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Seven Hours In A Closet  PV A. Winter   Closed 

@Airlia Winter
The halls of Hogwarts were almost empty, the only sound being the faint footsteps of Prefects roaming the halls and the light snoring of portraits sleeping. Torches flickered on the walls, casting an eerie light onto the stone floors of the castle. Moonlight streamed through the many windows lining the halls, and they fogged up as Maggie touched one. She drew her hand back, bringing it to her other hand and rubbing them together to warm them up. The cool October night made the windows positively freezing, and Maggie slipped her hands into her pockets to warm them up.

She was in a classroom, one that she’d never been in before. It was probably a Muggle Studies classroom or something like that, as Maggie had never seen it before and did not recognize many of the tapestries on the walls. It was almost empty, with four rows of desks lined up and a chalkboard in the front of the room.

Four tapestries decorated the room, one representing each house. Maggie had been roaming the secret passageways of the castle that night, and had emerged from the Hufflepuff tapestry into the classroom. She walked over to the Gryffindor tapestry, peeling it back to reveal a wooden door. She tried the handle, a small grin spreading across her face as it opened. Maggie’s eyes flew wide open as a head of platinum blond hair made itself clear, there was someone here!

“Merlin’s beard!”

maggie parker :) :)
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