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Date: Wednesday, 24th April
Time: 3:30 pm

The classroom was covered in decorations of different forms. Anime posters that Sapphire might enjoy, black, white, and icy blue streamers. Koko did add a few colours of her choice on the cake which she'd bought during Winter Break, and that she'd confided in a house-elf to hide in the kitchens. It had been brought up to the classroom, where it sat, its marble cake covered with frosting the colours of oceans.

The first year Slytherin wore a black polo shirt, short sleeved and collared. A lilac pleated skirt fell to just above her knees. Her feet were protected, if only somewhat, by black flats which were dressy enough for the occasion. It was April Twenty-Fourth. Koko would finally be twelve.

But it wouldn't just be her turning twelve, and this party that she was putting together was not for her in the slightest! No, it was for the girl who hadn't experienced a true birthday, the girl that Koko wanted to feel at home. Her sister.

Sapphire, with all of her pale, cool tones, would be related to a girl who seemed to be made of fire. However, if one were to look at their shoulders, their eyes, their height, even the small curvature of their knees, one would find just how similar the two looked despite the difference in colour and style.

Koko was standing on a desk, putting a few of the ballons atop the threshold of a door. She silently hoped that she wouldn't get in trouble for standing on a desk which children would use, but at the same moment she was entirely willing to risk it. Anything for today.

Koko's twelfth birthday didn't have very much significance for her. It would hold the significance of eons for Sapphire. That was why Koko had snuck into this room when they were all told lights-out--so that she could prepare.

Prepare the girl did, and she did her work tediously. Soon enough, the desks were all aligned in a table formation, so that they looked like a long party table. Koko had taken some clean, sky-blue sheets from her trunk which were intended for this very purpose, and she had placed them precariously atop the desks in the place of a tablecloth. She had politely asked another house-elf for silverware, plates, and glasses, which would be used by the students she had invited. She had tried to find out who Sapphire's friends were, and she believed she had a done a fairly good job of her stalking. Donnovan Perrywinkle had been among the positive acquaintances, and because he would have been the only male, Koko decided to invite Rowan Bane. It wasn't really a pity invite, for Koko knew him--she just didn't know the wheelchair-bound child well. She'd chosen a location that would be fairly neutral, not needing too many stairs to get there, mostly for Rowan's convenience.

To be honest, Koko had to ask around for most of the names, and she still didn't know everyone by memory. She would definitely try...
To anyone reading this who is invited:

Don't post until April Twentieth. I'm only posting the starter just to get it out of the way. Admins are allowed in, but as Professors or Prefects who have found the small group. Have fun!!

Roster of Invited:

- @River Dewlight
- @Sylvie Maple
- @Rowan Bane
- @Min-seo Kim
- @Ruby Reyes
- @Donnovan Perrywinkle
- @Shay Hickerson
And the star of the show
-Sapphire Riddle
(Who I will owl the link to on April Twentieth. Remember, this is a surprise!! )
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It's A Secret  PV | Invited   Closed 

The light shone brightly, on April 24th. Shay had worn a golden dress shirt and black dress pants. Her shirt was tucked into her pants but not all the way so that her shirt seemed to bag, as Shay didn't like tight shirts. Her hair was tied into a low braided bun. On her neck, she still wore the swamp green ribbon but tied into a bow instead of its usual square. On her feet, she'd chosen some black formal shoes to wear.

"Why was Shay dressing up so nicely? Why isn't Shay wearing a dress like most girls? What's so special about April 24th?"

Well, Shay had been invited to an important event. Shay isn't considered a tomboy but she didn't have a dress that was for a party, only ball gowns, and didn't want to overdo her outfit. And finally, today was two of her friends birthdays, KoKo and Sapphire!

Shay headed to the room of which the party was taking place. She grabbed the door handles and swung them open all elegantly. For a moment, Shay had thought she'd just walk into the ocean, but it was just the decorations hung up and prepared around. Standing in the middle of the room, was Koko, the host of the entire event. Shay saw a table which must've been for the presents that people brought. Shay headed over to it and placed her present on it. It was a flower-printed wrapped box, inside, was a snowglobe that seemed to be somewhat alive. It was a snowglobe of a specially made quidditch match, with Sapphire holding the ball and flying around the field with Koko. When you shook it, instead of snow moving around, it was confetti and the logo for Slytherin. Shay thought that that would be the best gift she could give to Sapphire and Koko, as she only knew so much about them.

Shay went over to where Koko was and waved. They talked for a bit before another guest joined the room.
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Surprisingly, Min-seo actually didn’t know Koko or Sapphire that well. She’d met Koko, and Min wanted to be friends because she seemed nice, but she never really got to spend time with her. Min was wearing a cream colored shirt that went off her shoulders and a navy blue skirt. She had on black flats as well. Her black hair was down and wavy and two pieces of her hair were tied back with a silver bow. Min-seo never wore makeup during school, but she decided to wear thin eyeliner and light pink lip gloss. It was barely noticeable, but she liked it anyway. She was happy and honored that she was invited to this event, and had never met Sapphire Riddle. But she was going to make sure that her and Koko were going to have a good birthday. She had two boxes wrapped in light blue and light lavender wrapping paper, both with necklaces, one had a star pendant and the other with a moon pendant. She hoped they’d like them. She made her way to the doors and opened them. She suddenly felt very shy. Not again. She counted to three and put a smile on her face and went through the doors and waved at the two girls in the room.

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River had been impatiently sitting through the day so far, not being able to stop thinking about the event happening. It was really exciting, having a surprise party for Sapphire, and celebrating birthdays. It felt good, doing something nice for her, and also, hopefully she’d get to know Koko a little better too.
The day so far had been very uneventful, and she had basically spent all her time looking forward to the surprise.
She had planed out her outfit already, even though she was definitely not one for dressing up all fancy. She had put together a cute outfit with a black skirt with white floral pattern along the edges, a white blouse over a black sweater and the collar decorated with white flowers. She also had black tights, and as always, her black and white converse.

Usually, she would not even get herself to wear a skirt, but for the occasion, she decided it would work. And as she got dressed, she realized it wasn’t so bad after all. She actually kind of liked how it looked, she felt good about herself.
Her outfit was not the only thing she had planned, because she had also gotten presents. River wasn’t sure whether to only get for Sapphire or Koko too, but since she knew it was also Koko’s birthday, she’d gotten her one as well. They were wrapped in metallic gold coloured paper, with a green bow in the right corner of each of the rectangular presents.
Inside, there were two bracelets, one silver, with three small emerald green gemstones. The other was gold, with three small transparent gemstones.

River was not sure if the girls were into jewelry and such, but she figured that it fould be fine, as these bracelets weren’t too fancy, but rather quite simple. Her plan was for Koko to get the silver bracelet, and Sapphire to get the gold one.

River walked steadily down the hall, woth the two presents held in her hands. She could see a few people here and there dressed up for a celebration, and she assumed they were headed where she was.
Soon enough, River had reached the doorway to the classroom where the celebration was to be held. She stepped inside, and saw the room in all it’s glory. Decorated impressively for the occasion, River assumed Koko was the one behind that.

She walked a little further, a few others had already arrived. River spotted a table, where a few presents had already been placed. She walked up to it, and carefully put the golden-wrapped gifts down.
River turned around, and smiled softly to the others in the room, hoping they had been as excited as her.
«Hello», she said, as she approached Koko. «This place really looks amazing! It’s really kind of you to set all this up», she looked around the room, at all the decorations put up. «Oh, and of course, happy birthday! There’s a present over there for you too», she said excited, pointing in direction of the table with the presents.

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Sylvie held her head high as she walked down the hallway towards the classroom. While walking she wondered, "Why was I invited to this party even though I don't know Sapphire. I guess that Koko is the host and birthday is also today.... I should get to know Sapphire more." Sylvie poked her head into the classroom and smiled to herself. The room was covered in party decoration. In the center of the room there was what looked like a long table with a sky blue table cloth draped over it. Atop the table was some plates and silverware. The party didn't seem like a particularly big one which made Sylvie wonder why she was invited out of all the people at Hogwarts. She noticed that four other girls had already arrived. She recognized to of the girls from her house, but the other two she'd never spoken too. 

Sylvie stepped inside and awkwardly stood at the door, wondering what to do. She was wearing a black and white striped shirt with long sleeves and a short burgundy pleated skirt which had a little ribbon bow on the side. Her hair was in a half ponytail with a burgundy bow on the hair tie which matched the one on her skirt. Her sister, Crystal, had put together this outfit. She'd always loved fashion ever since she'd watched a fashion show on TV for the first time. Sylvie on the other had had never really seen the appeal of putting together an outfit to impress others. Anyways, Sylvie thought this was a good occasion to finally try the outfit. 

She held two presents in her hands, one for each of the birthday girls. They were both wrapped in silver wrapping paper with white dots as a design on top. In one was a blank sheet music notebook for Koko, since Sylvie knew Koko like to write music since they had this hobby in common. The other girl was a sketchbook with a good amount of pages that could be filled. She didn't know Sapphire that well, but she'd noticed that a lot of the population of Hogwarts liked art and were very good at it, unlike Sylvie who had drawn stick figures for most of her life. She hoped Sapphire also liked drawing or else she was going to beat herself up for such an epic failure. 

Sylvie didn't know exactly what to do now that she'd arrived at the party. She decided to make her way over to the gift table and put down her gifts. She gave Sapphire's gift one last look before turning away. She noticed the four girls all talking. "Should I go over there? Well, I wouldn't want to interrupt their conversations, but it would look weird if I just stood here.... I'll just say hi, and I can walk away if I interrupt something. Okay Sylvie, take a breath and go over there!" She thought closing her eyes and taking a breath before walking over to the girls and saying, "Hi guys! Happy birthday Koko!" 

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@River Dewlight @Min-seo Kim @Shay Hickerson @Sylvie Maple
Three people had arrived already! That much was extremely exciting. Other than that, it would likely begin to get bland and boring before the others arrived. Koko smiled at the blonde--Shay, Shay Hickerson. Koko waved at the cellist who had entered.

A girl of smaller stature, one who Koko had met before, had entered the room. Min-seo Kim, who she had met out in the woods. Min-seo had seemed very interesting, and Koko would be pleased if they were to become friends. "Hello!" Koko said brightly.

Next came a redhead who Koko didn't know very well. It would have been one of Sapphire's friends, and if the girl were red-haired... "River, I presume?" Koko asked. "I'm pleased you could join us. Koko had noticed the others bringing not one, but two presents--Koko hadn't expected that. She'd specified that it was Sapphire's birthday, but she'd never said anything about her own; however, people could infer that because if Koko and Sapphire were sisters, they'd probably be twins. It gave the golden-haired girl a warm feeling inside of her to know that people actually cared. "Many thanks," Koko said to River as the girl wished her a happy birthday. "To be honest, I'm surprised that anyone noticed!"

Next was another blonde. This one Koko knew slightly more than the others. It was Sylvie Maple, a girl in her dormitory as well as one she'd met in the Rehearsal room. Her outfit was very well put-together. Actually, they all were. Koko felt a tiny bit out of place because she didn't wear anything more dressy. At least she'd worn a Polo and a skirt...

"Hi guys! Happy birthday Koko!"

Koko's face reddened. Somehow everyone knew that it was her birthday. She was still smiling, though, as she waved at Sylvie. "Hey! Thank you!"

What to talk about, what to talk about..? She wouldn't start a conversation on the weather, nor would she start a conversation about the decorations. No... "So... I know not everyone is here yet, but thank you all for coming. And wishing me a happy birthday. Really, just you being here means a lot." It was extremely sappy, but what did she care. So, Sapphire isn't here yet, so because it's a surprise party, maybe we should hide?"

She spoke louder than she usually did, so that all of the girls could hear her. "Of course, not yet. Maybe once someone else gets here... I don't think that Sapphire will be next." She spoke about her sister as if she'd known the other eleven twelve-year-old for a long time, when really, they'd only met a few months ago.

With another happy smile, Koko looked around at the group. "Even though I have a few activities planned, is there anything in particular that you would like to do?"

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"Even though I have a few activities planned, is there anything in particular that you would like to do?"

Hmm... Shay hadn't been that big of a party person, but whenever she did, she'd make the best of it. Koko's question was definitely a question she didn't prepare for. "Truth or Dare, Kiss or Swear" didn't seem to be an option seeing that most of the guest were girls and might be uncomfortable with the third option. Perhaps a pinata? Those were traditional, right? Although, Shay didn't know if everyone was into that. But like, most of them were still what, 10, 11? Dueling might not be the best; one, someone could get hurt and two, there might be two or three people who know lots more spells than everyone else. Arts and craft, they didn't seem prepared enough. Then, an idea or two came up, some things everyone loves to do.

"What about a game of hide n' seek? Everyone can enjoy a game of that, right? Shay suggested, trying her best to sound energetic. There was one thing Shay hated, being scared when the seeker finds you. Ugh, just thinking about it lowers Shay's mood. Shay refocused at reality. Koko looked at the ground, thinking. The others, well, they just sent little hints of their responses like shrugs or nods. If this got rejected, then Shay just made a fool of herself.

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Donny walked into the room full of exited girls, keeping his tone down. He'd only ever been invited to one persons birthday, his cousin James's and he got a Chupacabra as a pet. That's when Donny found out that they were only loyal to their owners. But today, today should be better right? He'd brought what he'd like to call a safe gift for Sapphire, and it did empty him a few galleons, but it was all good fun, she would hopefully like it. "This is the, er party, right?" he asked to the girls. He only just noticed he was the only boy there, but they surely wouldn't be the stereotypical, painting nails, hovering over witch weekly kind of party.  

He set his gifts carefully on an empty desk. The gift wrapping had little golden snitches on it, and a small, self tying bow that came in handy. "I do set this lot here, right?" he asked, again confused and nervous he would interrupt a possibly good party. He looked around as he asked, all of them were quite new to his eyes, but he saw some familiar faces. Some of whom he'd met in quite the awful scenarios, but that was all behind him.   

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Sapphire wasn't a person to celebrate. Most of the time, she sulked in the corner of a room because she had to be there. She hadn't had to do that in quite a while though. She was on her way to an unused classroom, her usual uniform replaced by a black top and icy blue skirt.

She heard light chatter coming from the room where she was headed, which could've been the other people that Koko had mentioned, but some of them were unfamiliar. She slowed her pace a bit and stopped outside the doorway, breathing in and just listening. There was talk of a... party? And games? What the hell does Koko have planned? she thought before creaking the door open and slipping into the room. The first thing that the girl noticed was that the light was slightly tinted black and icy blue, along with a frosty white like freshly fallen snow.

The second thing that she noticed was the people, and the pile of presents. Her eyes widened. She'd almost forgotten what day it was. It was April 24th, her 12th birthday.

"Hope I'm not interrupting something. Also, happy birthday Koko," she said, smiling slightly at the caramel haired girl. She didn't know what else to say. She'd remembered that it was supposedly her sister's birthday, and had gotten her a present, though she wasn't sure if the other girl would like it. She felt awkward as she went to but the box on the table, the lavender wrapping paper of the box crinkling in her hand. What a great way to act, Sapphi. Great.

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"I do set this lot here, right?"

Shay turned over to the desk where all the present were. A boy was now placing his present there. Shay took a look at him and was able to guess who he was immediate. "Yup, Donnvan Perrywinkle, right? It's nice to actually meet you. I'm Shay, Shay Hickerson!" Shay said politely, heading over to Donnovan. She grabbed him by the wrist and pulled him over to the circle. Everyone introduced themselves, then Koko explained the rest. After she was done, Shay could tell Donnovan was on the edge. She realized that he was the only boy who had arrived yet. Shay leaned and whispered something into his ear, "Don't worry, I think another boy was invited, loosen up a bit!" Shay grinned. She remembered being the only girl at her friend's party once, it was heck awkward.

Everyone chatted for a few minutes before the door creaked open. Shay expected to see another guest enter the room, but instead, A girl with short white hair and sapphire blue eyes walked in. Everyone turned. Shay assumed no one had guessed that Sapphire would arrive before all the guest. Even so, they just had to improvise, right?

"Hope I'm not interrupting something. Also, happy birthday Koko."

Sapphire said, smiling brightly. Koko took a quick glance at everyone, then nodded. Everyone one raised their hands and said in unison, "Happy Birthday Sapphire!" Everyone rushed to Sapphire and grouped up into big hug, with smiles and laughter on the side.

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So Sapphire had finally entered. Koko waved at her sister with a smile. "Happy birthday!" she exclaimed, and then she made sure that her present for Sapphi stayed hidden. She'd give it to the other girl later.

"Hello, Donnovan! I... I kind of remember you... That incident with the Ravenclaw, right?" She didn't necessarily wish to bring up the traumatic event in a time of happiness, but she was curious if Donnovan would recognise her. Donnovan had asked where to set the presents... and Shay had taken care of it. Koko wasn't sure if she should feel undermined or grateful. "Yes, Shay is correct. You should put the present... presents there. Thank you, on behalf of both myself and Sapphire." Koko flashed a smile.

"Hiiiiiiiiiii Sappphi!!!" Koko squealed, something that she didn't do often. "Haaaaaaapy Biiiiiiirrrrthdaaaayyyy!"

Now, it was time. Koko looked at the group and nodded, signaling for them to attack her sister on all sides via hugs, which Sapphire hated. It was a very subtle nod, so that Sapphire might not see it. Koko rushed up at her sister and wrapped her arms around the other Slytherin, giggling. Sapphire might not have liked hugs, but Koko did, and Koko was enough of a sadist to force this on her sister!

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Donny did remember quite distinctly what happened with Kaegen Deathmote, and he had the scars to prove it all. I wouldn't call him a particularly smart Ravenclaw, Donny thought. "Um, are we opening gift parcels first, or what?" he asked Koko, smiling. "Oh and I almost forgot!" he said before she could answer. He had a large angular box at the corner of the room, wrapped in the leftover paper. "It's not much, but go ahead and open it!" he said, gingerly handing it over to her. After all, it was still her birthday too. It was a limited edition wizards chess set, and it even had a pocket where you could store some candy to snack on for the game. "Just a thought! I know your smart, but I didn't know what you liked. Plus, you saved me back in that, there?" he asked, shrugging with a smirk. "We could have a game some time if you want?" he finished. 

He looked at Sapphire finally. "Happy Birthday!" he said awkwardly, unsure of what to say next. "Er, I brought a little something, but I'm not sure if it's time to open just yet!" he joked, looking down at his shoes. "Any cake preference?" he asked, trying to consume time.    

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