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Abandoned 5th Floor Classroom  Closed 

She was not one to follow rules, protocols, regulations. It was obvious to the few that knew her. She was far from impressive in stature or skill but what she lacked for in power and skill she made up for in ignorance and stubbornness. She would have to look up to be able to look him in the eye, he had shown a side of himself that was likely not intended. She had a way about herself that caused that side of them to come out. 

She was yelling at him, not that a word could be heard as he declared 'Good!'

She was miffed but essentially unharmed. She was lucky even if she did not realize it. It was a massive risk calling him out in the way she had. He had an ego and she was seeking a reaction, the problem was she was seeking a reaction in someone she did not know well. She did it so that he would react in front of them because she was annoyed with him. With how he compared himself to others and pushed his privilege front and center. She realized he had an ego to feed and she just evacuated his ego of its spoils, his response would be unpredictable. But she was but a child herself, a reckless and foolish child. She knew a little bit but she did not know enough, but a little knowledge was a dangerous thing.

She expected intercession. In that she was not wrong as a quavering yet still somehow brave Gryffindor stepped forward.

"Hey guys..." 

"I don't want to meddle, because this is none of my business, but I think you two shouldn't argue here" 

"It's pretty pointless, and you two share the same House! So please, don't fight" 

Not with a Magical Wand in your hand, at least. You could get in serious trouble and I think it's not worth it"

The boy was a voice of reason in a situation where rationale was lost and replaced with passion and anger. He lifted his wand and she instinctively tensed. He might not be on her side in this.

'I really hope this works...' 

Her eyes watched his wand.


She could talk again but she was not actually saying anything at the time. It took her a moment to realize what had happened. 

"Guys, why are we fighting against each other? We ought to be fighting with each other for the sake of Slytherin. Sure, you don't have to like each other but the moment that someone discovers that we are using spells to cause each other a form of harm, points will be taken from us. If we wish to become a powerful house, we should work together. Teach each other spells, instead of jinxing each other with them. I am sure that we all want to see our house thrive, right?"

She recognized him from the Slytherin table. Marcus' friend. Again she was on the defensive. "No!" She exclaimed with an indignant voice. "It is just a team," she complained. "A team I do not agree with," she added. She was playing Destrian against Marcus in a way, she saw his expression when Marcus had cast that jinx, curse, whatever that was in the dining hall. "But I admit it, I started it," she announced. Admission, at least a partial one grants validity to what else one has to say. "I was getting tired of him comparing himself to everyone else. Reminding people in his own house that he was their better," she claimed. She was actually telling the truth. She did not have some strange attachment to House Slytherin, some sort of 'ethnocenteric' pride or belief that these people were like her family but she understood the concept of teams. "So I told him off. He threatened me and pulled a wand on me," she led them to a conclusion without saying it -- I did a bad thing sure, but HE was worse! 

"Do we not want the colors of our house decorating the halls of Hogwarts, to remind the other houses who is superior? If it is that which we all want, we ought to work together and put our grudges aside. Or else we can forget about our points and continue studying like the good little students we most definitely are not."

She frowned. They might actually share an ego. Who cares what color banners fill Hogwarts? That is only a tool to encourage them to self-moderate their behavior for fear of points lost and a desire for something to be gained.

A tête-à-tête between the pair ensued. She listened to them, almost as if she was still under Marcus' spell. She was somewhat impressed with him until he admitted that he was Muggle-born, then her fac dropped. A Muggle? REALLY? 

The conversation would end with the ginger dashing off. Erin standing there wondering how this hated moment turned into a calm discussion with her arms now crossed over her chest. Begrudgingly she would call out to Darius, "thank you Darius." It was a statement that was hard to say to a Muggle-born but it had to be said. Perhaps the statement about their bravery did indeed hold true. Her eyes would flicker between Marcus and Destrian, she was mildly nervous but she was not entirely alone because there were some other witnesses still. She was not going to make nice with Marcus or his clone. By extension she was also mad at Marcus' 'friend.' "Here to back your boy..." she sighed. "Slytherin families... yadda-yadda." Her tone sarcastic and dismissive. "But don't worry, I am leaving." She announced in a low voice. she did not bring much of anything with her except her school bag that she swung over her shoulder. 

"We will have our chat in the common room, I will play the game your way." She rumbled as she turned her back to them. 

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