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Anatomy Issues  PV Ruby Cazarez   Closed 

@Ruby Cazares
Human anatomy. Something that people would say Jay was great at, but in their opinion they thought that it wasn’t right. The drawings Jay would make of themself was drawn the way they wanted to look like, much more handsome than pretty, a little taller than they actually were, a more masculine torso, shorter hair, and most of all... Happier. Jay didn’t like the drawing, they didn’t look like that at all, it wasn’t them. Jay felt frustration build up inside of them. 

Jay took a deep breath and started to draw another human who oddly looked familiar to their guardian. Sir Victoria. What a troubled and caring wizard, no. More like a idiotic and careless wizard. Jay thought nastily, their guardian was on the run, and when he first introduced them to his dark history he promised them that he won’t do anything bad enough or get caught and leave them. Jay had enough of this stress, they were about to burst. Jay crumpled up the paper and threw it at a random direction- they weren’t aware of their surroundings at the moment. 

Damn you Arnoux Victoria! You’re lucky that this bloody school doesn’t know you take care of me, arghhh!” Jay said loudly in the empty classroom. 
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