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New Friends & Spell Practice  Closed 

Its dim inside the empty classroom. Only one student inside sitting in a corner double seat alone.
" AGH! This is hopeless, I'm never going to be able to figure out this spell! I swear i'm so ready to give up."
I lay my head into my hands and grunt out of frustration. Why do spells have to be so hard? I wish I could just flick my wand and - BOOM. Magic! But nope! It has to be so complicated.
"Goodness I swear one day this will be the end of me!" I sigh and turn the next page in the book of spells.
" Maybe I can actually do this one? Gosh I don't know what i'm doing wrong!"
I recite the spell listed on the page. Something simple, should be easy. Flicking my wand in the said motion it requires. I get a little burst of sparks but nothing more. I expected this.
" It always worked back home, what am I forgetting? This is so stressful."
I got so frustrated with myself that I didn't notice a person enter the room. No'r did I expect someone to come. I was a bit surprised looking up after hearing the shuffle of feet to see a person before me.