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private to Ember Jones, Thea Knott, Jane Victoria, Morgan Stratton, Muriel Carroll, Stella Rose
Ember looked at the five members standing in front of her, looking eager and interested. She had chosen them for various reasons, and she hoped they had been the right ones – some because they were known for great engagement in clubs, others because they had spoken up at their first meeting. One of them, Jane or Jay, had even read a poem – a pretty good poem, she thought, Ember had been one of those who clapped hardest. 
They were standing in the room where this first meeting had taken place, but now, instead of bursting with members, it was empty apart from them. With a quick movement of her hand she signaled the others to take a seat. “Hello”, she said, her voice sounding croaky and high-pitched. She swallowed, then spoke on, the sound luckily back to normal. “All of you are here because I have sent you an owl. I understand that it might have left you confused, but we will come to the details later. What you do know is that we are preparing an introduction for new members now. This will be especially hard for you as you haven’t had this procedure yourselves, due to the circumstance that you belong to the first members, but…” She paused dramatically for effect, then had to smile at this. Was she putting on too much? Nevertheless, Ember kept talking. “But I’m sure you’ll manage really good.”
From somewhere on the ground next to her, she produced a small black bag. Little glitter particles were glued on it, making it seem like the night sky; it was her favourite one and she was determined to use it for this special occasion. “As soon as we have planned everything, you’ll need to instruct the seven new members who have joined this week. Every one of us, including me, will have to pick a slip of paper with a name on it out of this bag. That’ll be the student you’re “responsible” for.” She drew speech marks into the air with her fingers. “The plan is that those seven students will be the next ones to pass on the tradition we’re starting, so make sure you tell them everything they need - everything I will tell you in the next step!” Her eyes were twinkling as she said this, a grin slowly spreading over her face. “Here you go.” She passed the satchel to the student next to her. 
In the first part of this thread, everyone will RP about arriving at the meeting and picking a slip. Please post a number between one and seven instead of the name you pulled; after your post, I’ll notify you about which student this number stands for. You can then edit the name into your RP and maybe describe your feelings about this member. Thanks!

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New Traditions And Old Members  PV WritingClub   C 

Muriel slowly entered the classroom, relieved that she hadn't missed anything. She walked towards Ember, this time in a much more composed manner than before. She was wearing her neatest robes that had hardly any wrinkles. Tucked inside them was the owl she'd received earlier in the day from Ember, a small notepad and pen in case she'd have to take any notes, and of course her wand. She then gave a small smile and wave in return for a greeting before coming to a halt to stand with the group.

Muriel listened carefully to everything Ember said, occasionally nodding in understanding just to confirm that she was indeed paying attention; she did have a tendency to zone out sometimes, but not for things as important as what she was here for now. Her curiosity increased as she watched the girl pick up a black, glittery bag and explain what was inside. Since she was closest to Ember, Muriel took the bag first and gently picked out two of the slips before passing it along to the girl beside her.

Hopefully no one would question why she'd picked two slips instead of one, but in case someone did, she was ready to explain and had the letter on her to back up her explanation. Glancing back at Ember and the excited look on her face, Muriel's hands trembled a bit as she opened up the two slips containing the names of the students she'd be responsible for and stared at them for a few moments.

Ero Hallister and John Williams. The first student she didn't recognize at all; perhaps she was from a different house. The second student was just as unrecognizable, though she did have a gut feeling that he was from Ravenclaw; she could've sworn she'd heard his name once while in the common room or elsewhere... maybe in class? Whatever the case was, she still had no idea what either of them were like personality-wise. What if they were mean? Or cold? What if they didn't like her? What if she didn't like them?

Muriel quickly shook these thoughts away. ...If Ember didn't think I could handle this challenge then she wouldn't of given it to me... let's do this!

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New Traditions And Old Members  PV WritingClub   C 

Stella was distracted. Schoolwork was important, and she was behind. REALLY behind. So when Ember called out that it was time to draw for your student, Stella almost jumped out of her seat.

What?! She seemed like the only one in the room who hadn't dressed up. Stella wasn't even in her robes! She just had on a wrinkled leather vest and her usual tall combat boots. The girl who had drawn before Stella -Muriel, was it?- was in crisply ironed robes and, well, she looked ready.

Recalling the play of events so far, Stella sat up a little straighter. When she had rushed into the classroom last minute, strewing schoolpapers everywhere, she had been, at the least, flustered. If there was anyone she didn't want to let down, it was Ember. Stella's stupid owl had decided to wait until five minutes before the meeting was scheduled to flock into her dorm room and make a commotion with the letter in beak.

Stella had then proceeded to stuff all of her homework in her brown leather satchel and run to the classroom, bursting through the door in the nick of time. It had welcomed a few stares, perhaps some gapes at her disheveled hair and wrinkled clothing, but that was all. Stella could deal. And now, after the great effort it had taken to get here, she was really distracted by something that was trivial at the moment?

A sudden burst of determination sent Stella out of her seat and after the girl who was maybe named Muriel. The bag was at the front of the room now, and Stella stuck her hand in. A slip of paper brushed against it, and like a true wacko, a shiver went down Stella's spine. This had to be the one. Stella was up for the challenge, no matter who she was to help.

Without a second thought, she pulled out the slip of paper. Here we go. I will not let Ember down.

She glanced at her slip.


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New Traditions And Old Members  PV WritingClub   C 

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