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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

RPing as First Year

After demonstrating the Sneezing Hex, Prof Cazarez had the students practice casting it. Hengist was surprised that he wanted the students to cast it on themselves, but he was slightly put at ease when he saw how harmless it was on the student it was cast on.
With the lecture complete, the Prof. set the students to work on learning how to cast it. Most of the students started on the training dummy, not wanting to cast it on themselves without knowing they could cast it successfully. Hengist agreed with this line of thinking and waited for a training dummy to open for use. While he was waiting, he was practicing the wand movement and incantations. Separately, of course, to avoid any unwanted castings. "Steleus. Steleus. Steleus." Hengist repeated, just under his breath. Then he practiced the wand movement. Remembering what the Professor did when he cast the spell and the motion he described as 'picking your nose', Hengist mimicked it.
After a few practice movements, a dummy opened up and Hengist felt confident enough to give it a try. He took position across from the dummy and motioned his wand as if he were flicking a booger and strongly said the incantation, "Steleus!" Small green sparks petered out weakly from the tip of his wand. He wasn't sure why it didn't work, but he assumed it was his usual issue of not imagining the desired result of the spell clearly enough. He tried again with more feeling, motioning his wand in the correct manner and declaring strongly, "Steleus!" This time, the spell worked. Green rings rushed out of his wand and hit the dummy square in the chest.
Now it was the part of the lesson Hengist was dreading: casting steleus on himself. He walked away from the dummy to let another student who was waiting try the spell and went to a relatively empty part of the classroom. He had been warned by a friendly Ravenclaw second year to bring a handkerchief on days that he has History of Magic, but he wasn't told why. He now appreciated the advice and was glad he heeded it. He pulled out the cloth, keeping it ready for the inevitable nastiness, and mentally prepared himself. Turning his back to the direction that most of the students were, he pulled out his wand, performed the spell and, sure enough, started sneezing uncontrollably. Very glad to have a handkerchief, Hengist burred his face in it until the sneezing stopped. Wiping his nose, he beamed with pride. Yet another spell that Hengist mastered fairly quickly.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

He wanted them to cast it on themselves!? Well, now that she thought about it, Annabelle supposed that made sense. She remembered from her Charms and Transfiguration classes that Even the slightest mispronunciation could make a spell go horribly wrong. They obviously needed a human test subject, but this way their missteps would not harm anyone else. Anna was actually quite grateful for this. She could not imagine the guilt that she would feel at miscasting a spell on another student.

Despite her insecurities, Annabelle was actually quite good at magic. She was fascinated with the wizarding world, and exceedingly grateful to have become a part of it. She had studied hard, read through all of her assignments and even the supplemental material, and had practiced as often as she was allowed. Her wand hand had been a bit shaky at first, but her pronunciations had always been spot-on. After all, if there was anything she was good at it would have to be talking.

Still, she could never get rid of the gnawing feeling that she didn't belong here. She looked down at her wand- chestnut wood and phoenix feather. The nice man at the wand shop (Ollivander, was it?) had told her that this kind of wand was very powerful and loyal to its user, but very difficult to wield. So far she had had little trouble with it, but she was only a first year so she supposed any wand would do for the most basic spells. She turned it over in her hand. Loyal, huh? A loyal wand for a loyal Gryffindor. Annabelle just hoped that its strength would not be too much for her.


She declared the word loudly and confidently, gesturing through the air with decent precision. She then turned the wand toward her face. The magic that flowed from it made her jump halfway across the classroom. A stream of white light had shot from the end of her wand and gone straight up her nose!

"Achoo! ACHOO!" The muggle-born girl sneezed violently, the force of the spell knocking her to the floor. She had never experienced a sneezing fit quite like this. It was as if a tiny feather had crawled inside her nose and continually tickled at the inside of it. Her eyes watered. As she did her best to hold in the sneezes, Anna looked around at her fellow students. A few were sniffling and sneezing quietly, others had been knocked to the floor. Still others had not yet managed the spell, grunting furiously and waving their wands about. Yet none seemed to be struggling quite as much as she had.

Was she just weak against her own magic? It had blown her back quite a ways. Or perhaps it was simply the piece of wood in her hand... Yes, that had to be it. Even in a simple spell like this, the power of her wand's Phoenix Feather core was something to be reckoned with. She smiled slightly, letting out another blast of air from her nose.

Anna waved her hand in the air, hoping to attract the professor's attention. "Pro- ACHOO! P-Professor Cazarez I- ACHOO! I did it!"

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Jeronimo was delightfully surprised that the History of Magic teacher was teaching them a new spell, though it was one that made people sneeze. Professor Cazarez had said this was the reason why Alberta Toothill (hehe, toot hill) won the All-Wizard England tournament- whatever it was called. Jeronimo, being a young boy, had stopped paying attention the moment he heard that they'd be using their wands.


Jeronimo flicked his wand up. Almost immediately, three quivering rings of green energy meandered forward, breaking like waves over the dummy.

"Alright, that was pretty easy," Jeronimo said, "Steleus!"

This time, more prominent rings of green dashed forward, washing once more over the dummy uselessly. Jeronimo cast the spell a few more times before realizing that the dummy could not sneeze, as the dummy had no lungs or nose. To see if it worked, he'd have to do the next step of the exercise.

He had to cast it on himself.

It was halfway through Jeronimo's first year, so he had gotten used to the feeling of casting spells. But this, casting a hex on himself, was intimidating. Considering the number of times Jeronimo almost blew himself up with pointing the wand away from him, this could only go one way.

"Oh yeah," Jeronimo thought to himself, gingerly pressing the tip of the wand on his nose, "This is gonna end REAL well."

Jeronimo squeezed his eyes shut and muttered, "Stel-eus."

The boy flicked his wand upward and waited for the incantation to take effect. He waited for the itch to come to his nose.

Nothing happened.

"Weird," Jeronimo mumbled, "Steleus."

The boy scrunched up his face, waiting for the inevitable. But his nose felt fine, if a little ticklish, maybe.

"Steleus," Jeronimo snapped, irritated now.

Jeronimo squeezed his eyes shut. He felt nothing. The boy irritably slapped his wand on the table (but carefully, so that it would not break). He raised his hand in frustration.

"Professor Cazarez, it isn't wor- ACHOO"

Jeronimo frowned in confusion as he looked at his wand. There was a light green aura fading away from the tip.

"You know," he thought to himself, sneezing again, "If I had kept my eyes open, I bet I would have seen the green rings."

"Professor Cazar - ACHOO - Professor Cazarez?" Jeronimo called out, "What's - aaaAACHOO - what's the counterchuh - ACHOO - count - ACHOO - countercharm for the Sneezing He-ACHOO"

Jeronimo squinted through his watering eyes. He really couldn't see anything, but the professor didn't seem to hear him. Dread filled him.

"P-Professor?" Jeronimo said, realizing he was going to be sneezing for a while.

Professor Edit: Spell learned!

"There is no counter, it wears off in around five seconds."

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Roleplaying as a First year!

Big hazel-brown eyes stared in awe at Professor Cazarez. Frost beamed at the thought of adding a new hex. I mean, it wasn't every day the History of Magic professor taught them a spell. 

The ginger girl watched closely as the professor demonstrated how to cast the hex. A sneezing hex. The wand movement, the green rings, the pronunciation. All of it! She wanted to make sure she did it exactly right.  

She watched as some of her peers tried and ended up bursting out sneezing like a madman. It took multiple tries, which wasn't surprising. 

The girl grinned and slid out her own wand from her boot. She gripped it firmly in front of herself and cleared her throat. 

What was it again? Stemelus? Stelemus? Darn. This was not the time to be second-guessing herself. 

She sighed. Just try your best.

The Hufflepuff raised her wand up to level with the target.

Here goes nothing. 

Letting herself be completely calm, she lifted her chin. She muttered the first thing that came to mind. 


The ginger bubbled out with a small giggle. No no. That wasn't the correct pronunciation at all. 

Once more then!

She cleared her throat. She would hopefully get it right this time.


Oh jeez. That was also incorrect. She sighed.

Okay, okay. Quit joking around! It's STELEUS. Not Stelemus or Steleum. 

Third time's a charm, right? 

The small girl gulped and flicked her wand a bit.

Steleus. Steleus. Steleus.


Green rings shot out from the tip of her wand and aimed for the target dummy. She was knocked back a little by the force of the spell.

The girl involuntarily gasped. Her hazel eyes wide open. Did she actually do it?

Shrugging, she raised her wand to her nose. Only one way to find out, I guess?

Once again, the girl flicked her wand and muttered the spell.


The same green rings shot at her freckled face.

She was stunned, her hazel eyes wide open.

Did it really work? She didn't really feel anything different.

She opened her mouth to speak. 

"Professor, did I do it rig-" 

A small squeak of a sneeze came from her, cutting her off. 

Shocked and somewhat proud, she beamed and kept bursting out in sporadic sneezes.

She had done it! Her very first sneezing hex. 

Now, with that being said, how do you reverse this thing?

Professor Edit: Spell learned!

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

"Wait a second, let me catch my breath
Remind me how it feels to hear your voice"
It wasn't everyday that students would get to go and learn a new spell. And it definitely wasn't everyday that they would have to cast the spell on themselves. But, Rhea had faith that she could execute the spell flawlessly, without hurting herself. There hadn't been a single spell thus far that she hadn't been able to do on the first try (that was obviously a lie, but no one had to know that).

A determined expression on her face, Rhea pulled out her wand and practiced the hand motion. What was it? "Using the wand to pick your nose and then flicking the booger?" That brought forth a disgusting image, but Rhea was still able to get the gist of what the professor meant. Of course, she herself had never picked her nose, being brought up in a well-mannered household, but she'd seen enough people do it to know what the Spanish professor meant. Barely able to disguise her disgusted expression, Rhea proceeded to fulfill the motion that the spell called for. When she deemed herself ready to proceed to the next step, which was practicing the spell on the dummy, she put her arm down and walked over to the nearest dummy.

A smirk appearing on her lips, Rhea tried to remember what the incantation was. Stelis? Stelius? She thought it was the latter, and decided to test out her assumption. "Stelius!" Nope, nothing happened. She knew for a fact that she'd waved her wand in the right motion, so it must have been the incantation itself. Rhea looked around the room to see what everyone else was saying, and heard the student closest to her say the word Steleus. So that was it! She clapped her hands and turned to the dummy once more.

"Steleus!" green rings exploded from the tip of her wand and headed straight for her target... but nothing happened. However, Rhea was quite sure that she'd done the spell right (the green rings were proof of that) and so, she decided to turn her wand around and try the spell for herself.

"Only one way to find out if I did it right," Rhea murmured under her breath, the tip of her wand staring right between her eyes. Taking a deep breath to get rid of all her unsure thoughts, Rhea stared back at the wand. The worst thing that could happen was she'd have to go to the hospital wing, but no matter. It was worth it, if it meant learning this spell. Her tone full of confidence, Rhea pronounced, clearly:


Once more, green rings came out of her wand and hit her square in the face. For a second, nothing happened... but then she almost bent over with the force of her sneezing. Sneeze after sneeze flew out of her, never stopping to let her take a breath. But still, despite the discomfort she found herself in now, Rhea beamed. She'd completed the spell, fairly quickly.

"Prof-ACHOO-essor Ca-ACHOO-zarez, I-ACHOO-I did i-ACHOO-it!" Alright, this was already getting on Rhea's nerves. Would this spell wear off on its own, or would she have to figure out a counter spell? It didn't matter much to her - she just wanted the sneezing to STOP!
"Wait a second, let me catch my breath
Remind me how it feels to hear your voice"

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

As Midas looked around, he checked around to see if anyone else was starting. He tried to remember what Professor Cazarez had said. Something about flicking your wands slightly upwards but then down? "Argh..." he muttered under his breath. What was even the incantation again? Stealis? Stealus? He was way too busy Better try it out.

Midas pulled out his wand, and pointed it at the training dummy, and said "S-stealeus!" while making the wand movement with his wand. Nothing happened. "Not the right incantation I guess..." He readied himself again and pointed his wand, again, at the training dummy. This time, he shouted "Steleus!" while making the move. Green rings came out of his wand and hit the dummy.

"I-I did it!" He had managed hit the target with the spell! But in order to truly learn this spell, he had to do it again. He pointed his wand at the dummy again, and loudly and clearly shouted "Steleus!" Again, green rings came out of his wand and hit the dummy. "I think I've done that nicely. Now to cast it on me..." 

Midas hesitantly turned his wand around and pointed the wand back at himself. He gulped as the wand looked him in the eye, in a way. "Do I really need to do this..." However, he shook off his worries, and said "Steleus." Green rings came out of his wand and hit him. Momentarily, he felt nothing, but soon after he had a rather severe sneezing fit. Thankfully, seconds later, it ended. 

Professor Edit: Spell learned!

- Midas

 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Amanda trudged into Professor Cazarez’s classroom. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy History of Magic. It was, in fact, one of her favorite classes. She had stayed up late the previous night completing an essay that she had put off until the last minute. Amanda plopped down in her seat and tried to pay attention.

Professor Cazarez had said that they were going to learn a spell today. Amanda sat up a bit straighter. This should be interesting. The professor aimed his wand at a dummy and cast green rings out of the tip. Nothing happened. Amanda raised an eyebrow, for the professor was grinning widely, even though his spell had had no effect. He then called up a Gryffindor boy and cast the spell on the boy. A few seconds afterwards, the boy started sneezing uncontrollably. Amanda grinned. In all honesty, it was pretty entertaining. Her grin quickly faded when she realized that she could be Professor Cazarez’s next victim. But the professor showed no signs of calling another volunteer.

The students were released to practice as Professor Cazarez gave instructions. Amanda shook her head slowly as he compared the wand movement to flicking a booger. Guys could be so gross. She walked up to a dummy, holding her wand tightly. “Steleus!” Amanda exclaimed as she flicked her wand upwards in the direction of the dummy. Her spell failed. She frowned and tried again. Green rings left her wand tip and hit the dummy. Amanda felt confident in her spell-casting abilities, so she went to go try the spell on herself.

Amanda sat down in her seat again. She pointed her wand at her hand and flicked it. “Steleus!” The same green rings that she had cast earlier came into contact with her hand. At first, nothing seemed to have changed. Then Amanda felt the uncontrollable urge to sneeze. She covered her mouth with her elbow. And so the sneezing fit ensued. Amanda must’ve sneezed at least thirty times, but she was too occupied to count. When the sneezing stopped, Amanda shook her head, clearing out the mental cobwebs. That was something that she would definitely not try again on herself.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Roleplaying as a First Year.

Edric didn't have a particular good day. Maybe it was because he had tripped on one of the steps of the moving staircases this morning and scrapped his kneed badly, or because he'd had the misfortune of sitting between two sixth year students at the breakfast table who he'd obviously had a lover's squarrel and were throwing icy glances at each other over his head, or it simply wasn't his day.

Either way, sitting in History of Magic class he'd been prepared for perfectly normal lesson. Well, it shouldn't be. Not today. He didn't mind actually. Learning spells was a welcome distraction from his daily routine.

So he watched as Professor Cazarez demonstrated how to cast the Sneezing Hex to the class while he also explained some of the history behind it. Edric liked to know more about the spells they were taught. He'd never dream of taking part in actual duells however, learning the spell alone was enough excitement for him.

Hazel eyes followed each movement of the professor as he showed them how to move their wands when they cast the Sneezing Hex. Flicker the wand down, mbe careful to pronounce it correctly, it creates green rings. He took in all the information provided and readied himself to test the spell on the dummy - it sounded fairly easy, but then most spells did, so that didn't mean anything.

Edric was better at studying theory than performing spellwork, but he would give it his best shot anyway. He quared his shoulders, lofted his wand and fixed his eyes on the dummy. Like picking your nose and flicking the booger, Professor Cazarez had said.


The green rings hit the dummy full in the chest. There wasn't any visible effect, because of course the puppet couldn't sneeze. He tried again for good measure, getting the same result.

Well, he could try it a dozen times, but there was only one way to figure out of the hex would actually work, Edric thought. With a sigh he pointed his wand at himself, flicked it down and said, "Steleus."

At first he felt no different. There had been green rings, but that didn't mean anything. Maybe he should try-

"Achoo!" The sudden sneeze surprised him and was powerfull enough to make him stagger back a step, momentarily disoriented. He gripped his wand tight to not drop it by accident when he sneezed again, and again. Thankfully after that the effect let up. Edric really didn't want to spend all day sneezing in class.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

History of Magic was not Tedrick's favorite subject and he always had trouble remembering dates and names. So when he learned that they were going to learn some spells for dueling, Tedrick became curious and leaned forward a bit in his seat, paying close attention as the Professor explained the spell before demonstrating it on a dummy. Then, the Professor used the hex on a Gryffindor who burst into a fit of sneezes. Oh. So that's what the spell is for.

Tedrick liked the idea of knowing some spells that he could use for dueling, really, but he still was a little nervous. Sure, he would love to test out this hex on an unsuspecting victim subject, but casting it on himself? Tedrick wasn't a fan of making himself look silly. With a small sigh, Tedrick drew his wand and pointed it at the defenseless dummy.


Nothing happened and Tedrick realized that he hadn't done the correct wand movement. Recalling the Professor's description of the wand movement and ignoring the vivid mental image that swam to mind, Tedrick raised his wand again, saying the incantation as he flicked the imaginary booger away.


This time, green rings shot out of his wand and hit the dummy in the head with no effect. That was to be expected of course. Now all he had to do was test it on himself. Pointing the wand at his chest, Tedrick looked away as he flicked his wand downwards and cast the hex on himself.


He didn't see the green rings hit him in the chest, but Tedrick felt his breath hitch before he sneezed. The small boy doubled over a little bit and attempted the stifle his sneezes with no luck.

"Tchuu! Tchuuu! I think I- tchuu!"

Tedrick gave up on attempting to speak between his sneezes and sank down in his seat, waiting for the effects to subside.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

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This thread is now available to current Second Year Students only.

On Sept 1st, a new class will be created for all new First Year students, with the new Professor (me), to avoid IC time frame conflicts.

 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Roleplaying as a first year

Oh History of Magic it was Quinn's favorite subject and for very good reason. This fact was further proven when Quinn found put they would be learning a spell in class that day. Oh how ever exciting it was, and for a change Quinn was happy that he had grabbed the front seat as per usual.

Carefully Quinn observed the professor's movements and they way he spoke the spell. Having noticed that nothing happened to the dummy. At first he thought the act quite strange, but he did find the prpfessor's analogy quite helpful if a tad gross. Not that he would complain it was a helpful one none the less. Quinn nearly burst into laughter after he saw the results of the spell. So that's what it does? Quite helpful if you ask me.

The fact that this spell could be quite useful especially for dueling or to hekp one get out of a bind was something Quinn could not pass now or ever. So after the demonstration Quinn left his seat taking his wand. With a smile he walked iver to a freed up dummy. First things first the actual word. He needed to say it in a crisp, concise manner. Couldn't have anything going wrong on account of his carelessness.

"STÈ-lee-as. STÉ-lee-urs. STÉ-lee-us." He mumbled to himself for a few minutes finally getting it down after he was sure he was saying it correctly. Next was his wand movement. Just like picking a booger from his nose and flicking it. He practiced it for a bit aiming it at the dummy. After a few more minutes of practice he felt ready to practice it on the dummy.

Taking everything he had learned he flicked his wand in a practiced manner saying the words, "Steleus!" at first nothing happened he was sure he did it right so he tried readjusting how he flicked his wand.

"Steleus!" This time green rings shot out hitting the dummy square in the chest. Quinn was ecstatic at this development, so much so in fact that he did it twice more before he left the training dummy.

...Now came the unpleasant bit,a bit he still hoped went off without a hitch. He prepared himself, before turning the wand on himself, "Steleus!" For a second Quinn thought he had failed before falling into a fit of terrible sneezing. His eyes were watering and red from the sneezing, his nose had been running, and overall he was feeling quite rubbish.

But somehow he had managed to do it. Little Quinn Healy would go on to use this little spell from time to time.

Professor Edit: Spell learned!

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

What an exciting twist to the day! Adam had struggled through a dreary afternoon and was anything but enthusiastic upon his arrival in the dusty old history classroom. The entire subject felt old and musty, just like the content it covered. There were some parts of the past that were interesting, Adam supposed, but they had yet to make an appearance in his studies. He knew he should care about the story of magic, of the entire wizard world. It was just so hard to concentrate when he had so many more fascinating classes waiting for him just down the hallway!

Today, it seemed that History of Magic would be joining the ranks of Adam's favored classes for one simple reason: they were learning a spell! It was so rare to practice wandwork in this factual setting that Adam had almost forgotten that was a possibility. He watched in near-disbelief as Professor Cazarez fired a blast of green rings at a training dummy set up in the back of the room. Could they be learning dueling magic? Was that even allowed in class? It certainly seemed like it, as the professor had prefaced his example with a story about an ancient duel. Then, just as quickly as the lesson had began, it escalated, with the teacher turning his wand on a Gryffindor boy and repeating the spell. Adam's face was a mask of horror as he watched the rings collide once more, but he couldn't help laughing when his classmate simply began sneezing. It was such an anticlimactic result, but the chance to learn how to do that for himself thrilled the boy. The Sneezing Hex! What a clever tool!

The incantation sounded exotic in his foreign professor's accent, and Adam played with the pronunciation for a few minutes until he was able to repeat it almost identically. He waited patiently for a spot in front of the training dummy to finally open up, and when it did, he hurried over. Practicing on something inanimate felt very counter-intuitive, especially with a spell like this. How would he know if it had worked? The green rings could only tell him so much. Reminding himself not to overthink the lesson, Adam brought his wand up so the tip was just about even with his nose and held back a small laugh, reminded of the way Professor Cazarez had described it. Then, without further ado, he flicked his wrist downward and called out, "Steleus!"

Much to his surprise, the spell worked as it was supposed to, with green rings soaring out to envelop the dummy in front of him. It must have been a good day for spellwork, because he had forgotten to go through each step of his usual casting method. Maybe overthinking it wasn't always necessary. Smiling, Adam reveled in the success for a moment before realizing what his next target was. Better to get it over and done with. Closing his eyes nervously, Adam lowered his wand just a bit, so that it would end at his feet. Would it still work without hitting his chest? He didn't have many other options. Praying that this part would be over quickly, he whispered the incantation one more time and turned his head away.

With the second cry of "Steleus!", the boy's body was wracked with a fit of sneezing. Burying his head in his sleeve, Adam felt his wand slip through his fingers but couldn't spare a glance over to catch it. Luckily, the hex was fast-acting, and he stopped sneezing after only a few seconds.

It came with a small price, but the lesson was over: Adam had figured out one more spell.

Professor Edit: Congratulations, you've learned the Sneezing Hex!

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