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Meeting at the Ministry  D&D   Act 1   Closed 

Dungeons and Dragons was an old favorite of Adelaide's, and it had been near a decade since she last played the tabletop roleplaying game. This campaign would be different than the other games she had played in the past, and the very first she in which she would act as Dungeon Master. It was very exciting, an extremely nerve wracking.

Her group was small, three players, which she felt was a decent group size for her. And they were all students of Hogwarts, therefore children. She had not met any of them previously, as they were all below third year - the year Adelaide was introduced to her students - until she saw them at the club meeting that a student named Dot had put together.

She was originally unsure if a Professor and Staff Member of Hogwarts was allowed to join such a club, but after approval from both Dot and her higher ups, she gleefully joined, and was met with much less scrutiny than she had expected. For that she was humbled and thankful.

Today, though, was a stomach churner. The very first official meeting of her little group. She had met with each student before hand to help them create their Character Sheets, but this would be the first time the whole group was together. At least one of the group had played DnD before, however none had played Dungeon World, the version she would be using, and so this would be somewhat nrw to each of them.

She decided to have the group play in her classroom, on the sixth floor. The groups met on Sunday and so she had no students in her room at that time. And the setup of the classroom, a large round table, was very discussion friendly, and allowed for lots of table room to spread out character sheets and dice and figurines alike - if she decided to use them.

She had given each group member directions to the classroom as well as an agreed upon date and time, and so hoped they would all find it well. She, to be helpful, has created a little sign to hang on the door that simply stated, “Weekend Dungeons and Dragons Meeting. Please Do Not Disturb.” Which acted as a helpful guide to the correct door as well as a warning to wannabe Intruders.

She, as the Dungeon Master, date at the head of the round table, as she usually would as a teacher in her class. The students would soon join her and she was extremely excited.
Please take a look at The Classroom stickied topic to see a detailed description of the room you will be meeting in.

Meeting at the Ministry  D&D   Act 1   Closed 

Once her group arrived and they got through their formal and informal greetings, Adelaide bid the players to take a seat while she passed out their finished Character Sheets.

Daniel, a young first year Slytherin, had chosen the class of Cursebreaker, an offensive position of whom delt in dark margic and their counters.

Been, a Second year, and probably the most (in)famous child in the entire school, chose to be a mediwizard. The helper of others. Adelaide wondered if that mirrored his own personality.

And finally there was Arthur, who had chosen the form of Animagus, the shapeshifter.

It was certainly an interesting group, one with its strengths and weaknesses for certain, but Adelaide was excited to have them here.

But now it was time to set the scene:
You each have been summoned and chosen by the Ministry of Magic to complete an important mission. After your acceptance you have been lead to this large conference room to be briefed on the situation at hand.

The hall you are in lies on the Department of Mysteries floor, as the elevator announced as you stepped off. You followed your escort, a small, frail looking man, down a windowless and dimly lit hallway of black stone. Coming to a door as dark as the stone surrounding it, you entered as your escort motioned. He would close the door behind you, apparently scurrying off to his next task at hand.

As you enter you notice you are not alone in this room. A gigantic dark marble table spreads our before you in a large rectangle, and there is a man sitting at it's head, looking at you. A study built man, with dark gelled hair and sunken eyes. He remains seated as you enter, and motions for you to take a seat at one of the many chairs sprawled out before him.

Depending on when you enter,
as you arrive in the order of your posting, you may see other strangers in the room, and/or strangers will arrive after you.

Whether you chose to take a seat or not, the man at the head, once all required participants have arrived, will clear his throat to gain attention. "Good afternoon. As some of you may or may not know, my name is Andrew Harelding of the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures, Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures subdivision. You each have been skillfully and selectively chosen for a very important task at hand. You will be briefed on the subject material in a moment.

For now, as we wait for my assistant, I suggest you aquaint yourself with each other. You will be serving as a group, and it is best if we at least begin with names before your journey."

You have never met these apparent group members before. Their faces will be new and strange to you. You might wonder why they were chosen along with yourself. As for you, you know quite well you are suited for whatever mission they have in minds. Please introduce yourself to your peers.
Introduce yourself to the other group members.
To your peers or to yourself, describe how you are suited for this mission. What brought you to London and the Ministry of Magic? What skill sets do you provide and how did you gain these skills? What is your backstory?
To aid in setting the scene, describe what you look like.

Meeting at the Ministry  D&D   Act 1   Closed 

Ben entered the classroom hesitantly. He'd never really been to this room and was unsure who else was coming to the meeting. It did however sound small and had a teacher leading it. That felt safe enough for the previous masked figure to join. His reputation did not usually lend well to joining clubs or groups of any kind. Ben hoped this would earn some new friends that he had not hurt yet or betrayed. Ones that would stick by him after they bonded over this game. It was a calculated move that would hopefully pan out for the boy.

A nervous smile was given to the professor waiting at the table as he took a seat somewhat close to her. He placed his notebook and quill on the table in front of himself as Adelaide took the character sheet for review. Ben had played Dungeons and Dragons in the muggle world with his father actually. Quietly he pondered what a magical version could be. Moving maps? Living figures? Actual danger? He had no idea and would honestly be happy with even muggle techniques. This was the first time he had been excited in recent memory.

Unexpectedly, Ben would be the first to introduce himself, or rather, introduce his character. He chose a simple, dumb oaf that had been bullied for something that wasn't his fault. He tried to protect others and even heal them but always seemed to be getting the short end of the stick and blamed for things he did not do. People abused him for being different and teased him for lack of the usual magical book smarts. He named his character 'Boof' and somehow felt he could relate to the guy.
Boof was a large man, but he was able to keep up. He walked with big booming steps and listened to the guy whose name he forgot. He would also greet everyone as they came in. Um. Yeah. He would say like "Hi there. I'm Boof." and it would be repeated a bunch of times as they entered. He did not trust them though. No one was ever nice to him.

He would be, uh, mostly silent after the boss guy talked though. He just wanted money and stuff for doing the job. Boof was not there to make friends. Um. He was a bit smelly too. Yeah. Smelly. So others probably did not like it. Or him. It didn't matter though cause he is like a super skilled medic wizard. Probably a little famous I bet. Yeah he is totally famous for it. This job better be worth it, he would probably say to... Arthur? Oh Andrew. Yeah yeah that was it.

Um, Boof went to Hogwarts. He was good at healing and shielding. So he became a quidditch medic. Caught falling players and stuff, helped heal them to get them to hospital. He is one of the best medics there because he always loved the game but was too big and stuff to play. He knows the game so can follow it and see injuries coming to prepare for them. It is the only area he is smart in. He got fired though because a player mocked him so he let him fall and nearly die. Boof probably would have been happier if the player died. Now he tries to find work but many don't like him so this job is needed but he doesn't want to seem needy.

Ok so Boof wants it to be worth it. He stands quietly after saying hi to everyone. Not very social. But he plans to at least listen so he knows who else is there. In case they mistreat him. Revenge later. Ok I think that's all Boof does for now.

Meeting at the Ministry  D&D   Act 1   Closed 

Daniel was excited. He had heard someone talk about this muggle game before, and was interested, even slightly, to try it. He stepped quietly towards the classroom, entering even quieter. The room was mostly empty, save for the round table and the professor and another boy sitting at the table. He looked slightly older than the Slytherin, but Daniel didn't care. He eyed the boy for a long moment, trying to just memorize his face, before he sat down. Actually, he sat next to the other boy, nodded his head in pleasure and leaned forwards. It was time to start playing.
Erik Villem was a tall man, not too tall, but tall enough. The most notable feature he head was his pasty colored skin, and his auburn-gold eyes. Known to those at the Ministry for being a rather skilled cursebreaker, the man, unfortunately, lacked in other areas... like wisdom and charisma. Because of this, he said very few words, or none at all. He was a man of action, not necessarily of speaking. Actions, for him, spoke louder than words.

He was, apparently, the second person in their small group to arrive. He eyed the half-giant silently as he introduced himself, then rose an eyebrow. "Erik Villem," the cursebreaker would say, his accent heavy. Russian roots, maybe. Or Ukrainian. Some obvious eastern-European country, of course. "Curse breaker. I worked at the Russian Gringotts for a long while before I was transferred to the United Kingdom. My English isn't very good," at that, Daniel himself would give a shrug of his shoulders, "but they wanted someone with my skills, so alas here I am. Please to meet you."

He'd also inform the group, regardless of how many people would show up, about his abilities: as a curse breaker, he was strong in casting magic, especially hexes and jinxes, and several exciting stories about Egyptian tombs, exciting vats in China, and secretive, half-underground tunnels in Indonesia. It seemed like, if anything, Erik was eager to get himself going, and would be handy when it came to the, quote-unquote, "tanking" part of the group.

Str: 7 | Agility: 7 | Control: 7 | Stam: 9

Meeting at the Ministry  D&D   Act 1   Closed 

Arthur had heard about the D&D group through another student, and signed up to join, though was surprised to find out who their DM would be. He felt like maybe he should be nervous, since they were playing with a teacher, but all he really felt was excited. Surely anyone who was signing up to play D&D at wizard school had to be a massive nerd, right? And at least interested in muggle culture, if not born themselves. It seemed like the prefect chance to meet people he might have done things in common with. He had played loose kinds of RPG‘s with his friends from school before, where they just kind of winged it and made up the rules as they went along, but nothing so structured. Still, he heard the rule set for this version wasn't too hard, so hopefully he could pick it up as they went.

The sign on the door meant he didn't have to wonder if he was in the right place. Stepping inside, he gave a nervous wave to the professor and two students who had arrived before him. He went over to the table, sitting beside the older student that he'd met at the baking event, then listened as the professor set the scene.

He didn’t have a lot of knowledge about the wizarding world, like their jobs and careers, and was afraid it would show in his character design, so he based his character slightly off of his older half-sister who worked in the ministry in the department of magical creatures;
Stepping out of the elevator into the Department of Mysteries, Illia surveyed the hallway as she followed the small (she assumed) Ministry bureaucrat to a long conference room. The woman was about 5'5, not especially tall or muscular. But she was known to the right circles as an expert in transfiguration magic, excelling at it since school where she completed the difficult task of becoming an animagus. On top of that, she was known for having a good intuition about things and trusting her instincts (though occasionally at the expense of more rational decision making). Certain... circumstances had prevented her from working where she would have liked to within the Ministry. But now that they needed something from her apparently it was 'welcome aboard!'

Her attention shifted to the man at the head of the table. Despite meeting in the Department of Mysteries level, their host was from the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures. She was about to question it, when the quite large person across from her greeted her as soon as she stepped through the door. "Hi Boof. I'm Illia!" she replied cheerfully, stepping in to join the others. Then Erik Villem proceeded to introduce himself.. A cursebreaker too, hmm? "Illia Bauer," she said, following up with a more complete introduction. "Transfiguration expert. Also an animagus, in case it's relevant."

Meeting at the Ministry  D&D   Act 1   Closed 

The group seemed to come together and get into character rather quickly and easily. Ben was somewhat awkward, which Adelaide assumed was part character and part real life. After what the poor boy had been theough with the Mask, she was sure he was certainly wary among his peers. Adelaide knew.many we're turning against him, while some were banding together for him. She wondered what his team mates thought of him, and wondered how it would effect their gameplay.

Arthur has chosen a female characters despite his male status. That was something gamers often did, and so it did not surprise her, but she did always get a chuckle out of it.

She was very interested in Daniel's character. He seemed to have a good backstory going. Something he seemed to put a lot of thought into. That was good. The more colorful the backstory, the more colorful the capaign. She was excited for this to contonue.
As each of you introduces yourself, Andrew mostly ignores the group. He shuffles theough some papers, a frown on his face. Before his attention is called to the door reopening just as the group finished their talking.

The frail looking man that escorted you in, has returned, and this time with a somewhat large pile of papers clasped between his arms and his chest. He looks in danger of dropping them, but managed to stumble his way over to Andrew and set the pile down before him without incident.

You get a better look at the man now. Not only is he frail, but he is frighteningly white. Not unnaturally so, like a vampire perhaps, but almost as if he is terrified, or horribly sick. You may wonder if this is his constant state.

At his arrival, Andrew clears his throat, signaling for silence, even though no one had been speaking. "Well, now that you are aquainted, let's begin, shall we?" He starts. "There are concerning reports near Dover, by the sea. Muggles are reporting giant dogs, and there have been an increase in both muggle and magical dissaperances. We suspect a rouge werewolf has taken residence there. However the number of missing persons suggest either a quite ravenous and uncontrolled wolf, or perhaps multiple.

"At this point the wolf or wolves have become both a threat to life as well as a threat to our magical secrecy. Your job here is to travel to Dover, hunt down this threat and kill it. However you go about this mission is up to you as a group. However we insist on maintaining magical secrecy. We do not need a leak on our hands."

He stops, his story seemingly over. Dover is not far, some of you may or may not have been there before. "I expect all of you to have no issue with this. If you do, you should speak now. If not, are there any questions? You must leave as soon as possible, the next full moon is not far away."