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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

A spell taught in History class? This had ought to be interesting. It was the first time the Proffesor had taught a spell in his class. The spell was a hex that didn’t sound very appealing to the young girl who had gotten the curse of the bogies due to some boy pulling a prank on her. She didn’t like the aftermath of it which included throwing up on the steps leading to the third floor. Aurelia told herself that the sneezing hex wasn’t as horrendous as the curse of the bogies as it only included a few sneezes while the curse gave you horrible nausea.

The students were ask to practice the curse on a few dummies. The dummies would obviously not be affected by the spell, students on the other hand, were already sneezing within a few minutes. Aurelia reluctantly joined the line, dragging her feet as if they had bricks tied to them. As the girl waited for her turn to try the spell, she suddenly felt a tickle in her nose and then it happened, her eyes were forced shut and she began sneezing profusely. The girl pinched her nose to soften the sound of her sneeze like she always did, however, this time it was different, her sneezes came out obnoxiously loud. After she was done, Aurelia turned around, looking for the culprit who had cast the spell. It was a blond girl behind her who had missed while trying the spell on herself and Aurelia was the unlucky one who got it. The brunette’s youthful features twisted into a scowl, clearly unamused when the blonde apologised.

Honestly, the hex wasn’t as bad as the curse of the boogies. It was in fact a useful strategy which could force someone’s eyes closed. But even then, Aurelia wanted no curse Nor hex to be casted on her.

Aurelia ignored the laughter behind her as she stepped forward in line. It was her turn. She did a short recap on how the Proffesor said the incantation should be. She also practiced the wand movement a few times to ensure that the spell wouldn’t backfire accidentally. Aurelia then flicked the wand as she said, “steleus.” Several small green rings shot foward from the tip of her wand towards the dummy and faded once it made contact with the dummy’s shoulder. Aurelia made a mental note that she needed to improve her accuracy skills.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Lucy smiled as she walked into class, feeling the general comfort of being in the presence of Professor Cazarez. She could tell that he actually enjoyed teaching most of the time, which was more than she could say for most of her other professors. It helped her relax and learn the content rather than worry about a negative reaction from the professor. As he began the lesson, Lucy dutifully took out a quill and parchment and began to take notes.

However, her normal notetaking routine was interrupted when Professor Cazarez took out his wand and pointed it at a dummy. Lucy raised her eyebrows. Well, that's new. She tilted her head, observing the green rings shoot out of the wand and do nothing to the dummy. She shifted uncomfortably, unsure whether or not she needed to feel embarrassed for the professor. Maybe this was why he was teaching a class this did not usually involve magic! In a moment, though, he had demonstrated the same spell on an unfortunate boy who sneezed for a few seconds.

Another spell that makes people sneeze? Lucy furrowed her eyebrows. Well, I guess the Curse of the Bogies is a bit more inconvenient, but still. How many spells are there that involve the nose? To her surprise, they were then told to practise the spell. Lucy froze. Crap. I don't remember the incantation. I wasn't expecting to perform magic today. She glanced furtively around the room, trying to watch the wand movement and hear the spell from her fellow classmates.

She stood up uncertainly, gripping her wand rather loosely. She had learned to relax her wand grip over the course of the year. She often clenched it too tightly, and the tension threw off her aim. She attempted to recite what she thought she heard other students saying. "Stelus," she muttered over and over under her breath. She waited impatiently for her turn at the dummy. As she got closer, she realized that she had been practising the word incorrectly. It was definitely "Steleus" and not "Stelus." Well, that would have been silly. Glad I wasn't the first to go.

She reached the front of the line, smiling as she flicked her wand. Though some might think his example of flicking a booger was crude, she was sure to remember it clearly after making that association. "Steleus," she enunciated as she cast the spell. Her pronunciation was a bit off, and only one green ring shot lamely toward the dummy. She cleared her throat and emphasized the first part of the word this time. "Steleus," she tried again, and the green rings hit the dummy with what she assumed was full force.

She moved off to the side, joining the others who had successfully hit the dummy. Now they were casting the spell on themselves. Great, she thought. Turning her wand around to point at her torso was awkward and uncomfortable. She attempted several times to flick her wand, but the wrist angle was preventer her from doing so. She huffed impatiently. C'mon, Lucy. Everyone else has already cast theirs. She angled her hand up a bit, flicked it downward at the last sentence, and declared, "Steleus!" She barely had time to see the green rings hit her body before she began sneezing uncontrollably. 


Unfortunately, Lucy was not a dainty sneezer. She put her palm on a desk to brace herself and rode out the sneezes, eyes watering when they were finally over. It may not be Curse of the Bogies, but that sure would be distracting!

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Dinah had entered the History of Magic classroom feeling rather optimistic. She’d heard they were going to be learning an actual spell today, used by witches and wizards in history. The word hex had her shivering with excitement. It sounded so interesting, she couldn’t wait to begin. 

She took a seat a short way from the front and listened intently as the spell was explained to them by Professor Cazarez. It seemed simple enough and despite seeming rather silly, an effective distraction if one was ever needed. 

At the professors request she rose from her chair with the rest of the class and pulled out her wand. Dinah glanced around nervously and watched for a few moments as some of the others attempted the spell. 
A few of her fellow classmates appeared to get the hang of it quickly while others took a few tries. 

Come on, Dinah. You’re not going to do it stood watching everyone else.” She muttered to herself, drawing herself up and holding out her wand. 

The girl muttered the incantation under her breath, getting a feel for the word in her mouth. 

Stelus...steelis...Steleus, steleus, steleus.

She wasn’t one hundred per cent confident she was getting it right but she supposed ninety nine per cent would have to do. 

Next came the wand movement. Dinah had struggled with this previously so she wanted to  make sure she got it right this time. 

She remembered what Professor Cazarez had said about picking your nose with your wand and flicking it away. It was a rather disgusting image but wanting to do it right, she made a point of acting out this exact scenario. 

The girl did this a few times before turning to the training dummy. 

She raised her wand, preparing to make the correct movement and said firmly, “Steleus!

Green rings flew from the end of her wand and hit the dummy. Of course it didn’t do anything but Dinah couldn’t help but find satisfaction in it anyway. 

She attempted a few more goes, the next being unsuccessful and the third only emitting the tiniest of green rings that moved rather slowly in the direction of the dummy. 

Dinah couldn’t help but get annoyed with herself for not being able to do it. 

With a flick of her wand and a rather angry “Steleus!”, she once again was pleased to see the spell successfully hit the dummy. 

Now it was her turn. Dinah would have much preferred they be paired up and could try it on each other. Bending her wrist in such a way to get the wand movement right while aiming at herself was proving a little difficult. 

When she had eventually managed to get in a position that she could make the movement towards herself, she steeled herself for the attack and once again uttered the word, “Steleus!

She saw the green rings hit her chest and felt the effects instantaneously. Her nose tickled torturously as she let out sneeze after sneeze. 

Dinah opened her mouth slightly as she felt another sneeze coming, “Ah...ah...ah...ah...

But the sneeze never came. The spell had worn off and Dinah hastily grabbed a tissue from her robes pocket. Feeling happy with her results she glanced around at the rest of the class, all who seemed to be having equal success, before averting her gaze in the direction of the Professor wondering if he would agree that she had managed to learn the spell accurately. 

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

A class about a historic duel! What boy didn’t love that!? Having seated himself in his usual spot in the classroom, Parcel had expected this to be yet another lesson that would drag on in eternity about something that happened many years ago. Sometimes it was something interesting, like war and rebellions, but mostly it was just boring dreadful old dusty wizard stuff that didn’t interest Parcel at all. But this day was different! It was on a lesson about dueling, and that is at least as cool as war for a 11-year-old wizard like Parcel!

Parcel swallowed as he watched the professor preform the spell. This was probably the greatest History of Magic class thus far, perhaps the greatest he would have. This was because he was learning a spell! An actual spell, in a History class! Not only that, but it was a spell he could use in dueling.
Giddy with excitement Parcel pulled out his wand as he and the rest of the students were given the all clear to try it out. He had already learned a defensive and an offensive spell in DADA, so one that messed with the opponent was a great addition to his arsenal!
As Parcel was waited for his turn on the practice dummy he started training on the incantation. Steleus was what he was supposed to say, and it actually sounded quite straight forward when Parcel practiced on the pronunciation. Stee- lee-us?... Ste- lee- su? “No… it was more like, STÉ-lee-us “. Feeling like he had the pronunciation down he finally stepped forward for his turn on the dummy.

This was his moment! The moment for him to shine in front of his Head of House! Taking a ratter aggressive dueling stance Parcel raised his wand as he eyed the dummy in front of him.

“Stee- lee- us!”
As he pronounced the incantation he flicked his wand in the same way the professor had done and… and… no green rings could be seen.
Becoming a bit embarrassed Parcel looked down at his wand as if to see if there was something wrong with it. Turning it to the left and right, but not seeing any signs of damage on it made him think that there perhaps had been something wrong with his movement? Or incantation perhaps?
Looking down at the tip of his wand as if he was looking down the barrel of a gun Parcel once again moved the wand in the way the professor had showed.

The green rings that shoot out from the wand took Parcel by surprise as he looked down. “What the!?” Parcel almost tripped over as the rings went right in through his face. Blinking manically, he tried to get his bearings back. But before he was able to, Parcel felt the sneezing fit overcome him.
It took a few seconds with intense sneezing before the hex was over. Parcel walked down from where the practice dummies was with a bit of a redder shade on his ears then when he came up. He had at least gotten the spell to work, but he hoped the professor hadn’t taken note of how he stupidly shoot himself in the face with it.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Clarisse squirmed into her seat for History of Magic, curious about the tone of excitement in the professor's voice. As interesting History of Magic was, she would never quite call it exciting. Yet something about the behaviour of the teacher betrayed that the history of this little duel that they were about to study was far more exciting than just a duel.

At once, she had a million questions. About duels, about how they worked, what a blasting curse was. But the Ravenclaw restrained herself, knowing the important questions would be answered in due time and that she was probably missing something more obvious. Something far more exciting. As the story began to unravel, Clarisse listened closely. Tricks could be used to win duels over pure power. And one way to accomplish that was with the sneezing charm.

At once Clarisse was captivated. Steleus - her quill flew across her parchment as she made sure to make a note of it. Steleus, the sneezing hex. Steleus.

And then they had a chance to learn it. Clarisse hadn't been expecting to do any sort of wandwork in History of Magic, given its reputation as a subject of dry lectures and essays. But she leapt at the opportunity, digging through her bag and wrenching out the walnut wand. With a twist, she jabbed it in front of her, only placing it down for a second to clear up her desk and give her some more space to practice.

And practice she would. The first year hadn't gotten round to learning any spells yet. Today was the day - and today she was ready for it.

Clarisse took a few moments to work through the incantation. "Steleus. Stel-ius. Stele-us. Steleus, steleus, steleus!" she called out, pausing only for a moment when nothing happened. Of course not. In her excitement to cast a spell - and to make sure she had mastered the pronunciation and didn't end up like Baruffio - she hadn't even picked her wand back up.

No worries. With her wand now firmly in her hand, she tried out the movement. Picking her nose? Clarisse was glad she didn't know what that was like - she wasn't gross. Taking a look at some of the boys in the class, she tried to figure out how to do it. Once a few had managed to start casting, she began the movement of her own, making sure to flick right at the end.

Time to put it together. Clarisse bounced to the dummy, standing firmly in front of it with legs out in a proper stance. "Steleus!" she cried, then, after nothing happened, again: "Steleus!" Green rings were flung from her wand, colliding dramatically with the dummy. Now that was sorted, she could move onto the next step: try the spell on someone where it would work.

Like herself. Clarisse took a deep breath, summoning up the courage to try it on herself, and letting the incantation fly out before she could think about it. "Steleus!"

Had it worked?

It took a second. Then her nose started tickling. She could feel it. It was coming. It was - "Ah-ah-ah-achoo!"

Now that was some spell!

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Sophie wasn't necessarily in the class, after all, given its reputation, she didn't expect much to happen. Instead of skiving off, she was going to sleep, however, at the mention of the word spell, and hex, she was wide awake. Something, the young Gyrffindor girl was not often doing. 

Preferring to sleep and stay in the silence of her dormitory while the rest of the girls were eating dinner, Lunch, etc. She was not often awake, and not especially awake in a history class, something, even in Muggle School, she was quite rubbish at.

During the class, the first years were learning the sneezing hex, Steleus. And almost at once, Sophie grabbed her eagle-tipped quill and began scribbling it down on a piece of parchment. Though her handwriting was messy, horrid, and all of the above, it was readable.


As Sophie glanced around the classroom, she noticed something peculiar, each student in the classroom, boy or girl, tall or short, Slytherin, Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, or Ravenclaw, every single student was excited and very cheerful, as though this class could have been the most exciting thing all year, and Sophie, was with them.

When Professor Cazarez was finally done explaining how to do the spell properly, and that.. blah blah blah. Sophie had zoned out ages ago, she was just waiting for this lecture to be over so she herself could try out the spell.

Sophie instantly plunged her hand into her robes, and pulled out a fire colored wand. She had a firm grip around the wand, and glanced around, and saw students all around her pointing their wand at the dummy, and Sophie, followed suit.

"Righto wand, just you and me, versus a dummy. Steleus!" She pointed her wand confidently at the dummy. No green ringlets, just a bit of sparks.
"Steleus!" She remembered something from a book she had read. You have to mean the spell, though, it was for an unforgivable curse, Sophie thought, it didn't matter if it was just a first year class, and oh by golly god she meant this spell.

And, to her surprise the spell worked. Little green ringlets erupted from the tip of her wand, and it flew straight to the dummy.

However, there was one thing she was not looking forward to, trying the spell on herself.

If there was one thing Sophie hated more than anything else, it was sneezing. It wasn't as though she had a monstrous sneeze, it was the opposite. Her sneeze was like a chipmunk! She sounded like a little baby when she sneezed.

Shaking her head, and forgetting that there was about twenty five people in the classroom, she pointed her own wand at her nose, and flicked it, crying, "Steleus!"

For a moment, nothing happened, then she felt it. Her nose began tickling, and she could feel her throat burning with the noise she could barely muster.


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Goodbye lovelies!

 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Evianna perked up when Professor Cazarez mentioned learning a spell. Although she enjoyed History of Magic, she found the long lectures rather dull. Today's was rather interesting. Evianna would never have guessed that sneezing was so important in wizarding history; after all, in the Muggle world, it was viewed as an uncomfortable, unimportant physical response to discomfort. As soon as Professor Cazarez moved from behind his desk and drew his wand, Evianna sat up straighter, watching his every moment intently. She could certainly use this spell someday at the dueling club.

When Cazarez signaled the students to step up to a practice dummy, Evianna did so, standing a good eight feet from the dummy's position against the wall. She pulled out her wand and pointed it at the inanimate, vaguely human figure and imagined herself in a duel. Smiling slightly, she flicked her wand downward and muttered "Ste-lee-oos." Nothing happened. The green rings that would have signaled a properly-cast spell did not fly out of the tip of her wand.

Frowning, she reviewed the checklist she would have learned in Charms. Concentration, Pronunciation, and Precision. Evianna was sure that she'd done the movement correctly; she hadn't needed Cazarez's rather disgusting description to envision the movement. She'd likely pronounced the incantation the wrong way.

Lifting her wand again, she whispered "STE-lee-us" and flicked her wand downward. She grinned as emerald-green rings flew from the tip of her wand and struck the dummy squarely in the chest.

Now the only thing left to do was to practice it on herself. With a small sigh (she really didn't fancy sneezing at the moment) she flicked the tip of the wand at her chest and muttered "Steleus." The green rings burst from the tip a third time and struck her. She promptly doubled over and sneezed three times.

Unable to stop, she raised her hand and said between sneezes, "Professor, how long does it – ah-CHOO – take for this spell to wear off?"

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Dorothy yawned quietly as the teacher spoke.  Today they would be learning how to make someone sneeze.  The platinum girl frowned as he described its usefulness.  Personally, Dorothy was skeptical of this spells importance. She shifted slightly as he gave the class a magical demonstration, her tired, bloodshot eyes never straying from the teacher.  A last minute cramming session had kept her awake far to long last night.  The exhausted child rubbed her eyes, suddenly and painfully aware she had not been blinking them.  

Professor Cazarez asked them to perform the spell.  Dorothy stood up and hesitantly pulled her wand out of her robes.  She had not been expecting to need it in this class, and hurriedly moved over to a nearby dummy.  Holding the wand in her left hand, she practice the motion without saying the spell.  Then, blinking again, the Hufflepuff sighed and held the wand upright in the starting position.  D gave the wand a sharp, downward flick and went to say the spell.  That's when it happened.  The overtired girl got halfway through the enchantment when she was interrupted by a sudden yawn. "Stele-aaaawwmmm." She covered her mouth in embarrassment before hurriedly checking to make sure nothing has been blown up.  Luckily, her mistake had not caused any damage.  Yawns were silly things in her opinion, and the proud child was ashamed to have suffered from one so publicly.

Dorothy rubbed her eyes, causing a side of the wand she held in her hand  to brush against her cheek.  It was cool enough to pull her farther out of dreamland.  She brought the wand back into the starting position.  This time, the small girl flicked her wand down and clearly spoke.  "Steleus." Instantly, her wand emitted small green rings from its tip, and those rings struck the dummy in the chest.  Step one complete. 

The students were then to attempt the spell on themselves.  Dorothy sighed again, and gingerly turned the wand towards her chest.  She repeated the spell, in an even less (if it were possible) eager manner.  "Steleus."  Was it possible to be excited when you were tired? Ah, it hadn't worked.  The huffy Hufflepuff turned as if to walk back to her desk.  She felt a tingly sensation in her nose, as she took a step.  The tingly feeling spread into her nose, ending near the top of her throat where it became unbearably tickly and fuzzy.  Oh no.  "Achoo, achoo, ah-achoo."  three high-pitched sneezes caused Dorothy to step backwards in surprise.  She stood still a moment, waiting for her nose to stop itching and not daring to breath.  When the irritating sensation receded, she made her way back to a chair.   It has been embarrassing, tiring, and enlightening.  In her second moment of success, Dorothy had suddenly realized the spell's worth. 

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Phaedra was one of the later students to arrive, breathlessly shuffling into the classroom seconds before the distant clock towers would chime. Her arms full of textbooks, the girl made her way to the front row where an open desk remained unclaimed and plopped down onto the seat. She enjoyed history - growing up in a family of scholars and historians could have that effect on a person - but it was the lectures she loathed, much preferring a more hands-on and exciting means of learning. Nonetheless, she knew she would have to fight through her tendency to daydream if she even remotely wanted a chance at earning the O+ she so desperately desired. So far, she was succeeding - his class was easy so far and he managed to make it interesting enough for what it was.

Professor Cazarez had just barely told the students to get settled by the time Phaedra had pulled out materials to take notes with and he then continued on, wasting no time moving on to the subject for the day: The All-England Wizarding Duelling Competition of 1430. Phaedra vaguely remembered hearing of such a thing, but it was nice to be reminded in greater detail of the cunning ways of Alberta Toothill.

Since Toothill's final blasting curse was obviously out of the question for the first-years, which could only mean they were about to learn the Sneezing Hex. Phaedra sat up in straight her chair excitedly as Professor Cazarez aimed his wand towards a dummy, rings of green erupting from his wand and hitting the bullseye on its centre. The dummy made no backwards movement from being hit and Phaedra glanced to Cazarez expectantly. 

Steleus was physically harmless, the Spaniard explained, and he then repeated the action on a student sitting in a row behind her. The boy sneezed for a couple of seconds until the effect wore off, and the class was ordered to practise on their own.

Scooting out from behind her desk, Phaedra stood and walked over to one of the metal dummies. She held out her wand and mentally went over the incantation and wand gesture before giving it a real go. "Steleus," Phaedra pronounced, giving her wand a simple swish and flick downwards. Her wand gave a pathetic spark and she frowned, shaking her head afterwards to try again. She must not have been concentrating enough.


Green rings flew out of the tip of her wand, and she smiled, pleased with herself. After giving it a few more successful tries on the dummy, she turned her wand to herself. 
"...Steleus," Phaedra finally said, closing her eyes tightly in anticipation.

The green rings hit her upper chest and her nose began to twitch. She attempted to hold back the sneezes but to no avail, as with every sneeze she doubled over, sniffing wildly. The effect only lasted a couple of seconds and satisfied, Phaedra returned to her seat to finish the day's history lecture. She was looking forward to learning unique spells like this in the future.

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Phaedra Stavrou
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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Alan curiously looked at the professor which class he dreaded the most. He did not have anything against the professor personally; he just did not know what was important about learning the things he taught. It just took always way too much research to complete the amount of homework that man was giving them. Each and every lesson would stretch to eternity while the adult talked about people who died a long time ago or events that happened ages before he was born. He would never voice his opinion towards the professor of course, that would be rude and he kind of understood why it was important to learn about ones history; but at the same time every class left him being exhausted.

However this class’s content was to be promising. They would learn about a new spell, a hex to be precisely. He was surprised at first, that they would learn something that actually was funny in the class that normally promised boredom. But today they would learn the Sneezing Hex that would cause the victim to fall into a fit of sneezes. It was a method to distract one’s opponent when dueling and would however not leave any physical harm to the victim, besides an itching nose.

When they were allowed to try casting the spell, Alan took his wand from the table and stared at it. He tried to remember the incantation, that Professor Cazarez just had gone through with them. The spell’s incantation would be Steleus, however the pronunciation must be STÉ-lee-us.
Alan nodded and pointed the wand at himself, slightly biting his lip. The professor would surely not make them do something that would hurt them, if the hex goes wrong… RIGHT?
Remembering the Tag-Game Alan was not totally sure about that, but started casting the spell on him nonetheless.
“STÉ-lee-us” He muttered, once, twice, thrice. He shook his head, getting rid of his worries so that he could totally concentrate onto the spell.
Flicking his wand he voiced out the incantation again “STÉ-lee-us!” Alan could see green rings rushing into his direction, taking his sight for a moment before he had to bend over, beginning to sneeze as his wand dropped out of his hand, hitting the ground. He could not care less at the moment as he was too occupied sneezing.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Rosie was a bit entertained by the idea of a sneezing hex. Maybe she could use it on her fathers when she got home. The thought of that made her giggle. She went quiet when her professor started to talk about the whole spell in itself. Rosie had nothing against the professor, but sometimes he did rub her the wrong way. She felt like she could breathe wrong and he'd sent her straight out a window from the Astronomy tower. Learning about spells were always interesting, however. Mostly because Rosie got to see her friends try and attempt to do the spells. Some were better at it, some... Not so much. She was one of the not so much.

So when Rosie's turn to preform the hex finally came up, her heart nearly jumped out of her throat. She stood up slowly and pulled out her wand from her pocket. She pointed it towards the ground and took a breath before stuttering out, "St-Steleus." Nothing. She wrinkled her nose, frustrated, and tried again. "Ste-" Rosie pursed her lips. She took a deep breath and pointed the wand out again. "Steleus!" This time, green sparks and rings came out, and Rosie grinned in victory. She glanced up at the other classmates for their reaction, but realized she wasn't done yet.

With a sigh, she turned the wand over to her chest. Rosie didn't really wanna do it to herself, but it had to be done. She took a deep breath and said it again "Steleus!" Rosie exclaimed, and the green sparks took over her body. At first, she felt nothing. But her nose twitched and her chest started to rise as she took a big breath to sneeze. Her sneezes were small, her biological mom used to say she sneezed like a kitten. "I think-" Sneeze. "I did it-!" Sneeze.

At least she learned it?

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Being taught a spell in History of Magic was quite a confusing thought to the young Ravenclaw, so far it had been all theory and essays which she enjoyed, of course she enjoyed practical lessons more but she wasn't very good at them. She had gotten used to History of Magic being all theory, although a change was always nice. She listened intently to his explanation of the 1430 All-England Wizarding Duelling Competition - that was a mouthful - which had been won by Alberta Toothill.

She watched with excitement as he pointed his wand at the wall and cast the spell 'Steleus', she thought she recognised the word but she had read so many books on different spells that it would be more surprising if she didn't recognise it from somewhere or other. Delilah sat up in her chair as the green rings came from his wand, getting bigger before hitting the wall and disappearing, well that was anticlimactic. She couldn't help but feel a little disappointed that it didn't even make a noise or anything.

Then he had brought down one of the gryffindor boys she vaguely recognised from her classes and she watched again, she didn't know why she hadn't thought of this being a duelling spell before now. Professor Cazarez had even been talking about duelling before teaching the spell and yet it hadn't clicked in her brain until right now.

Delilah stared as he aimed his wand at the gryffindor boy, wondering what would happen, the professor had called out the incantation and the same green rings expanded from the tip of his wand and hit the boy. They seemed to absorb into the front of the gryffindors robes, and nothing seemed to happen for a few moments, before the boy started sneezing, not just once either, but it seemed like it was constant sneezing for like 20-30 seconds, she wasn't counting, but it didn't wear off until he was already seated once more.

She listened to his explanation and laughed a little at his example of what the wand movement was, in terms of picking your nose. As usual in practical lessons Delilah was flicking her wand they way you were meant to under the desk, practicing before she would actually cast the spell.

Finally Professor Cazarez had stopped talking and she held her wand above the desk, muttering the incantation multiple times under her breath, not doing both at the same time just yet. Building her confidence as she then pointed her wand at the dummy, flicking her wand at it and calling out, "Steleus!" Quite loudly. Delilah watched as green rings flew out of her wand, a grin on her face. She had gotten it first time, somehow. She was quite surprised that she had managed it.

Then came the difficult part, she thought for a moment as to how she was going to have to maneuver her arm so that she could flick the wand at herself, before deciding 'screw it' and to just figure it out. She pointed the wand at herself and flicked it, saying "Steleus." Again, this time a bit more quiet instead of yelling it.

She watched as the green rings seemed to absorb into the front of her robes, immediately feeling that familiar, extremely ticklish sensation in the back of her nose. She placed her wand on the desk as she covered her nose and mouth with her hand, sneezing repeatedly, her eyes started watering a bit from the sneezing so once the terrible feeling of sneezing was over she wiped her eyes and watched some of the others cast the spell.

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Status: Spell Learned

 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Ami's eyes widened at the professor's last words- "Cast it on yourself!" Did the man not realize it was still allergy season? As if to justify her thoughts, Ami sneezed, completely out of the blue, and rubbed her nose woefully. Steleus, a Sneezing Hex... certainly an interesting spell, to say the least.

Sneezes, she knew, were generally caused by dust, or one's nose's need to remove dirt from the nostril cavity- at least, that's what she was led to believe. So for a spell to force on to sneeze, it would be interacting somehow with the body itself. Interesting.

Enough pondering! Gripping her wand tightly and pointing it at the dummy, Ami went through the motions a couple of time. Up, down. Up, down. Pick the nose, flick the booger. Up, down. "Steleus!" she cried, up, down. Faint green rings, fainter than everyone else's, fainter than the professor's, radiated from the wand, barely seeming to make an impact on the dummy. 

"Steleus!" she cried again. more forcefully. The rings were even lighter this time, and Ami's nose scrunched in disappointment. No one would be sneezing at those rings, what was she doing wrong? What was she missing? Concentration, incantation, motion... so it was the concentration that was lacking. Of course, it had to be her concentration, it always seemed to lapse during the most important, vital moments.

Steadying her grip on her wand once more, Ami took a deep breath. Sneeze. Green rings. Steleus. "Steleus!" Steadying, vibrant green rings leaped forth from her wand, slamming into the chest of the dummy. Yes, that would certainly do- not bad at all. Now, to cast the spell upon herself.

It would certainly be trickier than one expected, her wand was nearly a foot long. She found, however, if she held it like a microphone and pointed it at her stomach, that the rings would hit her effectively, and she would (presumably) erupt in sneezes.

Not giving herself the chance to back out, Ami cried, "Steleus!" for the last time that class. The rings hit her full-on, and she erupted in horrifyingly un-ladylike sneezes. "Sor- achoo! Sorry, I h- achoo! I have allergies on top- achoo! On top of this spell..." she whimpered, retreating to the back of the classroom to retrieve a tissue. She would spend the rest of class wallowing in the back corner, blowing her nose repeatedly, the sneezes seemingly having set off another allergy attack.

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Status: Spell Learned

 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Even before their professor had entered the classroom, Marcia already had her books ready to use. Infront of her laid some parchment with feathers, and she prepared for yet another lesson in History of Magic. She enjoyed this class, since it usually was quiet and without any drama. She loved Charms, really, but she always got a headache after they had yet another practical lesson, with everyone screaming their attempts to cast a spell. What was worse, however, was the imminent danger of being hit. Most of the students weren't particularly good at aiming, so you always had to look over your shoulder in order to avoid getting hit.

History was her hour of easing. It was dry sometimes, she had to admit that, but she found peace in "dry".

That's why, when Professor Cazarez suddenly declared they would practice a spell, Marcia completely froze in her seat. She always had thought History was a purely theoretical class, but now she saw the dummies at the end of the classroom, which made her uncomfortable.

While their professor demonstrated the spell, a Sneezing Hex, she took some sparse notes just to use the parchment, which would soon be as redundant as her book. She watched him casting the spell on some Gryffindor boy, relieved to not be the nonvoluntary volunteer, when she suddenly stopped in her movement. With her eyes wide open she saw their professor smiling at them, opening the practical session.

Did he just say we should use it on ourselves?

Marcia loved magic, as every student did, she hated to be at the receiving end of it, though. She simply didn't trust her peers when it came to hexes, jinxes or simple spells really. She still had Professor Ackerleys word ringing in her ears, telling them what could go wrong, if the spell wasn't perfectly executed. It may be a Sneezing spell, but one wrong syllable, and she could lose a finger; or worse.

It couldn't be helped; she had to take a stance infront of one dummy like everyone else, although she took her time packing her things. With one eye she observed the first attempts and some green light filled the dim room. Impressive, she thought, her attentoin swifting tot he dummy.

She wouldn't know if her hex worked or not, as long as she used it against the immobile dummy, but she wasn't in a hurry to point the wand at herself. With some steps behind most of the students in order to watch them and where their spells would fly, she lifted finally her wand.

"Stileus, Stelerus, Steleus. Steleus," without moving her wand she tried the incantation on her tongue, rolling the word over and over again and playing with the pronunciation, until she was sure she had the right intonation. "Steleus," she said once again, nodding to herself, before she mimicked Professor Cazarez' wand movement. It was easy enough, although she felt a little disgusted while she imagined she would pick her nose with her own wand.

The first sneezing were hearable, which made Marcia concentrate at the dummy. Time to try it.

"Steleus!" This time she used both, the incantation and the wand movement, and some faint rings appeared, finding their way to the dummy and increasing a little in size while flying through the air. She almost was relieved that the spell didn't work the way it should have, so she had an excuse to practice with the dummy a little longer.

She trief a few more times and the light got brighter from attept to attempt, till she was fairly sure to have the spell mastered.

"Well, there no way around it anymore." With a heavy sigh and her eyes closed she turned her wand in her hands. She needed to think around the corner in order to get the movements right even though the wand was now facing her.

"Steleus!" she said a little hesitant. Nevertheless a bright ring flew out of the wand, directly into her chest. She felt a prickle in her stomach, which expanded through her body, until she felt the same prickle in her nose.

"'tschu!" Again and again she had to sneeze and she just hoped, that it would soon be over.

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Status: Spell Learned

Stamina: 4 | Evasion: 6 | Strength: 9 | Wisdom: 5 | Arcane: 2 | Accuracy: 9
Stamina: 3 | Agility: 6 | Strength: 15 | Control: 11
Marcia Kingsleigh

 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Fiona was in her seat, taking out her parchment and setting up her ink and quill for todays lecture. She had mixed feelings about the History of Magic class, on one hand she loved hearing stories and learning about the past, but on the other hand, she hated taking notes and quizzes. She looked up at the Professor as the last of the students filtered in and he began class.

As he spoke, Fiona scratched away on her parchment '. . . All-England Wizarding Duelling Competition 1430. . . Alberta Toothill . . . ' The Professor asked how she won, and Fi sighed in relief as there was a decently long pause. This gave her time to finish writing. Fiona liked Professor Cazarez, but he often spoke faster than she could write.
Hearing a spell called out, Fiona looked up just in time to see green rings flying to the back of the room, striking a dummy. 'Had that thing been back there this whole time? ' She offhandedly wondered. Fiona paid attention as a boy was instructed up and the spell was cast on him. 'Wait! What!? . . . can teachers really use us like that!? . . . wait . . . we're learning this spell today!!?" the thoughts raced through Fiona's mind as her excitement peaked.

Her heart began to race as the other students rose and eagerly tried to cast the spell. She took a deep breath as she nervously stood up and took out her wand. Fiona carefully watched the others, as she silently practiced the flicking motion. Once she felt rather comfortable with the movement, she took a deep breath and aimed at the dummy "Stele! . . . es? . . .". nothing.

Fiona felt her cheeks start to warm with embarrassment. She was so caught up with watching the other kids and practicing the motion, she forgot the pronunciation of the spell. She closed her eyes, to better concentrate, as she listened in on the others saying the spell. 'OKay Fiona, you got this! Just do it! . . . you can definitely do this.' She gave herself a little pep talk before opening her eyes again. Aiming right at the dummy, she raised her wand and brought it swiftly down in the flicking motion"Steleus"she whispered. She was sure she saw a bit of green come out, but it quickly dissipated. 'Come on Fi! say it like you mean it!' She took another deep breath, before raising her wand again. She felt the determination in her voice as she spoke "Steleus!"

Fiona gave a small gasp as green rings shot out of her wand and flew out, hitting the back wall . . . missing the dummy. She was so excited that the spell actually worked she didn't even worry about the spell missing, after all, it wasn't like it had done any damage to the stones. Feeling reassured, and much more confident, Fiona tentatively pointed her wand at herself. She closed her eyes, collecting her nerves before peeking as she cast the spell.

The green rings flew over her shoulder and past her head. Fiona's eyes widened in horror, as she quickly looked behind her to make sure the spell hadn't hit anyone. She sighed in relief as there were no victims. Pointing the wand at her body again, she kept her eyes open and trained on the tip of her wand. In all seriousness, she voiced the spell and let out a victory sneeze.

Professor Edit: Spell learned!

Stamina: 3 | Agility: 7 | Strength: 4 | Control: 8 | Arcane: 5 | Accuracy: 3