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Shrouded In Shadows  Closed   PV Lilac Dune 

"Welcome to the unused classroom, a nice place for quiet, or for meetings, or simply for if you need somewhere to collect your thoughts." Elena went to get a piece of chalk from a shelf, she selected the white, red, blue, and green ones, "So, for collecting our thoughts at this point in time, the chalkboard is most excellent. Although we should make sure to record them in a journal too, other people do use this place."

Elena tossed the white chalk into her right hand and scribbled out two large headings: What We Know and What We Do Not.

"Let's start with what we know." Elena made up a key which coded each chalk colour. Red chalk being important questions, Green chalk being important information, and Blue chalk being people involved. Simple, a good system, easy to understand.

Elena pulled a journal from her cloak, she'd bought a new one and was going to try and do a little bit of short story writing in it. Not that she'd ever tried too much before, but it had been something to keep her mind buzzing. This is a good use of it though, it was a simple spiral one, nothing fancy, but Elena also grabbed a little glitter pen that'd come free with it and held them out to Lilac, "Here, so you can record along with the chalkboard. If you want."

I'm weak my love.