good. More likely though, Katrina would get herself hurt and Bridget wasn't going to have her risk her safety.

"No, don't. Thank you for offering--that was very brave of you--but chances are it won't end well." She still didn't know what she would do and she certainly couldn't attend class without her wand, but having Katrina approach the trio didn't seem like a logical solution. She'd probably have to relay the events to a teacher, which would be awful, but at least she'd get her wand back...

A thought flashed through her mind--was Katrina only offering because it was the sort of brave and heroic thing Gryffindors were expected to do? Bridget didn't like classifying vast groups of people into stereotypies without actually seeing them, but perhaps lions were held to that standard as a House. Regardless, it was a very gutsy thing to offer, and Bridget respected that. She couldn't imagine being expected to be brave all the time.

Silence reigned once more over the abandoned classroom, and in it Bridget's mind relayed the scenes of the trio bullying her. “Go home, Mudblood. You don’t belong here.” Her insides still felt frozen with fear and she realized she was trembling. The small girl hugged her knees to her chest to try and stop the shaking so Katrina wouldn't see her weakness. She was struggling not to cry but she didn't allow a single tear to leak. She didn't trust strangers with anything personal and crying was definitely private. In the dimly lit room, her skin shone paler than usual with the few freckles dotted across her nose much more noticeable than usual, standing out like constellations. Her hair, the color of the dark chocolate her mom liked, which had been neatly braided down her back, was now falling out. She tugged the ponytail out and let the dark locks frame her pale face. Despite her thick black robe, she felt cold. Whether from the frigid stone floor, fear, or a combination of both, she wasn't sure.

Katrina hadn't understood her apology the first time she choked it out. No doubt she thought she was apologizing in relation to the evenings events, which of course weren't her fault (even though she still cast some blame on herself for not being a good enough dueler). She decided that after all the other girl had done for her today, going so far as to offer to retrieve her wand from the bullies, she should give another shot at the apology.

"Earlier I tried to apologize," Bridget started, talking slowly so her voice wouldn't give out. "You didn't really understand what I was apologizing for, I think. I... what I was trying to say sorry for was... was the last time we met. I was really, really rude to you and yet you've been so nice to me today and I didn't deserve any of it... so--so I wanted to say that I'm really sorry for how I treated you and I hope you'll forgive me."

She held her breath in wait of Katrina's response. She was an outsider at Hogwarts. She'd seen the way Katrina had shuddered when saying that nobody should be bullied like this and Bridget figured she'd been bullied before. From passing in the halls, it didn't seem like Katrina really had friends here either. Maybe, if she could fix this, they could at the very least be outsiders together--friends even.

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Outsiders  PV Katrina Walker   Finished 

Katrina was surprised from such a meaningful apology. As much as she tried not to admit it, she still felt like the stereotypic Slytherin would never show weakness. Maybe Bridget wasn’t stereotypical after all. Perhaps Katrina had been to fast to make assumptions. The Gryffindor had assumed that all Slytherins were rude. But this girl was harassed and bullied at great lengths. I could tell her I’m a muggleborn too. But what if she doesn’t want the sympathy.

Katrina cleared her throat and stuttered, “I- um. I’m sorry I was. Well, what I mean to say is: I kinda assumed you were the stereotypical Slytherin, rude and arrogant. I see now that I was much to fast to judge.” the lion took a breath and continued, “I am a muggleborn too. And I also know what it is like being bullied and taunted. I did not fit in at muggle school.

Katrina felt an itch in her throat and realized her eyes were full of tears. She turned her head and quickly wiped the tears from her eyes steeling herself. Katrina hated being a weak cry-baby, but bullies always created that reaction in her. She replaced the sadness with anger, a little fire that spurred her onward. Push the flames behind and work toward a better future.

It was apparent they both where loners, outsiders even. Katrina was always alone reading, in the library. Or doing homework outside. Maybe it was time to come out of her bubble and create some friends. Maybe the time was now.

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Outsiders  PV Katrina Walker   Finished 

At least Katrina accepted her apology. But the lion assuming the stereotypical Slytherin was rude and arrogant? Bridget had at least assumed the arrogant part to be more of a Gryffindor thing. Now that she actually thought about it though, that seemed ridiculous. Sure, she'd only met two from the House of red and gold, but neither had been cocky in the least bit. If Euphrasia had been, running into her would have been a very different experience. And Katrina? It wasn't the girl's fault Bridget had been in a sour mood. Looking back, the brunette couldn't believe how terribly she'd treated her when it was quite possible Katrina had been attempting to get something Bridget was desperate for as well--a friend. No wonder she was a lion; at least she had the nerve to try.

Slytherins being rude and arrogant wasn't far-fetched at all. For evidence, she need not look any farther back than her duel three days ago. You'd think the wand fight, which had been two against one, would have prepared her for today's episode, but apparently not. If anything, it had made her more reluctant to cast stronger spells. Like Incendio. Just the thought of fire made her skin sting where it had been roasted.

'Did Katrina really want to be my friend?' Bridget wondered. Maybe she had that day in the library. But now, after she'd been rude and had dueled? 'Did she see the duel?' No. If she had, this was even worse because Katrina would have observed how she had apparently set people on fire and generally attacked them without a hint of concern, which wasn't true. She was presently still figuring out why fire was the first thing she thought of. Still feeling bad for attacking the other snakes, even if the duel was organized. Well, she mostly felt sorry for Illowy. Alexx had smirked after Thora was knocked out, which was wrong, and the brunette just didn't like her in general. But still, anyone in the audience would see her expression, held impassive as it often was in public, as a sign of callous.

Cautiously, Bridget ruptured the silence. "So, what did you do this weekend?" Awkward, but at least seemingly innocuous with no secret intentions behind it. Besides, if Katrina didn't think she was awful, it was the best way she could think of to veer their relationship in a positive direction. This was her second chance and she didn't want to blow it again.

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Outsiders  PV Katrina Walker   Finished 

Katrina traced the tiles of the floor sub-consciously. What did she know about Bridget? They had met last year in the library, but Bridget had been quite rude. And she didn't see the snake for months after that. Katrina was never looking for her, for a rocky start never really helped that situation. And this weekend, at the duel. Bridget had been amazing, her skill was unbelievable. Once Thora had been knocked down, Bridget continued to face her opponents. Katrina had been cheering for the duo the entire time, even though they lost. And today where she had been bullied. Katrina had really only met Bridget three times, and still felt comfortable around the near stranger.

"So, what did you do this weekend?" Bridget's innocent question pierced the room. Katrina looked up in startled surprise, people always seemed to read her mind.

"Um, well. Not much." Katrina felt a small spur of courage, "I did go and see the duel. You did great." She wanted to make sure she wasn't rude, so the last part kind of was added on.

A small smile touched her face, "What was with the fire though?" She didn't mean that in a rude way, it was just ironic that they went back and forth throwing fire at each other. Fire had a painful part to her past. "Do you have any marks? Some of that fire burned quite a bit. Katrina let a touch of concern enter her voice. Again trying to solidify that she wasn't being rude. " That was quite a duel."

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Outsiders  PV Katrina Walker   Finished 

So Katrina had watched the duel. Bridget didn't recall seeing her, but then again there had been an uncomfortably large number of spectators. And she'd done her best to ignore everyone but the other duelers and Professor Vernatis. The one time she'd failed to block the audience out, she'd very nearly had a panic attack.

Luckily it sounded as though the Gryffindor hadn't concluded anything negative about her, in fact congratulating Bridget's effort. But the brunette knew firsthand that things like that were for keeping to yourself. And the smile could be faked. Katrina could just be luring her into opening up so she'd have ammo to use against her one day.

'Stop,' she told herself. Hadn't she literally just decided Katrina was okay? 'Try to assume a certain amount of decency in others.' It was definitely something she needed to work on. But at the same time, she knew how cruel and deceptive people could be. Nonetheless, what use was wanting friends if she expected the candidates to stab her in the back at any moment?

Well, at least she could keep the somewhat successful conversation going. After all, it distracted her from her steaming nose and the gash on her arm, the original agony of which having faded to a steady throb.

"Er... why fire? Um, that's a good question. I suppose it's just the first thing that popped into my head. I mean, my wand has flame-shaped carvings on it, so that might have subconsciously contributed."

She frowned slightly, puzzling over what would become of the precious thing. If all else failed, she could go to a Professor. She had plenty of physical evidence and a witness to the event. But this was the House of cunning they were talking about. The older snakes couldn't possibly be so thick as to not cover their tracks. Hopefully that meant they'd give her wand back.

"Yeah, I've got marks. I mean, they've mostly faded--the nurse works magic alright--but yeah..." she trailed off, unsure of what else to say. Which probably meant another tense silence would follow, but the respite would give her a chance to logically debate if Katrina was absolutely safe to trust.

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Katrina smiled genuinely, it did feel like Bridget was judging her. She brushed off that feeling and glanced at Bridget's blood stained shoulder, her feeling of resentment turned into compassion.

"That makes since." Katrina addressed Bridget. She wondered what would happen with Bridget's wand, and if she could ever get it back. Certainly someone would believe them, there was no way the bullies would openly give her wand back. Katrina wondered if this happened to Bridget often. That could lead to her not trusting Katrina.

Bridget trailed off. "I'm glad the marks healed well." Katrina didn't know what to say. It still seemed like Bridget was calculating Katrina's every move, afraid Katrina would hurt her. She wished there was a way to tell Bridget she was trying to help.

What could she say to make Bridget believe she was being truthful? Katrina adjusted her feet. She still felt tears prickling in the back of her eyes. She let out a small sigh.

She drew her wand back out. "Scourgify." The spell began to clean up the blood on the ground. Frankly, it had been bothering Katrina- and it was one thing she could help Bridget with. She put her wand away again to emphasize she was trying not to be mean. She almost slapped herself when she realized she just got rid of evidence.

"How is your arm?" Katrina asked, she knew Bridget had said it was fine, but she was still concerned. Magic could leave bad marks if not tended to properly. If only Katrina knew a spell to help heal it. Or if she had Dittany.

Katrina stood and lifted one desk upright. She wondered what those kids had wanted, besides to make Bridget suffer. Katrina returned to Bridget and sat down once more.

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Tension hung in the disused classroom like a veil of mist. Despite the girls' attempts to be friendly, both left a certain awkwardness with every word they spoke. Bridget wanted to trust Katrina. She really did. But especially now, after the attack from people who were supposed to be her family here, every ounce of her screamed about how the brunette couldn't just trust the lion, at least not yet. It had been so much easier to trust Thora, what with the circumstances they'd been dealt. Guilt panged in the small girl's chest. Katrina looked almost on the verge of tears, and it was all Bridget's fault for being so closed-off, so distrustful.

Now, Bridget felt that choking sensation of the threat of crying, but it wasn't Katrina's fault--no, it was hers, her fault for being so terribly awful. It certainly wouldn't be fair for her to cry though, so as per usual, she swallowed her tears.

"My arm's fine," she said with finality, despite the fact first-aid knowledgeable Katrina probably knew that wasn't entirely true. "I-I should really go.. I've got loads of homework..."

It was true, but it seemed cruel to leave Katrina feeling bad. But what could she say? She'd never been good with words or mending this sort of strain. How was it that she'd been the one holding Jemima and Lizzy together? The thought seemed inconceivable with how badly she'd bludgeoned this.

The hazel-eyed girl rose to her feet and grabbed her satchel. Her legs turned out to be shaky so she made quick steps for the doors in an attempt to hide the sign of weakness. She'd just stepped out when she stopped herself, turning back towards the other girl with one hand still on the doorpost. The snake had left the Library hastily too, and she didn't want to mess up again, at least in that way.

"Thank you." It was the least Bridget could say to repay Katrina for her kindness. A hundred thoughts still drifting through her head, words she didn't know how to say, she left the room.

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Katrina noticed Bridget itching to leave. They both seemed extremely awkward. She seemed on the verge of tears but Katrina suspected it wasn't from the injury- although Katrina wished she could help it more. The snake mentioned homework and Katrina realized how much she needed to get back to that too.

Bridget stood up all too fast and was almost out of the door before Katrina could say anything. Katrina noticed that Bridget was slightly shaky and she knew that Bridget needed to slow down. The Slytherin could black out if she wasn't careful. The gash on her arm was surprisingly deep and Bridget would be lucky if it didn't leave a scar.

Bridget stopped before leaving much to Katrina's surprise. "You're welcome." Katrina paused, "And be careful." She didn't mention why, because it seemed to odd. The Gryffindor added a genuine smile as she gathered her things and left the room after Bridget.

She strode slowly down the hallways, her shoes echoing on the large walls. She passed the moving staircase and into the Gryffindor common room. She hoped she had made a good impression. And from now on Katrina knew to avoid that trio. She opened her worn journal and began to drew the fireplace lost in her thoughts.
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“True friendship comes when the silence between two people is comfortable.” – David Tyson
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