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The Danger to Herself  PV Amelia   Closed 

(Serena Towers & Amelia Lovell)

Serena peeked down the corridor, wondering which way to go. She loved to explore and wanted to find all of the secret passages in the school. However, it was something she had quickly forgotten about after being made Prefect. Her role required her to patrol several floors as part of her duties. It took a lot of time out of her day - and it was starting to get tedious walking around on the same floors. She was so familiar with everything on those floors, it was becoming a bit of a pain. Today was a special case. She had some free time after class and before dinner. Instead of sitting around in the common room or dorms, which is what she would normally do, she thought she'd make an effort to visit a floor she had not seen much before.

The fifth floor was one of those areas. In fact, she had barely touched anything above the third floor as her dorms and most of her classes were below that level. She knew there was a Prefects' Bathroom around here somewhere but she had not actually seen it yet. Deciding to try and find it, she had found her way here. However, the corridors were long and there were so many random rooms - how was she meant to be find anything in this gigantic castle?

Deciding to go right at this point, Serena started to walk down the new corridor she had entered. If she was not mistaken, if she went up a few floors and continued down this corridor, she would end up in the West Tower where the Owlery was. The Asian girl was trying to find her bearings and get a sense of direction by relating things to places she did know or had been to once or twice before. It somewhat helped.

The girl noticed a door on the right that she was about to pass. Pausing outside it, she looked around to see if it said Prefects' Bathroom or anything. But there were no signs. Frowning a little, she pushed down on the handle. The door was unlocked. "Huh..." Serena pushed it open, taking a peek inside. It was an empty classroom...? She frowned a little, entering it as she wondered why it was not assigned to any classes. There were no plagues on the door to say what it was for or indication in the room of what it might be used for. Perhaps it was just a spare room for studying. 

She walked around a little inside, more so out of curiosity than care. Serena did not actually care what the classroom was used for. She was just curious as to why it was so empty. In all honesty, she wondered if there was any hidden secrets in the room. Perhaps a fake door. That would be cool. Not seeing anything obvious, Serena turned around to leave.

It was at this moment that she caught her foot on a table leg and went flying forward into the ground, "Wo-OOAH!" In her attempt to catch herself, she waved her arms around like mad and ended up catching one of the magical candles in her hand. 

A magical candle was a candle that floated in the air. It was great and incredibly useful. They were used often in the Great Hall to light up the beautiful room. The candlelight flickering looked so lovely. There was a cosy feel to it, as well. At least... that was all true until you accidentally grab one and end up falling with it in your hand, "AAAAAAAH!" She yelled out as she fell. The flame in her line of sight as she fell. Instantly, she foolishly let go of the candle out of instinct. Trying to distance herself from the flame that had flickered in her eyes. She hated fire. Well, she was beginning to really hate seeing it so close to her.

The flame was luckily blown out in the speed of the fall. It hit the stone floor below and distinguished itself before she could do any real damage. However, as she let go, it ended up spilling hot wax everywhere as it spun around in the air. Including a few droplets that got caught on the hand that had been holding it. 

Her scream echoed in the room, escaping down the corridor. It hurt more immensely than she even realised it would. Hitting the floor, face face, at the same time definitely did not help. She had her hands out in front of her to break her fall slightly but it still ached. The Hufflepuff groaned, lying forward on the ground. Everything hurt right now. This definitely summed up why she should not go out alone...

Oh Serena, you do need to stop being so clumsy. 

Serena Towers
Stamina: 5 | Evasion: 9 | Strength: 1 | Wisdom: 11 | Arcane Power: 4 | Accuracy: 10

The Danger to Herself  PV Amelia   Closed 

Since coming to Hogwarts, Amelia had grown more and more adventurous what seemed like every day. Her courage was building, she was becoming more confident in herself and it was all thanks to the few friends she’d made and the support she had from them. She had grown up quite a reserved, quiet child and being at Hogwarts her first year had began to change her for the better. Although there were times that were scary, like her adventure in the abandoned bathrooms with her best friend, or tiptoeing out after hours in a risky way to the towers to watch the stars, it had given her more character and had effected her in mostly positive ways. She had never imagined she’d be so bold, and became happier by the day.

Having awoken bright and early that morning, the Ravenclaw girl woke with a restlessness to explore more of the castle. Her never-ending curiosity kept her wandering the castle with the few free hours she had a day. Her extracurriculars and her obsessive need to stay a little ahead in her classes took up a majority of the time she could spend goofing off around the castle. Having free moments to do so was important to the eleven year old, keeping her curious-nature satiated. Getting up and out her dorm room took little to no time, and she was out of the door and down the moving staircases of Hogwarts in a flash.

Where to today…’ She inquired of herself, a smile playing at the corners of her lips as she skipped down the stairs gracefully. The castle was her oyster and even though she only had a few hours to play, she was going to take full advantage of them. Letting her mind wander and humming a light tune, Amelia strayed away from the staircases after a little while and started to skip down the corridors. Looking around, the floor she was on seemed familiar. The brunette thought she remembered using the lavatory a few times in this area.

Her thoughts were cut short when the Lovell girl heard a loud scream, and a loud bang followed shortly after. Having stopped frozen in her tracks, the Ravenclaw wondered if she should go investigate the noise or hightail it the other direction. Perhaps if this situation had occurred six months prior, Amelia would have run to grab a professor for help. This was a new Amelia, though, a better, more brave eleven year old. With that thought in mind, the witch headed down the corridor towards a door that seemed as if it hadn’t been messed with in a while. Taking a deep breath, the first year braced herself for what she’d find behind the entrance.

Clutching her wand in her hand, pushing the door open, what appeared to Amelia first was the girl who appeared to be around her age, lying upon the floor. With her mouth slightly agape in surprise, the pureblood looked around the room, trying to process her surroundings. It appeared to be some kind of spare classroom. Not forgotten about, as a layer of dust had yet to form on her surroundings. A large, wooden desk stood in the far left corner of the room, papers piled haphazardly on top of it. The walls were lined with cupboards and filing cabinets. The far back wall to her right had chairs and desks stacked up, kind of like what the ballroom looked like when there wasn’t any events going on.

After giving the room her quick once-over, her dark gaze fell back upon the girl. She appeared to be in pain, and the Raven assumed she had taken quite the fall from the sound of it. “Are you okay?” A crease formed between the girl’s eyebrows in concern, wondering if she did indeed need to grab a professor for some medical attention. The girl didn’t look like she was dying, and if something had been broken the first year could assume that the girl would still be screaming. Out of the corner of her eye, the candle caught Amelia’s attention. It was blown out and laying less than a foot away from the girl.

Did you…burn yourself?” A series of spells and charms that could heal injuries started to run through the eleven year olds mind. Staring up at the remaining candles that were floating in the air, she wondered why they even had them set up in a spare classroom like this. ‘It would be more effective to have no light at all. It would keep the students out, for the most part.’ Amelia's attention span was short, and it took a bit of effort for her to focus back on the girl who lay before her. Holding out her dainty right hand, she offered it to the fellow student for some help to get back on her feet.