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An interesting Experience  Solo   Finished 

Alan stared at the previous Charms professor and wondered what he was doing in the empty classroom. Alan had heard voices of someone talking and got curious who was talking and to whom and what about. When he finally reached the door to a classroom he noticed that it wasn't closed correctly, it allowed him to peek inside the room, where he found the new Headmaster standing at a window. He was talking with someone apparently, but no one was there so who was he talking with? Alan's eyes widened when he saw a small spider on the window who was running around, dodging Ackerleys hands as the man tried to catch her. But the spider seemed to make fun off him while he desperately asked her to just keep still. He was talking about how he had to chase her for hours now and how she just wouldn't stop running away, with the only propose to drive him crazy.
Alan watched this going on for nearly twenty minutes until the spider, Denise would finally allow the exhausted man to pick her up with a glare directed at the poisonous spider, yet his eyes shone with adoration for his beloved pet.
Alan quickly walked away, a broad grin on his face. No one would believe him… but that was a fun experience.

*Alan the Metamorph*
Sta 11 / Ev 8 / Str 2 / Wis 5 / Arc 9 / Acc 5 | Skilled Transfigurer / Body Modification