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A Quiet Corner to Cry  Closed 

Anatole watched the boy's nervous, shaky movements as opposed to Lucette's calm, trained hands. Somehow, she knew what she was doing. That's another thing Anatole never understood, stress. He had possessed it a lot lately, but he never knew how to control it. He just got him into situations he never knew how to conquer. Did that count as a characteristic, alongside being extremely clumsy?

Slowly, Anatole moved toward the light again, trying to mimic the girl's movements, but on different parts of the body. At least, that's what the assistant nurses on shows likeVictoria or even something different like Mercy Street did. He slid his head over to the girl's ear, brushing her dark hair back for a moment to comment, "Is there anything else you need help with? I'll try my best at whatever you throw."

This was weird. He wasn't feeling this kid's pain like he had felt Rosie's. Did the gender have to do with it, or is that just what friendship meant? You just...automatically cared for someone you like, as opposed to someone you don't know? Anatole's mind zoned out upon these and other musings instead of helping the prefect for a moment.

Watching the boy grimace, he snapped back into reality, nodding at Lucette's question. Another good idea. "Yeah, don't worry. We're not here to hurt you."

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A Quiet Corner to Cry  Closed 

Xeno was jolted out of his thoughts by a stinging pain on the palm of his hand. He sucked in a sharp breath, snapping back to reality. At least he was a little bit calmer now that he had a plan. Some might think him cowardly for choosing to pretend it never happened; he called it self-preservation.

"H-Hey." He looked up as Lucette spoke. He blinked at her, waiting for her to speak. "Mind if I ask your name?" And just like that, his composure shattered once more. His eyes went wide, mind racing in anxious jitters, thinking of all the times people had made fun of him, laughed at his unusual name, asked if his mum was drunk when she named him, the list went on and on and on.

"I-" He tried to formulate words, give her an answer, but it didn't work. His mouth didn't work. "Yeah, don't worry. We're not here to hurt you." His eyes flickered over to the Gryffindor boy. He held onto the words, trying to convince himself of them. Taking a steadying breath, he tried again. "I'm Xenoxilius Blackthorn." Carefully pronouncing his name, making sure they heard him properly, he smiled, glad that his voice hadn't shook too much.

Much calmer now, and pleased that he hadn't stumbled through his name, as he had so many times before, he asked a question of his own. "Um, c-could you please not mention th-his to anyone? It's kind of e-embarrassing that I cried over something so small." Cried was an understatement. More like he had an entire mental breakdown.

The question was mostly directed to Anatole. Slytherins tended to be good at keeping secrets, but he wasn't so sure about Gryffindors.

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A Quiet Corner to Cry  Closed 

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   Lucette tingled slightly as a whisper entered her head. The proximity of the boy had startled her slightly, but the only proof that she was startled was a brief widening of her eyes. She turned to Anatole, mumbling softly. "If you could clean up... all the spots I missed, that would be lovely." She pauses for a moment, briefly returning to her task at hand, before speaking to Anatole again. "Thank you."

  Lucette smiled as she finally learned the identity of the boy: Xenoxilius. It was a unique name, one speaking volumes of the unique crossroad the trio had encountered each other at. It wasn't like it was every day you wander past an eleven-year-old smothered in their own blood. At the least, it would be very troublesome if it was. She watched the alcohol wipes clear away the bloodied wounds on the boy's hands. Although her exterior was smoothed at the edges and composed, she was internally screaming. How could someone harm themselves to this extent? What drove him to do this? Was it... another student? Just the thought of a bullying problem made her blood boil, but she kept her head level for the time being. There was no use in jumping to conclusions; that would just distress the victim more. Her eyes lifted to Xeno as she placed the bloodied alcohol wipe on the floor beside her, their duty fulfilled. "Th-That's a beautiful name, Xeno... I hope you don't mind me calling you that?" Her lips parted into a timid smile, trying to ease the nerves that seemed to rack his entire body. Then his question came.

  First word that came to her mind: why? Wouldn't a student want to, at the very least, let their parents know what happened? What did happen anyway? What was so bad that it had to be kept from everybody? She wanted to fire off with so many questions, but that would distress him further. She didn't want to make him fear the idea of talking to her; that was a personal nightmare of hers. Moving slowly, she removed some bandage wrap from her first-aid kit. Realizing she didn't have any medical adhesive, she ultimately decided against cutting up the roll and just wrapped it around the palm of his left hand first; she would tie it up later. First things first, conversation. "...Are you comfortable with sharing wh-what happened?"

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