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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

- Students have to write 200 words minimum. (Maximum of 1000 words)
- They cannot godmod the professor.
- They have to write 1 post in which they need to do at least 1 or 2 attempts.
- Students need to be careful with their grammar.


To qualify for this class you need to meet both:
10 Days Account Age
30 Posts
It was not often that Sebastián got to teach a spell in his class. Usually it was all historical events and what wizards have learned from the past. The Spaniard would teach the first year students a bit about the history of a famous duel which used a bit of a silly spell to achieve victory. It was harmless enough to teach to the younger kids and would make the lesson a little more lively for them. He was always trying to make the class more fun than that old ghost would. It was painful trying to study history under Professor Binns and he was happy to have replaced to ghost. The kids would be better off now.

"Okay class, take your seats!" He would shout to the students as they came in, not in a cruel way but in a tone of excitement. "Today we will learn of a famous duel in wizard history.  One of the earliest official duels on record is the All-England Wizarding Duelling Competition of 1430. Alberta Toothill is famous for winning this tournament with a blasting curse. That was the end, but how did she win against the odds?"

A few students glanced around and one who seemed to come from a wizarding family raised her hand. It was not meant as a real question, but Sebas decided to give her a chance. He pointed to her after a moment and gave a firm nod. Sebas was curious what she might say.

"I think I know this one, Professor," the girl started off timidly. "She tricked her opponent rather than overpowering him."

A grin crossed the Spaniard's face as she spoke her thoughts. It was fairly true that she had used a bit of trickery to get the win, but duels were so much more than a simple overpowering of one's opponent. They would learn that in time if they ever took an interest in the dueling club itself. After she finished speaking, he gave a slow nod and spoke to add to what she had said.

"Yes, she used something to distract her opponent so that she could deliver a final blow." The History of Magic Professor had set up a training dummy at the back of the room, and he motioned towards it with his wand as he spoke, flicking the wand downwards. "Steleus!"

Green rings flew out from the wand instantly and sped towards the target. They collided with it and nothing happened, at all. A few students seemed confused and looked to Sebastián with questioning eyes. Had he failed in front of them or were they missing something? His face only showed a big grin. A few moments went by before he motioned to a random student, a student from his own house of Gryffindor. The boy stood up and Sebas instructed him to stand in front of the dummy.

"You might be wondering why that did not work." He said to the class, his wand now facing the student who he selected. "I wanted to demonstrate how harmless it was physically before I grabbed a volunteer. Steleus!"

Without pause and without warning, the same green rings leaped from the Spaniard's wand as he flicked it again and slammed into the Gryffindor student's chest. The boy blinked and looked down at himself,  noting that no damage had been done. A brief moment later though, he erupted into a fit of sneezing that made his eyes close for a few seconds. Sebastián grinned wide and sent some harmless red sparks to the boy next to symbolize another spell.

"As you can see, his eyes were closed and he was a bit occupied sneezing to see a second attack." He motioned for the boy to sit now that the sneezes were ending. "It is a simple spell that can help you out of a bad situation or to win at duel club meetings. Give it a try. Take turns pointing the wand at the dummy, say the incantation, Steleus, and watch the green rings do their work. Make sure to flick your wand from slightly upwards down towards your target. Think of it as if using the wand to pick your nose, then flicking the booger! Once you get it successfully cast onto the dummy, cast it on yourself!"

It would bring great joy to Sebas to watch the kids hex themselves with sneezes. He loved the children, but it was good to have a little fun with them. Plus they would thank him later if they ever needed to use the spell. The Sneezing Hex helped win major duels in the past and was still popular to this day as a little distraction. Sebastián sat back at his desk and watched the students begin their practice sessions.

 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Mia smiled at the professor. She was so exited to learn this new spell! It looked so interesting, and extremely fun to cast. Plus it had an extremely interesting backstory. Even though his example was a bit disgusting.

Sauntering over to a dummy, Mia pulled out her spotless wand. The lighting was a bit low, and she squinted to see the dummy. That, or she just needed glasses, which was entirely plausible.

She pointed her wand straight at the dummy and practiced flicking it without saying a word. In and out! In and out! In and out! In and...out! She tried adjusting her stance and recalled the way the professor did smoothly, taking his time but still direct. She hoped to be half as good of a magician when she grew up.

Finally pleased with her wand movement, Mia focused at the dummy. She swished her wand and furrowed her brow.


Nothing happened. Puzzled, Mia tried to recall what the professor had said. It was something like STÉ-lee-us, not STÉ-lee-urs.

Muttering under her breath, she re-took her stance and pointed her wand at the dummy.


Green rings came out of her wand and she smiled, pleased with her work. But before she tried it on herself, she had to practice one more time.

She re-took her stance and pointed her wand at the dummy. She flicked the wand in the correct way and furrowed her brow. She then spoke the incantation clearly.


Green rings once more hit the dummy, and she smiled. Still nervous but a bit more assured, she was ready to try it on herself.

Mia pointed her wand towards herself, doing a wierd twist with her wand. It gave her a cramp and she winced. Pull it together Mia! she thought, shaking her other hand slightly.


Green rings came hurtling towards her, and she closed her eyes. They didn't feel like anything, and she opened them soon after, blinking.

Then the sneeze came. Hunching over, Mia pulled out her handkerchief. She felt terrible, and her eyes watered from the sneezing. It was terrible. She was starting to get a headache, and her sinuses felt bloated almost. It really sucked.

Walking over to the professor, she tugged on his sleeve, still hunched over.

"Professor? *achoo* Can you *achoo* make this *achoo* sneezing stop?"

She looked up at him with red rimmed eyes and a nose to match. She was, in other words, humiliated.

Status: Spell has been learned.

P.S. Cazarez would tell you it goes away in time, you would recover in about 5 seconds.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Serena turned up early to a lesson, for perhaps the first time in the history of the magic. She was here to learn - apparently about a spell that seemed rather random. However, it would be very useful in days to come, she had no doubt. In particular, there was probably at least one person she could think of that deserved to be hit by every horrible hex under the sun, if it meant he would stay away from her. He deserved it though and his Head of House would deliver that justice in the weirdest way possible.

As she walked in, she nodded towards the Professor in a form of a greeting before grabbing a seat towards the back - which was definitely her favourite place to sit. Propping her elbow onto the table, she watched one of her favourite professors - despite the fact his class was ever so boring (who honestly wanted to learn about the history of magic?! It was all about the future!). He explained how to perform a spell that appeared useless. It did, however, become a great asset to any first year in a duel. It also became a great asset as revenge to a boy who would not stop teasing you or being incredibly odd. Perhaps it would work well in detentions. Students often broke the 'no talking rule' and ended up doing a lot of nonsensical conversation. It was tiresome after all. Forcing them to sneeze actually seemed like a nicer sound than the endless questions she sometimes got. 

Serena watched Professor Cazarez demonstate the hex. His instructions were just as bizarre as the concept of it. Nonetheless, she opted to give it a go. Without talking to anyone or wasting time, the Hufflepuff stood up and made her way over to one of the Training Dummys. She pulled out the wand from the pocket of her robes and pointed it towards the training dummy.  Steleus... That was the incantation she needed to use. Visualising the movement of her wand, she practiced it a few times. She waved the wand aimlessly in the way, focusing on getting the movement right. A movement that apparently involved her using her wand to pick her nose and then flick the booger - in his words, not hers. Gross. But boys were gross. Did she really expect anything more from the Spanish Professor that she had grown to be so fond of? No, probably not. 

Boys were definitely gross, after all. Who would describe it in such a foul manner? Only a gross boy. Sighing, she focused her breathe. Carefully, Serena pointed her wand towards the dummy. Flicking her wand from the angled position, down towards the target (as though she was picking her nose and flicking it), she attempted to cast her spell, "Steleus!" She focused on the target, narrowing her eyes towards it. The whole time, she pictured a certain Gryffindor that really needed this hex on him so that he learnt to stay away from her.

Serena practiced it a few times, trying to get the hang of the wand movement and pronounce the spell correctly. It was like STÉ-lee-us, which was harder to pronounce than it looked. After a number of attempts, Serena suddenly burst into a grin as green rings appeared. They hit the training dummy, obviously doing nothing. She frowned a little, deciding it was worth attempting it on herself, "Great... I much rather cast it on that idiot..." Serena mumbled to herself, under her breathe as she sighed. It would have been a lot more enjoyable to cast it on the one that deserved it. 

"Steleus!" She casted again, flicking the wand down a little towards herself in an attempt to cast the spell on herself. The Hufflepuff had no idea if it would be successful or not but she had given it a go. That was all that she could do, right?

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Status: Spell Learned

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Who knew that they would be learning spells in a History of Magic class? Dymphna sure didn't! Though she loved the class and didn't find it boring in the slightest, many other students did except now their were spells involved that was sure to change their minds. She quickly took a seat at the front of the class and listened to Professor Casarez as he started the lesson. 

Oh, she knew this one! But another girl raised her hand before she could. Drat! The training dummy didn't move, nothing happened at all. It was a bit of a let down but it didn't exactly have a mouth or a nose. Oh, that poor boy who "volunteered" but it didn't seem to last as long as she'd thought. It seemed like one of those very basic spells to help with distraction. A little silly but if it did the job, it didn't really matter. 

"Think of it as if using the wand to pick your nose, then flicking the booger!'

The blonde made a face at that. How did everything always come back to boogers? First Professor Lear and now this. Oh well, it was time to get to work. Standing, she went to face the training dummy. "Steleus," she said it a few times to practice the pronunciation before she even thought about touching her wand. Then wand in hand, she flicked it (trying not to think about boogers), getting a feel for it before trying it for real. A breath and then, "Steleus!" The same flicking motion and the spell went flying, green rings hitting the dummy and thankfully not another student. She gave it another go, just to make sure she could do so.

Looking to see if the Professor was serious about casting it on themselves, she saw that another student had already done it and it looked awful. With a frown, Dymphna figured she might as well get it over with. "Steleus," then she felt an itching sensation before sneezing twice in a row. It wasn't as bad as the Slytherin girl had made it out to be. Maybe it differed depending on health. "Are there any more strange spells like this one, Professor?"

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Status: Spell Learned

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

She sneezed like Peter Rabbit. This was the sole thought punctuating Maisy Dane's mind as she approached the test dummy. Her mother read the books to her when she was younger, and even now she could recall the scrunch of the bunny's nose in the illustration and the words splashed in big bold letter across the page "ker-tee-choo"! It was a running joke among her family that she and Peter were one and the same and she couldn't exactly deny it.

Still... If she had to humilate herself in front of a small sum of the Hogwarts student body, at least it was sneezing and not some of the more mortifying hexes she had read about.

Wand at the ready, she swallowed a clump of nerves that felt as thick as Gillyweed, and eyes on the dummy, she recited the word outloud, "Steleus... Steleus..."

"Stele-ow!" A quick swipe upwards brought the wand to her nose a little faster than Maisy intended and smacking herself in the tip, she grimaced, looking around quickly to see if anyone had noticed. Graciously, the rest of the class seemed preoccupied with their own practice.

Clearing her throat, she raised her wand again, "Steleus!" This time, bearing in mind the speed with which she moved, she swiped up, before flicking it forward. Green rings flung forward and Maisy gave a small squeak of delight.

Breathing in then, she next considered the complexity that was firing a wand spell at herself, but after a moment's thought, she turned her arm at such an angle that she could see the tip and thinking through the motions, gave it a practice wave, then another with more authority, "Stele--oh shoot!!"

For the second time in her shortly lived Hogwarts carrier, the wand flung from her grasp, clattering on the stone floor. Blushing pink, she dove to retrieve it, and determined that she should not embarrass herself further, she held tightly to it, sucked in a breath and thrust her arm up, then brought it down with a truncated swish, "Steleus!"

The tickle came as instantly as the green rings struck, like feathers wiggling inside her nasal cavity, and not a moment later, a sneeze, no bigger or louder than a small blue-coated rabbit, burst from the young Slytherin. Then another... Then a third.

"Excuse me..." She mumbled, when the spell seemed to wear off shortly thereafter.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Amadea was excited for the lesson. She had heard they were learning a new spell and she was excited to learn it; the more spells she knew the more well off she would be. She sat down in a seat, still wondering about the spell. Amadea found it interesting that they were learning spells in History of Magic. To be honest, she was excited for the change. Usually they learned about history (which made sense) and then had homework. She wondered why they were learning spells now. 

She chose a seat toward the front of the classroom to get a good view of whatever was going to happen. she wanted to make sure she knew how to properly cast the spell. She listened as Professor Cazarez began explaining the spell they were to be learning. It was a spell that was able to be used in dueling, which excited Amadea. She enjoyed learning spells that could be utilized in dueling.  

Amadea wrinkled her nose as she watched the demonstration. Think of flicking boogers? Eww, disgusting, she thought to herself. Boys were disgusting. She took out her wand, ready to start practicing. She said the incantation a few times to herself before trying it. "Steleus," she said. Then she took out her wand and focused on the gesture.

She looked around the room, seeing some people that were already performing the hex, leaving their dummies looking horrible as they sneezed and coughed. Amadea cringed inwardly. Sighing, she figured she should just get it over with and flicked her wand as she said, "Steleus!" Immediately, the dummy in front of her erupted in sneezes and coughs just like everyone else's. Boogers flew everywhere and Amadea leapt backward to avoid the scattered matter. 

Despite her disgust, she also felt proud that she had successfully cast the spell. She looked over toward the professor for approval. 

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Status: Spell Learned

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

A lesson that wasn't boring in History of Magic! This was a first, and Eris was excited about it. She listened to the professor, interest growing as she talked, even if she felt a distaste of sorts for the spell they were learning. Anything was better than another lecture about the History of Hogwarts, and a long essay about it to boot. Hopefully they wouldn't have to write a play script about boogers.. That would be weird.

"Think of it as if using the wand to pick your nose, then flicking the booger!'
Oh god. Why were boys so gross?! Even the old, icky ones couldn't go one minute without a gross joke, even when they were teachers.

Steleus. Sneezing, sickness, cheating. Three things Eris hated. The spell was basically a way to cheat at a duel, making your opponent too sick to fight back. That seemed unfair to Eris. Why didn't you just punch the person and knock them out while you were at it? Did she agree with the spell? No. Was she going to learn it, and use it anyways? Yes. Maybe it was a spell to use on Ami Poprocks after her and Dorian burned off all her hair. The worse part of the lesson was the way the Spanish Professor had injected his stupid sense of humor into it, by making the students cast the spell on themselves and get to sneeze in the process.

Stepping up to the dummy, Eris copied the gesture the professor had made. It wasn't perfect, thus, she didn't stop practicing it until she felt confident that the gesture was good enough to look passable. If she was going to use a stupid spell, it might as well be perfect before she cast it on herself.

Finally, once convinced that the gesture was fine, Eris glared down the dummy. "Get ready to sneeze, foolish inanimate object." She declared, grin on her face.

Wait. What was the thing, again? Steleus? What kind of name was that?

Frowning, Eris repeated the words in her head a few times, before staring at the dummy again. "STÉ-lee-us" She declared. Nothing happened, and green sparks did not shoot out of her wand in perfect green rings. Face flushing, the gnome small girl tried again.

"Steleus" At once, a flurry of green rings came out of her wand and hit the dummy. Nothing happened to the dummy, but Eris had succeeded nonethless. Grinning, she realized what the next part of the lesson was. Time to hit herself with the spell.

Dear god. This was dramatic. Aiming the wand at her chest, Eris said the spell and watched the green rings hit her. Once they hit, she felt her eyes close, and a few sneezes erupted out of her body. Wincing at the feeling of sickness, Eris waited for it to recede until she was able to open her eyes again.

That was stupid. Stupid History of Magic. At least she had learned a spell, hopefully.

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Status: Spell Learned

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

He could hear the people all around him repeating the spell again and again to try and get it right, to try and master a spell that made people sneeze. If there was one thing Kaegen knew, it was that spells were never to be underestimated. Especially not one that forced the target's eyes closed. He was going to get this right the first try, test it on himself and be done with it. 

Getting a spell right the first time you attempted it was relatively easy. You just had to practice and fail a few times in your head first. The ravenclaw boy's mouth silently moved to form the word steleus, imagining what the word would sound like, how it would work. As he thought and mouthed the spell he accompanied it with the wand motions. Even just watching himself, he could clearly see he was doing it wrong.

and so he tried again, mouthing the words and practicing the wand motion. The boy kept it up, practicing again and again until most of the other students had finished. Kaegen would have been able to learn the spell a lot faster had he simply attempted the spell more. However he was always taught that you had one shot. You could prepare for that one shot but you only had one. It was ingrained into his mind, and so he worked twice as hard as the other students and only moved half as fast.

When he was finally ready, when his muscles knew the movements well enough and his brain knew exactly what to say was when he finally focused and stood up. He aimed at a target, and briefly made a checklist in his head, ticking off the marks as he went.

-Wand precision. Perfect movement of the wand in time with
-Pronunciation. Perfect enunciation of the words of the spell. Couple that with
-Concentration. And you had everything you needed.

Kaegen's voice was quiet, but no longer as neutral as was it's norm. It now had slight undertone to it, a dark lining to a grey cloud. It had just a little bit of authority, just a little underline of a command. He knew what it was going to sound like, and he was ready. 


Green rings shot from the tip of his wand, along the path set for them by the pair of tired eyes that seemed to gleam with their old energy, mostly concealed behind dark circles that stemmed from the sleepless nights of a young boy that had not thought of the consequences that came with late bedtimes. 

The green rings hit the target, marking his endeavor a success. Turning the wand to himself, the young boy went ahead and said the spell a second time. 


It lead to instant regret. His first sneeze made an adorable little sound reminiscent of a kitten. The second followed suit, however when he realized how loud his sneezes sounded to him, Kaegen tried to hold it in, which led to his next sneeze being far bigger. But in a way, it was quieter than the ones before it. The large sneeze sounded like one large voice crack, devoid of the beginning or end squeaks.

Kaegen could feel his voice being wrecked midway through the quiet sneeze. It was depressing to have your voice destroyed after a single large sneeze, but it did make sense, in a way. If you never made any loud noises, your voice was bound to get more sensitive. It made him want to get a bit louder, maybe try speaking like everyone else in front of the mirror in the mornings. But at the same time, it just reminded him how he should be more quiet to ensure no one ever hits him with this spell. Or at least a lot faster.

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Status: Spell Learned

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

┍━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━ 🆂🅻🆈🆃🅷🅴🆁🅸🅽 ━━━━━━━━━━━━━━━┑

History had always been of interest to Sebastian. In fact, anything to do with knowledge, information, or generally gaining insight from a source was one of the most enjoyable things the boy could take part in. So, considering the addition of a spell in the lesson, it only made things more enjoyable. Not one to waste opportunity, Sebastian listened to the explanation of the hex, and proceeded to observe as others immediately began attempting it.

Similar to picking ones nose and flicking it, Sebastian mused, smirking at the mental image as well as the accuracy of the Professor's example of wand movement. I'm looking forward to more serious spells in the coming years, though...

Before long, green rings were erupting from various wands, encircling the test dummies on one side of the room. Sebastian listened to pronunciations of the incantation, soon finding the correct verbal emphasis, and continued to watch the wand flick. Some other students began using on themselves, which proved amusing, as they were given over to a sneezing fit; however, the Professor mentioned to one girl that the hex wore off after several seconds, proving it truly was a distraction rather than valid form of attack.

Sebastian noticed Dymphna performing the spell, as he smiled.

Standing, Sebastian walked to the line of students presently using the dummies. He raised his wand, fingers wrapped firmly around the handle, pinky finger looped through the hooked end; and with the tip facing upward, the boy spoke the incantation:


And with a dip and flick, he sent green rings toward the dummy some meters in front of him. With a nod of satisfaction, Sebastian turned and walked back to his desk. Sitting down, he raised his wand again, even as Sebastian shifted his leg outright - and with another incantation, and downward flick of the wand, sent green rings out to hit his foot.


Knowing he had no control of the sneezing, Sebastian didn't fight it. He let out three large sneezes, before the hex wore off and he cleared his throat; and just for good measure, the boy made sure nothing was hanging from his nose. Wanting to know a little more, Sebastian turned to look at the Professor, who was seated in the chair at the front of the class, observing and answering questions...

"Professor, is this hex able to be recast for additional effects on a subject?" Sebastian asked, eyebrow raised as he placed his wand down on the desk in front of him. "Can the effects be doubled, like Curse of Bogies?"

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Status: Spell Learned

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

If for nothing else, Max would've come to the history class simply to hear Professor Cazarez tell a story. Whether it was mandatory or not, whether other people found it interesting or dry, whether he was the only one who showed up... None of it mattered. He loved history. And so, at this moment, making his way down to the first floor for a lesson that involved hearing about history as well as learning a spell, there was a skip in his step and he could even forgive the slower Hufflepuffs in the hall because he was so happy to be going. Although he might be using them for target practise after he learned this new spell - no amount of good news could make him like the lot of the yellows.

Taking a seat, he listened with absolute fascination as the history professor spoke about Alberta Toothill. He remembered the story well actually, since the thought of an underdog tricking someone to win a fight against all odds always gave him goosebumps. Samson Wiblin may have been the more powerful of the two, but Alberta's cunning mind had ultimately ended up winning the competition. Sure, the spell may seem harmless and something for silly pranks now, however you could never tell just what might come in handy in the future. The past tended to repeat itself more often than people ever knew.

A small grin appeared on his face as he watched green rings shoot from Cazerez's wand to smack into the inanimate target. The grin grew as a student was hit next, and he suppressed a snicker at the volley of sneezes it brought on. Such a simple, harmless thing; he wondered how people watching the competition it'd been used in had felt when it had been used to win. It took all of his self-control not to bounce from his seat when they were given leeway to go on casting.

Ensuring he stayed relatively calm on the outside, he planted himself a good four or five feet from one of the dummies and conjured up the image of the hand movement in his mind. Not so elegant, but then battles usually weren't. Sketching a small, mocking bow to the dummy, he lifted his wand like a conductor about to cue an orchestra, and murmured, "Steleus," flicking the wand downwards like he was having his imaginary orchestra begin the song.

The first try didn't work, and he forced himself to clear his mind of the sudden adrenaline of imagining battles, and focus on what he was doing. The second try was a more serious flick downwards with, "Steleus" said in a voice of confidence. This time the green rings left his wand to hit the dummy with the same blunt impotence the spell would have on anything non-living.

Now to test it on something living. With a small sigh, he turned his wand on himself and murmured the spell for a tertiary time, flicking his wand downwards like he was cueing his body to do something. The rings hit him and he tried his absolute best to resist, but this type of sneeze wasn't caused by dust and he had to squeeze his eyes shut as he let out the quietest sneezes he could. He might've tried to leave his eyes open if he hadn't heard once that they'd pop out if you had them open while sneezing.

It was somewhat embarrassing, but at least now he knew how it worked and would be able to use it on someone other than himself. With a small salute at Sebastián for the opportunity to learn yet another cool spell, he took his seat and cracked open his history book to leaf through it. He couldn't wait to see what they'd learn next.

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Status: Spell Learned

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Everything the professor taught was like spun gold! The obvious ways that he managed to incorporate quips and jests in a subject that, by right, should have been boring to the point of nausea, was absolutely brilliant for lack of better word. Who would have thought that sneezing could possibly have any significant foothold in history? Certainly not Dorian, who was seated somewhere in the front row of the classroom eagerly eating it up. Professor Cazarez's every word was like the source of life at this point as he took it all in greedily, registering every animated gesture to memory, all up to the point where the professor actually cast the spell at the dummy.

Dorian had been expecting something...more. Maybe a little pizzazz to dazzle the enemy in a blaze of sparks and tiny explosions, like hexed fireworks that clung to and around a person. What he got, however, was a comedown from seeing the green rings fizzle and fade as they hit the dummy. The boy gave it a minute, wondering if maybe there was something missing. Dorian stared hard at the dummy, so hard that his eyes seemed as if they would fall from their sockets and orbit the dummy's gravitational zone. Nothing happened. Was the History of Magic professor finally losing his touch or was he subjecting them all to some form of practical joke? Dorian's hand was in the air, ready to ask the question when the professor turned to the class with a grin and pointed at him.

Eyes widening, Dorian stood and followed the professor's instructions, standing in front of the dummy like the target that he was. Something about this didn't seem right. Was he being picked on for some reason that he didn't know of? The second the word 'volunteer' left the professor's mouth Dorian tentatively added "Uhh...Sir?" Clearly the boy was against this idea, but the resounding "Steleus!" that followed was unforgiving in its intonation. Dorian cringed violently, shutting his eyes tightly and waiting for the pain to take him. Nothing. Opening his eyes a peak, he blinked down at himself and noted that nothing was amiss. He grinned at the professor and almost allowed himself the luxury of laughing aloud. "Better luck next time Profes - ACHOO!" What in the world? The sneezing fit continued unhindered, at which point his eyes were so tightly shut that he hadn't seen the approach of what came next, but had heard it.

It was altogether possible he had underestimated whatever lesson the professor was trying to teach them, for now, he got the gist of it and noted that the brute force approach he always seemed keen to take was not always the best modus operandi. Returning to his seat at the professor's instruction, Dorian felt no shame in having been randomly picked to be the live dummy. He had gotten the first-hand experience as to what the spell could do in the hands of someone learned like Professor Cazarez, and now he felt even more confident that he could reproduce the spell much the same way he had seen it used up close and personal. The announcement was made after a brief explanation, and Dorian waited quietly, wand at the ready, for his turn to test the spell on the dummy.

As he stepped up to the plate, he eyed the thing as if it was the most offending piece of decoration he had ever seen. Holding his wand in a dueling stance, he flicked downward in a rapid motion and incanted "Steleus" with as much conviction as he could. Something was happening. There was a second of green sparks coming to life at the tip of his wand before they died during conception. Thinking no bad thoughts towards his own competency level or his wand's usefulness, he simply allowed himself to try again. This was a learning process, after all. Flicking his wand in that same way he had seen the professor use, he cast the spell. "Steleus." There was a small moment of hesitation on the magic's part before the spell erupted with impressive success. The sparks flew from the tip of the wand and crashed into the dummy within mere moments.

Fist-bumping the air, Dorian stepped off to the side so someone else could get their chance, realizing that now came the part of the little learning exercise where he would have to experience the business end of this spell for the second time today. Already aware of the effect it would have on a live body, Dorian didn't feel too dubious about the casting, but he was concerned about how a spell intended to 'harm' himself would turn out. No one would cast a harmful spell on themselves with aplomb, and confidence was a big part in spellcasting if Transfiguration class had taught him anything. One's intent played a factor in the spell's outcome. Putting the thoughts to the side, Dorian decided that he would never accomplish what he needed if he never bothered to try. And it was so that without further display of outward reluctance, he held the wand a little away from himself, flicked the tip downward at his own face and cast the spell.

It took a couple of seconds, but the familiar sniffling was soon upon him, and before he could prepare himself to sneeze properly, the expulsion of irritated air erupted from both his mouth and nose, encouraging a small dribble of snot to fly from his nose. It was like Rictusempra Tag all over again, and Dorian was on the receiving end of all the bad stuff that could ever happen to someone who just wanted to do well. The spell itself seemed to have been a success, however, and hopefully, the professor had seen his effort despite the little extra eww at the end. Dorian quickly used the hem of his sleeve to wipe away the snot and returned to his seat, sneezing a few more times along the way.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 


“Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit.”

She was not sure why she was thinking of Virgil, she was not sure why she was not concentrating on the most interesting History of Magic class that she had gone through and instead focusing on the Aeneid I by Virgil. She had perused the book many times over, thrice in English and thrice in Latin, she believed. Nevertheless, Cel had to doubt the quote-- “Perhaps even these things will be good to remember one day”-- as she watched with a grimace the sneezing boy at the front of the classroom. With each sneeze, the slightly disgusted girl wondered a little more why they had to learn this spell. 

At least it will definitely be useful in dueling, she thought to herself in a failing attempt to look on the bright side. But Cel could see in mind's eye how she could utilize it to her advantage in dueling-- how it could distract, and at what exact moment she could send a Knockback Jinx at the unfortunate student... They were to practice on dummies! That was great news, it would improve her mastery of the spell as well as her general spell-casting skill, might it not? Oh, that was rather disgusting-- there must have been a better metaphor than that...

Then the professor continued to speak.

The girl sank back into her seat in mortification. They had to cast it on themselves? Oh, curse this classroom, she thought irritably-- but the professor commanded it; she was obliged to do as the lesson required. Cel rose to make her way carefully toward an empty dummy, her footsteps inaudible over the collective sneezing and cacophony of incantations in the room. Not many dummies, sadly, were left-- most of the students seemed to have simply leaped out of their seats to get to one-- but there was a lonely one in the corner, just there, next to the bookshelf.

STE-lee-us. Steleus. Cel repeated the word in her mind over and over again, several times before her eyelids slid down and she began to mouth it under her breath. The fingers on her dominant one curled around her wand, but the darkness always helped her think, however much she hated it.

When she opened her eyes, she had no idea how much time had passed. She did not know, except that it had been more than a second and less than thirty, not long enough for those around her to become concerned, which was a very good thing, considering that she did not wish to give up the opportunity to practice and learn a new spell.

Raising her wand, the girl stared down at the dummy, trying to visualize it as a proper target. What-- or who-- might be a good target for a Sneezing Hex? Nobody much, at the moment... the wooden facsimile would have to do. "Make sure to flick your wand from slightly upwards down towards your target."  She chose, wisely, to ignore the next sentence he had so offered to the class. For a moment she practiced flicking the wand, trying to get a sense and steadiness of the motion-- she herself noticed her arm wavering as she moved the wand, shifting to the side with the inexperience of the action-- so she kept repeating the gesture, enough for her arm to begin feeling just a hint of fatigue and for her to be able to raise the wand and flick it in a sort of three-quarters parabola that the Sneezing Hex required-- just barely correctly, on average, but good enough to try.

"Steleus," Cel intoned as she repeated the motion, her heart hopeful though her mind dawdled off to another verse of the Aeneid. Perhaps it would work, perhaps it would not, but there was really no use in concentrating on how it might fail instead of doing what might make it work, was there?

Unfortunately, nothing at all appeared from the end of her wand. She sighed-- expected, but still disappointing; though no doubt it would be more disappointing had she not expected a failure. It was better, though, than some things that a failure at spellcasting might have prompted-- nothing was second to only success. Perhaps she should have concentrated some more, instead of recalling the use of Dittany in Virgil's wondrously penned volumes; it wasn't Potions class, after all.

Taking a deep breath, Cel closed her eyes, trying to clear her mind of distractions-- how ridiculous you sound, telling yourself that-- and focused on only the word and the gesture. It was rather difficult to grasp both while fending off all other thoughts, but her eyes eventually snapped open and she raised her wand to cast the spell as her moment of peace lasted.

"Steleus," she said into the air, wand flicking as it pointed directly at her target. To her surprise and pleasure, green rings burst out of the end of her wand, flitting toward the target until puffing into nonexistence as they hit. Cel grinned in joy at her mastery of the spell... then frowned as she realized what doing so entailed.

Sighing in defeat, the girl backed up a few steps, to her desk, and began to point the wand toward her own chest, but lowered it as she took her seat at her desk, not wanting to double over sneezing without any support. The motion was rather different in such an awkwardly twisted position; it used quite different muscles than when her arm was extended. Cel attempted it experimentally, then shrugged mentally though not physically and proceeded.

"Steleus," she repeated, and to both her happiness and dismay, the spell succeeded. She braced herself-- for merely a second passed before a sneeze rocked her from her position. Another followed, and another. They were quiet, but ordinary, and she preferred to not sneeze but cough, for she had more experience in the latter.

Was this sneezing worth the spell, though? Perhaps... perhaps not...


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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Wrote this reply while brain dead (and possibly sneezing constantly), excuse the lack of creativity.

Anatole had reluctantly dragged himself into Professor Cazarez's class with a hopeful outcome: a new spell in his little brain. It sounded much more interesting than listening to yet another lecture on Goblin this or Goblin that. For once, he'd get to use a wand instead of a quill. It was obvious which he preferred.

Like a mouse, Anatole scampered to his seat once the Professor began. Mr. Cazarez was certainly not his favorite Professor, nor his subject his favorite, but both ranked within his top five. The lectures were tolerable.

Steleus. It was hard to hold in his laughter once he noticed one of his housemates at the front of the class, sneezing so hard he almost cried. Similar to the class, Anatole held his feelings in once he realized that there were other students in the class besides him. Those green rings seemed awfully fun to cast, however. Once the flock of anxious students were released to practice the spell, Anatole shot to his feet and raced towards the dummy, trying to make up for almost being late to the class.

The cherry wood wand in his hand, Anatole imagined the gross activity of nose-picking, whipping his wand to both pick the booger and flick it immediately after. "Steleus!" The first time seemed a little hastened, and though the emerald rings shot out of his wand, the boy wasn't satisfied. They missed the dummy all too slightly.

Now, Anatole decided on a second take before he attempted the spell on himself. "Steleus!" Having been both picked and flicked, the rings shot out, hitting the dummy with surprising accuracy. Some redemption, may he say.

The scrawny Gryffindor finally had the courage to test the spell in its "final form": in action on himself. Just in case he missed, Anatole moved back away from the others. It took a few moments to straighten his mind, because just looking down the tip of his wand made him chuckle. This was what happened when gross humor was brought up in the classroom. Lightly whacking himself in the chest, he took a breath and could now stare down his own wand without laughing. "Steleus!"

It was rather funny how he shut his eyes tight even before he began sneezing. Not seeing the green rings shoot towards him, he immediately felt a tickle in his nostril, taking in a large breath before letting out a large sneeze into the elbow of his school robe. Just like the repeated echoes of the Sneezing Hex throughout the room, Anatole's sneezes kept coming too, using his elbow two more times before wiping his now-watery eyes, snickering, and returning to his seat. He could tell from the other students' faces that they had cast it successfully as well.

Looking down at the pile of snot in the hinge of his elbow, Anatole wished he could shudder out of his robe. Someone had better wash that.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Aravis watched the professor taking notes on the short lectute for future notice. This would be a spell she would need for...well...a few annoying people. She gladly got up from her chair and walked over towards a dummy once the students were all allowed. She watched closely as her fellow students cast the spell.

A few giggles came out from people here and there but most people were sneezing. The black haired girl pulled out her wand and aimed it at the dummy. She couldn't get the disturbing analogy made to the wand movement out of her head. At least now she would remember it. 

"Steleus." She said with little emotion as she moved her wand according to how they had been taught. Unfortunately no sparkling rings or light came forth from the wand. "Steleus." She repeated again. This time the green rings appeared. However the missed the dummy and bounced back towards Aravis. 

The green rings hit the black haired Slytherin. After a few seconds the sneezes began. 13 small quiet sneezes erupted from the girl with no time to breathe between them. Once it finally ended she decided to try again.  "Steleus." She said aiming at the dummy. Green rings hit it signaling success. 

Now she had to cast it on herself. On purpose. It was humiliating really, but she did it. "Steleus." She said as she aimed at her arm. Green rings shot out hitting her. She could feel the sneeze coming. Her nose scrunched up as if she were about to sneeze and...nothing. She lost the sneeze. The girl smiled thinking she had gotten lucky and it that it had no effect on her this time. She walked back towards her seat and then the sneezes made themselves known. She managed to have a grand total of 26 sneezes before she got to her seat. Ara wondered if she had broken a rib from sneezing so hard.

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 Hex  The Sneezing Hex, First Year  Class of 2024 

Angela listened closely to the professor's story. A sneezing hex winning a duel... Kind of disgusting, but certainly funny. Might indeed be useful for the duel club, and who knows what else, more adventurous circumstances.

But why are we supposed to hex ourselves?!, she thought panicking a bit. That didn't sound like fun at all. But if professor demands that... Oh well... She grabbed some tissues from her bag to be prepared. No need to humiliate herself like others did.

Consecutive students attempted to hex the dummy, and meanwhile she quietly repeated the wand movement, just to make sure she gets it correct.

When it was her turn eventually, she confidently came up to the unfazed dummy. She gave herself a few seconds to focus properly. Steleus!, she said, doing the gesture, and surely enough a wave of green rings confirmed her success. She smiled with excitement. She got it right! The first time! Not everyone could do this, and she managed to!

Now for the harder part... She pointed her wand at herself - the wand was fairly long, her arm bent at an uncomfortable angle - and exhaled deeply. Steleus!, she almost shouted, shutting her eyes. But nothing happened. She looked down with confusion, and then she heard a few seconds long wave of sneezes behind her. It was another student [who?], currently looking at her with hatred. Apparently she completely missed her own body and hit them instead. She covered her mouth with her hands. Oh no... I'm so sorry! That was an accident! Sorry! Some people around laughed. Maybe the accident was harmless, but it stressed her out nonetheless, and the person hit looked like they took it personally.

Now she wanted to just be done with it. She tried to focus and position her hand properly this time. Steleus..., she said in a quiet, but determined voice, and several small rings hit her chest, causing her to sneeze a few times. With desperation, she raised her eyes to the professor, silently asking for confirmation that this is enough.

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