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Floating Beasts and Where to Find Them  Closed 

"I imagine the nurse will have a potion of some kind considering a headache is to do with an organ. Although the thought of wand magic fixing a headache seems a bit interesting considering the brain's complexity." Fenix said, placing his hands on her shoulders, "If you want to keep your eyes closed I can guide you through the hallway so you don't stumble." 

He began to walk forward gently guiding her further into the hallway,  "You know my dad is a Hufflepuff as well..." Fenix said trying to make conversation. He wasn't very good at socializing with new people. "'Hufflepuffs make the best of friends!'" He said letting go of her and imitating a tall, proud and bearded Lincoln Black. He suddenly remembered that she had her eyes closed and he fumbled back behind her again returning his hands to her shoulders. "Sorry, sorry. Forgot you were blind, haha.." he laughed awkwardly. 

"My dad is pretty cool. He had hoped I'd get into Hufflepuff house. He wanted to have a big house party. I overheard him talking about it to my mum one morning before we left for King's Cross station." Fenix knew his father would love him no matter what, but he did feel bad  about not making Hufflepuff house. He continued to gently guide her down the hallway...

Fenix Black