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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Here we were again. The girl had taken quite the liking to the blonde professor. He was quirky and spunky in his own special way. She had never met anyone quite like him. The man acted more as a friend than a teacher in her opinon. Unlike the wonderful professor Henley, Professor Alf didn't have as much of a parental aura to him. And somehow, not very suprisingly, Professor Wordsworth had become her favorite professor. For now, at least. 

Bubbles! Who didn't love bubbles? They were something that brought delight to children like herself. Bubbles always reminded her of when her friends would play at the playground and host a game of "pop the bubbles" every now and then. The girl was childish, as a child should be. She didn't want to be mature just yet. I mean, who has fun being mature and dealing with problems? 

Bullarum Immortalem. Such a long thing to say for just a bunch of clear floaty happy balls. And apparently the bubbles could actually be useful. Who would've  thought that the soap water magic would help someone if used correctly? The long lasting bubbles could obsure someone's vision or maybe even act as a distraction. Spells like "flipendo" would knockback the orbs so you could move them further. 

Following the Profesor's demonstration, Frost picked up her wand from the desk, holding it with a firm grip. Holding the wand right in fron of her chest, she cleared her thoat. "Bellarum Immortalem." Nothing happened. Not even some misshapen bubbles. So she tried again. "Bellarum Immortalem." Still nothing.

"Bullarum Immortalem!" The ravenclaw girl squeaked. A beautiful stream of perfect, golden bubbles streamed from the tip of the other girl's wand. Bullarum? Bulla instaed of Bella? Maybe that was is. It never hurt to try. 

The ginger pushed her glasses back up. Lifting her chin a little higher, the girl tried again, but this time with the proper incantation. "Bullarum Immortalem." Akward green bubbles streamed from her wand. Oddly deformed, and quite funny looking. Frost giggled at the funny looking bubbles. "Oh, no," She grinned. "That wasn't it at all."

She stared at the bubbless the class had added up together. They were shiny, golden and all perfecly uniform in shape. The girl pointed her wand away from them, not wanting them to be upset if her bubbles turned out weird again. "Bullarum Immortalem!" A nice stream of golden-yellow orbs floated along in the direction she faced. Frost laughed and twirled the wand around her body, making the stream of bubbles incase her. She stopped the stream and looked up at the blonde professor. 

Poking one of the bubbles, she asked the man, "The 'Immortalem' part of the spell kind of sounds like 'Immortal'. Is that what makes the bubbles be un-poppable, sir?" The girl raised her eyebrows, curious to see if that was why. "And, how often do you think this charm would be used in a duel, sir?" I mean, he was the "Duel Master Man". He must have some idea. Maybe if Frost was ever in a duel, she would know how to properly use it to her advantage.
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"It is, indeed, Frost!" Alpheus said as nodded, smiling. "The etymology of Immortalem comes from the original Latin Immortalis or Immortale, which effectively means everlasting, eternal, perpetual, and so on. Very astute!"

The Professor raised an eyebrow at the second question.

"As for duelling, the best method is by flooding an area with the bubbles, obscuring vision and making it difficult to aim at the opponent. Simple, effective."

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

She had enjoyed eating breakfast, which had been a loud affair, as some students dreaded the trip to the eccentric professor’s classroom, while some couldn’t wait to learn about history, or whatever they were going to do in the classroom of a man who dressed with a cape. He reminded Eris of one of her comic book characters, and she couldn’t decide whether that was good or bad yet. Maybe a mix of both. Eris slid into her desk in his classroom, towards the back of the class with a few people she knew.

When he mentioned something fun, Eris beamed at the professor, watching him pull a wand out of his cool pocket holster thing. She waited until it was time to start the spell, zoning out as ravenclaws complained, or did something else. She said the spell with the professor, sounding out the words in the typical fashion. Most students didn’t practice their words with the professor, but Eris had learned that you always had to pronounce the words right, or else the chance of failing the spell and embarrassing yourself in front of the whole class. That would be embarrassing, and had happened far too many times in the course of Eris’s school career.

"Bullarum immortalem!" Eris finally screamed out when it was the class’s turn to practice the spell, but in her haste to cast the spell, Eris forgot to use any incantation, or to slow down the pronunciation, as no bubbles came out of her wand. Scowling, Eris retraced her steps, face flushing in shame as she realized that she had just rushed and gotten the spell wrong.

Eris didn’t dwell on her sadness over failing the spell, although she was not proud of herself. She remembered what the professor had said and made sure to emphasize the correct parts of the word this time. "Bulla-rum Imm-ortalem!" she cried yet again, and this time, bubbles began appearing from the tip of her wand. They floated all around her, as Eris pointed her wand around in circles, watching the bubbles circle around her. She didn’t know exactly how to pop the bubbles, but Eris grinned, letting the cloud of bubbles obscure her vision. Maybe the professor would come, but for now, Eris wanted to see if she could fly on a cloud of bubbles.

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"Amazing effort and enthusiasm, Eris!" Alpheus laughed as he gave a thumbs up. "Keep up that intensity and we won't be able to see a thing!"

The Professor smirked and continued walking around the class...

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

The History of Magic professor had enthusiasm, Dymphna had to give him that. It was almost... too much excitement? Everyone else seemed to be enjoying themselves though so as not to be a spoil sport, she smiled politely and followed along with the conversation. What was the Bubble-Producing Charm? That was an easy one but she didn't see much of a use for it outside of entertainment purposes.

"Bull-a-rum immor-talem," she repeated after him then again just for good measure. It was always best to make sure the pronunciation was correct before trying to cast. She didn't want to end up failing miserably in front of her peers. Gold tinted bubbles? Now that got her interest. Who had ever heard of such a thing and using bubbles in duelling as well?

Curious and now excited to see all of her golden bubbles floating about, she took in a breath and gently waved her wand. "Bullarum Immortalem." Almost immediately, they shot out, tailing her wand movements and she glanced at the other students progress. She hadn't been this fascinated over bubbles since her toddler years. "Impressive, Professor. I never would've thought to use this particular spell in duelling. It would certainly be a surprise to spring on an opponent."

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Alan was sitting in the Classroom with the fancy shade glasses he had gotten from the professor and had to push them back on his nose every few seconds as they threatened to slip from his nose and drop to the ground or on his table. Or the table he was sitting in front of, not his own, he was kinda only lending it for the purpose of studying and... he should stop rambling. He listened to the professors instructions and smiled brightly. This spell sounded fun! He could make a bubble bath out of every ordinary bathtub or pool now- if that wasn't amazing then he doesn't know what amazing is.

Like the professor instructed he waved his wand, pronouncing the charm just like the professor had instructed. "bull-a-rum immor-talem"

Alan soon found himself rewarded by a steady stream of bubbles that seemed to escape the wand tip as he could drag his wand in every direction, while the stream of bubbles followed the movement. Soon the first year found himself being surrounded by bubbles that flew around in the Classroom. It reminded him a bit of the bubble shows that could sometimes be seen when walking in cities.

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Another day, another history class. If it had been any other class first thing in the morning, Max might show up sleepy-eyed and still blinking the dreams from his mind, but history always put excitement in him. There was almost a skip to his step as he went to his seat, carefully sliding into the wooden chair near the front so he'd be able to catch every word said. Oftentimes he didn't even need to takes notes (though of course he did) because everything learned in the class was something he listened to with rapt attention.

Today was no different, and his spine went straight as his hands curled under the desk in glee, barely restrained eagerness on his face at the thought of learning a spell that could be used in duels. It was unfortunately lacking on the historical side of things - the conception of who had made it and for what purpose was unclear - but that only meant it was left to imagination. Max was certain he'd read somewhere that it had once been used as a decorative spell because the bubbles were hard to pop, so the uses seemed numerous and as different from each other as could be.

Listening closely to the incantation, he mouthed it over and over as the professor continued on with the lecture, only the rum and talem at a barely audible level since those were the parts that needed the most emphasis. Nodding, he removed one of his hands from under the desk to scribble the phonetic spelling of the incantation on a piece of parchment to ensure he got it right. After seeing the demonstration and paying close attention to the last words, he took out his wand and waited for a moment. Watching the others and their stances helped, and he couldn't help the way his mouth twitched in amusement as golden baubles filled the room. He flicked one near him and almost laughed aloud at how dense it was; yeah, this could certainly be used as decorum.

Facing one of the stone walls, he tipped his wand at it and said the incantation strongly just for practice, his voice full of confidence after watching everyone else. Nothing happened but he hadn't put any concentration in it, and when he finally decided to actually do the spell he let the rest of the background noise fade out so he could concentrate on exactly what he wanted to do. Make bubbles; the wall was the enemy. It was like some dark wizard in history (Gellert Grindelwald - yeah, that'd be cool) and he was an old, grizzled Auror distracting the evil man from his fellow Aurors so they could capture him.

"Bullarum Immortalem!" he nearly shouted, tipping his wand in the same fashion as Professor Wordsworth and maintaining it at the same angle instead of waving it. In an instant, a jet stream of golden bubbles poured out of the tip and struck Grindelwald, causing the man to stumble back as the rest of the Aurors used the binding curse and surrounded him, but he had the Elder wand and so without his vision he might lash out and - !

No, it wasn't nearly as dramatic as that. The bubbles harmlessly struck the wall and bounced off, joining the rest of them around the room as Max cut the stream off with a dip of his wand. It was an awfully neat spell, however he wasn't sure how effective it would actually be against a very powerful, very dark wizard. Oh well. It would at least be a cool new skill to show his aunt.
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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

The Bubble-Producing Charm -- Bullarum Immortalem. The spell sounded innocent, pretty, and most of all, fun; in other words, exactly the kind of charm that was meant for Adam. He had entered the history classroom weighed down by exhaustion and boredom, dreading another lengthy lesson about things that had happened long ago and people that had been dead for years. It wasn't that there was anything wrong about the way the class was taught, and there was most definitely never a dull moment with the History of Magic professors, not one of them. Adam had never been the biggest history fan, though, and he'd rather be out on the grounds or studying in Charms class. That was all before he had found out what they'd be practicing.

Eagerly, he had watched the spell demonstrated right in front of him and listened intently for the proper incantation. It was a funny one this time, and he stumbled over it in his head while trying to sound it out. It was hard to think properly while watching the transfixing stream of bubbles pour from his professor's wand. They were so perfect, round and slightly golden, making it clear that they were of magical nature. Adam had heard the spell called frivolous, pointless, and any other synonym of the word. Oh, he wanted to cast it so bad.

The first-year Ravenclaw's chance finally came with the enthusiastic closing line delivered by his professor. The students turned to their own studies and overlapping shouts of the incantation filled the room, everyone trying to get their bubbles out first. As much as Adam wanted to race ahead, he knew he had to take his time if he wanted things to turn out okay. He calmed himself down with a deep breath and twirled his wand around in his fingers, rehearsing the phrase under his breath a few times, determined to only need one attempt. When he had spent a sufficient amount of time focusing (probably), Adam turned in his seat to face a mostly-unoccupied wall and pointed his wand at it. "Bullarum Immortalem!"

To be fair, he had successfully summoned bubbles -- disappointing ones. Instead of the beautiful creation of his professor, his result was a mutated version. Tinged with a foreboding purple-black color and floating lazily from the tip of Adam's wand, they moved slowly through the air like overstuffed insects. What could he possibly have done wrong? He had taken his time, hadn't he? The incantation was hammered into his brain, and he had definitely been focused. That might be the problem -- he remembered a Charms lesson where they had been taught the Wand-Lighting Charm, and Professor Blackburn had warned them all not to focus too hard, or else they could destroy their wands. It was a fun spell, so maybe he just had to have more fun with it! That seemed to be as legitimate a reason as any, so Adam leveled his wand at the wall and readied for a second try.

This time, he thought less about each precise detail of the spell and instead of the end result. He was still concentrated, of course, as all magic required concentration, but his mind had turned to all of the possibilities this spell opened up. His classmates had already listed a few, applicable from dueling to decorating. Entertainment as simple as this was hard to come by, and it could keep Adam from getting bored or lonely this year if he needed it. If he ever got a pet, they'd surely love chasing the bubbles around, and he and Eris could probably find countless other games to play with the charm. Happy prospects occupying his head, Adam called out the incantation again, stressing the syllables he had been told to and crossing the fingers of his other hand for good luck.

"Bullarum Immortalem!" he exclaimed, and watched with delight as the bubbles flooded back into the air at a much healthier rate. They looked so much more solid now, and their color was much closer to the gold that the examples had shined with. Adam couldn't help the grin that crossed his face as he swirled his wand around in the air for a little bit, watching the bubbles follow his direction. He felt like a conductor in a band. This had been an awesome charm to learn -- and an awesome class period too. did he make it stop?

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

The third practical lesson was promising, at least. Her professor still was his usual, annoying self, refusing to call them anything else thatn wizkids.  In her ears it was a desperate attempt to stay hip and cool, when in fact it was nothing more than pesky. She wasn't running around calling other wizults, because if you have any respect, you just don't do that. 

But it wasn't for Marcia to judge, she had to endure yet another litany of professor smiley face and his bad jokes, calling them all by their first names.

Once again she barely listened to him, spacing out with her head laying on top of her hand, and she rather would have done nothing but instead they were forced to try some spell. After the glass repairing charm Marcia had no hope for any useful spell, especially coming from her history professor. And yet, when she watched the stream of bubbles coming out of the wand's tip, she was amazed. Not only were the bubbles pretty, they also blocked her view, making the professor vanish behind the flying bubbles. She could get used to it. 

More eagerly than she did with the glass repair charm, she prepared herself to cast the spell. She really wanted to add more bubbles to fog her sight. The problem was, she had no idea what she was supposed to say. She had trained her ears to just hear muffled sounds when her professor spoke, so she now had to listen to the others and what they chanted. 

"Blarum Immortem? What?" A chorus of voices was filling the air making it hard to understand a word. "Bula-? Gosh speak clearly." It took her a few minutes till she was sure to have grasped the incantation, only to frown at what she had heard. "Bullarum Immortalem? Who thought about this? Is this even right Latin?

She was thinking about the spell and was wondering what its meaning was supposed to be. Itt sounded latin, and the words clearly were latin, but they didn't work together. 

Her mother had given her and her brother some basic lessons. She herself was taught when she was young and she had said it had helped her in learning spells. Most of the spells are latin, she had said, you better know what you are doing. Now Marcia certainly wasn't good in Latin, but she knew basics, and her basics told her, whoever invented the charm must have had no idea about declensions and how to put words accordingly together. 

She shook her head and tried not to think too much on it. As long as it would work, the spell could be total gibberish. "Bullarum Immortem." She did her best to mimik the other speech and focus one the picture of bubbles filling the air. First only one bubble emerged, then another. Wherever her wand went, glittering bubbles followed her. She liked them and played with them, swooshing her wand and forming some trails. She really liked that spell. 

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year


Wizkids. Cecily raised her eyebrows as she heard this name. She had been called this name before and didn't like it. Wizkids just didn't seem right for people at Hogwarts, even first years. It sounded like the Professor was talking to five-year-olds.

Five-year-olds could be considered wizkids, but not 11 or 12-year-olds. Cecily shook off this thought however, knowing that she needed to get to work on the spell.

Cecily listened with deep curosity and interest as the Professor explained the Charm. She had never been taught a charm this useless but also useful at the same time. It was useless in the sense that it would just make bubbles, nothing else. It was useful for dueling. It could obscure vision. That sounded very handy for dueling. Cecily couldn't wait to try that.

However, the incantation sounded way too complicated!

"Bull-a-rum immor-talem. Bull-a-rum-immor-talem," Cecily recited to herself like she always did before launching a charm.

The professor then talked about what would happen if the Charm went wrong. Cecily froze, a little nervous. Whenever she didn't do charms right usually nothing would happen. She relaxed when the professor gave examples of what might happen. It wasn't too bad.

Excited and nervous, Cecily took a deep breath.
"Bully rum Immortality!" Cecily said confindently. She laughed at herself.

Well that was just uncalled for, Cecily. Ridiculous, Cecily scolded herself.

"Bullarum Immortal!" Cecily said again.

"Ugh, it's not Immortal! Immortalem! How hard is that?" Cecily scolded herself again.

It is hard, a voice inside Cecily argued.

Cecily shook her head and took a deep breath again. She needed to hurry. Other people were finishing. How embarrasing it would be if she was the last one to finish!

"Bullarum Immortalem," she said calmly, concentrating as best as she could. Perfect, colorful bubbles began to emerge from her wand. They were really pretty. Cecily sighed as she continued to watch them in awe. It was such a neat charm.
Professor Edit: Congratulations, you've learned the Bubble-Producing Charm!

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Phaedra instantly sat up, alert, at Professor's Wordsworth III's greeting. Yes, breakfast that morning had been quite delicious - so delicious in fact, that she had nearly forgotten to go over her notes like she always did. Regardless, Phaedra was particularly well-rested and in a decent enough mood to start her first class of the day. After flipping open her textbook to where they had left off last time, the girl pulled out a piece of parchment to record on and glanced back at the professor for further instructions.

Surprisingly, rather than give a long lecture, apparently the man had other things in store - something fun. Wary of his next moves, Phaedra narrowed her eyes at the cape-wearing wizard and sat back in her seat to watch him withdraw his wand. After, he spoke a convoluted incantation which Phaedra immediately whipped out her quill to take to her parchment. Bullarum Immortalem - Bubble-Producing Charm, she wrote in neat cursive. The words were a mouthful, but after mentally chanting to herself over her notes, she was confident that she had gotten the saying correct. Getting even the most minute details about a spell was the important part, and as the feather of her quill swished frantically, Phaedra copied down the rest of the information that came from the man's mouth to the best of her ability.

It seemed that the Bubble-Producing Charm was extremely versatile in its effects; someone behind her suggested that it could be used even to decorate (the bubbles were non-bursting after all) and Professor Wordsworth responded positively. However, Phaedra was mostly interested in using it for duelling and obstructing vision. She made a mental note of that - no one would expect bubbles in a duel and surprise would give her a momentary advantage.

Phaedra was now more than used to the prospect of having to stress certain syllables for a spell to work correctly. Holding out her wand, she gave it a flick just like the professor did and said, "Bullarum Immortalem!"

Instantly, a continuous stream of bubbles emitted from the tip of Phaedra's wand, clear with a slight golden-tint in colour, and she was able to direct them by moving her arm around. The bauble-like bubbles ricocheted off of her desk onto the floor where they continued to bounce and Phaedra wondered if someone would be able to stand on them and slip as if they were a bunch of marbles. Shaking her head, Phaedra swung her wand around to try to stop the effects before it got out of hand. Unfortunately, it took her a while to get the stream to stop flowing, but once she managed, she gently laid down her wand and looked to her professor with a grin.

What an interesting addition to their spell knowledge!

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 Charm  Bubble-Producing Charm, First Year

Roleplaying as a first year.
Eri walked into the classroom. She was excited to meet the new history of Magic professor. And also excited to learn a new spell. The teacher seemed very intresting and she liked it. He wasn't boring Arby's all and in her opinion this was sometimes a boring subject but he made this class enjoyable. 

Eri watched as the professor came in with a grin on his face. So they were going to do something fun. He was going to teach them the bubble producing charm. After he explained the spell and told them to try it she pulled her wand out. 

"Bullarum immortalem" She exclaimed hoping that the spell would work. It looked very fun and there were some interesting uses for the spell. 

"Excus me, Professor? Could this spell be used as a way to swim under water? Like produce a bubble around your head and it works like a scuba helmet?" She asked. She wasn't sure if the spell would work like that, but what is the harm in asking? It couldn't hurt to be a little curious sometimes and maybe she was right and if she was wrong that was also okay.

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