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A Taste for Revenge  PV Anita Norwood   Closed 

Anatole followed Anita from the Astronomy Tower, through anxious hallways, and eventually toward an empty classroom. He had no idea what was coming, but he was grateful she let him out. Technically, Anatole did find her wand, but when he ripped it out, he accidentally broke it, the tip cracking off. The Slytherin girl seemed fed up, angry. On the brink of screaming and ripping something (maybe Anatole) apart.

Anatole felt stupid. If he had just apologised, never proposed anything, never given her free reign over any sort of punishment she desired upon him. Just the look in her eyes made Anatole shudder. "Uh, well, anyways...well, uh, we never met. I'm Anatole." They approached the classroom, the Gryffindor gulping as a door slammed behind him. "Once again, I'm really, really sorry...okay? You can even break my wand, I can afford a new one, or, uh..." He didn't want to consider the options. His punishment was in her hands. "Just, go ahead...go as hard as you want." He was visibly cringing with fear, frozen in the classroom.

It's not saying Anatole knew he was going to die there, but he knew he was going to die there, in this room.

Might as well be goodbye.

How I'd die to catch the freedom of falling...
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A Taste for Revenge  PV Anita Norwood   Closed 

Anita walked out of the astronomy tower, ears perked to hear if the boy was still behind her. Her long strides made quick work of arriving at an empty classroom, in a flurry of long dark robes. Opening the door she made the boy go in first before entering and slamming the door shut.

"Uh, well, anyways...well, uh, we never met. I'm Anatole." she sneered and crossed her arms leaning against the wooden door.

"I don't care, Anatole!" She gave it a thought. "Anita, you'll call me Anita."

"You really think I want to break your wand? You really are a clueless muggle born aren't you? Do you know how difficult it is for another wand to chose you?" She shook her head in annoyance when she saw him cringing in fear. "Woul you stop that? It's not like I'm going to kill you!" She thought to herself my wand wouldn't work well enough to do that

"No, I'm going to make your life as miserable as long as you stay here at Hogwarts." She stepped away from the door. "Because you know the punishment for breaking another's wand is expellment, say goodbye to Hogwarts. But I'll be lenient with you, anything I say you'll do. Understand?"

A Taste for Revenge  PV Anita Norwood   Closed 

One of the major things Anatole noticed is that she trapped him inside. Again. He could not escape, so it was almost like he was forced to keep his fear locked inside. Obviously, the Slytherin fed on it and was like a constant stream of depression: preying on your bad moods and heightening them beyond compare.

Of course, that was too deep for an eleven-year-old.

"I don't care, Anatole! Anita, you'll call me Anita." Her voice commanded and controlled the room like a loudspeaker. It was almost as if the earlier weakness had disappeared. Anita was now full-blown jerk.

"Yes, alright, Anita. That is what I'll call you."

After the girl continued her monologue upon what she absolutely wasn't going to do to the boy, Anatole looked back at her. Anita's eyes spelled out control, almost as if shouting back at him, 'You hear me, Gryffindor?'

Anatole had to admit, it was challenging trying to cease his nervousness. How else would one feel in a room with a girl who insisted to not kill you, but certainly could if she had the will?

"Well, then, what are you going to d--"

It was almost as if she cut him off, going on about how "nice" she was being to him, narrowly escaping him from expellment. Did he understand? "Yes mada--Yes, understood." Close one. For a millisecond, Anatole thought he saw a tinge of emotion, but the flicker of hope soon blew away.

What Anita said was certain: she would be more than happy to make his life hell on Earth.

How I'd die to catch the freedom of falling...
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