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Lend A Hand, Would You?  PV Alexx Séverin   Closed 


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June 24th
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It was an understatement to claim that Marla was screwed. From the moment she had woken up, the girl knew that something was wrong. However, as she trudged to her imminent doom the great hall, it became clearer and clearer. She had completely, utterly forgot to study for one of the biggest assessments of the year. Not O.W.L. level, but it would affect her grade greatly. And it was in fifteen minutes.

Staring into her plate at the breakfast table in a daze of disbelief, thinking to herself how stupid she must've been to let this slip. How could she have missed something as important as this? It wasn't like muggle school either, they could find her cheating in an instant. Whether it was a make-shift answer sheet or an enchanted quill, professors always, and I mean always found students out. Even if it was for breathing the wrong way or slouching in your seat. Marla let out a despaired groan, pushing her hands aggressively against her temples as if it would help raise her grades. By some miracle, she had gotten an O average for the year, and all that would go bye-bye in an instant if she didn't find some way to either cheat or do a weeks worth of studying in... Ten minutes?!

"Ohh, my god." She whined, ever so tempted to bang her head into the table. That way, she miiight be able to skip this cursed test. Ugh. And it was History of Magic, no less! The one subject that she daydreamed in to no end. While in a muggle school, if History of Magic was a subject and she hadn't been introduced to other things like Charms or DADA, it would probably be her favorite subject. However, it truly couldn't compare when it came to other subjects. How could she be entertained by learning the cleaning spell when she had the chance to cast a spell that sent people flying? Exactly. It couldn't. But oh, how she wished that she paid more attention in that class. While Professor Masoud was nice, he was most definitely not a nice grader. And although the last thing she wanted to think about was her family, after what had happened a few months before Hogwarts? They would never help her when she wanted to get a job. Hogwarts was the only chance she had at relative success, and anything below an E would leave her eternally doomed. Every year counted, and she needed to think fast. Time was ticking, she was all out of ideas, and there was five minutes on the clock before she had to make her way to the classroom.

Shoveling the last of her scrambled eggs in her mouth, Marla shot up from the chattering Gryffindor table early, deciding that she should get to class early in case he lets them study a bit beforehand. That most likely wasn't the case, but going was worth a try. Better than getting cold feet and being late too. Within the time that she had, it was really the only option in reason.

And to her dismay, after a miserable walk, Marla was at the front of Professor Masoud's door, looking at the stained glass as if it were the Devil himself.

I'm doomed. She thought, biting back the urge to scream at the top of her lungs as she turned the knob of the door, shoving it open and stepping foot into the almost tainted seeming space. In an attempt to come to terms with the inevitable, Marla let out a sigh and walked towards a chair in the back corner of the room, giving a nod of acknowledgment and a small 'good morning' to the professor, plopping herself down in a chair.
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Lend A Hand, Would You?  PV Alexx Séverin   Closed 

Alexx didn't need to take this assessment. She was a second year. Instead, she was coming to pick up something that she had accidentally left in here the day prior. A notebook. It was filled with notes, not only from this year, but the last year as well. The only problem was, she couldn't quite recall where she had left it. Was it in a desk? Had the Professor taken it, attempting to save it from prying eyes? Alexx was always loosing her notebooks.

Just as she had suspected, not a lot of people were here yet. Class wouldn't start for another few minutes, and Alexx needed to hurry on to Transfiguration before Professor Lian had her head. Rushing in, the sound of her shoes tapping against the floors were loud, and she clutched a satchel at her side. She let out a disgruntled, "Mornin'," before promptly turning the place practically upside down.

There was a Gyrffindor girl in the room, whom Alexx was sure that she had seen before somewhere else. Alexx could easily put her to work, provide her with a sickle or so for the help. "Hey, kid, you seen a notebook anywhere around here? Filled with notes, of course." She asked the Gryffindor, not caring about how improper she sounded. She probably sounded as if she were raised on the streets instead of being a high born French pureblood who was always taught to present herself better than that.

But Alexx was in a hurry. She needed to get this notebook and get on to class, and she was sure that Professor Masoud would want to start his assessment as soon as the children started filing in. "Don't mean to be rude, but I'm in a bit of a hurry." She said impatiently, glancing at the door. When students would start to file in, she knew it was time to go.

Why wasn't this kid studying her ass off? Alexx always did for History of Magic, hence the notebook that was filled beyond belief with studying notes. This must be a kid who didn't seem to care about her classes. Of course, Alexx wasn't the best at History of Magic. She struggled dearly in moth of the subjects. But she still found it in her to make acceptable grades, usually bringing in E's. Call it the bare minimum, but it was better than not trying and taking a T.

Huffing, she blew a few loose strands of hair out of her face. She usually kept her hair up in a tight ponytail, but when she wished to conceal her Pygmy Puff, Rosalie, she kept it down, to which the pink ball of fluff hid in her blonde locks. That called for her hair to be a mess, falling in her face and making her neck almost unbearably hot. She could only hope that Ami didn't see her looking like this. That would be the end of Alexx as we knew it.

She had rushed from breakfast, where she was previously sitting next to her usual group when she suddenly recalled her misplaced notes, and then promptly ran all the way here. It took a lot to make Alexx willingly run. However, Alexx disliked the idea of someone finding her notebook and their prying eyes looking into it. Not only did it hold everything she had ever learned in History of Magic, but the phases of her crushes were also written in the margins. She was also quite certain that she left some drafted hate mail to Reid Kovacs somewhere in there, which wouldn't look good on her part (though she didn't mean it, of course, it was all in good fun).

So there she was, standing frazzled in front of the Gryffindor girl, hoping for help.

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Lend A Hand, Would You?  PV Alexx Séverin   Closed 

A few minutes into the test let the angst bubbling in the girl's stomach become even more evident, for every last question on the test was like another language to her. Who the hell cared about someone making it miraculously rain soap? She rolled her eyes, dabbing her quill on the desk, watching the ink sink into the etchings of the wood. Letting a sigh escape her lips, she fought back the urge to scream and rip the stupid parchment into a million pieces.

"Mornin'," an irritated voice spoke from the far right side of the room. When Marla whirled her head around, she saw a familiar looking student with blonde hair walking through every inch of the room. What could she possibly be looking for? Money? No. Who in their right mind would look for money in a goddamn classroom? Then again, honestly, the blonde didn't really look in her right mind. In fact, she seemed panicked beyond belief. Eyes scanning their way along the classroom, growing more disheartening at each second.

Deciding that she needed to focus on her test, they were on a time limit, after all, Marla took her eyes off of the familiar student and looked down at the parchment with a snarl. This was the most utterly stupid thing she ever had to do in her life. So stupid that she wouldn't hesitate to shove it up the professor's a-

"Hey, kid."

Letting out a startled gasp, the redhead almost jumped out of her seat. That was... Not expected. Turning in the direction of the voice, it was the girl from before. "You seen a notebook anywhere around here? Filled with notes, of course." She continued on. Marla pursed her lips together, wondering if she had seen anything like it. She shrugged, but froze in the middle of lifting her shoulders. Looking down, there was a mess of pages just like the girl had described. Giving the blonde one last glance, it hit her. She was older. Either second or third year. But... That meant... She had taken this assignment! An equally evil and slightly genius idea filled her head as she slid the notebook into a darker corner under the table, where the upperclass(wo)man wouldn't be able to find it.

"I suppose I could help you, but.. I am having trouble on this." Her eyes glanced to the desk, tapping it softly, and back to the blond with a silent suggestion. A twinge of guilt stabbed her in the throat, but that didn't stop Marla from at least trying. Yeah, it was an asshole move, but hey, at this point, she was desperate. Time was ticking and she needed at least an A on this... But at the rate she was going? Thiiis was looking more like a T. A capital T. In jumbo bubble letters.

"So... Whadd'ya say?" Marla asked, her eyes wide with pleading as she cradled her head in her hand. This was worth a shot. And if the notebook meant that much to her... Then the girl juuuust might do it.

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