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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2025 

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♦ Your post must be 200 words minimum and In Character
♦ You cannot godmod the professor
♦ You have to write 1 post, in which you need to do at least 1 or 2 attempts of the spell
♦ Your post will be edited by the Professor, stating pass or fail
♦ You can ask 1 or 2 questions, which will be answered IC by the Professor in your pass or fail edit (not whole conversation prompts, please)
To qualify for this class you need to meet the following:
♦ 10 Days Account Age
♦ 30 Posts
Only available for students beginning Sept 1, 2018 school year

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ALPHEUS loved new school years. Not only did it allow him to meet and greet new students, but he also had the opportunity to see how well the previous years students had fared with lessons under old professors. Unlike last year, Alpheus ensured that his classroom was open, bright and filled wall-to-wall with shelving containing all kinds of books. They were available for students to borrow and had been carefully checked by the Professor himself to make sure no questionable topics were within.

"Hello, hello! Welcome to Hogwarts and History of Magic, class," Alpheus said loudly, his long cape flowing, as he gave a grin to the young faces at their tables. "Today we're going to be putting aside the dusty old books, and trying out a hex. Exciting!"

This particular spell was of interest to Alpheus, since it could be used in duelling - and for anyone who knew the Professor's past, they knew he had won his fair share of duelling championships and tournaments. So it was a very rare and pleasant opportunity to combine both interests and provide the undoubtedly eager young students something different for a class or three.

"We are going to learn about a spell that has defensive applications, especially in bullying or duelling scenarios" Alpheus said as he pulled his wand out from the wand-holster under his left arm. "And what was the spell? You'll find out in just a moment!"

Alpheus waited to see if anyone knew much about the spell, but the history behind it wasn't very well known. Still, with a broad smile, the Professor continued on.

"One of the first official duels recorded in Wizarding history took place in 1430, and was part of what would become known as the All-England Wizarding Duelling Competition," Alpheus said with a grin, his brown eyes taking in the expressions of the students, hoping for a fresh glimmer of interest. "Not to brag, but I've won a few of those. Check them out if you have a chance. However, back on topic, this particular championship was won by a witch by the name of Alberta Toothill. Her final spell, a very powerful use of a blasting spell, went down in history... but, before she had the chance to use it, Alberta used another spell that gave her time to prepare.

"It was none other than Steleus, also known as the Sneezing Hex!

The Professor sent several green rings from his wand, which impacted against a nearby dummy that had been setup. Unfortunately nothing happened, however Alpheus pressed on. This one would be fun to use and see, no doubt!

"It, uh," A student began, frowning. "didn't work, Professor?"

"Ah, on the contrary, so long as you say the incantation correctly - Steleus - and you move the wand in a downward flick, aiming forward toward your target, you will see green rings shoot through the air when successful," Alpheus chuckled. "Unfortunately the dummy doesn't have a nose to begin sneezing!"

Nonetheless, some further explanation was needed, so the Professor cleared his throat and pushed his cape back over his shoulder as he rounded the desk...

"When you are struck by this hex, you will find several seconds of intense sneezing happens. Your eyes are forced closed, you can't really do much, and it allows your opponent a chance to prepare a follow up spell.

"So, as you can imagine, this was very, very helpful for Alberta in her duel. It gave her an opening, which resulted in that blasting spell that ended the bout. As a result of some quick thinking, and using a distracting hex, she was able to claim the victory."

With a chuckle, Alpheus demonstrated again, shooting a series of green rings at the dummy. But simply seeing an inanimate object being hit wouldn't do, the students had to experience it for themselves...

"So your task today is to successfully cast Steleus, by producing green rings that hit the dummy. Once you've done that, you need to cast it on yourself, and experience the hex in effect. You will find it lasts only a few moments, before stopping - but be warned, for those seconds it will be intense!"

To show it wasn't dangerous, Alpheus pointed his wand at his foot and used the incantation, flicking the tip of the weapon down and forward. The rings shot out, hitting his boot, and the long-haired Professor began sneezing repeatedly! After a handful of seconds the sneezing subsided and he let out a call.

"Whew!" Alpheus laughed, pointing to to the class. "Come on now, let's give it a shot. Hit the dummy first, then yourself, make me proud and feel free to ask any questions!"

The task was set, as Alpheus stepped back toward the desk. He looked out over the students, and began observing with smile and ruffled hair...

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2025 

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This thread is now available to new First Year Students only [Sept 1, 2018 or later].

If you previously completed the 'old Sneezing Hex thread', you do not need to complete a post for this thread, unless you choose to do so.

 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2025 

Marian walked into the class excited. A chance to learn some new dueling spells! You know, just in case the masked man attacks you. Though she shouldn't be joking about that.

Marian's goal was to successfuly shoot the green rings from her wand to the dummy, then try it on herself. Trying spells on dummies was easy, but on herself? No way. Marian thought about asking the professor if she could try it on a classmate, but thought better of it. He'd probably say no anyway, Marian thought.

She stood in front of the dummy, ready to give him an allergy attack. She tried to say the incantation clearly as she used the wand movement. she thought back to her charms class, the three rules of casting a spell. She tried to follow the rules as she said,
She watched many green rings shoot out of the tip of her wand and towards the dummy.

She had cast the spell.

Marian decided to try again on the dummy before on herself.
Once again, the green rings shot from her wand at the dummy.

It was time to cast it at herself. She pointed her dragon core wand at herself and whispered loudly
She thougt that nothing had happened until she started sneezing. She was about to ask the professor for help when she stopped sneezing.
I'm glad that's over, she thought.

You've learned the spell!
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"Excellent effort, Marian!" Alpheus said as nodded, watching as the sneezing fit passed for the girl. "Keep up the great work!"
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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2025 

Though Arthur found their History of Magic lectures interesting on most days (as did many of his classmates, he knew) the mood today within the cramped classroom was decidedly more animated than usual. Today, they are going to learn a spell, was the whisper in the halls. And after a brief lecture about a famous duel between a witch and a wizard, the professor proved that rumor to be true.

Moving to the edge of the room, Arthur squared up against a dummy. He practiced the incantation first, holding his wand out and flicking it down towards the target. That last, he was usually good at though. It was the best incantations he usually had trouble with. Fortunately, today's want too difficult. Not like some of the tongue twisters they had to learn. Moving his wand towards the target, he said, a little hesitantly, "Steleus."

Green rings appeared from his wand but, thinner and slower than the professor's had been, they petered out before they hit the target. Straightening up, he pointed his wand at the target again and repeated the incantation, more forcefully this time. "Steleus!" This time the green rings that shot out of his wand got the dummy square on. Smiling, he lifted his wand and tried it again several more times, until he could confidently and consistently produce the rings that hit the target, then turned his wand on himself. He was a little nervous about this part. What if he messed up the work and turned himself into a frog or something? But taking a deep breath, he tried to find confident as he said, "Steleus!"

Immediately he began to sneeze. Violently, as though he had inhaled pepper or something. Okay, aybe he said it just a little too forcefully that time... he thought, as his eyes began to water. He just hoped the spell would wear off soon.

You've learned the spell!
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"Very potent application of the hex, Arthur!" Alpheus said as he winced, before floating some tissues toward the boy. "I've seen my share of opponents fare worse than you did just now, keep up the great effort!"

 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2025 

Dot stared at her wand for a moment, biting her lower lip as she did so. Learning new spells always felt good, but she had an ever-present doubt at the corner of her brain which springs up to the front whenever she tries something new. Okay, spell-casting isn't new, but the hex she's working on is new.
Clearing her throat, Dot pointed her wand at the dummy - it was a rather cute one, but stupid-looking all the same - and said in a clear and crisp voice, "Steleus!", making sure to do the correct hand movement for the spell.
Nothing happened.
Dot made a face at the green circular rings. The Sneezing Hex broke her line of first-time-working spells. From a few days now, that Dot is trying harder on Charms (she's received all Outstandings!), she was getting better in spells. Her last charm - Wingardium Leviosa - had been the second spell in a row that she performed successfully in one attempt.
Not so much luck this time.
Grunting inwardly, Dot forced herself to focus. To get the image of sneezing in her head completely as she tried to do the right wand gesture. Twisting her wrist for a downward flick, she pronounced the incantation rather carefully, "Steleus!"
This time, it worked. Rings shot out of her wand in a swift but clumsy movement to hit the dummy in face. Grinning, Dot whooped loudly.
Then noticed she was in a classroom.
"Um, sorry - Professor and fellow classmates. Got excited, kinda..." A mixture of red and pink crept up to her cheeks as she fakely coughed, trying to get the attention off her.
Once all the students went back to their own work, Dot turned the wand to her, making a slight pout. She was going to cast a hex on herself? Why?
Maybe Professor asked to cast on oneself, so that we'd know how it feels and won't cast on other students.
Quickly, Dot cleared her throat and went to the spell-casting procedures and steps again, this time her strength (her wand) pointed against her.
For a second, Dot only felt slight prickling in the nose, but then a moment later, it came with full speed. Before Dot knew it, she closed her eyes shut, tightly, and sneezed uncontrollably, bent slightly as one achoo went after another achoo.
It took a while for the sneezing to stop - for Dot, it was longer - but she finally got a grip on herself again, sniffing weakly. "Uh, professor?" She called out in a small voice. "I performed the charm. What grade I'm getting for today?"
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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2025 


Brianna listened to professor Wordsworth with a sort of wonder in her gaze– the same she had for the headmaster during her opening ceremony. She messed with her chestnut wand, fiddling it between her fingers as if not used to holding one, coinciding with the assumption she was new to magic. At his mention of winning a few dueling competitions, her green eyes sparkled, wondering if she could have a shot at following in his steps. Her brother, however, had warned her she hadn't exactly displayed the character needed for Defense... She was much more inclined to Care of Magical Creatures. Prosper himself was akin to Defence Against the Dark Arts, and quickly found out that trying to show her a few wandless spells– against their father's wishes mind you– wasn't such a good idea. In fact, it resulted in needed a new living room lamp and a love chair.

She repeatedly tucked loose strands of red hair behind her ear, though it was rather useless as she peered over the shoulder of another student. She rose onto her toes to watch the professor perform the spell on the dummy, watching his magic spiral into's designated ringed form for this spell. Her nose wrinkled in sympathy for the inanimate object he had cast the hex upon till she turned a bit pink in embarrassment. It was inanimate, it wasn't as if it was expected to do much... She gave a glance at the student who asked why it wasn't working, the girl slipping past the taller first year who's shoulder was peering over with a soft-spoken apology and a sweet smile.

Once the class split to foster their own attempts, Brianna shuffled forward, careful not to bump into any of the desks in their classroom or knock over any inkwells. She had learned in her first eleven years of life that being herself was indeed an occupational hazard. She lifted her wand once it came to her turn saying simply, "steleus!"
She performed the hex quite effortlessly, though smiling as if she had completed a higher level spell. her wand glowed and let out the expected excerpt of magic it should give off on the first try. It was quite obvious this little witch had been taught magic before the start of her education at Hogwarts.

Next, with a glance at Professor Wordsworth beforehand, she performed the hex on herself, aware that it was the only way that he would be able to see if she had performed it correctly. The ginger seemed more comfortable pointing her wand at herself than the dummy, an offhand observation. "Steleus!"
She wrinkled her nose, blending some of the freckles together on the bridge as she began to sneeze, not unlike a cat. It lasted a bit longer than intended, leaving her to cover her nose and mouth with her sleeve till the effects subsided. "Did I do alright, Professor?" she asked, still rubbing her nose.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2025 

Anastasia quite excited about History of Magic actually having a living teacher. Both of her parents had hated that class because it had apparently been quite dull due to the fact that the teacher was literally a ghost. She actually quite liked learning about the subject and she quite enjoyed Professor Wordsworth's teaching style as well. She was settling into her normal seat in the front row and beginning to unpack her books and quill for note taking when the professor made his entrance. 

After he told them they wouldn't be using the books today, she quickly put her things back in her bag, leaving only her wand out. She was rather pleased that they would be learning an actual spell that day. While she liked learning from books and such, she really did learn best when she was actually trying something. She had gotten nearly all of the spells she had attempted correctly on the first try, other than Nox. That had be problematic at the time since she could have damaged her wand or even set it on fire, but fortunately, nothing had happened.  

After he demonstrated the charm and told them to try it themselves, she made a mental note of the questions she wanted to ask when he came by. She had two serious ones, but she also rather wanted to know why the Hex had green circles. She thought that sneezing was really more yellow, but she could research that herself after class. 

Anastasia practiced saying the incantation several times as well as the simple downward flick of the wand before she decided to try it full out. She found a dummy that was free and attempted the hex. Despite her opinions about the color, the expected green rings shot at the dummy from the tip of her wand. She practiced it several more times to make absolute certain that she she had it down before she knew it was time to try it on herself. She wasn't particularly looking forward to it, but she knew it was the only way to verify that she had really mastered the jinx. 

Anastasia exhaled hard before she tried it. "Steleus!" she said firmly while flicking her wand downward at her foot. At first, she didn't think it had worked, but then she began to sneeze furiously. After it wore off, she attempted it again, to make certain she was really proficient in the hex. Unfortunately, just after she'd hexed herself for the second time, she saw the professor heading in her direction. She tried quite hard to stop the sneezes, but it was in vain.

 She kept sneezing and despite her best efforts, was still sneezing when Professor Wordsworth came by her area. "Professor, I was rather wondering -achoo!- does it work alright -achoo!- no matter what it's aimed at? Or -achoo!- is it more effective to point it at your -achoo!- opponent's face?" she asked, interrupted by several sneezes. Her eyes were watering, and she rather hoped this would wear off soon. "Also, -achoo!- what's the longest -achoo!- that this hex -achoo!- has ever affected someone?" She'd planned on asking about how long the spell lasted anyway, but now she was particularly concerned as to the answer. Her sneezes finally began to subside as she waited for her answers, and she wiped her nose on her handkerchief.  

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2025 

Amaya headed into the HoM classroom, frowning when she realized she was one of the later students to enter. It seemed she wasn’t quite late, but wouldn’t be considered as early, either.

Taking a seat at the back of the classroom, she scanned over the rest of the people that were there, and flipping a notebook open, prepared a couple of wells, and held her beloved Quill. After waiting a few more moments, the Professor began to explain the lesson, Amaya began to take notes, marking the incantation and the wand movement, and the lesson plan.

She had a inkling there would be no such thing as dignity in this lesson, but it didn’t dampen her mood much.

Murmuring the incantation over and over again, until Amaya deemed it fast enough and sturdy enough, she began to practice the wand movement. Dishing her wand out, she fingered it for a moment, before her wand flicked downwards, at first a little stiffly, but over time, growing to be quicker and smoother.

Amaya breathed deeply, readied herself, turning to the Dummy with a sturdy stance and a calmer mind.

Amaya flicked her wand downwards, her wand still pointed towards her dummy, before finally letting out a single command. “Steleus.

For a second, Amaya thought she had it when a single burst of warmth flowed down her arm and out into her wand, only to see no green rings and only a small wisp of greenish mist.

Amaya tilted her head higher, and this time, much faster, flicked her wand down and spoke the incantation. “Steleus!

This time, the warmth was more apparent, and and green rings burst out of her wand and flew into the targeted dummy. Delighted by it, Amaya flushed with pride, and attempted the spell once more, and overexcitedly, prepared to test it on herself.

Breathing deeply, Amaya closed her eyes, braced herself, and directing the wand towards herself, trying not to shake from the sudden wave of nervousness, she flicked her wand down, and finally, spoke the incantation once more.


Opening her eyes, Amaya glanced at the remains of the green circles, and was already wincing when she felt the terribly persistent tingling sensation in her nose.

Abrupting into a series of loud sneezes that shook the desk she was now leaning on, she winced. Any questions she had were now gone, and she mainly focused on trying to control her sneezing.

After around what Amaya thought of as a eternity(but in reality was close to about three minutes),the sensation subsided and Amaya exhaled in relief, and beamed with pride.

Professor Edit: Congratulations, you've learned the Sneezing Hex!

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2025 

Kayla was so excited for the new school year.  Especially with Professor Wordsworth.  She was excited to meet new students regardless of house.  She waved at Anastasia.  It was nice to have a teacher that wasn't a ghost.  She loved the class regardless.  She was in shock when the professor entered.  

She rolled her eyes when the professor said they wouldn't be using textbooks.  She only left her wand out.  It was good that they were doing a practical spell.  She needed to practice spellcasting.  She needed at least 2 attempts to perfect it.  Pfft… it was a learning experience.  She wanted to learn.  Next, she stood, drew her wand, pointed her wand at Anastasia and shouted "Steleus!"  The spell emitted a green mist and made her partner sneeze.  Then she did it a second time, but on the dummy.  It was even better than the first.  She didn't worry about the others.  She concentrated on the spell and was successful.  And then Anastasia stopped sneezing.  How wonderful!  She then tied her ginger hair in a low ponytail and sat down at her desk.  She was just waiting until everyone was finished being evaluated.  She needed that time for reflection.

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Kayla Taaffe

 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2025 

It was an unusual event for Xander to be excited about anything, but today he was going to 'History of Magic', and apparently the Professor was, by the account of a certain Ravenclaw girl he had met, 'the best'. And apparently he had an impressive collection of capes. Interesting.

Walking into the classroom he had no idea of what to expect. The room itself seemed... quaint, the normally stagnant and sterile layout of other rooms noticeably absent as he took his seat towards the back of the room, trying to remain inconspicuous and therefore unlikely to be asked to demonstrate anything.

He got out his quill and ink, and once the class begun he devoured it like a flobberworm on a lettuce leaf, writing down notes as if his life depended on it.

Once that was done, he coudl now focus on the more practical side of things. He was going to be taught a Hex... A HEX. Xander could hardly contain his excitement, though his impassive features would tell those observing otherwise.

He looked back over his notes... Steleus was the name of it. Not wanting to jump right in he observed the many other students practicing the charm against the dummy, some with great success and others needing more practice. His own thoughts were a bit muddled - he wanted to practice the hex, but without others watching, but at the same time he knew only the Professor could really teach him how to do it properly.

Sighing he stood, his robes drifting across the floor as he lined up with the others, ready to practice against the dummy. It did not take long before he stood before the wooden creature, and it was his moment. His wand, longer than most, was pointed towards the target... and intoned as he moved the wand downwards, exactly as shown.


Green rings flew forth from his wand, hitting the targets face in what, to Xander, was an impressive display of control and accuracy. He gave a small smile, mostly to himself, before nodding slightly towards Professor Wordsworth.

"Thank you."

He turned - it was now time to practice on himself. It didn't seem like the best idea of course - to point ones wand and cast a spell seemed, well, dumb but if it would help him so be it. Moving to the back of the room so as to give himself some space, he turned his wand on himself and said the incantation...


Again the green rings came and struck him in the chest this time. Almost immediately the irresistible urge to sneeze came apon him and, gasping for air, Xander started to erupt. His wand clattered to the floor as he grabbed his nose in an attempt to stop the sneezing. Apparently he had done a very good job - far too good as tears came into his eyes as he continued to sneeze heavily.

"Sir... is... this... supposed... to... happen... this... way... and... how... do... you... make... it... stop... Prof... fessor...", he gasped between sneezes.

Clearly his small frame was not reacting well to the hex, but inside he felt true elation... he could cast a spell!

This. Was. Awesome!

Professor Edit: Congratulations, you've learned the Sneezing Hex!

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