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A Latenight Duel in an Abandoned Classroom  Close 

Matthew was anxious. Waking up a little past midnight, he was ready for his duel with Lucifer Smith. The Slytherin Smith had challenged him to a duel after Matthew embarrassed him during charms class during a test. Matthew, backed with his fellow Ravenclaw Rowan as his second, set off towards the abandoned classroom on the fifth floor. He had to be careful, as being caught by a teacher or the caretaker would surely cost his house some much needed house points, not to mention the detention he would get. As he got closer to the classroom, he got more and more anxious for the upcoming fight. He strode into the classroom confidently, ready for a fight. He had arrived before the designated time, at around 12:30, whereas they were supposed to meet at around 12:45. However, Lucifer was already there. As they stepped up to each other, they both prepared their wands, bowed, and took several paces back. Smith's second was one of his cronies, a big guy with physical strength but the intelligence of a rock. They both pointed their wands at each other. The duel started. Knowing he could get a quick lead, Matthew cast the disarming spell, causing Smith to dive after his wand. Grabbing it, he conjured the sneezing hex, which missed horribly. Lying on the ground and struggling to get up, Matthew nailed him in the gut with the body locking curse, therefore winning the battle. He left Smith lying there, and sneaked back to his dormitory, unnoticed.

Matthew P Roderer