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Who're You Gonna Call?  PV Reid, Sabrina, Eris   C 


Anatole smiled at the thought. It sounded great, gorgeous even. It was that time when the snow had melted and the flowers were in bloom: various hues in nature.  Maybe there were some species that grew here that didn't sprout back in Tenbury.

In his hands lay a little letter that he had written in the Gryffindor Newspaper rooms, lying on a desk. This was his copy of the notes he had written Sabrina and Eris, two girls he considered somehow making friends with.  It read something along the lines of this...

Dear (Sabrina or Eris),
I really liked the last time we chatted. It was pretty fun, and I wish something like that could happen again.

Now that Blossomfest is here, I was wondering if you'd like to join a team with me for the maze run. Maybe we could bond together and talk over stupid things like we just did?

Anyways, you're a cool person. If you want to consider the offer, meet me in the Classroom around sunset...

Rereading the letter, Anatole instantly regretted how suspicious "meet me in the Classroom around sunset" sounded. He shook his head. That would be gross.

I really hope you come, it'd mean a lot. (And to Eris: I don't want to be with Adam again, help me out)
Sincerely Yours,
Anatole Evans

Just as he had scanned through the last faulty word, the door opened, and Anatole grinned at who had appeared.

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Who're You Gonna Call?  PV Reid, Sabrina, Eris   C 

 "Come on, Reid, I promise it won't be that bad," The voice belonging to a small redheaded girl sounded as she walked next to her best friend down the hallway. They were nearing the narrow, rickety staircase - one of the one hundred and forty-two of them - that would take them up to the well known abandoned classroom. "Anatole is nice! I met him just the other day. You'll like him, I promise." She mentioned, looking pointedly in Reid's direction.

 Earlier that morning, Sabrina received a not. On it, an invitation to meet in said classroom. There was also a mention of joining a team for the Great Maze event that would be taking place during the BlossomFest, and she was definitely up for that. That was why she dragged Reid along - she would not be on a team without them. Two peas in a pod, they were. Always sticking together.

 Turning the corner, the pair came across the staircase. Then, the classroom would be just to the right. Sabrina grasped onto Reid's hand, and tugged him up the stairs with her, letting go only when she approached the door and pushed the door to the classroom open - this one was embedded into the wall. It blended in, and Sabrina almost always missed it, but this time was a rare success for her.


 She passed into the threshold of the empty classroom, the light from the sunlight filtering in through the window glinting off her cheekbone slightly. Her red hair looked less vibrant than it usually did during the day, the dusk dulling the colour to a certain point. At this time, some people even mistook Sabrina as a brunette. "How are you doing?" She asked as she hoisted herself up onto the surface of one of the dusty desks occupying the room, not thinking too much of it as she kicked her legs back and forth.

 Looking to her friend, she dramatically gestured for him to come into the room further. She was not going to let him scurry away. "Reid, come sit with me!" She called out cheekily, patting the space on the desk next to her. She was small to an extent, thus she didn't take up too much room. She even moved over a little to make sure there was room for him. "Is this all of us, or is someone else coming too?"

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Who're You Gonna Call?  PV Reid, Sabrina, Eris   C 

Someone else was coming, unannounced to Sabrina Hurst. One would think that two roomates would know if they were getting letters from the same boy, but nope. Eris had no idea that Anatole was inviting other people along to their team, as she tracked through the halls of Hogwarts. The location for the meetup was in an abandoned classroom, one that Eris had spent time in before, during her attempt to rid the school of cooties. Of course, she had later found out that cooties were fake. Although, she refused to believe that.

Eris hummed to herself as she walked towards the hallway that hosted said class room, wondering why Anatole Evans had sent her a letter. And why he had mentioned Adam in it. Was he Adam's friend? A friend of Adam would be a good person to have on a team, even though Eris wished he had just approached her, instead of sending letters. Honestly, that was just too much work to send letters back and forth when you could just talk in person. At least in Eris's humble opinion .

Eris reached the room and peeked in, spotting the vibrant reddish brown hair of her fellow roomate first. Sabrina was perched on a desk, and Anatole was there too. Along with a boy Eris vaguely knew as a past prefect. He had used to be the head boy, hadn't he? What was his name? Red, Rhodes? Something like that.

Eris heard a Sabrina ask if someone else was coming, and stepping fully into the room, she cleared her throat. "Never fear, I am here!" Dramatic entrance done with, Eris proceeded to go on with her introductions.

"Hi Anatole!" Eris grinned broadly, waving at the boy. She had been under the impression he disliked her. But clearly that was not the case, as they were now in a room together, planning on being a team for the Great maze.

"Sabrina! I had no idea you were going to be here!" Eris's grin turned into a beam as she hoisted herself up onto a desk. Feet kicking back and forth in the air, Eris grinned at the other boy. She didn't say his name, but simply waved. She really had no idea what his name was. Of course, they were all sitting on desks. Why would you sit in a chair when you could sit on a table?

Feet still kicking back and forth furiously, Eris turned back to address Anatole. "Maze run! Are we going to be like the guys in mazerunner? Cause that would be awesome." Eris seemed to be in a good mood, much different than the scowling, sad girl she had been for the past few weeks, mourning the loss of her friendship with Adam and Kaegen. If there was one thing that cheered up everybody, it was the prospect of a maze game.

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Who're You Gonna Call?  PV Reid, Sabrina, Eris   C 

As much as the soles of his canvas shoe would have him, Reid was trying not to make a mad dash. He was strong enough to say no and storm off to go back to what he was doing. But he wouldn't as he knew better than to let his nerves get the best of him. Ever since after the incident at the camp out, he's been reserved and quiet, perhaps something some people noticed or not. The day that the Blossom Festival was announced, he was bent on staying in his dormitories or really just mulling about the halls.

But of course it was something he wouldn't be able to avoid if Sabrina was around. He wasn't in the most chipper mood though after making the hard decision to step down as Head Boy, but he didn't see himself fit for the role. Reid didn't see any sense in staying in the role, his self confidence simply wasn't there. But as they got closer and closer to the classroom, he managed to work up some last minute reassurance that he wouldn't mess up in some way. "Anatole?" he echoed, the name was unfamiliar. But he did like the prospect of meeting new people; what house was he in?

It wouldn't matter but general questions tended to pop up on his head whenever Sabrina was tagging him along. He slipped his hands into his hoodie as he stepped aside to let the red head go first. When he came upon the entrance of the classroom, he froze at the sight of the two Gryffindors. Yet his feet took him a little further into the room, pausing to watch the girl greet them. The hand on his side came up to awkwardly wave at the two with an equally awkward smile, did they even know he was coming?

His brow quirked and his face fell at the mention of the maze, prompting him to watch Sabrina with a hint of confusion. She never mentioned a maze, all he knew he was meeting someone new. Well, maybe he wasn't paying attention all too well when she was talking to him. That was probably the case. He snapped out of his short-lived daze and followed after the girl without a moments notice. "H-hey guys. I'm Reid, Sabrina's hostage." he joked, cracking a slight smile. He took his spot beside the girl, hunched a little as he pulled his arms in order to not bump Sabrina.

"Uh ..." He looked at his companion beside him, "Sab, did you mention a maze? I don't remember you mentioning we're going to be running a maze." There was a clear hint of worry in his voice, he agreed and didn't really want to back out. He certainly didn't want to back out in front of two strangers. 

Reid had never ran a maze and from he's seen and heard about mazes, bad things happened in mazes. With all that's happened so far, he didn't know if he was ready to face another bad thing, not without fully recalling that unsightly night at the Hufflepuff campout. 

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Who're You Gonna Call?  PV Reid, Sabrina, Eris   C 

He knew the notes should have reached their recipients by now, and as the moments ticked by, Anatole stared mindlessly at the ceiling. Were they late? Were they even going to be late? Ugh, they wouldn't get here until dark, wouldn't they? He'd be left alone, waiting for his teammates that never came.

He got up out of the desk, moving towards the window and watching the sky alternate between hues of rose and violet, hints of tangerine being exposed over the horizon. Some people were down there, finishing up their activities before night fell. It only made Anatole feel just a little more lonely.

"Anatole!" A familiar voice rang out from the doorway. It was Serena, his red-headed "boss", so he called it. Of course, she looked great. Anatole was stuck with his shaggy hair (and a bit of dusty and bloody hands due to the flower crowns), a little greasy in the light.

"Sabrina! You came!" He smiled, rushing up to her.

As soon as he encroached upon the doorway, however, he noticed that Sabrina wasn't alone. Behind her, there was Eris...and this other fellow Anatole had never seen before. Sure, he'd seen him once or twice in the halls and he looked a little intimidating, but he'd never had the chance to speak. Eris slid past the boy, dramatically stating her presence. Anatole smirked. That was so her. "Hey Eris! Suuuuper glad you could make it!" He smiled the best he could, having attempted to get over the whole letter incident. "I'm always up for being a maze team, isn't that why I invited you? Maybe we could be like those guys, erk, I haven't read the series..." He shrugged, sitting on top of a desk. "We'll find something."

The strange boy stayed oddly close to Sabrina. Anatole couldn't help himself as the boy introduced himself as a...hostage? Clever. He liked this guy [platonically, duh]. "Yeah, we're doing a maze run for Blossomfest. You get a team and try to catch...a goat, I think?" He bawled out laughing again. "I, uh..."

How does one say 'I know I won't do well in it, but if I have you guys on my team we have a chance of doing decently?' without sounding like a pessimist or self-deprecating? It would be weird, especially since Anatole had hoped he never was selfish...

"I...I think we'll do great! Are you guys in?"

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