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Draw a Picture, Play a Tune.  A&O   Closed 

This is the first meeting of the Arts and Orchestral Society. I'm so sorry about how late this is; I've been sort of busy lately. About the rules... well... Just be respectful, IC and OOC. Feel free to share your art in reducio, and just have fun!! ^^


§ @Elena Jones | Orchestral | Founder
§ Sir @Hugh Lowe | Artist | Founder
§ @Koko Riddle | Artist and Orchestral | Founder
§ @Nico Shymane | Artist
§ @Elena Jangleton | Orchestral
§ @Miko Limof | Orchestral
§ @Zolderane Zukanovic | Orchestral
§ @Sonya Carlson | Orchestral
§ @Jay Victoria | Artist
§ @Emma Hill | Orchestral
§ @Phoebe McCrary | Artist
§ @Remy Alto | Orchestral
§ @Muriel Carroll  | Artist and Orchestra
@Mitzi Waddell
@Violet Elwood
@Euphrasia Millie
@breena middleford
@River Dewlight

What was she doing?? Trying to get a club meeting together... This was not going to work out, was it? No, no, she could do it... It would just take some ambition. It would take some ambition to get this done.

The club would get to choose between embroidery, drawing, or playing an instrument. Koko had a variety of instruments in the room, but if a student preferred to bring their own instrument, they were welcome to. Koko placed some drawing supplies on one table, and on another she stacked spools of thread, and placed needles in a small bowl. She had a neat stack of sheet music on another table, and it was for both concert pitch instruments and transposable ones. She had wheeled an upright piano in here, pushed it up against a wall, and she had sat on the bench to wait for other children to arrive at the meeting.

She wasn't going to play, though, not until anyone else was in the room. Not until she gave instructions like a good leader. A smile flitted across her face, only to fade a moment later as she realised that there was a chance that nobody would come... Oh well. Then it would just be her.
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Draw a Picture, Play a Tune.  A&O   Closed 

Elena Jones founding member, of something that had grown a lot larger than a sleep deprived urchin should ever be allowed to lead the charge on. A club for the types of artist that were oddly enough missing from the other ones. Actors had a club, bands were mainly singer and guitarist oriented, and so that left the orchestral musicians and the traditional artists far behind.

Which is probably why Elena, in a flurry of activity, had decided to hand over the reigns to her friends while letting in pretty much everyone that applied. You can draw? Bam, you're in. Ukelele? Sure, come on in kid. Flower arranging, is flower arranging an art? Well if it wasn't before it is now, you're a member. Sculpture? Brilliant.

Yeah, there was going to be a lot of people in here.

The girl herself stepped in with her flute case, having left behind her other stuff. Starting off with her best talent was probably the best move for this, made her feel absolutely unstoppable and all that.

"Koko!" Elena called as she came in, "Awesome to see you! Am I the first one here?"

Elena may have showed up early, a little bit, totally not at all overly excited.
Sorry! I forgot that this was on the to-do list until I saw it and went AHHHHHH

I'm weak my love.

Draw a Picture, Play a Tune.  A&O   Closed 


Millie marked the date off of her calendar and jumped off of her bed. She grinned at her violin case on the ground. Her violin had been hidden under her bed and, up until her registration to the 'Arts and Orchestral Society,' Millie wasn't planning on getting it out ever again. Until she went home, of course.

But joining an orchestral and arts club hadn't been as easy as Millie predicted. To most people, it was a simple case of going and signing up. But she was quite literally terrified of being rejected, even though a violin was an instrument that wasn't as crazy as a band instrument. Or as loud, if you didn't try.

However a big meeting was the first thing to make Millie anxious, but she had to put on a brave face and go out of her comfort zone. And even though she was scared of being an outcast, she was in Gryffindor for a reason. To be courageous and to keep her head high, and never let herself down. Millie was still scared of disappointing everyone in the club. The thought of being kicked out of the only club where Millie felt she fit in, was scary.

"... Am I the first one here?"

Millie peaked her head into the room where the club was meeting, and saw two girls talking. One was looking a bit nervous, but the other seemed (there was no other word for it) utterly enthusiastic. Millie tightly clutched her violin case, then nervously slipped into the room.

The key is to not be nervous.

"Ah, I was hoping I'd be the first here, but I guess you beat me too it!" Millie walked further into the room, and her voice echoed throughout it. But her actions were directed to the enthusiastic girl.

"I'm Euphrasia, but call me Millie. What are we gonna be doing today?" Now her voice was directed towards the other girl, who was sitting.

As long as she kept her confidence up, Millie was gonna be fine. A-Okay.

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