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World Cultures Club: 1st Meeting  Closed 

It was clear that Masika was getting maybe a little nervous with the sudden flow of suggestions and offers from the members. She kept turning one person to other, listening all of them out, and then finally spoke. "Oh, I can help organize things as well, though I can only help, not take the lead of it." She offered, looking at Sariel for a second, then back to Masika.

After she completed giving out works, she started on her introduction, and Dot leaned in closer to hear well. She'd been wondering about the accent from some time now, and it would be good to know her origins.

When Masika completed, Lucien started about his own family. Some sort of metallic bitterness filled her mouth when she heard about him being a pureblood, but she sent the feeling down by thinking, Well, not all purebloods are purists. But wait. Maybe that was why he didn't want to shake her hand - because she was a muggleborn. Maybe he was trying to insult her. Maybe -

Dot shook her head, breaking the line of thoughts. Her doubts and assumptions never did any good to her.

Seeing Lucien nervous (maybe about saying more), Dot spoke up. "So, myself, if I can introduce next." A small pause. "Well, I don't know where I was born, or to whom, except that their last name was Dutt. I was raised in an orphanage, where among many orphans uncared for, I was given love by one nurse who cared for me deeply, for some reason. She named me Dot, supposedly because my nose was pretty much like a dot when I was a baby." She breathed out a small, awkward laugh, then continued. "Well, I'm adopted now, by the Saleh family. I got adopted when I was eight, and that's when I learned the language Urdu and different traditions of the Pakistani and Muslim people. And yeah, I'm a Muslim, so are my - adoptive - parents. That's all, I guess."

"When I die, I want free Wi-Fi fitted inside my tombstone, just so people will visit more often."