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A New Day  Closed 

It was 7 in the morning by the time the sun was high. Its rays shined against the windows and crept through the curtains that draped above. Taylor took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as she took in the beauty of the campus. Books in hand, the girl somewhat cluelessly wandered down the long, empty halls. Her head whipped back and forth as she kept a close eye out for anyone else who could help guide her. Even though she was hoping to find a guide, as soon as she saw the faint shadows of a group of students, she hid behind her white bangs. She then clutched the cloth of her shirt anxiously and struggled to control her thoughts. As soon as she assumed everything was okay and no one was looking at her, she spotted three kids staring her down as if she were an alien. All of a sudden, a book slipped from her tiny hands. One after another, loose papers began to fall out from between the pages. Instead of helping, the kids giggled and walked away. Taylor struggled not to burst into tears, knowing just a simple accident wasn't worth crying over. After she gathered herself and all of her belongings, she rose to her feet, dusted off her skirt with her hand and kept walking down the hall. Chin up, broad steps, and a smile on her face.
Every time she approached a door, she made sure to peek inside to find which class she was supposed to go to.